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Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
Year 11 english monday 10 may
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Year 11 english monday 10 may


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  • 1.
  • 2. Agenda
    First session
    Language analysis
    Second session
    Work quietly on your Winton response.
    You will type this on Wednesday.
    It is due at the end of session six that day.
  • 3. Use strongly emotive language to either bring a reader to your side or drive them away from the other side.
    What are some strongly positive and emotive words?
    What are some strongly negative and emotive words?
    Recap: emotive language
  • 4. Contention?
    LIKE many idiots with an opinion, that exhausted, sanctimonious attention-seeker Germaine Greer is best judged by her own words.
    Alan Howe From: Herald SunMay 10, 2010
    How should we regard Germaine Greer’s opinions?
  • 5. Contention?
    AFL's only safe bet
    THE AFL came down hard during the week on some minor infringements in its strict gaming code.
    Eddie McGuire From: Sunday Herald Sun May 09, 2010
    Is the AFL reacting appropriately?
  • 6. Let’s look at an article
  • 7. THE case of a group of Colac teenagers facing possible child pornography charges is a disturbing story of our times.
    In fact, it's every modern parent's worst nightmare.
    Five teenagers are expected to be charged by police after a boy and girl were filmed on a mobile phone having sex. It's alleged the film was then distributed by the group, with the consent of the girl. As a result, it's likely the girl will also be charged.
    This is not an isolated case. Teenagers are increasingly finding themselves the victims or perpetrators of technology-inspired sex crimes.
    Victoria's schools, police - and parents - must lead the way in educating our children about the consequences of such behaviour.
    It's a nightmare
    Herald Sun editorial, 18thApril 2010
  • 8. In your books, start your analysis.
    Title of the piece.
    Place and date of publication
    The author
    Again, what is the contention?
  • 9. To convince people of a point, tell a story.
    Why do we think this is persuasive?
    Technique: tell a story
  • 10. Compact Writing
    The article is called “it’s a nightmare”.
    The author is the editor of the Herald Sun.
    This article was published on April 18, 2010.
    This article is about “technology-inspired sex crimes”
    How can we say this in less than four sentences?