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This menu describes the pizzas created by the kindergartners.

This menu describes the pizzas created by the kindergartners.

Published in: Self Improvement, Business

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  • 1. DESERT Waypoint Katie’s Koncoction Pizza Frozen ice cream crust, cotton candy sauce, marshmallow topped with strawberry shortcake, cotton candy and marshmallows. Jacob’s Jubilee Candy crunch crust, chocolate sauce, mozzarella topped with olives and strawberries. MENU We are proud to offer some new and original Waypoint Pizza additions to our menu. Courtesy of Room Zero the Hero Reed Elementary School Phone: Fax: Email:
  • 2. Julia’s Treat FULL COURSE DINNERS Cookie dough crust, green MORE INTERESTING David’s Delicious Dinner 0.00 jellybean sauce, flat mints topped QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompres s ed) decompres s or are needed to s ee this picture. INVENTIONS Regular pizza crust, tomato with strawberries, marshmallows, sauce, and mozzarella cheese rainbow sprinkles, cotton candy topped with pepperoni, and jelly beans. Eli’s Excellent Eat 0.00 rainbow sprinkles and circle Rainbow sherbet crust, Goodness Grace sprinkles. cotton candy sauce, Frozen ice cream crust, green marshmallows and topped jellybean sauce, marshmallows, Lex’s Luscious Lunch 0.00 with rainbow sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles and cotton candy. Granola crust, cotton candy jellybeans, circle sprinkles sauce, ice cream topped with and marshmallows. Elijah’s Edibles batman cookies and rainbow Brownie crust, vanilla sauce, bat sprinkles. Cooking with Caroline 0.00 cheese topped with olives and Cookie dough crust, tomato candy. Wilder’s Wild Wonder 0.00 sauce, and mozzarella cheese Vanilla chocolate crust, topped with olives. Carly’s Creation chocolate sauce, marshmallow Strawberry shortcake crust, topped with rainbow sprinkles Wonders of Will 0.00 chocolate sauce, green cheese and marshmallows. Candy crunch crust, whipped topped with strawberries, cream sauce, blue cheese, jellybeans, dog bones and olives. topped with cotton candy, SPECIALITIES strawberries, pepperoni, Katie’s Pizza Supreme sprinkles and bat cheese. LUCY”S LUXURY Frozen sherbet cake crust, tomato Granola grain crust, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese topped with Jake’s Jumble sauce, mozzarella cheese pepperoni. Chocolate mint crust, topped with pepperoni and chocolate sauce, olives Carl’s Crazy Conception marshmallows topped with Frozen sherbet crust, tomato pepperoni, strawberries, and OUTRAGEOUS OLIVIA sauce, American cheese topped rainbow sprinkles. Cookie crust, green jelly with pepperoni bean sauce, mozzarella Sophie Sophistication cheese topped with bubble A chocolate mint crust, gum and pepperoni. Zesty Zara cotton candy sauce and Chocolate mint crust, green mint mozzarella cheese topped sauce, vanilla topped with with rainbow sprinkles, dog strawberries, cotton candy and bones, olives and pepperoni. rainbow sprinkles.