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My evaluation
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My evaluation


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Published in: Career

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  • 1. My Evaluation
    Owen Harries
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4. Music magazine aimed at 16-20 males.
    It is cheap because this age bracket would not have a lot of money because they would still be in school, college or university.
    Our Brief was to create the front page, the contents page and a double page spread for a music magazine.
    Name: Crescendo
    Definition: A gradual increase, especially in the volume or intensity of sound in a passage
    What is my product?
  • 5. Masthead at the top of the page. This is a convention of most published magazines
    Developed my masthead by making each letter get bigger in font size.
    “new” on the magazine.
    My colours on the front page are quite bright
    My product using, developing and Challenging conventions.
  • 6. Only two different columns on contents page
    Two pictures on my contents page. Are of my main article and of the so called “editor” of the magazine.
    An advert for a subscription to “Crescendo”.
    My product using, developing and Challenging conventions.
  • 7. People who would buy my magazine would be teenagers to early twenties and would be either “grunge's” or “indies”.
    There is some swearing in the double page spread, it would come across they are rude people who don’t respect anything.
    The colour scheme is quite bright and bright colours are not considered to be grunge's colours. Colours like red and purple.
    Representation of the social group.
  • 8. My magazine would be mass produced and would see all over the UK.
    It would be in all the UK’s leading supermarkets and in most good Conner shops and WH smiths.
    It would sell here as I think it would be very popular and people all over the UK would want to buy it.
    Media institution that might distribute my media product and why
  • 9. Males aged 16-20.
    Enjoy watching Scuzz TV and Kerrang! TV.
    Go to at least two gigs a month.
    An average of £87 a month budget.
    45% of money source is from parents.
    The audience for my media production.
  • 10. Women on the front cover and as double page spread.
    Used thing that my audience would be into.
    The language is quite simple through out.
    The colours are quite bright and easy to read
    I needed to make it stand out so it would compete with Kerrang! magazine.
    Attracting and addressing my target audience.
  • 11. For front cover “very good colour scheme”
    “A very good Title”
    “The cutting out could be better”
    For Contents page “The way the colours alternate on the different columns.
    The glow around her and on the subscription advert should be the same”
    For double page spread “Brake text down into columns”
    “The pictures are good and much better cut out”
    Feed back from target audience
  • 12. My skills in macromedia fireworks have improved.
    Very amateur program that is ok for small projects but has its limitations.
    I think that a program like Photoshop would be better for this
    The photo shoot of my sister for the pictures was annoying as I couldn't use the background that I wanted to.
    Learning about technologies
  • 13. I understand what a magazine should look like ands how much effort and planning must go into each magazine that an established company brings out.
    Also how hard it is to get a good photo shoot because I took about 40 pictures and only liked about 8 or 9.
    What I have learnt in the progression from your preliminary task to the full product
  • 14. Overall I think my magazine is good because of the colour scheme I keep with throughout.
    How its quite simple but effective .
    I got a good range of features.
    I think I could of changed the cutting out of my model on the front cover.
    If I used columns on the double page spread and if my editors note was bigger.
    Final evaluation