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  • 1. R U A Chatterer?
    Staying safe while chatting on line.
    All pictures that are not labeled are from clip art
  • 2. What Chatting is
    Chatting on line is where you talk with people in a chat room. Most of the time you wont know who they are ,what they look like and where they live or at least you shouldn’t know
  • 3. Problems that you might encounter in a chat room
    Some problems that you might encounter while chatting on line are…
    You could be chatting with a bad guy that you might think is a nice 15 year old boy or girl but its really a 40 year old man who wants to hurt you
    And to make a long story short you could just waste your time.
    Pictures came from http://lowellsol.files.wordpress.com
  • 4. Benefits of Chatting on line
  • 5. My top five out of ten rules for chatting on line
  • 6. Surfer Dude Questions
    By Chris Lewis
  • 7. What is the internet?
    The internet is a huge group of interconnected computer networks linking smaller computer networks to a worldwide network.
    Some things internet is used for
    • Search for information for homework
    • 8. Chat
  • Some search engines geared toward kids
    Picture came from
    Picture came from www.zisman.ca/search/ajkids.gif
  • 9. Some info you should not give out on internet
    Where you live
    How old you are
    Your name
    And any other personal information
  • 10. Three benefits from joining the superhighway.
    Connectivity. You can contact people for free, and exchange thoughts with many people of different nationalities, religions, ethnicities etc.
    It is easy to find information.
    It is possible to enjoy art and entertainment produced by anybody, and to publish your own music, images, videos, blogs, games etc.
  • 11. Slick the Spammer Questions
    By: Connor Yakel
  • 12. What is spam??
    Spam is flooding the internet with many copies of the same email or message. It is damaging to your computer and it costs money. If you receive spam just delete it. Just make sure when you send an email that the email address is a valid email address.
  • 13. How could you get spam?
  • 14. Netiquette Ned