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Slide 'n Glides Slide 'n Glides Presentation Transcript

  • Slide ‘n Glide Katy Engel, Megan Slabaugh, and Lauren Czebatul
  • Introduction
    • Name: Slide ‘n Glide
    • For all ages!
    • Props:
      • Slippers
      • People
      • Classrooms
      • Nerd Costume
  • Scene 1
    • “ Ah, we’re late for class!” –Megan
    • “ I know. It’s been the third day that we’ve been late.” –Lauren
    • “ The hallway bullies are going to come again!” –Katy
    • (The bullies approach us, pushing us around into a bully circle)
    • “ Give me your lunch money you nerd!” –Alex
    • “ You guys are late again. It’s like you’re asking for us to bully you or something.” –Mitch
    • “ Ha, you all are some losers with no friends but each other!” –Kyle
    • (Look at the camera with sad faces)
  • Scene 2
    • (The Super Shoe Fairy comes)
    • “ Look out! Something’s coming!” –Alex
    • “ What the heck is that?!” –Mitch
    • “ YAY!!!!!!!!!!!” –Megan & Katy
    • (Lauren jumps up and down)
    • “ Here girls, take these shoes. They will do magical things for you. They will help you become ‘cooler’ and not be late for class!” –Aaron
    • “ Thank you fairy, oh thank you!” –Lauren
    • “ Thanks!” –Katy & Megan
  • Scene 3
    • (We start running after the bullies)
    • (Boys scream)
  • Scene 4
    • “ Ah! They’re coming!”-Mitchell
    • “ Run! Run! Run, boy, run!” –Alex
    • “ CHARGE!” –Megan
    • (Boys get knocked down by us)
    • “ Yay! We got to class on time!” -Katy
    • “ Yeah, the first time since this week has started!” -Lauren
    • “ Yes! Now we just get to learn all about science!” –Megan
    • (All of us give a thumbs up)
    • “ Katy, Megan, Lauren! You’re kicks are tight!” –Alex
    • “ Totally wicked!” –Mitchell
    • “ I wish I could get like you.” –Kyle
    • (All begin to bow down, kissing our shoes.)
    • “ These shoes have changed my life.” –Katy
    • “ I feel like a whole new person!” –Lauren
    • “ I want to travel the world with these Slide ‘n Glides, become something of myself.” -Megan
    • (Aaron dances in the background)
    • “ These shoes are not sold in stores. You must call 1-800-SlidenGlide. Slide ‘n Glides do not contain batteries.”