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  1. 1. A Plan For Economic Growth In St Clears ©2009Alan Evans
  2. 2. The presentation will look at the potential for constructing a plan for economic growth in St Clears.I don’t claim to be an economic expert or a business expert. I would say that I am good at observing and assessing problems. As we all know, it is not enough to observe and assess. You have to come up with some positive action plan for solutions to the problems. It would be extremely bold of me to claim that I have the solution. What I am offering is an opportunity for you all to consolidate your wealth of experience and expertise in order to formulate a plan for economic growth in St Clears.
  3. 3. St. Clears is a small town, a parish, and a sub-district in the district and county of Carmarthen. The town stands on the river Taf and on the South Wales railway, 8 miles WSW of Carmarthen. It has a post office and a small coasting trade. St. Clears has a weekly market with fairs on the 5th and 6th of June, Old May-day, and the 10th of October. It was the head-quarters of the Rebecca rioters in 1843. A Norman castle and a priory stood here The site of the castle is now indicated by a tumulus. The property is much sub-divided. The church is good; and there are a number of charities.
  4. 4. Google St Clears and these are the results. As you can see. Not a great deal of activity with only 8 visits to the website. There are a number of websites with some material relating to St Clears but nothing of quality which promotes the town. The prospective visitor will be disappointed by what they see and probably look at the next town along.
  5. 5. St Clears Results 1 - 10 of about 541,000 for St Clears. (0.44 seconds) # St Clears Community - 8 visits - 25 May For those who yearn for a rural lifestyle with coastal connections but remain unable to step away from modern living then St Clears is the answer. - Cached - Similar - St Clears in Carmarthenshire, attractions in St Clears, where to stay in St Clears, what to do and see. # BBC - South West Wales St Clears - stories, galleries and more! All about St Clears - features, guides, galleries and more.
  6. 6. There is no doubt that we have some great selling points. We have a lot of history in and around our town. Historic towns usually do very well don’t they?
  7. 7. Even historic towns are feeling the pinch and they have identified the problems of changing consumer activity as well as contemporary problems such as increased traffic and the .onslaught of the giant supermarkets. Ludlow was struggling with the many restrictions placed on it by design.
  8. 8. Case Study - Ludlow • As a small market town, Ludlow is endeavoring to balance the conflicting demands of the old and the new. Its heritage buildings are a key attraction, while the town's economy is being driven by its growing reputation for good food. Its problems are common to many. It has a historic street plan, and suffers from traffic congestion and unsightly parking. It recently faced strong pressure from Tesco which wished to open a new store in the town.
  9. 9. How Do They Do That • Ludlow has become famous as the gastronomic centre of Shropshire and won its first Michelin star in 1995. The ruined castle has become a venue for festivals, open-air theatrical performances and other events throughout the year. Several festivals are held a year, attracting visitors from across the country, including the main Ludlow Festival, held in the last week of June/first week of July.
  10. 10. What are we famous for? How many festivals do we organize? How successful are they? Who are the organizers of the most successful events in the town?
  11. 11. So Much To Offer It has also led the slow food movement in this country which has resulted in restaurateurs, artists and craftspeople moving into the area and setting up new businesses. Regular markets are operated throughout the year on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, in addition to crafts, antique, garden and European markets. Questions: Why would anyone move to St. Clears? What would attract professional people into the area?
  12. 12. The Environment • Ludlow Town Council has worked with county and district councils to improve Ludlow town centre, gaining funding through the Market Towns Innitative and the Ludlow Marches Partnership. Ludlow's one way system and narrow streets slow drivers and encourage them to give way to pedestrians. Where Questions: Where is the funding? Who is securing the funding? How active are they? Can they realistically be expected to do all the work alone?
  13. 13. Their Improvements Improving access by public transport, cycling and walking Making historic streets as attractive as possible Improving pedestrian access between east and west of the town Using a limited pallet of materials used to achieve a simple scheme Paying attention to the geometric designs, curves and simple lines. Narrowing gateways Introducing 20mph speed limits and pedestrian dominance Questions: What can we do to improve? Possibly identify areas for improvement and involve the community.
  14. 14. Design Ethos • The guiding principle for the design ethos was simplicity of form and layout, retention of the varied palette of historic surface materials where they survived, and the use of high quality natural materials on the pavements. The transport plan for Ludlow dealt with the neglect of the Market Square, which had suffered from informally parked cars, and buses and coaches parked with engines running. The buses and coaches were moved out, and a residents parking scheme introduced. The council managed to stick to its guns, despite public opposition to the loss of parking.
  15. 15. Each town is unique, and what works for one town will not necessarily work for another As a basis for your town's marketing program, community leaders must identify and capitalize upon the town's special uniqueness. Questions: What is unique about the St. Clears? Can you find any positives?
  16. 16. Your town's competitive edge is a composite of all the factors that make the town unique. Too often, towns try to be successful by copying marketing strategies that have worked for others, only to find that the program they borrowed doesn't work as well as they thought it would. Would Ludlow’s model work for St. Clears?
  17. 17. In St. Clears The Uniqueness May Be • Natural Resource • Strategic Location • Scenic Beauty • Historical Significance • Famous Native • Pleasing Architecture • Market • Leisure Facility
  18. 18. Think Outside Of The Box!
  19. 19. Consolidate Organizations
  20. 20. Make The Most Of Your Shop Or Café. Use Its Best Feature If You Have One. It Is Advisable To Stage This. Make Sure Everything Looks Good. Turn All The Lights On. Shoot It At Night, Shoot It Full, Shoot It With A Member Of Staff Outside Or Inside In Close Up.
  21. 21. How do or how can these items contribute to economic growth? History, Natural Beauty, River Trips, Fishing Trips, Sports Venue.
  22. 22. Fishing Is Another Rapid Growing Tourism Industry. The Town Trust Owns Parcels Of Land Along The River. Platforms For Fishing, Selling Fishing Equipment In Local Shops, Selling Licenses, etc all generate income.
  23. 23. Did you see this exhibition? It received 2 BBC broadcasts at prime time placing St Clears on the map all for free. Worldwide, National and Local Coverage 400 books sold 200 DVD’s sold. An example of two people in the community working tirelessly with no support.
  24. 24. Did you see this exhibition? It attracted local artists at the top of their game. We advertised local business. We encouraged local schools to take part.
  25. 25. Did you have a presence at St. Clears show? The St Clears show attracted record numbers of people this year. It is a great platform for meeting your target audience in an informal way. What did we offer visitors?
  26. 26. Those who live and work in the community can lose sight of their community's uniqueness or take it for granted. To bring your town's uniqueness into focus, solicit ideas from many different sources including Residents Newcomers Visitors & Others
  27. 27. What Brings Shoppers To St Clears? We have business which have attracted visitors from all parts of West Wales. They are well established and can offer a wealth of advice and support.
  28. 28. Family History 248,000,000 Results That’s A result! One of the fastest growing industries in the U.K. is genealogy
  29. 29. The Specter of Tescos - Good or Bad? Llanelli Town Centre Decimated, Derelict Pontarddulais Town Centre Boarded, Vandalized, Crime & Drugs Carmarthen Town Centre Rapidly Derelict, Crime & Drugs Outlying Village Shops - Post Offices Closing What Is The Alternative?
  30. 30. Where Do you Start? • How does a market town partnership, consisting largely of volunteers, who may have business experience but are unlikely to be trained economists, undertake the analysis needed to underpin an economic strategy?
  31. 31. The Starting Point • The starting point for any town is the community plan. Setting out the tow vision and strategic objectives, based on evidence gathering and consultation
  32. 32. The Economic Plan • Where a community plan has been produced it will typically have sections for social, economic and environmental issues and so a body of economic evidence will already be available. This can form the basis for an economic plan
  33. 33. Partnerships • A partnership with the local authority can be beneficial. They already have an economic or regeneration department • The Town Council • The Chamber Of Trade • The Tourism Department
  34. 34. Do You Know the Major Players?
  35. 35. Open For 8 Months They Receive The Top Awards In The County Cwmcerrig Farm Shop, Crosshands
  36. 36. Can We Compete?
  37. 37. Laugharne Ruined Castle River Walk Art Galleries Theatre Town Hall Cafes Bars Children’s Activities
  38. 38. Llandeilo Ruined Castle River Walk Art Galleries Theatre Town Hall Cafes Bars Children’s Activities
  39. 39. Newcastle Emlyn Ruined Castle River Walk Art Galleries Theatre Town Hall Cafes Bars Children’s Activities
  40. 40. Pendine Speed Ramps Cafes Bars Children’s Activities Shops Gallery
  41. 41. The Biggest Thing To Happen In This County This Century. It Is Going To Grow And Grow. Accommodation, services, jobs. How can it help me? What has St Clears got to do with Ffoslas? Double page spread in the Cheltenham Magazine with my website prominent. How do people find me? Most custom comes via the internet and follow up phone calls. London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, major cities outsource their work.
  42. 42. The Biggest Names Are Now Heading For Carmarthenshire They Need Food Accommodation Transport Fuel Cosmetics Clothes Entertainment
  43. 43. Centre For Prosperity • A market town centre is a guide to the prosperity of the town, but the retail sector itself is only part of the picture. Towns need income from other sources. This may be from the salaries of people employed in local businesses and the trade generated through these businesses operating, or it may be from commuters, from their business or service sector employment elsewhere, from pensioners income or from visitors (whether leisure or business) accessing retail and other services. suitable office space, available skilled individuals, and fast internet speeds, but importantly also making the town a nice place to host businesses. There is increasing evidence that the state of the public realm (open access public space, including streets, squares, parks, and paths) is important to business location and particularly to small businesses.
  44. 44. Measures To Improve The Centre • Identifying and supporting the development of redundancy buildings for office or shop space is an important part of the process. • An Empty Building Attracts Rodents Not people
  45. 45. Business Clusters • A business cluster is a group of industries and organizations linked together in buying and selling relationships or which share the same infrastructure, technologies, customers or skills base and whose linkage enhance competitive advantage.
  46. 46. New Business • Market towns and rural areas have higher than average business start up rates, and more women start businesses in rural market towns than in urban areas, although these businesses do not have such high growth rates as their urban counterparts. They are still very important to their economies because of the numbers employed. Many of the smaller businesses are not seen in statistics as they are not VAT registered. What opportunities are there in your town to encourage start-up businesses?
  47. 47. Supporting Business in Your Town • What factors influence businesses in their decision to invest in a town? A recent study of four UK market towns has identified the following as important influences on business decisions to invest Strategy of the market town • Local authority understanding of growth sectors • Strong local authority • Transport links / car parking • Environment • Community facilities • Housing Education and skills • Technology, broadband and mobile phone connections • Land / property • Business support and networking • Promotion and Branding
  48. 48. A Toolkit For Success High Peak Borough Council Started The Shop Local Scheme and created toolkits for independent shop keepers, including ideas on marketing, keeping up to date with change and information on support and how to participate, as well as a publicity campaign to raise awareness among local people, encouraging them to buy from their local shops.
  49. 49. You Can Now Advertise Your Business FOR FREE In All Of The Major Supermarkets Someone Ask Me How!
  50. 50. Supermarkets have stopped issuing carrier bags. The punters are taking reuseable bags. What better way to get your message across to the public. Make it funky and bright and the public will see it and remember it. There is also a growing student population in Carmarthenshire. Try targeting them with freebies and offers and they will come. They also have definite political views about environmental issues.