Invento Media Group English Pdf Brochure V1.2 2008


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Invento Media Group English Pdf Brochure V1.2 2008

  1. 1. PDF presentation v1.2/2008
  2. 2. Invento Media Group is a young Bosnian and Herzegovinian company that gather a team of young experts who possess knowledge, an entrepreneurial spirit and who recognize the potential of the communication market. In the Southeast Europe region, with an innovative approach we set new standards and show readiness to ensure the accession of the highest business qualities in Bosnia and Herzegovina What we aspire to is setting world standards on the B&H market, offering modern, unique and innovative services but also placing end-users on the primary spot. With continuous business advancing and adjusting to the users' needs, we are fulfilling our goal- satisfied users, clients and staff. The results of our conducted research, as well as the support we have received from state institutions and other companies, show that the quality of our products and services has been recognized. This is the most important affirmation of our continuous efforts. This gives us motivation or further progress and investment in technological development and knowledge upgrade. Owing it to our users and clients- our strategic partners in everything we do- as well as to our continuous effort in deepening our mutual understanding, we are able to offer a more different, innovative and fun way of business. Our vision and purpose of existence is: «To create a world of free communications and progress, a world in which every user is awarded for the time he dedicates to our clients. » 1
  3. 3. What we do Our primary function is the production of hardware and software solutions for Bluetooth® marketing and social networking. Primarily, our services are based upon You are not sure what Bluetooth® is? renting and selling those systems but also on technical support and maintenance, as well as the production of multimedia mobile content for campaigns... Bluetooth® is a wireless technology standard intended for fast and simple connections between various devices such as mobile phones and computers. A refined method of transferring Never before was it possible to reach more than 1.700.000 users in such a personal and data guarantees protection during interaction, enhanced data interactive way only in BiH. For Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries where the security and a larger wireless range. market saturation by mobile devices is above 85% it has never been a better time than now to add Bluetooth® marketing in your daily business set of tools, whatever Functions that enable this are: they may be. - Create, send and receive short messages through a mobile phone that has Bluetooth®; For more information on how we can help your business contact us, and our consultants will respond in the shortest period of time possible. - Synchronize your mobile with computer, simply transfer photos and files from your computer onto your mobile phone and vice versa, and then An average consumer on the BH market is exposed to a vast number of advertisements. According to some research that number is coming close to 30-100 advertisements a - Print on the Bluetooth® printer, and complete the processing of day. Regardless of the number, it is noticeable that larger companies are putting much other applications in the span of even 20m from your computer. effort in sending their messages to the market. Most consumers do not pay enough attention to viewing these advertisements. Some, while commercials are on on their favorite TV channel, have little time to watch what is being broadcasted on other TV stations. Consumers are so overwhelmed by advertising messages that they just fail to perceive most ads. Mobile phones have become powerful advertising tools 2
  4. 4. Invento™ Broadcast Point constantly sends selected content to your clients' mobile phones by using the Bluetooth® technology. Broadcasting and transferring of content is An example of content transfer: entirely free and does not require any technical expertise from you or your clients. Simply place Invento™ Broadcast Point onto the central location of your promo campaign, plug it in and turn it on. The content which you wish to broadcast is already set and all settings are programmed and tested. approve request The communication takes place in three easy steps: receive message 1. Locating the device: Invento™ BP constantly scans and searches for those mobile devices that have an active Bluetooth® in a variable range of 20 to 200 meters. (depending on the programmed Invento™ BP settings and the mobile device itself). enjoy content 2. Sending the request for transfer: For every located device Invento™ BP sends a request for the approval of data transfer. (e.g.: Do you wish to accept the content from Name-of-Your-Company-Here) . 3. Accepting the content: Once the user approves the request Invento™ BP sends him a predefined content. Since consumers are daily exposed to a larger and larger number of traditional advertisements, it is becoming harder and harder for advertisers to provoke/prompt their reaction. 1 2 3 Providing the consumers with relevant information at the right place and time through their mobile phones, we offer you an opportunity to leave an everlasting impression. call us 00387 (0) 33 441 900 3
  5. 5. ? Points of sale: send bonuses, discount codes or simple ads to all guests and passer- bys. Where to use it? - anywhere - ? Hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, fast foods. Send out info (The restaurant «Četiri sobe gospoñe Safije» is the first catering facility in Southeast leaflets, special offers, menus, discounts, events Europe to be covered by an Invento™ Net signal and it provides information services to announcements.. visitors and guests regarding the daily menu, event announcements, the latest news and . ? turističke agencije i atrakcije, muzeji, galerije. Šaljite korisne information through Bluetooth® technology.) turističke informacije, najave izložbi, dogañanja, interaktivne vodiče... ? In large shopping centers: Provide your users with information they could not get ? Tourist agencies and attractions, museums, galleries. Send anywhere else. Inform them non-stop on the currently best offers, discounts and sales or useful tourist information, announcements of exhibitions, events, announce an upcoming event, production or happy hour. interactive guides... ? At various events: Use Invento™ Net to send v-cards, information about your ? Conferences, business presentations, fairs, assemblies. Send company brochures, timelines of events, contact information, company or products and services, or meeting/seminar schedules. promotions.... (At the 14th Sarajevo Film Festival the Festival's administration decided to cover all ? Schools and colleges. Information on classes, timelines, exam results, notices, club news... important events with an Invento™ Net signal: Home of Armed Forces, the festival square, and the Festival centre in front of the National Theatre, as well as the cinema ? Retail facilities. Wallpapers, ringtones, special discounts and Meeting Point. All who visited these locations during the Festival were provided with daily offers, coupons, gift certificates... timelines of events and flash news. With this the SFF became the first festival in the world ? Stations of public and private transportation (welcome to offer such means of informing visitors). messages, most useful telephone numbers...), ? Real estate agents (information on real estate, timelines, auctions...), ? Car showrooms and other showrooms (information on the latest models, prices, characteristics, additional equipment) ? Stock exchanges (information on stocks with automated and personalized messages), ? Banks (information on the latest services, currency listings...), ? Public areas, parks, markets, parking lots and much more... call us 00387 (0) 33 441 900 4
  6. 6. ? Renting the Bluetooth® marketing systems. Typical mobile content: If you are working on a promotion for yourself or your client, and you have chosen the location, time and budget, call us and save up your money. By using our services you can ? JPEG, BMP, GIFF scale down the number of printed material and provide your users with useful multimedia content. ? AVI, 3GP, DivX ? Development, adaptation and selling of the systems for Bluetooth® marketing. ? Mp3, WAV, Audio Text If you wish for your network to be in a store, gallery, hotel or if you have an OOH agency ? and wish to enrich your billboards and city lights with our offer, contact us and find out how ? All the files that you can imagine we can make your daily business easier. ? Our offer includes production and design services for your mobile multimedia content that will help you affect your clients more effectively and efficiently. Generally, we offer mobile service in two categories: 1.Typical mobile content: ? Photos- discount coupons, wallpapers, promo photos, movies/trailers, presentation videos for products and services, TV commercials, presentation flash lists ? Tones/melodies and music - marketing jingles, free or copyright music, voice messages... ? Text – send SMS and text messages with the latest timelines and bonuses... ? Other – contact information directly in the mobile phone's phonebook, insert into calendar, documents.. call us 00387 (0) 33 441 900 5
  7. 7. 2. Interactive mobile content: Interactive mobile content: The use of this sort of content gives you a countless number of advantages, such as ? Your clients will most certainly use your products more since sending Java business applications which your clients most certainly have not seen or they always carry with themselves the latest information on them used before. The production of these applications requires more time and hence if you go as well as all the information on where they could be ordered. for this form of content inform us on time. ? Cut down on expenses: by using our services you can scale down the number of the printed material you use and a bigger ? Product and service brochures/catalogues: effect is guaranteed. Always at close hand and ready for use or further sending (to friends, family...): - HighEnd production, handling complex information is easy, enabling a ? Changing articles, offers or sales has never been easier. Just multilevel navigation through content with internal and external links, menus. imagine printing again all the material that you are already using - High functioning (product review and search), ? You know the exact number of the displayed contents, and by - UpToDate information (catalogues can be updated easily). testing other strategies you are currently receiving information - Easy purchase (your contact information is contained within the application). on your clients' wishes. ? Interactive maps: - Locations of your places of sale with contact information, - Interactive maps categorized by regions, cities, - List of stores and places of sale, - Automatic dialing of your sales centre, - Mobile questionnaires, surveys and purchase orders. - Send a free application in which your clients can insert their private information or opinions and send them back to Invento™ BP that will save them onto the central 2 Invento™ Net Server. 1 You got our 16:22h 1 new catalogue skenderija for 2008 - Gather contacts, purchase orders, critics and compliments, catalogue 3 prices - Organize contests, 2 order meni - Support loyalty programs, - Gather personal opinions from your users on products and services. branded games interactive catalogues branded themes for mobile 6
  8. 8. Invento™ Net Broadcast Point (hardware) Technical data: ? The fastest device detection in its range, ? Controlling through Wireless GPRS and internet technologies, ? Recognizes more than 1000+ mobile phones, ? Variable range from 2, 200 to 2000* meters (*per ? Very reliable and secure order) ? Dimensions: 20.5x23x9 cm ? Weight: 0.7Kg The best performances at reasonable prices ? Electrical Energy consumption: 20 W Invento™ Net BP enables the best performances of Bluetooth® marketing functions for a ? Connection to El. Network: 220 V very reasonable price. Contact us and we will send you our offer. You will be surprised at ? Operative temperature: -10C do +60C how comprehensive, simple and clean our offer is. ? Great operative reliability. An extremely simple usage- run your campaign in five minutes. Does not require any manual adjusting; just plug in the electric cord and turn the device on. You do not need PC or any additional software. Statistics and content management are available through web interface or through USB memory stick if it is offline. If the device is connected to the internet (by cable, WiFi or GPRS) it will automatically be synchronized with the information on the online application. System capacity: ? The fastest device detection in its range ? Fast and reliable displaying of Bluetooth® marketing content ? Flexible BP programming with all parameters (content sending, sending frequency, maximum number of requirements towards every device per campaign, the length of the campaign, hour, day, month and much more) ? Data synchronizing, content exchange, activity and statistics monitoring with online application Invento™ MSC by using the already existing internet connection in three alternatives: 1. Local Area Network, 2. wireless WiFi network (common in large shopping centers), 3. wireless mobile network GPRS/EDGE 7
  9. 9. Invento™ Marketing Solution Center platform (software) Technical data: ? Saves up your time! Immediate and thorough inquiry into the successfulness of your campaign. ? Mobile content management ? You can optimize marketing techniques and methods which you use through quick change of content on one or more Broadcast Point and monitor changes in ? Complex campaign management message displaying. ? Broadcast Point programming ? Invento™ MSC platform gives you a thorough insight into statistics on the models ? Network programming of the located devices and the displaying of content grouped according to date, time, producer, phone model, phone capability etc. ? Save up your money! Forget about typical promo materials. With us you have everything in one place. ? Creating mobile content ? Your product brochures, catalogues ? Event announcements, maps, and repertories ? Java games with product placement, ? Java software for mobile phones and applications adjusted just for you. Invento Marketing Solution Center v1.5 8
  10. 10. Since 2004 when we came to the idea of new means of communication and up to this very day Invento™ has spread and acquired new technologies in order to start a And another thing... revolution on marketing. The development and growth of our campaign has been natural Through a research that our Department for research and and progressive, responding to all market and client needs. The company has remained analytics has conducted at the end of 2007 and during 2008 on in private ownership in order to remain completely independent and neutral so that your the territory of the city of Sarajevo, we have come up with the needs come in first. following facts: 1.720.000 users of mobile services in B&H ? We know the branch in and out, ? ? 203.000 users of mobile services from 14 to 65 years of age ? Between 60-70% of constant users in Sarajevo, ? First and only provider of Bluetooth® marketing in Southeast Europe. ? 150.000 devices have an integrated Bluetooth® function ? 250.000 tourists visited Sarajevo in 2007 ? The acquirements and experience we have gained throughout the years as well as ? 80% of tourists have Bluetooth and another approximately 200.000 potential users during the tourist season friendships and partnerships give us a huge advantage. ? Penetration of devices with Bluetooth® wireless technology is around 35%-43%. ? Technical support 24x7x365 from the right people, team members who have come up ? More than 85% of new personal mobile devices supports with and implemented the entire idea. At our company you can seek for answers and any communication with Invento™ Network. By the end of 2008 around 80% of all mobile devices in level possible. ? Bosnia and Herzegovina will have an integrated Bluetooth® function with around 1.376.000,00 potential users. ? Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo City Government, Energoinvest, ComTrade Group, ? Invento™ Network has 100% precise statistics on feedback Place2be are just some of our friends and clients who have given us their trust. information which enables a more accurate targeting. ? Our internal team for advancement and development has conducted dozens of projects in software engineering and our solutions have been accepted and favored in all parts of the world. ? We are prepared to assist you in every idea regardless of its complexity and high demands during implementation, for us nothing is impossible. ? We know our prices are the lowest. ? We know our services are the best. ? We know that you will be satisfied. call us 00387 (0) 33 441 900 9
  11. 11. Because it is one of the best marketing ideas ever. Usage benefits: While the point of usage of every other media is the same, Bluetooth® marketing offers a new approach: now you can offer your clients a functional marketing content entirely free. ? Specific target groups, ? Relevant messages go directly into the hands of a potential ? 100% appreciable results: Optimize your marketing campaigns by trying various clients, approaches and strategies. Invento™ Marketing Solution Center allows you to control ? Huge source of data on the consumer usage and behavior, campaigns at realtime through wireless, GPRS and internet technologies. ? 100% larger reaction and response frequency, ? Flexible and cost effective commercial models, ? Potential in rewarding interactive and long term consumer ? Based upon approval: Bluetooth marketing is not blatant and dull because its end- relations through mobile devices, users choose whether or not they wish to receive content. More than 85% of users enjoy ? Interactive and fun, these contents for they offer them new benefits and experience, and not just an ? 100% appreciable and precise, Secure and reliable, advertisement. ? ? Easy to manage, ? Attractive and fun: Bluetooth marketing is a new and refreshing way to communicate with consumers and clients. Messages that many ignore on leaflets, billboards, radio and television now have the chance to finally win the consumers' attention. ? Powerful and effective: now you can provide your consumers and clients with useful content which you cannot get through any other media. Product brochures, event timelines, maps, discount coupons, v cards, audio an video content and much more. ? Cost efficient: Choose how you wish to pay and everything else is entirely free. During the period of rent or system you can have as many campaigns as you wish. There are no hidden expenses and there are no expenses towards receivers of the content. ? Since we are the producers and direct vendors of Invento™ hardware and software you will get the best possible offer. call us 00387 (0) 33 441 900 10
  12. 12. ? If you already have a concept or idea we will use it for brainstorming the definite idea that ideally matches with your organization's initiatives. If such material does not exist, Contact informations: we can organize a joint brainstorming meeting in order to determine the best fit option for your current needs. Invento Media Group d.o.o. Vrbanjuša 134, ? We will submit to you a brief creative questionnaire which contains all the details on 71000 Sarajevo, your company's structure. Bosnia & Hercegovina. ? Your answers to our questionnaire along with the gathered information from meetings Web: and other materials and data will be used in defining/designing and in the technical Email: description of the project that will thoroughly process all the specific characteristics of Tel/Fax: 00387 (0) 33 441 900 your company as well as the performance timeline and plan. 24/7 support: 00387 (0) 62 177 771 ? After signing the contract and paying the agreed amount, your company's VAT: 201325580003 development begins. You will receive a timeline draft of the meetings in which we will ID: 4201325580003 comment on the progress of the performance and if needed change the course of your Raiffeisen Bank: 161 000 00 724 700 69 project. Nevertheless, you will be informed on the project's progress in electronic form UniCredit Bank: 338 690 221 516 583 5 and we will take in all your comments and suggestions in order to make sure that we are on the right track when it comes to the original assessment. ? With our post-development qualitative/testing, we can suggest that the whole process take place on our server in order for us to have better control and approach. When finished, you will receive all the material on a digital media (CD or DVD). If you are interested in the beginning of a new era, new campaigns, a new quarter in the future of your business, and you have a great idea or simply want to talk to somebody, contact us. We are at your service. call us 00387 (0) 33 441 900 11
  13. 13. happy marketing Sarajevo, September 2008. All rights reserved Invento Media Group Invento™ sign and the logo are registered trademarks of Invento Media Group d.o.o. Sarajevo Invento™ Broadcast Point is a product of Invento™ Media Group d.o.o. Sarajevo -patented under BAP number 082624A .