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Boa2008[Mango Sales]

  1. 1. BEST OF ACTIVATION AWARDS 2008 MANGO Glam*it Styling Event
  2. 2. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Agency – Naam van het agentschap/Nom de l’agence: Medialogue – Belangrijkste activiteiten/Activités principales: Regie voor de Sanoma activiteiten – Behoort tot een groep/netwerk? Welk? Appartient à un groupe/réseau? Lequel: Sanoma Magazines Belgium – Naam en functie van de personen verantwoordelijk voor de uitvoering van de actie / Nom et fonction des personnes responsables de l’exécution de l’action: Bruno Van de moortel Manager Community Activation Flavie Duval/Veroniek Hesters Proj Mgr ComAct Lynn Corthier PM Glam*it
  3. 3. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Category Sales Activation Advertiser – Naam van de adverteerder/Nom de l’annonceur: Mango – Naam en functie van de marketing verantwoordelijke voor deze actie/ Nom et fonction du responsable marketing pour cette action: Carolina Ribalta Maria Coll Key numbers – Begindatum/ Date de début: augustus 2007 – Einddatum/Date de fin: november 2007 – Totaal budget media inbegrepen/Budget total médias compris: 35K€ all in
  4. 4. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Brand MANGO Briefing – Help ons het imago van Mango op te krikken zodat een meer fashion georiënteerd publiek zich ook aangetrokken voelt om te komen winkelen bij Mango.
  5. 5. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Market – Mango situeert zich in het veld van de kleding retailers tussen de Zara en H&M, wordt hoger gepercipiëerd dan JBC.
  6. 6. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Objectives – Positieve inspirerende indruk nalaten op fashionista’s – Met een nadruk in het noorden van het land – Genereren van sales – Collecteren van D-base data
  7. 7. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Target – vrouwen 18 - 40 – Modegevoelig mn fashionista’s
  8. 8. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Creative concept Word jij de nieuwe Glam*it styliste? • Step 1: Styling Challenge • Step 2: Styling Day at Mango • Step 3: Styling Night • Step 4: Glam*it corner • Step 5: Styling Times - edition • Step 6: Production of the winning stylist
  9. 9. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Step 1: Styling Challenge • Glam*it organized the Styling Challenge at Mango’s. Fashionists could participate to the contest by surfing to the Glam*it website and giving us the answer to the question: Why isn’t there a better Glam*it stylist than you? Invitation: Via web Via Glam*it magazine Via POS
  10. 10. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Step 1: Styling Challenge Invitation: On line + 1500 contacts Via web To the press
  11. 11. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Step 2: Styling Day at Mango – On September the 20st, 5 finalists had the opportunity to dress up 2 models: • theme 1: working girl (how to look Stylists at work glamorous at work) • theme 2: free to chose – A professional jury as well as the public could vote for a winner. Prize
  12. 12. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Step 3: Styling Night – Late night shopping (20% reduction) with food (sushi) & drinks (Coca-Cola & Martini cocktails) and possibility to have make-up advice by Lancôme. – At 10 o’clock the jury revealed the winner.
  13. 13. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Step 4: Glam*it Corner – After the Styling Night event Glam*it fashionista’s had the opportunity to shop @ Mango’s with a 20% discount on the by Glam*it ‘approved collection pieces between the 8th and 15 th October 2007 when showing the promotion card that was published in Glam*it on Sept 18 th – Those items were indicated with a Glam*it /Mango tag Glam*it corner in 12 shops in Belgium
  14. 14. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event The page with the promocard - September 18th Step 4: cont’d POS from October 8th till October 15th
  15. 15. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Step 5: The Styling Times To create a huge visibility for Mango and show the new collection in an inovative way, we integrated a ‘top trends newspaper’ in the magazine : – « the Styling Times powered by Mango »: a paper about the Mango autumn & winter look 2007 with things to have, a fashion repo, beauty hotlist, interview with Mango designers of that collection – Penelope and Monica Cruz Styling Times October 16th
  16. 16. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Step 6: Reportage of the winning Stylist – Edito, interview and fashion production with the winner November the 20th
  17. 17. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Results Free Media return – Article in GVA – JIM TV TV spot (5 min) Data gathering – 671 addressess – 437 subscribers to event/challenge – 50 addresses of visitors event – 184 addresses: (online) did you enjoy the event? – + keep me informed for next year Total value € 14.207
  18. 18. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Results – The number of sales, the number of pieces/sales and the average spending/sale was much higher during the Glam*it Night then on a usual Saterday (25/8) – Even in the 3 Saterdays after the Glam*it Night, the sales were higher – The turnover of the Glam*it Night was equivalent to a Saterday sales but was much higher then on a usual Thursday! Date Number of sales Number of pieces/sales Average spending/sales 25/08/07 208 1,4 47,62 20/09/07 210 1,9 62,00 22/09/07 269 1,3 48,16 20/10/07 277 1,4 58,04 24/11/07 254 1,3 54,65 Glam*it Event night
  19. 19. MANGO - Glam*it Styling Event Why should this campaign win? – Mango planned a second run in 2008 of which we’ve done one yet at Mango Brussels last february which was even more succesfull – Free publicity as well as the obtained data gave us the possibility to re-inforce future activities for Mango ie February Event – Sales were above expectations – The link with ‘fashionista image of Glam*it’ worked well on the brand Mango ie ‘halo-effect’