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The Evolution of the International Capitalist Party


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Positive Capitalism

Positive Capitalism

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  • 1. THE EVOLUTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL CAPITALIST PARTY BY: BARRY BOWDIDGE(C) 1976/2008 by Barry Bowdidge. All rights reserved. No part of this material may bereproduced, translated, transmitted or stored in a retrieval system for public or private usewithout the written permission of the publisher.
  • 2. C h a pte r F o ur P l a nti ng S e e ds M embe r shi p D e v e l o p C l assr o o m P r o gr a m s P o l i t i cal N e two r ki ng C ha pter F i ve P r i o r i ti es St a r l i f e P r o ject (H uma na r i um s) 1 984 o r 1 9 9 4 - The Bur e a ucr a ts Re - s p o nsi bi l i ty Act E x p a n d t he Uni te d Sta tesP rom ot e “ H o w t o M a ke M o ney” Co urs - e s i n S cho o l s M e mb e r s h i p s : Backed by Free and C l e a r I n c o me P r o pe r ti e s Pr o p e r t i e s a s a Ca pi ta l Ba se C ha pte r S i x Que sti o ns C h a pter S eve n B o o k o f So l uti o ns C h apter E i ght 19 9 6 - T h e 20th Anni ve r sa r y
  • 3. Wa i t i ng f o r Re sul ts C h a n g e s a nd Revi si o ns N e w T echno l o gi e s F u t u r e M a r keti ng T h e Ti me i s N o w C h apte r N i ne M embe r shi p R e s po nsi bi l i ti e s O r g a n i za t i o n a nd F l o w Cha r ts Me mb e r shi p Appl i ca ti o n B i bl i o gr a phy A bo u t t h e A utho r a nd P ubl i sher(c ) 1 9 96/ 99 by B arry B owdidge . All r igh t s r e se r v e d . N o p a r t o f thi s m a te r i a l m a y b e r ep r o d uc ed , tr a ns lat ed, t ran s -mi t t ed or stored in a r e t r ie va l sy st e m f or pu blic o r p r i v a te us e wi tho ut the wr i tte n p e r m i s s i o n o f the pu blish er.
  • 4. CHAP T E R ONE E V O L U T I O N, NOT RE VOL UT I ON PA I N AND P L E AS UREHu ma n m o t i v a t ion determines the dire c tion a ny e c onomy ta ke s. This motiva tion c a n b em a n i p u l a t e d i n to positive or negative directions. Leaders of every type understa n d t h ed o u b l e - si d e d n a ture of motivation. In Ame r ic a , we c a ll it the c a r r ot- or- stic k a p p r o a c h .I n o t h e r w o r d s , people are led by giving them either rewards (pleasure) or punis h m e n t(p ai n ) .E v e r y t y p e o f political system throughout history has manipulated society in the n a m eo f t h e p e o p l e a nd ended up being for the be ne f it of the f e w. The c lose st we ’ ve ev e r c o met o t ru e f r e e d o m is in A merica. H ad we sta r te d a c le a r- c ut e c onomic syste m with p o litic a lp o w e r, t h e p r o cess of freedom would have been complete. Capitalism was assum e d b u tn o t i n st i t u t i o n alized leaving us vulner a ble to so- c a lle d sc ie ntif ic c ommunism.T h e i n d u s t r i a l revolution embraced capitalism as its code, and the human race p r o s p e r e dan d p r o g r e sse d faster than at any othe r time in histor y. Howe ve r, this pr ogr e ss w a s p e r-v e r t e d b y g o v e rnment regulation in concert with the monopolistic mentality of a f e w. T h i ss c e n a r i o , w h i c h could be termed Negative Capitalism, allowed a truly demonic s y s t e m o fm i s p l a c e d c o m passion to take hold. Its inequities of Negative Capitalism were o b v i o u san d , so , c o m m unism took hold in seve r a l pa r ts of the wor ld.I n A m e r i c a , a s low revolution of socialism has produced a mixed society. Gover n m e n t ,i n c o l l u s i o n w i th Negative Capitalists, created the current system of solving pro b l e m st h r o u g h g o v e r n ment intervention. Freedom is freedom from government, but the m a r c h o fs o ci a l i sm c a n b e charted in direct propor tion with the slow a nd de vious intr usio n o f g o v-ern me n t i n t o t he daily lives of every Ame r ic a n.U n f o r t u n a t e l y, in a democracy, the people have the added insult of losing their f r e e d o mb y f a i l i n g t o c hoose correctly on the ballot. Most of the time, they do not really h a v e ac h o i c e . I n s t e a d , the leaders use the dubious “which” close. This is sales jargon: W h i c hw o u l d y o u r a t h er have on your new car--your initials printed in gold or in silver ? T h ep r e s u m p t i o n i s that you already want to buy the car. Similarly, the leaders take t h e m o r ei m p o r t a n t d e c i s ion out of your hands, knowing pe ople f e a r big de c ision. The c las s ic e x-am p le i s t h e i n c ome tax. L ong ago, Ame r ic a ns vote d f or this ta x a s a sma ll e me rg e n c ym e a s u r e t o h e l p in a war effort. After the excuse for expropriating everyone’s in c o m e w a sv o t ed i n t o e x i stence, the politicians and bur e a uc r a ts slowly but sur e ly a tta c he d th e m-s e l v e s t o e a c h individual as permane nt parasites. Any social problem is an excu s e t o t a k em o re o f t h e i n dividual’s income. T his is the sa me me nta lity use d by f e uda l lor ds , d ic ta-t o r s , c o m m u n i s ts, kings and queens, and now, by trickery, with consent, by a de m o c r a c y.T h e q u e s t i o n i s never, “Should we abolish the tax?” It is always a question abou t w h os h o ul d b e t a x e d the most. T he big de c ision ha s a lr e a dy be e n ma de to be ne f it the g o v e r n-m en t a n d n o t t he individual.A v er y g o o d w ay of judging the freedom factor in a country would be a “Pleasur e / P a i n ”m e t e r o r g r a p h . While it’s true that every government uses the carrot or stick me t h o d , i t ’sal s o t r u e t h a t t he degree a government use s the stic k, it shows it’s ne ga tive dir e c tio n . A
  • 5. g o v e r n m e n t t h a t chooses force as it’s method of operation shows that it has littl e f a i t h i ni t s e l f o r i t ’s c i t izens. Any government that chooses to inflict pain on it’s citizen s a s a w a yt o d i sc i p l i n e a n d manipulate is creating a sa distic , bur e a uc r a tic , non- f r e e soc ie ty. T h eo n l y p l e a su r e , in this type of society, is f or the le a de r s a nd bur e a uc r a ts using th e s ta n d a r dp l o y “ f o r t h e g ood of the people,” as a whip against it’s own citizens. In Americ a i n 1 9 9 5w e a r e h e a d i n g straight into this common ploy because of the drug problem. The y s h o u l db e l e g a l i z e d a n d not taxed. See other sections of this book for further explanatio n a b o u tt h e d r u g so l u t i on in A merica.P RE S S U R E A N D A S S IS TA N C EE v e r y s o c i a l p r oblem creates an economic pressure. Every economic problem req u i r e s as o l u t i o n . G o v e r nments always try to solve these problems with assistance. Assis t a n c e i sn o t h i n g m o r e t han an excuse for governments to expropriate assets, involuntaril y, f r o ms o m e o n e w h o h as earned them. Governments do not need to earn anything becau s e t h e ycan u se f o r c e . T hey need only find a soc ia l pr oble m, or c r e a te one , to ga in power.T h e m o s t e x t r e me form of waste by government solutions is war. The formula is t h e s a m efo r a l l p r o g r a m s, w ith the exception o f tr ue e xpe nditur e s f or de f e nse a ga inst othe r g o v-e r n m e n t s . T h e police, if used to protect life and property rather than to expedite p o l i t i c a lp o l i c y, a l s o h a s a legitimate use by government. Beyond these two situations, a m i n i m u mg o v e r n m e n t i s the best government.Th i s i s n o t a c a ll to overthrow any gove r nme nt but, inste a d, a c a ll f or pe ople to f in d s o lu-t i o n s w i t h o u t g overnment help. We must also be aware of the “straw man”. The p r o b l e m screate d b y g o v ernment for the sole pu r pose of de monstr a ting tha t gove r nme nt ha s th e o n lys o l u t i o n . T h e s e situations must be exposed and stopped. Evolution and understan d i n g c a ncreate t h i s so c i a l order w ithout the ch a os c a use d by e ve r y othe r ma jor soc ia l c h a n g e .P ri v a t e , i n d i v i d ual solutions must be f ound whe n tr ue soc ia l pr oble ms a r e ide ntif ie d . Pr i-v at e so l u t i o n s, c ombined w ith politic a l powe r, will ke e p gove r nme nt off the ba c k s o f in d i-v i d u a l s. P r o f i t is the fuel, and entrep r e ne ur ia l a bility c a n c ha nge a ne ga tive situ a tio n in toa p o s i t i v e o n e . We must remain vigilant in this area. Any opportunity to achieve p o w e rt h at is m i sse d by capitalism w ill be ta ke n up by some one in the gove r nme nt.Res i s t a n c e t o g o vernment assistance must be ma de in the na me of soc ia l ma tur ity. Citi-z e n s m u s t g r o w up and stop taking the easy way out. Every time you receive som e t h i n gf o r n o t h i n g f r o m the government, you have paid with the currency of freedom. S o m e t i m e st h i s l o s s o f f r e edom is your own, but most often it is the freedom of others that h a s b e e ns acrif i c e d a t t h e altar of government wa ste .C o u n t e r- p r e s s u re must be placed on government regulators and bureaucrats, bec a u s e t h e yare t h e f o r c e s o f oppression. T hese p e ople must be give n pr oduc tive wor k in soc ie ty in-s t e a d o f a l i c e n se for petty power. The term “public servant,” instead of “public d i c t a t o r, ”m u s t c o m e b a c k into our system.S o ci a l p r e ssu r e must trigger assistanc e f r om the minds of individua l e ntr e pr e ne u r s . T h ist ech n i q u e o f a l ternate solutions w ill be a ma jor goa l of The I nte r na tiona l Ca pitalis t Pa r ty.P OL I T I CS A N D P E A C EWa r r e q u i r e s a n enemy. Someone in power has to convince others that they shou l d h a t es o m e b o d y f o r s ome reason. These reasons are mostly irrational, but power manip u l a t o r sh a v e a l w a y s b e en good at convincing others to hate by appealing to their dark s i d e . T h e
  • 6. p o l i t i c s o f h a t e has a long list of irrational reasons for war. Here is a partial list o f t h e s ereas on s:RaceRel i g i o nCu s t o m sDi ffe r e n c e s i n economic systemsNeed f o r m o r e land for existing citize nsCo m b i n a t i o n s of the above that create ne w politic a l syste ms, suc h a s Na z ism.E a c h o f t h e s e s ituations is a legitima te political problem. You cannot convert a b i g o ti n t o a r a t i o n a l adult w ithout solving the unde r lying pr oble m of f e a r or stupidity. Re li-g i o u s p r e j u d i c e is often promoted w ith the pr omise of a pr e f e r r e d a f te r lif e f or th e f o llo w-e r s . T h i s t y p e o f manipulative behavior by organized religion may have had a le g i t i m a t er e a s o n f o r e x i s tence in the past, because it motivated the masses to protect them s e l v e sa g a i n s t b a r b a r i ans and invaders. Today, with mass personal communication and e d u c a t i o n ,t h ere i s n o n e e d for an enemy.Becau se o f m a s s communications, diff e r e nt c ustoms ha ve be c ome a de sir a ble c o mmo d ityr a t h e r t h a n a n excuse for aggression. Unusual customs have become a tourist att r a c t i o ni n s t ea d o f s o m ething to fear or scorn . Tourism, a product of capitalism, takes fe a r o f t h eu n k n o w n a n d t urns it into a thriving busine ss.D i ff e r e n c e s i n economic systems seem to be behind most wars today. This is lud i c r o u s .E v e r y e c o n o m i c system has a legitimate use. If the government allows freedom o f c h o i c e ,t h e d i ff e r e n c e s w ill become very clear. The r e a r e pr e se ntly f ive ge ne r a l e c onomic s y s-t em s :P o s i ti v e c a p i t a lismNeg a t i v e c a p i t alismMixed economyF o rce d c o m m u nism/socialismF ree c o m m u n i sm/socialismM o s t so c i e t i e s are a composite of the se f ive c a te gor ie s. The diff e r e nc e lie s in wh ic h s y s-t e m d o m i n a t e s . Three of the five economies can politically coexist and create pe a c e i n t h ew o r l d . T h e y a r e positive capitalism, mixed economy, and free communism/socia l i s m . T h eo t h er t w o a r e c ontrolled by governme nt c oe r c ion a nd f or c e ; the y will pe r pe tua te a n e g a-t i v e e n v i r o n m e nt and open the door f or an aggressive war posture. While it is tr u e t h a tt h e s e t h r e e s y s tems can coexist, it is also true that positive capitalism is the bes t o f t h e s et h ree m e t h o d s. T his political party is a n a tte mpt to pe r f e c t positive c a pita lism.
  • 7. CHAPTER TW O F R E E D O M IS F REEDOM FROM GOVERNMENTCHIL D R E N / N OMIN A L S /A D U LT SM Y G O A L / T H E IR G O A LCAP I TA L I S M V S . C O N T R O L IS MCHIL D R E N / N OMIN A L S /A D U LT SA t t i t u d e s t o w a rd society are not static. They are the essence of political evoluti o n . T h ek ey to su c c e ssf ul transformation into positive c a pita lism is the unde r sta nding a nd a c c e p-t an ce o f a d u l t economic responsibilitie s.Un fo r t u n a t e l y, most citizens are really c hildr e n of the sta te a nd a r e tr e a te d so b y th e le a d-e r s a n d b u r e a u crats. When children grow up, the mark of their maturity is indep e n d e n c efro m t h e i r p a r e nts. A lot of people have just e xc ha nge d this pa r e nta l de pe nde nc e f o r g o v-e r n m e n t d e p e n dence. Governments encourage dependence because it vests powe r i n t h e i ri n s t i tu t i o n s.T h e p e r p e t u a l c hild mentality is a product of power manipulation. The power en t i t y u s e sm i s pl a c e d c o m passion as a sales tool to extort money and control from the citize n s . A ne x a m p l e o f m i s placed compassion would be using a poor, crippled, blind women w i t ht wel v e k i d s a s a reason to collect billions of dolla r s f or tr a nsf e r pa yme nts by th e g o v e r n-m en t. O b v i o u sl y, such individuals are tr ue ha r dship c a se s a nd de se r ve c ompa ssio n .Th e tr i c k h e r e i s that governments th e n tr y to f ind e xc use s to pla c e a s ma ny on th e g o v-ern me n t d e p e n dency list as possible. The we a k a nd the la z y f ind this pr ogr a m ve r y e n-t i c i n g . T h e p r o gram has a basis for existence in society, but government solution s h a v en e v e r b e e n t h e answer. Politicians are merely buying votes with taxpayers’ mone y. T h ep o l i t i c i a n s a r e s upported by the bureauc r a ts, who ha ve a ve ste d inte r e st in the ir jo b s .Ev ery o n e i n v o l ved rationalizes this situa tion by c a lling it f a ir. But f a ir ne ss doe s n ’t in-cl u d e m a k i n g slaves of the w orking cla ss f or the be ne f it of a nothe r c la ss of pe op le , th ew e a k a n d l a z y. Good people normally want to help unfortunate or unlucky peopl e i n n e e d .Th i s n o b l e u rg e is the idea most exploite d by gove r nme nts down thr ough the a ge s . T h es o n g i s t h e sa m e : You w ill sacrifice for the good of the ma sse s or e lse , “ or e lse ” b e in gp h y s i c a l f o r c e or eternal damnation. The true benefactors are those who advocat e t h i sm i s pl a c e d c o m passion.T h i s s y s t e m o f expropriation and worker slavery has three parts to it, no matter w h a t i t i sc a l l e d p o l i t i c a l ly or economically. Two parts are made up of immature political a t t i t u d e s .T h e t h i r d p a r t , the victim consist mostly of nominals, Gentle criticism of this sy s t e m i sal l t ha t w i l l b e tolerated by
  • 8. N e g a t i v e c a p i t a lists went along with this program because it kept the poor in th e i r p l a c ea n d a d d e d a n e w burden on the middle class. This is a classic example of a coali t i o n o fs o c i a l i s t s , s t a t i sts, and negative capitalists getting together to extort power from t h ep e o p l e . T h e m i xed economy gives confusing signals to the casual political onloo k e r, b u t“ c o n f u s e a n d c onquer” is the method used by this coalition. It appears to be all t h i n g s t oal l p e o p l e . T h e net result is loss of powe r by the pe ople a nd inc r e a se d powe r by g o v e r n-m en t a n d n e g a t ive capitalists. T he adult politic a l me nta lity use d positive c a pita lis m tos o l v e p r o b l e m s. P ositive capitalists d o not use gove r nme nt f or c e a nd c oe r c ion.M Y G O A L / T H E IR G O A LEv ery o t h e r sy s tem devised for the good of the pe ople ha s r e quir e d tha t, f ir st a nd f o r e-m o s t, t h e g o v e r nment must control eve r yone . The se a rgume nts ha ve a lwa ys be e n lik e ap a r e n t t a l k i n g t o a wayward child. The leaders always assume that people would p e r i s hw i t h o u t t h e i r d ivine guidance. The opposite is the truth. People either learn to d e a l w i t ho n e a n o t h e r f a i rly, or they perish natur a lly. Gove r nme nts only distor t the na tur al f lo w.Th ere i s n o h i storical example of a p owe r f ul, be ne vole nt gove r nme nt.Ev en Ma r x a n d E ngels, w ith their suppose dly sc ie ntif ic e c onomic syste m, ga ve a s th e ir f i-n al g o a l t h e e l i mination of government. This wa s to c ome a bout a f te r the buildin g o f a s o-c i a l i s t s t a t e . T he reason their system will not work is because of the negativity b u i l t i n t oi t . T h e s a m e p a rental attitude prevails in communism that has prevailed in every o t h e rs o ci a l sy st e m . They all use force and c oe r c ion to imple me nt the ir syste m.T h e p e o p l e i n power will always feel most threatened by the best minds in their c o n t r o l l e ds o ci e t y. T h e m ost mature and independe nt of minds will a lwa ys r e se nt the la c k of f r e e d o mcau s e d b y g o v e rnments.L e a de r s m u s t b e extremely intelligent and resourceful to survive in any society. T h e m a i np r o b l e m s t h e y have are the belief in their own supremacy and the fear that some o n e e l s ec a n r e p l a c e t h e m. This immature intelligence will succeed for leaders until the n o m i n a la t t i t u d e i s m a d e aware of itself. Individuals’ confidence in their own ability to c h o o s e ap o s i ti v e d e st i n y w ill be the key to fre e dom f r om gove r nme nt. Communic a tions an d te c h-n o l o g y w i l l m a ke evolution possible. The present leaders will find they had noth i n g t of e a r a n d e v e r y t hing to gain. As soon as they realize that true power does not req u i r e a n yv i ct i ms, t h e i r h a ppiness w ill be as gr e a t a s the ir le a de r ship.L e a de r s h a v e a lways required a victim to gain power. Their goals have always b e e na c h i e v e d b y f o r ce or misplaced compassion. Their goals destroy freedom, no ma t t e r w h a tt h ei r st a t e d o r i ntended goals w ere in the be ginning. The ir ve r y powe r will de stro y s o mefreed o m i n a n y system, no matter w h a t its pr of e sse d inte ntions a r e . Eve r y gove r n me n tc r u s h e s f r e e d o m proportionate to its own power. Mature positive capitalism is th e o n l yn a t u r a l w a y t o attain freedom. Any collusion with government is a deviation fro m t h i sp r i n c i p l e , w i t h very few exceptions. The police and fire departments have the be s t c h a n c eo f n o t a b u s i n g the power of government. The military will be useful until the ev o l u t i o n a r yp ro ce ss i s c o m plete. T he defense of fr e e dom is the only noble r e a son f or a milit a r y to e x-i s t ; mi l i t a r y r u le is ridiculous.In a tr u l y f r e e c ountry, even the polic e a nd f ir e de pa r tme nts c a n be c ome a pr iva te v e n tu r e .
  • 9. C A P ITA LI SM VS. CONTROLLI SMP o s i t i v e c a p i t a l ism is the only political system that completely supports persona l f r e e d o mf o r t h e i n d i v i d ual. Every other system wants to control individuals and the asset s c r e a t e db y i n d i v i d u a l s. C apitalism assumes de moc r a c y a s a me thod f or c hoosing le a de r s , b u t d e-m o cr a c y c a n r o b and enslave some individua ls f or the be ne f it of the unde se r ving .R e d i s t r i b u t i o n of wealth has been going on since time began. If wealth is redistr i b u t e dn at u r a l l y, e v o l ution is served. If, howe ve r, a ny f or m of f or c e or c ontr ol is inte r j e c te d in tot h i s p r o c e ss, t h e natural flow of evolution is slowe d down. I n se ve r e c a se s, soc ie ty h a sact u a l l y m a n a g e d to go backw ard. T h e Da r k Age s a nd the two wor ld wa r s would b e e x-a m p l e s o f t h i s backward evolutionary process. In every case, some form of cont r o l l i s mwas `th e p o l i t i c al reality.Th e f o l l o w i n g list includes previous type s of c ontr ollism tha t ha ve a lr e a dy oc c u r r e d a n dco n t in u e t o a b u s e citizens: Monarchy Dic ta tor ship Re ligious Contr ol Communis m So c ia l-i s m D e m o c r a c y w ith a mixed economyE a c h o f t h e s e s ystems has the same motives: Control the individual and control h i s a s s e t sa n d a b i l i t i e s . E ach system has the po tential to be as bad as the other. The subjug a t i o n o ft h e ci t i z e n t o t h e state seems to deter mine the de gr e e of da ma ge done to the na tu r a l e v o-l u t i o n a r y p r o c e ss. F reedom is freedom f r om gove r nme nt.Th e c u r r e n t v o gue in backw ard evolu tion, “ f or the good of the pe ople ,” is e ithe r c o mmu-n i s m o r s o c i a l i sm. A mixed economy, a more subtle form of controllism, is just a s i n f e s t e dwi t h g o v e r n m e nt intervention. T hese syste ms c a n ta ke e ve n a str ong e c onomy, s u c h a sE n g l a n d ’s , a n d slow it down to a third-rate economy. The only time they can tem p o r a r i l yl o o k g o o d i s w hen a country already ha s a de str oye d or ba c kwa r d e c onomy. The o n ly r e a-s o n th e y l o o k g ood for a short w hile is be c a use the y use so muc h f or c e to motiv a te c iti-zen s i n t o a sl a v e economy.B a c k w a r d e c o n omies could be brought into the natural evolutionary process if th e y w o u l db e a l l o w e d t o p ractice positive capitalism. Peace and prosperity would prevail i f w e c o u l del i m in a t e t h e n egative leaders and the ir ne ga tive soc ia l syste ms. The r e mova l of th e n e g a-t i v e s y s t e m , r a t her than the removal of the negative leader, is often more import a n t b u t ,o ft en, b o t h m u s t be done at the same time .
  • 10. C HAP TER THREE H O W TO AVOID CREATING “ J U S T A N OTHER BUREAUCRACY” T H E D I SS OLVING BUS INES S L ES S IS MORE T H E D I SS OLVING BUS INES ST h e r e a r e t h r e e types of dissolving businesses. The first is the type of business a l r e a d y i ne x i s te n c e t o s o lve a common problem. The best example would be the common p r o b l e mo f t r a n s p o r t a t i o n. Over the ages, many types of transportation have given way to b e t t e rfo rm s. F o r i n st a nce, the horse and bu ggy busine ss dissolve d to ma ke wa y f or the a u to mo-b i l e b u s i n e s s . The International Capitalist Party should promote this type of tran s i t i o n , o rp r o g r e s s , w i t h i n every industry. Opposition to progress is always a volatile poli t i c a l i s s u et h at r e q u i r e s a clear direction.Th e s e c o n d t y p e of dissolving business is a soc ia l pr oble m tha t is c ur r e ntly be in g d e a ltw i t h b y g o v e r n ment or by pseudo governmental agencies, such as public utilities a n dp u b l i c w a s t e - d i sposal units. Most of the problems that government addresses are s i n c e r en eed s t h a t c o u l d become capitalistic oppor tunitie s f or the c r e a tive e ntr e pr e ne ur. T h e I n-t e r n a t i o n a l C a p italist Party will help dissolve government involvement in any ty p e o fb u s i n e ss. O u r political challenge w ill be to f ind tr a nsitiona l solutions to pr oble ms p r e-s e n t e d b y p o l i t icians and bureaucrats, with the ultimate goal of having private e n t e r p r i s et a k e o v e r o u r s olutions. We will be a sort of research and development departme n t f o r t h ep ri v a t e se c t o r. O nce w e can clearly s olve a soc ia l pr oble m a nd show a r e a sona bl e p r o f it,t h e en t e r p r i se w ill be sold to private industr y.Th e th i r d t y p e of dissolving business is a ny busine ss sta r te d by The I nte r na tional Ca p i-t al i s t P a r t y d u r ing its evolution. We will sponsor ma ny pr ogr a ms to e nc our a ge n e w b u s i-n es s e s. ( T h e v a r ious methods used w ill be disc usse d thor oughly in othe r c ha pte r s . ) Bu ilti n t o t h e m e m b e rship drive will be various businesses. A variable net income tru s t d e e d ,s e c u r e d b y r e a l estate, will provide the capital basis for the entire political part y. T h i swi l l b e t h e l a st business to be disman tle d onc e the goa ls of the pa r ty ha ve be e n a c h ie v e d .Th ere w i l l a l so be many businesses, mostly high- te c h busine sse s, involve d in th e Sta r-L i f e p r o j e c t . O nce the prototypes have been tested, the businesses should be dis s o l v e d b yTh e I n t e r n a t i o n al C apitalist P arty and r e pla c e d by pr iva te ope r a tions. The pa r ty w ill a t-t e m p t t o r e t a i n a passive financial interest in these technologies to create an inc o m e f o ro t h er p r o j e c t s.Th e ul t i m a t e g oal is to leave business e ntir e ly to the pr iva te se c tor a f te r gove r n me n tsh av e d o n e t h e same. We do not w ant to c ompe te with the pr iva te se c tor, but we d o w a n t tob e a c o n d u i t f r om government solutions to pr iva te solutions.
  • 11. T h e p a r t y ’s m o ney-making courses and classroom programs will also include the s t a r t - u po f n e w b u si n e ss es by members. C ontrol by The I nte r na tiona l Ca pita list Pa r ty will d is-s o l v e , b u t t h e p arty w ill retain a non lia bility position in ma ny insta nc e s. All mo n e ta r y in-t erest s i n t h e se ventures w ill be dissolve d whe n the goa ls of the pa r ty ha ve be e n r e a c h e d .S o m e o f t h e so l ution presented in C h a pte r 7 will a lso c r e a te ne w busine sse s. On c e a g a in ,p art y c o n t r o l w ill dissolve first; then , whe n the pa r ty ha s me t its goa ls, the busi n e s s e swi l l d i sso l v e c ompletely.LES S I S MO RETh e il l u si o n o f w ealth is a trap that ma ny pe ople ge t the mse lve s into. Some do i t b y p u t-t i n g u p a f r o n t that costs them peace of mind. The y lose the ir pe r sona l se r e nity b e c a u s et h e y a r e o v e r t heir head in debt. They are working too hard just to maintain an i m a g e .O t h e r s h a v e t h e wealth but have been caught in the compulsive behavior of accu m u l a t i n gm o re w i t h o u t b enefiting themselves pr opor tiona te ly.S o m e o f t h e o l d clichés, like “remember to smell the roses,” “all work and no pl a y m a k eJ a c k a d u l l b o y,” and so on, can be invoked here. This philosophy has a sound A m e r i c a nb as i s i n H e n r y D. T horeau’s Walden Pond. Eve n though his a nswe r is tr a nsc e nde n ta l me d i-t at i o n, h i s p o i n t that sometimes “less is mor e ” is we ll ta ke n.I n t hi s b o o k , w e are trying for maximum political and social freedom. With this f r e e d o mc o m e s t h e p i t f a ll of overindulgence. Success itself can cause ultimate personal f a i l u r ewi t h o u t a n e w set of goals. T he perfe c tion of some thing tha t, in its impe r f e c t state , ist ak en f o r g r a n t e d can become a goal f or a pe r son se a r c hing f or f ur the r f ulf illme n t in lif e .We ar e s e a r c h i ng for ways to implement a system with a minimum of bureaucrac y. T h et y p e s o f i n d i v i duals mentioned above have used capitalism and have already suc c e e d e dt o s om e p o i n t . We can use their expertise and perhaps give them additional moti v a t i o nan d s u c c e ss. T hey w ill be the type th a t c a n use a nd ma ximiz e both our ma xi- le ve l ma r k e t-i n g sy s t e m a n d our computer network. They will be aware of the “electronic cot t a g e ” a n df u t u r e r a m i f i c a tions. The ability to communicate and integrate information and i d e a s w i l lfi n al ly g i v e i n dividuals true unlimite d pe r sona l f r e e dom.In d i v i d u a l m e m bers w ho are properly motiva te d a nd e quippe d will be our pr iva t e b u r e a u-cracy. A c o m m i s sion structure to crea te inc ome f or our me mbe r s will a lso a ssur e th a tp e o p l e a r e p a i d according to their ability and effort. Non performing middlemen w i l l b el eft ou t a n d , o n c e again, less is more.Cap i t a l i sm i s i n an imperfect state be c a use it ha s ne ve r be e n give n politic a l powe r. T h er e a s o n f o r t h i s is capitalism’s philosophy of reducing government of any type ra t h e r t h a nt r y i ng t o g r a s p power and control. This situation leaves capitalism with all the w o r k a n dn o n e o f t h e c r e dit. E very other politic a l syste m c a nniba liz e s the e ff or ts of indiv id u a lcap i t a l i st s. W h en it comes to allow in g gove r nme nt gr owth, you lose the suppor t o f a n y o n et ry i n g f o r p o l i t ical pow er by believing “ le ss is mor e .” I n Ame r ic a , the se a r e the in d iv id u-al s w h o w a n t p o litical pow er: P olitic ia ns Bur e a uc r a ts Union le a de r s La wye r s Ps e u d o g o v-ern me n t a l a g e n c y members (public utilitie s a nd the like ) Re c ipie nts of tr a nsf e r p a y me n ts(p u rc h a se d v o t es)
  • 12. C HAP T E R F OUR P L ANT I NG S E E DS ME MBE RS HI P D E V E L O P C L AS S ROOM P ROGRAMS P O L I T I CAL NE T WORKI NG ME MBE RS HI PTh ere a r e f o u r types of membership off e r e d:1 . M e m b e r sh i p including individual unit tr usts. Anyone tha t wa nts to be a me mb e r b u twan t s t o c o n t r o l the assets placed in tr ust with The Ca pita list Pa r ty c a n use this me th o d .W h a t t h i s m e t h od refers to is a trust account whereby the new member and The C a p i t a l i s tP a r t y f o r m a l i mited partnership with The Capitalist Party being a limited partne r a n d t h en e w m e m b e r p l acing assets into a numbered trust account. The new member is th e g e n e r a lp art ne r o n t e r m s that are acceptable to the ge ne r a l pa r tne r. The a sse ts must be ne f it T h eP a r t y i n s o m e way and must not be assets that would be considered negative cap i t a l i s ms u ch a s a b u si n e ss manufacturing some thing ha r mf ul to othe r s.T h e m a i n r e a s o n that this type of membership will appeal to the advanced capita l i s t i ct y p e i s t h e f r e e dom to choose a method of promoting capitalism. These individu a l s h a v et h e p o t e n t i a l o f advancing capitalism muc h f ur the r tha n I c a n, e ve n with the he l p o f th ep as s iv e m e m b e rs. Individual unit trusts c a n inc lude a ny of the f ollowing: A. Ca s h B.Tr u s t d e e d s o r mortgages C. Personal property security devices D. Accounts rece i v a b l eE . S t o c k s a n d bonds F. Income produ cing real estate G. Free and clear land H. P r i v a t e l yo w n e d b u s i n e s s es I. Free and clear personal property or stock in trade J. Annuit i e s K .O t h e r t y p e s o f trust accounts L. Leasehold estates M. Any other asset approved b y T h eCap i t a l i st P a r t yE a c h i n d i v i d u a l unit trust will include a contract between The Capitalist Party a n d t h en e w m e m b e r. We will be very open minded as to the structure of the contract bu t l i m i t e dl i ab i li t y w i l l b e a major factor in acce pting sa id c ontr a c t.Th es e a sse t s c a n be placed into the tr ust a nd la te r withdr a wn a t the ge ne r a l pa r tn e r s r e-q u e s t . M a x i m u m flexibility should be given the general partner but The Capitali s t P a r t ys h o u ld n o t b e p laced in any jeopardy.Th e pr o f i t f r o m these unit trusts can be dir e c te d to a ny of the c ur r e nt pr oje c ts of T h eCap i t a l i st P a r t y or to any project appr ove d by The Pa r ty.I n d i v i d u a l m e m bers imagination will determine the type of asset placed in the tr u s t a n dt h e me t h o d t h a t the asset benefits T he Ca pita list Pa r ty.In d i v i d u a l u n i t trusts can be used as a f ull f le dge d br a nc h off ic e if the y inc or po r a te a ll o ft h e a c t i v i t i e s o f The Party. This will give someone other than myself the opportu n i t y a n dres p o n si b i l i t y f o r the grow th of T he Pa r ty in a give n a r e a .
  • 13. I n d i v i d u a l u n i t trust activities can either be entirely separate from the other mem b e r s o rb e i n c o r p o r a t e d w ith them. T his w ill de pe nd upon the siz e a nd type or inve stme n t th e in-d i v i d u a l u n i t t r u st member has to contr ibute . I t will a lso de pe nd upon the goa ls a n d in te n-t i o n s o f t h e m e mber.W h i l e I ’ l l b e t he owner of The Capitalist Party to emphasize the importance of p r i v a t eo w n e r s h i p o f a n idea, the actual cont rol and power should come from the individ u a l u n i tt ru s t m e m b e r s.T h e g o a l h e r e i s to recruit the best and most successful capitalist in the world. We h a v et o b e c a r e f u l t o recruit positive capit alists or persons willing to change into pos i t i v ecap i t a l i st . I n o t her w ords w e could re c r uit a c iga r e tte ma gna te pr ovide d the y succ u mb ton e w s c i e n t i f i c proof that their product has become negative capitalism. We woul d w o r kwi t h t h e m o n a solution that provides a ne w oppor tunity f or e ve r yone within the in d u s tr yan d c o n v e r t t h e ir activities into positive c a pita lism. This would be a gr e a t oppo r tu n ityt o a v o i d g o v e r nment intervention and total destruction of a viable organization. O n l y t h eact i v i t i e s o f t h e organization must be c ha nge d not the individua ls. This would be a r e a lch al l e n g e f o r t h e problem solving arm of The Ca pita list Pa r ty.I wi ll p e r so n a l l y attempt to recruit the se me mbe r s. This r e c r uiting e ff or t will e v e n b eex t en d e d t o o rg anized crime, the Maf ia , Cosa Nostr a , e tc . The se orga niz a tions a b u s e c a p i-t al i s m t h e m o st . T hey call it “B usines s” while c ommitting some of the most ne g a tiv e h u-m a n a c t i v i t i e s . We will need their cooperation or extinction to facilitate the evo l u t i o n o fp o s i t i v e c a p i t a l ism. By giving them alternate methods of earning money and mai n t a i n i n gt h ei r o rg a n i z a t i o n, w e may be able to ne utr a liz e the ir ne ga tive e ff e c t on soc ie ty. By ta k-i n g c o m m u n i s m out of society, many of the methods organized crime uses will c o r r e s p o n dt o p o s i t i v e c a p italism. This concept will be the most difficult transition The Par t y w i l lh av e t o m a k e i n countries that alread y pr of e ss to be c a pita listic . The only othe r c h o ic ei s a c o m p l e t e c ommitment to maximum f or c e . Ne ga tive c a pita lism must e volve i n to p o s i-t i v e c a p i t a l i s m or be destroyed like a cancer. Healthy brain cells or surgical rem o v a l f r o ms o ci e t y a r e t h e only choices.M o s t p e o p l e w ould agree that this is a naive goal but so was traveling to the mo o n j u s t afew y e a r s a g o .2 . M e m b e r sh i p including a variable ne t inc ome tr ust de e d or mor tga ge .Th i s t y p e o f m e mbership w ill constitute the bulk of the me mbe r s. The r e is a ba s ic c o n tr a-d i c t i o n i n g i v i n g money to an organization that doesn’t advocate excessive altru i s m . To b ec o n s i s t e n t w i t h the principles of capitalism that insist on a voluntary contract w i t h m u t u a lb en ef i t s f o r b o t h parties, w e have devise d this type of me mbe r ship.M o s t i n d i v i d u a ls will want a passive way of participating in the growth of The C a p i t a l i s tP a r t y. T h e m e t hod we’ve chosen is the safest and the most fair way of raising m o n e y f o rTh e P a r t y a n d still giving a reasonable r e tur n to the me mbe r.
  • 14. 3 . T h i s t y p e o f membership is in the form of a grant. These grants can be given t o s u p p o r tan y or a l l o f T he P artys’ projects. G ra nts c a n be c onve r te d to othe r f or ms of me mb e r s h ipi f t h e g r a n t o r s hould decide to chang e direction later. This conversion will have t o b ed o n e i n a n o r d erly manner so as not to disr upt pla ns a nd pr ogr a ms a lr e a dy ta kin g p la c e .4 . T h i s t y p e o f membership will be a beginning membership. Said members will r e c e i v ea b o o k a n d a m embership card that will be good for many future special entitlem e n t s a n de v e n t s . T h e n e w member can purchas e this for the cost of the book and the card p l u s a t e np erce n t c o m m i s sion to the person tha t intr oduc e d the m to The Pa r ty.A s a b e g i n n i n g member you are eligible for our maxi-level marketing and memb e r s h i pd r i v e . A d d i t i o n al monies can be added later to change your status into one of the o t h e rt y p es o f m e m b ership. F ull credit w ill be give n f or your initia l me mbe r ship f e e .Ex amp l e s o f w a ys to use assets from a n individua l unit tr ust tha t would be ne f it b o th th ecap i t a l i st p a r t y and the member, follow:A. $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 a s a total unit trust.(1 ) 1 0 % p l a c e d in variable net income tr ust de e ds.( 2 ) 5 0 % u s e d a s start-up money for a problem solving business that creates inco m e a n djobs.(3 ) 2 0 % u se d f or advertising and promotion of ne w me mbe r s.( 4 ) 2 0 % u s e d f or investment in existing companies that are already members and p r a c t i c ep o s i ti v e c a p i t a lism.B. Pr i v a t e l y o wned business.( 1 ) P l e d g e a p o rtion of the income fr om the business to either a variable net inc o m e t r u s td eed o r i n v e st i n other companies tha t a r e a lr e a dy me mbe r s.(2 ) P u t so m e c a pitalist party promotiona l ma te r ia l in with your c ompa ny’s’ a dver tis in g .(3 ) P r o v i d e j o b s for members.(4 ) U se o ff i c e s in the evening for membe r ship me e tings.(5 ) H e l p o t h e r members start new bus ine sse s.C. Fr e e a n d c l e ar land.( 1 ) D e v e l o p i n t o income producing property and sell to the members using the v a r i a b l en et i n c o m e t r u st deed method of financ ing a nd pur c ha sing of the f inishe d pr oje c t.(2 ) P l a n a H u m a narium development using the la nd a s a site .(3 ) Tr a d e i n t o a variable net income tr ust de e d position.
  • 15. M o s t m e m b e r s will have more than one type of asset. This will call for a compre h e n s i v ep l an o f a c t i o n . Each situation w ill de pe nd on the c ommitme nt tha t the me mbe r h a s in p r o-m o t i n g p o si t i v e capitalism.I n t e r n a t i o n a l b usiness concerns with assets in various countries will be more inv o l v e d i ns e t t i n g g o a l s . T hese international me mbers will be the most important link in pr o m o t i n gw o r l d c a p i t a l i s m. International law and politics must be respected and changed p e a c e f u l l yw i t h i n t h e w o r l d community. The experience of international capitalists will be i n v a l u a b l ei n t h i s p r o c e ss.Th ere i s a l r e a d y in existence in interna tiona l gr oup of c a pita list, The Tr ila te r a l Co mmis-s i o n ; se e “ Tr i l a terals O ver Washingto n” by Anthony C. Sutton a nd Pa tr ic k M. Wo o d p u b-l i s h ed b y T h e A ugust G roup. T his orga niz a tion ha s inc r e dible powe r a nd pote nti a l. A c o m-m i t m e n t t o p o s itive capitalism from this group would advance the evolutionary p r o c e s si n e x t r a o r d i n a r y ways. The objectives of this group can easily be directed into a m a j o rp o s i t i v e f o r c e f or freedom. Their own self interests should propel them into this d i r e c t i o n .Th e C a p i t a l i st Party should give them a c le a r politic a l dir e c tion a nd public f or u m. A s ag r o u p o f e x t r e mely wealthy individuals meeting behind closed doors they give a n o m i n o u si m a g e a t t h e p r esent time. By coming out clearly and openly, they should be abl e t o a t t a i nm a n y o f t h e i r g roups goals. I won’t presume to direct the methods that this grou p c o u l du s e t o h e l p . T h e y should direct us as to how the y would pr opose to pr omote positiv e c a p i-t al i s m .DE V E L O P C L AS S R O O M P R O G R A MT h i s i s a n o t h e r part of the book that will evolve into several volumes over time. T h e m a i nt h i n g t h a t sh o u ld be accomplished her e is a pla n tha t will ge t the f ir st c la ss ope r a tin g .t h e r e a r e s o m a ny ways to approach this subject due to the fact that it is partiall y b e i n gd o n e a l r e a d y. T he approach that should be taken for the initial training will be t i e d i n t o am em b e r sh i p d r i ve. T his w ay the tw o goa ls c a n be a c c omplishe d a t the sa me time.T h e r e e v e n t u a l l y will be three metho ds developed to get positive capitalism into s o c i e t y.T h e f i r s t w i l l g o along with the membership drive. When this is far enough alon g , c a p i t a lwi l l h a v e b e e n raised for the beginnings of a n a c tua l institution de dic a te d to the p r in-c i p l e s o f p o s i t i ve capitalism. The third method will be to organize lectures and c l a s s e s i nes t abl i sh e d i n stitutions. T he third method a lr e a dy e xists in some c la ssr ooms tod a y. Ca p i-t al i s m i s n o t a new idea by any mean s but a muc h a buse d ide a thr ough the a ge s. By c o n-c e n t r a t i n g o n c apitalism’s fundament als and giving positive capitalism political p o w e r f o rt h e f i r s t t i m e , perhaps we can give capitalism the impetus to be as important as i t s h o u l db e.T h i s b o o k w i l l act as the text and guide to begin with. Included will be a list of o t h e rb o o k s f o r a s t u dent to get an even be tter understanding of capitalist principles. S o m e o ft h e s e b o o k s w i l l have more of a historical background. Included in some of thes e b o o k swi l l b e a l o t o f material that isn’t rele va nt toda y but give s a n insight into pa st ca p ita lis tev o l u t i o n i n l i t erature. T hese books we r e muc h toughe r to wr ite tha n mine be c a u s e o f th ep r e v a i l i n g l a c k of knowledge about the subject in the past. The opposition to int e l l e c t u a lcap i t a l i sm h a s a lw ays been extremely inte nse .
  • 16. T h e C a p i t a l i s t Party. Any time that the party retains an interest in one of these v e n t u r e s ,i t w i l l b e i n a l imited partnership capacity or as a passive share holder. Control m u s t b ei n t h e h a n d s o f the members that create the c ompa ny. The se busine ss c onc e r ns m u s t n o t b eo w n e d a n d o p e rated by The Capitalist Party. If the reverse were true, the future o w n e r s o fT h e C a p i t a l i s t Party would be tempted to abuse the power of the party. This prin c i p l e w i l lb e a f o r m o f c h ecks and balances done in a pr iva te busine ss f or um. We don’t wa n t to c r e-a t e a n o t h e r m i x ed business/political system. Clear cut lines must be drawn and m a i n t a i n e dfro m t h e b e g i n n ing.T h e c r e a t i n g o f new businesses will be part of the “on the job” learning process a n d u s e dt o s ol v e p r o b l e ms. T he essence of a busine ss is pr oble m solving. A huma n ne e d is a p r o b-l em a n d a b u si ness is the solution.A s i m p l e e x a m p le follow s:Need - H u n g e rP ro b l e m - S t a r vationBu s i n e ss S o l u t ions - R estaurant/G roc e r y Stor e /Fa r me r s e tc .In “T h e Bo o k o f S olutions” (C hapter Se ve n) a lmost a ll of the pr oble ms will be s o lv e dwi t h so m e p o r t ion of the above formula . Pr oble m solving will be c ome a ke y c om p o n e n ti n o u r c l a s s r o o m programs. Finding t he needs and current problems of a society a n d t h e nt r a n s f e r r i n g t h ese problems into a trade off of mutual advantage to all parties th a t s h o w s ap ro fi t w i l l b e t he trick to problem solving by The Ca pita list Pa r ty.Do n ’t u n d e r e st imate the need for pro f it. Pr of it is the f ue l tha t r uns the c r e a tive ima g i-n a t i o n . P r o f i t i s very much like silen t applause if earned using positive capitalis m . O u rcl as s r o o m p r o g rams w ill emphasize the se f a c tor s r a the r tha n ha r ping on politic al p r o p a-g an da . F l u i d a n d flexible problem solving by individua l e ntr e pr e ne ur s, not gr a n d io s e g o v-ern me n t p l a n s, will be our credo. P eople solving othe r pe ople s pr oble ms thr ough a mu tu a lex ch a n g e o f g o ods, services or ideas f or the be ne f it of e a c h pa r ty will be the meth o d .E a c h p a r t i c i p a nt will have to pick a pet project. This project is a problem that n e e d s t ob e s o l v e d a n d one the member is the most inte r e ste d in se e ing solve d. Fr om this p o in t o fv i e w, t h e m e m ber will have the great est chance for personal satisfaction. This in t u r n w i l lcreate a g r e a t e r effort in problem solving by the me mbe r. This gr e a te r e ff or t sho u ld ma x i-m i ze t h e c h a n c es for success and pro f its.M y p e r s o n a l p e t project will be trying to create employment in the section of an y c o u n t r yt h a t i s u n d u l y s uppressed because of race or religion or government interference . A l o t o ft h i s m o v e m e n t will be part of that solution. I don’t plan on trying to solve this p r o b l e mt h ro u g h a n y a l t r uistic method but rathe r with positive c a pita lism.T h e f i r s t t h i n g we learn is that the oppressed minorities must learn to completel y i g n o r et h e o p p r e sso r. T he oppressor w ill neve r pa y a tte ntion to ple a s f r om the oppr e ssed . T h e s ep l eas w i l l o n l y prove that the oppress e d a r e we a k. Ha r d wor k, positive c a pita lis m a n d p e r-s o n al su c c e ss will solve this problem ove r time . Re spe c t f or the oppr e sse d by th e o p p r e s-s o r w i l l c o m e a utomatically because of the mutual needs to exchange goods, ser v i c e s a n di d eas.
  • 17. I n A m e r i c a i n t he 1980’s, the oppressed are becoming a victim of a silent econo m i c w a r.D r u g s h a v e b e c ome the currency of the third world. This is negative capitalism a t i t ’sm o s t v i r u l e n t . D rug lords understand c a pita lism a nd pe r ve r t it’s e thic s. Both the s u p-p l i e r s ( T h i r d World poor countries) and the users (American ghetto children) ex c h a n g eg o o d s a n d se r v ices, but not to the mutua l be ne f it of both pa r tie s. The dr ugs a r e k illin ga n d m a i m i n g t he children of America. Most of the profit is going to the drug lor d s . T h efam o u s t r i c k l e d ow n theory keeps the thir d wor ld supplie r s f r om sta r va tion. Thi s is a c la s-s i c e x a m p l e o f negative capitalism. While this can be called a business, it is in r e a l i t y a nex t o r t i o n r a c k e t. It causes good people to poison othe r good pe ople be c a use of t h e d e s-p e r a t e n e e d s o f the supplier and user. This is like Hitler creating jobs by hiring p e o p l e t ok i l l J e w s . I t i s a form of social insan ity that must be stopped, no matter what oth e r s o c i a lp ro b l e m s a p p e a r. T he rise of fascism is the ine vita ble outc ome of this sc e na r io. T h e n w ewi l l a l l h a v e l o st our freedom.M y p e r s o n a l p e t project won’t be able to succeed or even get off to a good start u n t i l t h es o l u ti o n s i n c l u de the solving of the dr ug pr oble m a mong the young in Ame r ic a . W h a tg o o d w i l l i t d o to teach positive capita lism whe n a pe r son is in the gr ips of dr ug a d d ic-t i o n . T h i s p r o b lem must be attacked a t both e nds of the spe c tr um.Yo u m i g h t a s k yourself how can I create a business using positive capitalism tha t w i l ls o l v e t h i s p r o b lem. This is my challenge and this is my goal. The rest of this dis c u s s i o nw i l l b e i n “ T h e Book of Solutions,” see Chapter Seven. The methods used as a s o l u t i o nwi l l c a r r y o v e r into the classroom progr a ms.F o r t h e w e a l t h i e r advanced members, we will de ve lop a c ompute r vide o ne twor k c la s s-r o o m p r o g r a m . We will develop a sophisticated group of investments that will sh o w ag o o d r e t u r n f o r the members and make a politic a l sta te me nt c onsiste nt with posi tiv e c a p i-t a l i s m . T h i s t y pe of classroom program or network will need a capital basis to s u p p o r t i ti n i t i a l l y. I w i l l try to supply this capital basis myself, but it may have to wait un t i l t h e r ea r e en o u g h m e mbers. This program will require extensive computer and video eq u i p m e n t .We’l l n e e d a p ermanent headquarters a nd a la rge a dve r tising budge t.O n e o f t h e m a i n purposes of this networking program, other than making profit f o r i t ’sm e m b e r s , w i l l be the singling out of the best capitalists and making them known . T h e yw i l l b e j u d g e d mostly on their problem solving abilities. They should be the new h e r o e so f s o c i e t y. Mo st often they w ill be th e pe ople e a r ning the most mone y, but not alw a y s .Th e pa r t y w i l l make a list of problems tha t ne e d to be solve d. We will a lso list as ma n yp o t e n t i a l s o l u t i ons as possible. We will then monitor these problems and solutio n s o n t h en e t w o r k i n g p r o gram. The solutions will come from anyone networking with us. I w i l l p u tm y t w o c e n t s w orth in, but just because I sta r te d this ne twor k doe sn’t ma ke me r ig h t. M yo p i n i o n w o n ’t be valued anymore than anyone else’s. Results will be the only ba r o m e t e r. Ij u s t w a n t t o b e responsible for the sta r t- up of the ne twor king pr ogr a m. I ’ ll se t s o me in i-t i al go a l s a n d t hen let it evolve natura lly into wha te ve r the f utur e dic ta te s. The a b ility tob e f l e x i b l e a n d creative in solving societies problems instead of having a system t h a t s o o nb e c o m e s o b s o l e te, like communism, will be the beauty of The Capitalist Party. S o l u t i o n sw o n ’t b e b u r e a ucratically decimated by leaders. The individual will have more p o w e r t och an g e t h e w o r ld than ever before.
  • 18. T h e c l a s s r o o m program will also teach members how to spot communist rhetoric d i s g u i s e di n p o l i t i c a l n o n sequiturs. Anti-capitalist propaganda will also be exposed. This p a r t o ft h e p r o g r a m w i ll strengthen the capita lists r e solve in c r e a ting soc ia l c ha nge .m ark e t i n g t e c h niques. If this interfer e s with a ny la ws, the syste m will be a djuste d to a c-co m pl i sh t h e sa me end results. T he o nly wa y the bur e a uc r a ts a nd politic ia ns will b e a b let o r e g u l a t e u s out of existence will be to make capitalism illegal. If they even tr y t h a t ,t h ey w i l l sh o w their true colors and the y will se lf de str uc t.On ce a p e r so n has become a member, the la te st te c hnology f or ide ntif ic a tion will b e u s e dt o p ro t e c t t h e i nvestment for the membe r s. At the pr e se nt time , c r e dit c a r ds with h o lo-g rap h i c f e a t u r e s seem to be the safest me thod. We c a n use pla stic c r e dit c a r ds f o r me m-b e r s t h a t a l r e a dy possess them. We can issue cards to anyone that doesn’t have e x i s t i n gcred i t c a r d s. T hese w ill be good only f or pa r ty me mbe r ship a c tivitie s.Al l o f t h e se f i n a ncial transactions w ill be ma inta ine d in c ompute r ba nks a nd c hec k e d p e-r i o d ic a l l y b y a uditors and rechecked by trustees to assure the integrity of the sy s t e m . I no t h er w o r d s, n o rmal business practice s will be e mploye d a s is c onsiste nt with go o d c a p i-t al i s m .
  • 19. C HAP T E R F I VE P RI ORI T I E S S TA R L I F E P ROJE CT ( HUMANARI UMS ) T H E B U R E A U C RAT S ’ RE S P ONS I BI L I T Y ACT E X PA N S I O N OF T HE UNI T E D S TAT E S “ H O W TO M A K E MONE Y” COURS E S I N S CHOOL S ME M B E R S H I P : B A C K E D B Y FREE AND CLEAR INCOME PRODUCING P ROP E RT I E S S TA R L I F E PROJE CT ( HUMANARI UM)T h e S t a r L i f e p roject name came from an idea that is probably as old as the first d r e a m o fl i v i n g i n o u t e r space. T he project w ill de a l with the c omme r c ia liz a tion a nd e xpan s io n o ft h e t e r r i t o r y o f space as a place to live a nd wor k. Spa c e will be the ne w r e a l e st a te . Flo a t-i n g c i t i e s w i l l b e possible in the futu r e . De ve lopme nt will no longe r be hinde r e d b y g o v-ern me n t i n t e r v e ntion and harassment.Wh at t y p e o f p olitical system w ill w or k whe n a whole c ity c a n just pic k up a nd mo v e ?An y sy st e m b a s ed on force w ill be ab a ndone d by r e a sona ble pe ople . Any intr usi v e g o v e r n-m en t w i l l j u st b e left behind to contr ol itse lf .Th e H u m a n a r i u m project is a combina tion of a biosphe r e a nd a de f e nse str uc tur e. I n o th e rwo rd s, i t i s l i k e a human aquarium, or ie nte d towa r d huma n sur viva l a nd se lf - suff ic ie n c y.T h e s t r u c t u r e s will be built in areas previously unthinkable as human habitats. P l a c e s l i k et h e mi d d l e o f t he desert, below and a bove the oc e a ns of the wor ld, mounta in tops in r e-m o t e a r e a s, t h e N orth and S outh P ole e nvir onme nts, a nd f ina lly oute r spa c e .In g e n e r a l , t h e H umanariums w ould b e str uc tur e d a s f ollows:1 . Ro u n d c o r e with attachment parts to give it a ny a ppe a r a nc e de sir e d.2 . Ha v e t h e a b i lity to attach to permane nt site s.3 . M a d e w i t h o uter walls of high-tech plastic using a pultrusion extruder, having a h o l l o ws k i n , w i t h t r i a n gular and hollow beams.4 . Co m p u t e r i z e d to control the enviro nme nt.5 . E q u i p p e d w i th an on-board mini-extruder and crushing machine to make comp u t e r i z e drep l a c e m e n t p a r ts from the old parts.6 . Eq u i p p e d w i th w ater and w aste recyc ling syste m.7 . Eq u i p p e d w i th hydroponics plant a nd f ish f ood syste ms.8 . Eq u i p p e d w i th a self-contained powe r syste m, inc luding sola r c e lls in the out s id ewal l s; so l a r h e ating and air conditioning in the outside wa lls; c ompute r- c ontr olle d , mo v-ab l e w i n d m i l l t ype funnels formed from the outside wa lls; a nd a ny othe r sta te - o f - th e - a r tp o we r sy st e m .9 . R e c r e a t i o n c enter complete with exercise equipment including a pool that is p a r t o f t h erecy c l e d w a t e r s ystem.
  • 20. BURE A U CR AT S ’ R E S P O N S IB IL IT Y ACTIn 1 9 8 4 , t h e y e a r government is supp ose to f ina lly c omple te its ma jor goa l of c o n tr o l inA m e r i c a a c c o r ding to popular literature of the time. It is more likely that we wi l l h i t t h ewal l a n d t u r n i n the other direction towa r ds mor e individua l f r e e dom. We ne e d t o p e r ma-n en t ly st o p t h e process of increasing gove r nme nt c ontr ol. Some politic ia ns f r om th e lib-eral l e f t n e v e r c ease trying to solve all of soc ie ty’s pr oble ms with gove r nme nt c o n tr o l.T h e b i g p r o b l e m with government control is the damage done to individuals cau g h t u p i nred t a p e . T h e b ureaucrat just blames othe r bur e a uc r a ts or the r ule s the mse lve s w h e n s o me-o n e is c a u g h t u p in a ridiculous situ ation. The famous Catch 22 is a lot more co m m o nt h a n m o s t p e o p le realize. There is no recourse, and there is very little chance of p r o v i n gt h at a n i n d i v i d u al bureaucrat has cau se d ha r m.We n e e d t o d r a f t law s that control gove r nme nt bur e a uc r a ts. The se la ws will f or c e le g is la-t o rs to t h i n k o f the consequences of r e str ic tive la ws. The se la ws will a lso f or c e b u r e a u-crat s t o u se c o mmon sense instead of the le tte r of the la w whe n de a ling with the p u b lic .M o s t l a w s a r e good for most people, but fail to take into account the incredible d i v e r s i t yo f h u m a n a c t i o ns and their motivations. Many times a citizen will be performing a v e r ym o ra l a c t b u t f a ll into some bureaucr a t’s r ule - tr a p. Bur e a uc r a ts ha ve got to ge t b a c k tob ei n g p u b l i c se rvants and not public dic ta tor s. This will not ha ppe n volunta r ily. A ma s-s i v e a w a r e n e s s program must be sustained until government is permanently cut b a c k t ot h e mi n i m u m .M o r e p o l i t i c a l effort has to be put into eliminating old laws and stopping new la w s . T h e r eare t o o m a n y v ested interests in keeping old la ws a nd ma king ne w la ws. La ws a r e to la w-y e r s a n d b u r e a ucrats what an inventory is to a shopkeeper. Shopkeepers would l o v e t o b ei n t h e p o s i t i o n that lawyers and bureaucrats are in. All they have to do to increa s e t h e i rb u s i n e ss i s t h i n k up a new rule to restr ic t some thing or some one .EXPA N S I O N O F T H E U N IT E D S TATESEx p a n si o n o f T he U nited S tates can h a ppe n in se ve r a l diff e r e nt wa ys. The be st w a y ist o i n c l u d e e x i s ting countries into our charter, much the same way we did with Te x a s a n dCal i f o r n i a . T h i s is a tw o-sided problem.M o s t p e o p l e h a ve forgotten the meaning and purpose of uniting states. We have l o s t o u tco n vi c t i o n s a b out the pow er and free dom c onta ine d within our Constitution. We h a v erep l a c e d t h e m with a contented super ior ity. We a r e like the spoile d, r ic h kid in th e n e ig h-b o rh o o d . O u r p a rents did a lot of good in the c ommunity, but a s r ic h kids, we a re a f r a idw e c a n n o t l i v e up to our image. Where once we acted with open-armed friendlin e s s , w en o w a c t l i k e a private country club.T h i s a t t i t u d e w ill be the undoing of America in the future. Most people in Ameri c a c a n n o tu n d e r st a n d w h y w e are hated and resente d e ve n by our a llie s. I t is be c a use othe rs c a n n o tj o i n o u r c l u b . America has to stop plying nationalism. The words “United States ” s h o u l db eco m e a n i n v i tation to join us w illin gly.
  • 21. Th e c i t i z e n s c a n still have regional pr ide . Witne ss Te xa s, the f r ie ndlie st sta te in th eUn i on . I t st i l l has the right to w ithdra w f r om the Union by a simple vote of the p e o p le .Tex an s h a v e a n enormous pride in the ir sta te but r e c ogniz e the ne e d f or a la rge r p a r tic ip a-t i o n i n t h e w o r ld economic community.E q u a l e c o n o m i c opportunity is the key to a successful United States. With two h u n d r e ds t a t e s r a t h e r t h an just fifty, the system would work that much better. Free trade w o u l d b eco n s t i t u t i o n a l l y guaranteed. P eople would still be Ca lif or nia ns or Costa Ric a ns o r Pa n a-m a n i a n s o r N e w Zealanders, but their economic opportunities would be enhance d a n dg u a r a n t e e d . T h eir regional pride and customs would remain the same, but their e c o n o m i cp o we r w o u l d i n crease.P o s i t i v e c a p i t a l ism that assures constitutional democracy can raise the standard o f l i v i n go f m i l l i o n s o f oppressed people worldwide. Expanding the United States require s a c l e a rp o l i t i c a l a n d e conomic direction that assures both existing member states and po s s i b l en ew st a t e s, a successful symbiotic rela tionship.“HOW TO MA K E MO N E Y ” C O U R S ES I N SCHOOLSTh e “ H o w t o Make Money” program will be the c or ne r stone of the f utur e f or Th e I n te r-n at i on a l Ca p i t a list P arty. P eople intuitive ly know how to ma ke mone y f or sur viv a l. N e-c e s s i t y i s t h e m other of invention, especially when it comes to personal survival . T h i sn e c e s s i t y c a u s e s people to turn to capitalism for survival. It does not matter wha t t y p e o fp o l i t i c a l sy st e m they are involved w ith. The ir gove r nme nt c ould be c ommunist o r a mili-t ary d i c t a t o r sh i p , but their personal solution to sur viva l is most of te n of a c a pita lis t n a-t u r e . B y f o r m a l izing this technique and combining it with positive attitudes, cha n g e s c a nb e ma d e a n y w h ere.I n t he s o - c a l l e d Free World, the emphasis will be on purification of political sys t e m s t h a tem p ha si z e t h e positive. P eople w ill ha ve to le a r n how to f r e e the mse lve s f r om g o v e r n me n tc o n t r o l . T h e y will have to learn how to stop communist, fascist, and statist idea s w i t h i nt h e i r o w n s y s t e m. They will have to learn how to stop negative capitalism and to k e e pr e l i g i o n o u t o f direct control of the s tate without stopping personal beliefs. Thes e a r e t h ek ey s t o m a k i n g money through positive c a pita lism.B u s i n e s s s c h o o ls and business courses teach the basics but lack a coherent philo s o p h yt h at c a n b e p u t into action for a firm politic a l dir e c tion. I n most c a se s, the y te a c h th em ech a n i c s b u t n ot the general overall pur pose . We will e nha nc e e xisting busine s s c o u r s e sw h e re p o s s i b l e , with a clear economi c philosophy in the direction of an internat i o n a lcap i t a l i st p a r t y.W h e r e a c o m p l ete system of business education and motivation is needed, we wi l l s t a r ts u ch a n o rg a n i zation. T his organization will be r un ve r y muc h like a f r a nc hise bu s in e s s .In m o st c a se s, we w ill use our regiona l he a dqua r te r s a s a c la ssr oom. Using our h e a d q u a r-t ers w i l l d o u b l e usage of the facilities a nd will e nha nc e inve stme nt inc ome f or t h e me m-b ers w h o o w n t h e variable net income tr ust de e d on the he a dqua r te r s pr ope r ty.We w i l l a l so st art a computer netw ork f or pe ople who wa nt to be in touc h with th e n e w e s ti n n o v a t i o n s w i t hin our party. T his sy ste m will be the a dva nc e d mone y- ma king c o u r s e th a tw i l l e n h a n c e t h e incomes of those already involved in positive capitalism. It wil l b e l i k e ap r i v a t e s t o c k e xchange, dealing in party owned companies and new enterprises s t a r t e d b y
  • 22. m em b e r s. T h e c omputer netw ork w ill be a “ me mbe r s only” syste m tha t c onf or ms to e x is t-i n g l a w s. We w ill w ork to change restr ic tive la ws with this a r e a . Until the n, we w ill c o n-fo rm a n d e v o l v e into a free system.M E MB E RS H I P S B A C K E D B Y IN C O M E PROPERTI ESO t h e r s e c t i o n s of this book thoroughly discuss the details of membership. In thi s s e c t i o n ,y o u w i l l f i n d o u t T he C apitalist P arty will be f unde d thr ough me mbe r ships ba c k e d b y f r e ea n d c l e a r i n c o me properties. There are many alternatives to consider, but the use o f f r e ean d c l e a r i n c o me properties is the fir st c hoic e f or the f ollowing r e a sons:1 . P ro p e r t y o w nership is the main indic a tor of a f r e e soc ie ty. W he n the ma jor ity o f in d i-v i d u a l s o w n r e a l estate, government c ontr ol is le ss pe r va sive .2 . Ca p i t a l i sm , by definition, implies the a c c umula tion of c a pita l by a n e nte r pr is e . T h is a c-cu m ul a t i o n o f capital w ill give our par ty the powe r to ge t it’s me ssa ge a c r oss to th e p e o-p l e . T h i s c a p i t al will also fund programs that encourage positive capitalism. The c a p i t a lwi l l b e u se d t o finance problem solving ide a s a ppr ove d by the pa r ty.3 . Ca p i t a l i sm i s by nature not altruistic . We e xc ha nge goods, se r vic e s, a nd ide a s f o r mu-t u a l b e n e f i t . T he party therefore needs an investment medium that gives a profit t o t h ep eo pl e w h o b e come members and w or k f or the pa r ty. The pr of it should be the f ir s t in d ic a-t o r o f o u r si n c e rity in dealing w ith politic a l a nd e c onomic pr inc iple s. Sta r ting Th e I n te r-n at i on a l Ca p i t a list P arty w ithout this c onsiste nc y would be hypoc r itic a l a nd uneth ic a l.4 . M a x i m u m s a fety for members’ investment capital is primary to a successful in v e s t m e n tp r o g r a m . B e c a use we are pursuing a new way of conducting political business, w e n e e da v eh i c l e t h a t c a nnot be abuse in the f utur e . Fr e e a nd c le a r pr ope r ty c a nnot be s to le n ,p u t i n t o a S w i s s bank, or spent foolishly, Once these free and clear properties ar e o n t h eb o o k s, t h e t r u st ees w ill see that abuse s of f unds e a r ne d will be ke pt to a n a bsolu te min i-m u m . T h i s “ c h ecks and balances” system will also assure that government regul a t o r s w i l ln o t h a v e a h e y day trying to put us out of business. The government’s interferenc e w i l l b efo u g h t o n f i r m ground, w ith high ideals a nd c le a r pr inc iple s. This is a ne w f or m o f p o liti-c a l p o w e r. I t i s to be hoped we will be able to convince the people in governmen t t h a t t h i sp art y su p p o r t s their ow n best interests a s huma n be ings not ne c e ssa r ily a s a bur e a u c r a t,p o l i t i c i a n o r l a w maker.5 . A n y p o l i t i c a l party needs money to be effective. The International Capitalist P a r t y i sn o t i n a h u r r y. We have all the time we need to form a solid capital base. Evolut i o n i n an at u r a l w a y i s the direction w e w ill ta ke to a void physic a l viole nc e in the na me o f p o liti-cal e x p e d i e n c e .WHAT W I L L H AP P E N TO T H E P E O PLE W HO ARE NOT A PART OF THI S SYS T E M ?Th e on l y p e o p l e w ho w ill not be part of this syste m a r e pe ople with not goods, s e r v ic e s ,o r i d e a s o f a n y benefit to others or th ose who r e f use to c ontr ibute the ir e ff or ts t o s o c ie ty.Th ey w i l l f i n d that the “something for nothing/the wor ld owe s me a living” a ttit u d e w illg et t h e m w h a t t hey deserve.I n A m e r i c a n s o ciety, they include welfare cheats, thieves, drug dealers, and mem b e r s o fs o m e r e l i g i o u s cults. O bviously, there is some c r ossove r a c tivity within the gr ou p s .
  • 23. Th es e a r e n o t a dult human beings, but imma tur e pe r sona litie s. The y should be allo w e dt o s i mm e r i n t h e ir ow n juices, w ith a minimum of notic e by the r e st of soc ie ty. T h e y a r el i k e s p o i l e d c h ildren who throw a temper tantrum when they do not get their ow n w a y.L e t th e m h i t t h eir heads against a wall until they either destroy themselves or kn o c k s o m es en s e i n t o t h e i r heads. O therw ise, the y will gle e f ully dr a g e ve r ybody down to th e ir le v e l.T h e c h o i c e o f being part of a fair system, once it is in place, will always be thei r s . T h e ys h o u ld b e a l l o w ed to fail w henever the y wish. The pa in ma y tur n the m a r ound into a p o s i-t i v e mo d e t h a t will benefit everyone. The one thing we do not wa nt to do with f a ilu r e ism ak e i t so o p p r essive that there is no hope le f t f or a pe r son to c ha nge .P e o p l e w h o c a r ry their own weight in society, according to their own ability, sh o u l d b ec o n s i d e r e d a s u ccess. A man or woman who is a conscientious and hard working l a b o r e ri s a s s u c c e s s f u l a human being as a brilliant scientist or a movie star, provided t h e p e r s o ni s m a x i m i z i n g his or her own potential. This type of success is an internal, perso n a l t y p eo f s u c c e s s t h a t builds self esteem. A great scientist cannot feel more satisfaction t h a n t h el ab o r e r i f b o t h are maximizing their pote ntia l. You a r e bor n with c e r ta in ge ne tic p o s s ib ili-t i e s t o w o r k w i th. You are free to choose how well you put your talents to use. T h e s y s t e mwi l l le a v e y o u b ehind if you do not he e d this me ssa ge . You will not be kic ke d o u t o f th es y s t e m , b u t w i l l leave it from lack of use .HOW L O N G W IL L IT TA K E TO O R GANI ZE THE I NTERNATI ONAL CAPI TALI ST PA R -TY?I s t ar t e d T h e I nternational C apitalist Pa r ty on July 4, 1976 a s a bir thda y pr e se nt to A me r-i ca.T h i s s e e m s t h e synthesis of the political problems in The United States: The dem o c r a t ss u ffe r f r o m m i splaced compassion, whic h c a use s the De moc r a ts, e c onomic a lly, to f a ll in tot h e h a n d s o f T h e C ommunist P arty. The ir c ontr a dic tion lie s in the f a c t tha t the y s u p p o r ti n d i v i d u a l p r o p erty rights to an extent. The Republicans tend to be better at eco n o m i c sb y es p o u si n g t he free enterprise syste m, but the y a r e ha ndic a ppe d by the ir r e lig io u s a n draci a l p r e j u d i c es.I s t ar t e d T h e I nternational C apitalist Pa r ty to give Ame r ic a a c le a r, c onc ise f or c e w ithwh i ch t o d e a l with these diverse ideas. Ca pita lism is the ba la nc ing f or c e tha t a ll o w s c o m-p a s s i o n t o f l o u rish without being abused or used as an excuse to make restrictiv e r u l e s b yg o v e r n m e n t . C apitalism recognizes all individuals equally, according to their ab i l i t i e s a n deffo rt s.
  • 24. CHAPTER SI X QUESTI ONS * A t t h i s p o i nt, you may have a few questions. The following questions are th o s e m o s to ft en a sk e d . A n sw ers are presented in the r e ma inde r of this c ha pte r. * W h y i s t h e w orld talking about an e c onomic syste m ( c ommunism) a nd the w a y p o liti-cal l e a d e r s a r e given pow er (democra c y) ? * W h a t g r o u p of people w ill benef it the most f r om a c a pita list type politic a l p a r ty ? * W h a t w i l l h appen to the people who a r e not a pa r t of this syste m? * H o w l o n g w ill it take to organize The I nte r na tiona l Ca pita list Pa r ty? * H o w m u c h w ill it cost, and how will the f ina nc e s be ha ndle d? * Wi l l t h e p a rty be organized openly in e ve r y c ountr y? * W h a t i n d i viduals or groups w ill be a ske d to join this politic a l pa r ty? * W h a t m e t h od w ill be used to get a c r oss The I nte r na tiona l Ca pita list Pa r ty m e s s a g e ? * W h i c h c o u ntry w ill be the home ba se ? * D o e s t h e p a rty have any need for a c ha r te r or by- la ws? * W h a t t y p e of resistance should we e xpe c t? * A r e t h e r e different forms of capita lism? * C a n t h i s p arty function in countr ie s tha t a r e not de moc r a tic ? * H o w w i l l T he International C apita list Pa r ty c ompe te with othe r f or ms of go v e r n me n t?W H Y I S T H E WORLD TALKING ABOUT AN ECONOMIC SYSTEM (COMMUN I S M )AND T H E WAY P O L IT IC A L L E A D E RS ARE GI VEN POW ER ( DEMOCRACY) ?Th e r e a so n w e a re trying to sell democ r a c y inste a d of c a pita lism a s a n a lte r na tiv e to c o m-m u n i s m i s b e c a use the western leaders and bureaucrats have a vested interest in w h a t t h e ycal l a m i x e d so c iety (socialism and fr e e e nte r pr ise ma r ke t mixe d toge the r ) .Al l g o v e r n m e n ts, even the best, keep the ir e ye s on the powe r str ings. The y must p r a c tic ea s m u c h c o m m unism as possible to enhance their power. They try not to label ec o n o m i cp o we r c o m m u n ism. Instead, they softe n the blow by c a lling it soc ia lism or a mix e d e c o n o-m y.T h e b i g g e s t p r oblem with this approach by the western world is that a communi s t c a n b ee l e c t e d . O n c e i n power, he or she can enforce communist ideals. The following i s a l i s t o fco m mu n i st i d e als taken directly from Ka r l Ma r x’s a nd Fr ie dr ic h Enge ls’ Commun is t M a n i-fes t o , w h i c h h a s been embraced to diff e r e nt de gr e e s by the we ste r n na tions: Gr ad u a te d in-c o m e t a x t h a t s upports a welfare state. Public education at taxpayer expense. Co n f i s c a t i o nan d r e d i st r i b u t i on of property. S tate o wne d busine sse s. Ce ntr a l sta te owne d ba nk in g c o n-t r o l . R e g i s t r a t i on of all citizens (IRS and drivers license) High inheritance taxe s . C o n t r o lo f co m m u n i c a t ions and transportation.T h e s e a r e e i g h t of the ten key points of communism. The other two, establishme n t o fi n d u s t r i a l a r m i es and more even distribution of people between town and countr y a r e a s ,h av e a l r e a d y h a ppened by choice and c ir c umsta nc e in most we ste r n c ountr ie s.B i g B r o t h e r h a s not only arrived, but is ready to turn the whole world over to M o m a n dP o p , “ t h e d i c t a tors of the proletariat.” Then we will truly be thrown back to the D a r kAg es.We h a v e g o t t o start talking about the two basic economic systems -- capitalism v e r s u s
  • 25. co m mu n i sm - - a nd quit hiding behind a de f e nse of de moc r a c y. Ca pita lism a ssum e s d e mo c-r a c y ! C o m m u n i sm does not care about democracy one way or the other because i t o n l ycares a b o u t t h e economic policies. C ommunists know tha t, with the a bove me nti o n e d p o li-ci es , n o m a t t e r how they arrive at the m, the y ha ve a c hie ve d politic a l c ontr ol.F RE E D O M I S F R E E D O M F R O M G O VERNMENT!W H AT G R O U P OF PEOPLE WILL BENEFIT THE MOST FROM A CAPITALIST T Y P EP OL I T I CA L PART Y ?Th e in d i v i d u a l w ill benefit the most. All gr oups will lose powe r. This is be c a use g o v e r n-m e n t w i l l b e l e ss effective. The government will not control our lives; therefore , a l l t y p e so f l ob b y i n g a n d pressure groups will cease to have the ability to distort society f r o m i t ’sn a t u r a l p a t h . I ndividual rights will be stronger and special interest groups will b e w e a k e rwh en t h e so c a l led mixed economic s oc ie ty is se e n f or wha t it r e a lly is, a c onf us e d s o c i-et y.T h e g r o u p o f i n dividuals that will benefit the most are the ones furthest from a c a p i t a l i s tl i fes t y l e . T h e se people are also the o ne s who think the y ha ve the most to lose . Th e y a r et h e p e o p l e w i t h the most immature attitude s towa r d huma nity. The y a r e a c oa litio n o f th e“ s o m e t h i n g f o r nothing folks” and th e “control addicts.” Both types create havo c w i t h af r e e s o c i e t y. T hese individuals must be made to become productive members of s o c i e t y o rt o s up p o r t t h e i r own bad habits. A truly needy person will find no shortage of co m p a s s i o nfro m a c a p i t a l i st society.“So me t h i n g f o r nothing people” and “c ontr ol a ddic ts” must be e xpose d, c ha stised , a n dt h e n t r a i n e d t o improve their own self-esteem. The “something for nothing peop l e ” a r et h e i n f a n t i l e a d ults of the world. The y use the kindness of others to get by, and t h e n t h e ya b u s e t h i s k i n d ness. They contribute nothing, believing the world owes them a l i v i n g .T h e “ c o n t r o l a ddicts” (negative politicians, religious leaders, dictators and the l i k e ) u s e sm i s pl a c e d c o m passion as a sales tool. The se inf a ntile a dults e nsla ve the wor ke r s b y c o n-f i s c a t i n g t h e i r income, using misplaced compassion as an excuse to support the l a z y a n du n wil l i n g p o t e ntial w orkers in society. Onc e the se inf a ntile a dults of both type s a r e r e d i-rect e d i n t o p o sitive capitalism, society will ha ve c ur e d a de a dly soc ia l c a nc e r.WHAT W I L L H AP P E N TO T H E P E O PLE W HO ARE NOT A PART OF THI S SYS T E M ?Th e on l y p e o p l e w ho w ill not be part of this syste m a r e pe ople with not goods, s e r v ic e s ,o r i d e a s o f a n y benefit to others or th ose who r e f use to c ontr ibute the ir e ff or ts t o s o c ie ty.Th ey w i l l f i n d that the “something for nothing/the wor ld owe s me a living” a ttit u d e w illg et t h e m w h a t t hey deserve.I n A m e r i c a n s o ciety, they include welfare cheats, thieves, drug dealers, and mem b e r s o fs o m e r e l i g i o u s cults. O bviously, there is some c r ossove r a c tivity within the gr ou p s .Th es e a r e n o t a dult human beings, but imma tur e pe r sona litie s. The y should be allo w e dt o s i mm e r i n t h e ir ow n juices, w ith a minimum of notic e by the r e st of soc ie ty. T h e y a r el i k e s p o i l e d c h ildren who throw a temper tantrum when they do not get their ow n w a y.L e t th e m h i t t h eir heads against a wall until they either destroy themselves or kn o c k s o m es en s e i n t o t h e i r heads. O therw ise, the y will gle e f ully dr a g e ve r ybody down to th e ir le v e l.T h e c h o i c e o f being part of a fair system, once it is in place, will always be thei r s . T h e y
  • 26. s h o u ld b e a l l o w ed to fail w henever the y wish. The pa in ma y tur n the m a r ound into a p o s i-t i v e mo d e t h a t will benefit everyone. The one thing we do not wa nt to do with f a ilu r e ism ak e i t so o p p r essive that there is no hope le f t f or a pe r son to c ha nge .P e o p l e w h o c a r ry their own weight in society, according to their own ability, sh o u l d b ec o n s i d e r e d a s u ccess. A man or woman who is a conscientious and hard working l a b o r e ri s a s s u c c e s s f u l a human being as a brilliant scientist or a movie star, provided t h e p e r s o ni s m a x i m i z i n g his or her own potential. This type of success is an internal, perso n a l t y p eo f s u c c e s s t h a t builds self esteem. A great scientist cannot feel more satisfaction t h a n t h el ab o r e r i f b o t h are maximizing their pote ntia l. You a r e bor n with c e r ta in ge ne tic p o s s ib ili-t i e s t o w o r k w i th. You are free to choose how well you put your talents to use. T h e s y s t e mwi l l le a v e y o u b ehind if you do not he e d this me ssa ge . You will not be kic ke d o u t o f th es y s t e m , b u t w i l l leave it from lack of use .HOW L O N G W IL L IT TA K E TO O R GANI ZE THE I NTERNATI ONAL CAPI TALI ST PA R -TY?I s t ar t e d T h e I nternational C apitalist Pa r ty on July 4, 1976 a s a bir thda y pr e se nt to A me r-i ca.T h i s s e e m s t h e synthesis of the political problems in The United States: The dem o c r a t ss u ffe r f r o m m i splaced compassion, whic h c a use s the De moc r a ts, e c onomic a lly, to f a ll in tot h e h a n d s o f T h e C ommunist P arty. The ir c ontr a dic tion lie s in the f a c t tha t the y s u p p o r ti n d i v i d u a l p r o p erty rights to an extent. The Republicans tend to be better at eco n o m i c sb y es p o u si n g t he free enterprise syste m, but the y a r e ha ndic a ppe d by the ir r e lig io u s a n draci a l p r e j u d i c es.I s t ar t e d T h e I nternational C apitalist Pa r ty to give Ame r ic a a c le a r, c onc ise f or c e w ithwh i ch t o d e a l with these diverse ideas. Ca pita lism is the ba la nc ing f or c e tha t a ll o w s c o m-p a s s i o n t o f l o u rish without being abused or used as an excuse to make restrictiv e r u l e s b yg o v e r n m e n t . C apitalism recognizes all individuals equally, according to their ab i l i t i e s a n deffo rt s.T h e f i r s t t e n y e ars of the party’s existence were used for contemplation, observa t i o n , a n dci v i l d i so b e d i e nce. T he only overt ac tion wa s the quie t orga niz a tion of a gr oup o f in d iv id-u a l sy m p a t h i z e rs and practitioners of positive capitalism. This book is the produ c t o f t h a tt i m e i n i t ’s o r i g inal version.T h e n e x t t e n y ears will be used to build up a capital base that can be used into t h e f u t u r e .It i s a sm a l l b e ginning on a long road tha t ha s to be suc c e ssf ul or the spir it of ev e r y in d i-v i d u a l w i l l h a v e no true champion w or king to f r e e the individua l f r om gove r nmen t c o n tr o la n d a b u s e . E v e ry other political, religious, or economic system works for the go o d o f t h em a s s e s , b u t w i l l call for a sacrifice of the individual. The peculiar fact is that th e l e a d e r sare a l w a y s e x e mpt. T hey live in public ma nsions, te mple s, or c a stle s ma inta ine d b y th e irfo l l o w e r s.O n l y c a p i t a l i s t s earn their living standard. It is true that, if they use negative ca p i t a l i s m ,t h e y c a n b e s o me of the worst offenders in society. This distinction will be cove r e d i nl at er c h a p t e r s.T h e I n t e r n a t i o nal Capitalist Party will earn it’s way into existence and pay it’s o w n w a y.T h i s i s w h a t a n individual capitalist would expect from a political party that sup p o r t s f r e een t er p r i se . T h e re w ill be distortions in this orga niz a tion, be c a use it c a nnot be c r e a te d in a
  • 27. p o l i t i c a l v a c u u m. O utside forces from a ll side s will tr y to c ompr omise the ide a l. T h e o r-g a n i z a t i o n w i l l evolve, but will never breach it’s own basic principle of willing m e m b e r st o a mu t u a l l y b e neficial system. N o one ne e ds to be a lose r in this pr oc e ss. I t doe s n o trel y o n a n e n e my to exist.HOW W I L L T H E F IN A N C E S B E H A NDLED AND HOW MUCH W I LL I T COST ?T h e t o t a l c o s t t o establish The International Capitalist Party is impossible to eve n g u e s s .T h e i d e a i t s e l f could be powerful enough to make its existence an almost immed i a t e f a c to f l i f e . T h e o t h er side of the coin is that resistance or indifference to formation o f t h ep art y c o u l d m a k e it very expensive.M y a b i l i t y a n d commitment to start up such an unusual concept can also be a ma j o r f a c t o r.I wi ll a t t e m p t t o fund the beginning c omple te ly by myse lf , but tha t might not be e n o u g h .We w i l l p r o b a b ly need a pow er triangle to a c c umula te the sta r t up c a pita l. The p o w e r tr i-an g l e w i l l c o n sist of the follow ing:1 . M y a s s e t s a n d earnings. As a real estate investor and developer, I am in a pos i t i o n t op l a c e r e a l e s t a t e holdings in the name of The International Capitalist Party. Obv i o u s l y, Iwi l l h a v e t o l i v e from these earnings a nd a sse ts. I will tr y to ha ve ple nty le f t ov e r to a c-co m pl i sh a su c cessful start up progra m. The mone y I spe nd will be use d a t my o w n d is c r e-t i o n , a n d i t i s t he only money I w ill c ount on.T h o s e w h o w i s h to use their own money and have this kind of discretionary mem b e r s h i pcan u se w h a t i s called a convertible gr a nt. This type of me mbe r ship give s the me mb e r th ea b i l i t y t o c o n t r ol the assets placed within the party’s programs. Many people sh a r e m yc o n c e r n o v e r t h e direction that the economies of the world are taking. The other t w o s i d e so f t he p o w e r t r iangle will give them an opportunity to participate and benefit as m e m b e r so f a po l i t i c a l p a rty w ith a clear and c onsiste nt me ssa ge .W h i l e i t i s t r u e that we would accept outright donations, this is not the method o f r a i s i n gm o n e y t h a t w e would prefer. Capitalism is based on a contract between two indi v i d u a l st h a t i s m u t u a l l y beneficial to both parties. The other two sides of the power tria n g l e w i l lb as ed o n t h i s p rinciple, as w ell.2 . M e m b e r s h i p , including individual unit trusts. This is the second side of the p o w e rt r i a n g l e . T h i s method of raising money should appeal to the individual who sym p a t h i z e swi t h t h e p r i n c i ples of capitalism but wa nts mor e c ontr ol of the a sse ts tha t he or s h e c o n-t ri b u t e s.Wh at t h i s m e t h o d refers to is a trust a c c ount whe r e by the ne w me mbe r a nd The I n te r n a-t i o n a l C a p i t a l i s t Party form a limited partnership, with the party being a limited p a r t n e ra n d t h e n e w m ember placing assets into a numbered trust account. The new mem b e r i s t h eg en er a l p a r t n e r on terms that are acce pta ble to the ge ne r a l pa r tne r. The a sse ts m u s t b e n-efi t th e p a r t y i n some w ay and must n ot be a sse ts tha t would be c onside r e d ne gativ e c a p i-t al i s m , su c h a s a business manufacturing some thing ha r mf ul to othe r s.Th es e a sse t s c a n be placed into the tr ust a nd la te r withdr a wn a t the ge ne r a l pa r tn e r ’s r e-q u e s t . M a x i m u m flexibility should be given to the general partner, but the party s h o u l dn o t b e p l a c e d i n any jeopardy. Only the individual member ’s imagination will de t e r m i n et h e t y p e o f a sse t placed in the trust and the me thod tha t the a sse t be ne f its The In te r n a-t i o n a l C a p i t a l i s t P arty.
  • 28. 3 . M e m b e r s h i p including a variable net income trust deed. This is the third side o f t h ep o w e r t r i a n g l e . Most individuals will want a passive way of participating in the g r o w t ho f c a p i t a l i s m a s a political power. This method is safest and the most fair way o f r a i s i n gm o n e y f o r t h e party and still giving a r e a sona ble r e tur n to the me mbe r.We w i l l b u y a p artment houses free and clear of loans for maximum safety and th e n i s s u ev a r i a b l e n e t i n come trust deed certificates based on the amount the member con t r i b u t e s t ot h e p a r t y. T h i s way, no one can forec lose on the pr ope r ty, a nd the inc ome f r om th e in-v e s t m e n t w i l l b e paid out to the member proportionate to member ’s contribution . Wi t h af i f t e e n y e a r t r u st deed, the entire contribution will be returned at that time, prov i d e d t h ep r o p e r t y i s w o r th the original amount or more. The variable net income trust dee d w i l lb en ef i t t h e p a r t y in the follow ing w ays:( A ) H i s t o r i c a l l y, apartment houses go up in value proportionate to the increase i n i n c o m e .We ca n p l a c e a fixed-rate loan on the pr ope r ty a f te r the initia l f if te e n ye a r me m b e r s h ipp e r i o d a n d h a v e an income streams that can be used to further capitalist princip l e s a n di d eal s.( B ) T h e I n t e r n a tional Capitalist Party will be the management organization that h a n d l e se a c h p r o p e r t y. The party will charge a normal market rate for this service. At so m e p o i n ti n t h e f u t u r e , a f ter the initial fifteen ye a r sta r t up pe r iod, ma na ge me nt will be tur n e d o v e rt o a n o u t s i d e r e al estate management firm. The party will want to keep any com p e t i t i o nw i t h p r i v a t e b u siness at a minimum. This management fee will be the only incom e d e r i v e dfro m t h e p r o p e r ty during the first fifte e n ye a r s, e xc e pt f or the initia l r e a l e sta te c o mmis-s i o n t h a t w i l l b e earned on the initial purchase of the investment or a retained o w n e r s h i pp erce n t a g e .(C) T h e p a r t y will create jobs by having c e r tif ie d me mbe r ship r e c r uite r s. The m a x i- le v e lm e m b e r s h i p s y stem will be self perpetuating, with built in management levels. T h i s p a r to f t he o rg a n i z a tion will require a membership recruiting manual, which will be m y n e x tp ro j e c t u p o n c o mpletion of this book.Th e f o l l o w i n g is an example of the v a r ia ble ne t inc ome tr ust de e d c e r tif ic a te of me mb e r-ship: VA R IA B L E N ET I NCOME TRUST DEED AND C E RT IF ICATE OF MEMBERSHI P I N T H E IN T E R N ATI ONAL CAPI TALI ST PARTY IN STALLMENT NOTE(P ay me n t b a se d on net income of secur e d pr ope r ty)$ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______ ___________________, __________________, _______.Am o u n t , C i t y, State, Z ipI n i ns t a l l m e n t s and at the times hereinafter stated, for value received, The Inter n a t i o n a lCap i t a l i st P a r t y promises to pay to:o r o rd e r, a t _ _ ___________________ _______________________________ the
  • 29. p r i n c i p a l s u m o f _________________________________________ dollars, with v a r i a b l en e t i n c o m e p a y able monthly based on percent of total debt owned on secured pro p e r t y o rm o re o n t h e _ _ _ __________ day of _ ______________, 19____.Th e pr i n c i p a l a mount due and payable f if te e n ye a r s f r om the be ginning da te of th is n o te .S h o u l d d e f a u l t be made in the payment of a ny of sa id insta llme nts whe n due , then th ew h o l e s u m o f p rincipal and any net income due shall become immediately due a n d p a y a b l ea t t h e o p t i o n o f the holder of this note. Should suit be commenced to collect thi s n o t e o ra n y p o r t i o n t h e reof, such sum as the court may deem reasonable shall be added h e r e t o a sa t t o r n e y ’s f e e s . Principal and net inc ome earned is payable in lawful money of t h e U n i t e dS t at e s o f A m e r i ca. T his note is secure d by a c e r ta in pr ope r ty c ommonly known a s :_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____________________________________ __________________ _ _ _Au t ho r i z e d S i g nature_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____________________________________ __________________ _ _ _Wi t n e sse d ByWIL L T H E PA RT Y B E O R G A N IZ E D OPENLY I N EVERY COUNTRY?Th e on e t h i n g t hat w e must be most c a r e f ul of is the pr e va iling la ws of a c ountry. T h e s em u s t b e r e sp e c ted in the beginning, no ma tte r how hor r ible the y a r e .T h e l e a d e r s a r e the problem in any government, whether elected or appointed. T h e y m u s tb e s h o w n t h a t i t is to their advantage to c ha nge f or the good of e ve r yone , inc lud in g th e m-s el v e s. P e o p l e who are talented and motiva te d e nough to be le a de r s must not be d is c o u r-a g e d f r o m u s i n g their leadership abilities. They just have to evolve into better le a d e r s .Th ei r p o w e r w i ll be more perfect and the ir se lf e ste e m a t a highe r le ve l if the y e mb r a c ep o s i ti v e c a p i t a lism.T h e c a p i t a l i s t political system should be the first that does not rely on brute for c e t och an g e so c i e t y. A truly adult attitude towa r d soc ie ty will a llow f r e e dom to pr e va il. D e-fen s e i s a m u st , but aggression is alwa ys c ounte r pr oduc tive . The pr oble m with a g g r e s s io ni s o bv i o u s . G o vernments use aggression in the name of defense by tricking the p o p u l a c ei n t o b e l i e v i n g t heir reason for aggression. This is an extremely difficult problem w i t hw h i c h t o d e a l . World courts must be strengthened by giving them clear powers to e n f o r c ev i o l a t i o n s. T h i s is an easier thing to sta te on pa pe r tha n to do in r e a lity.A n y m e t h o d o f organizing positive capitalism in a country will be acceptable ex c e p t f o rt h e u se o f f o r c e or coercion. T his obje c tive will ta x the ima gina tion of a nyone wh o b e-l i ev e s i n f r e e d om for everyone.Tech n o l o g y a n d ingenuity w ill probably be the ultima te a nswe r s in pr omoting th e p r in c i-p l es o f g o o d c a pitalism. Money w ill p r ovide this oppor tunity to e mbr a c e f r e e dom f o r e v e r.P e o p l e w i l l t h e n be free to keep the fruits of their own labor, rather than being s l a v e s t ot h e i r o w n a b i l i t y. Governments can only exploit the abilities of the strong. They u s e t h ew e a k a s a w e a p on against the best in humanity. Freedom is freedom from govern m e n t .
  • 30. G o v e r n m e n t s s ell misplaced compassion. Open organization is our only weapon a g a i n s t a l lt y p es o f g o v e r nment rule. Individual r e sponsibility must pr e va il a f te r gove r nme n ts d imin-i s h i n p o w e r. T his is the evolutionary pr oc e ss a t its most positive a nd pr oduc tiv e .WHAT I N D I V I DU A L S O R G R O U P S W I LL BE ASKED TO JOI N THI S POLI TI C A L PA R -TY?E v e r y o n e c a n b e a member as an individual. We will approve anyone who is inte r e s t e d .A n y m e m b e r c an also join our maxi-level membership system and earn an incom e a s as p o n s o r. U n l i k e other political parties, we will charge for membership. Also, un l i k e o t h e rp a r t i e s , i n s t e a d of asking for contributions, we will put your membership money t o w o r kf o r y o u . Yo u w ill receive an income from this membership money, and it will be r e t u r n e dt o y o u a t a l a t e r date.In ad v a n c e d d e mocratic countries, w e will a c t mor e a s a n a dvoc a te of positive ca p ita lis mt h a n a s a n o p p o sing political party. If the party grows naturally over a long peri o d o f t i m ei n t o a p a r t y w i th good political leade r s to pla c e on the ba llot, so muc h the be tter. Bu t th iss h o u ld n o t b e o ur immediate goal in a dva nc e d de moc r a c ie s.In o t h e r c o u n t r ies, members w ill be mor e inte r e ste d in ha ving a politic a l pa r ty th a t c a nb r i n g p o s i t i v e capitalism to the people. Unfortunately, in many places, a membe r c a n n o to p enl y o p p o se the present system, and so it will be ne c e ssa r y to ha ve numbe r e d me mb e r-s h i p a c c o u n t s, much as S w iss bank acc ounts pr ote c t individua l me mbe r s. Unlike Sw is sa c c o u n t s , o u r n umbered membership accounts must conform to the investment fe a t u r e s o ft h i s ty p e o f m e mbership.D e m o c r a t i c c o untries can consider individual membership in The International C a p i t a l i s tP a r t y i n o p p r e s sed societies an export product. Membership in these countries w i l l b e ag o o d b a r o m e t e r of the support for the freedom movement. Foreign policy makers w i l l b ea b l e t o j u d g e r eal support in an oppressed country by the number of membership s i n T h eI n t e r n a t i o n a l C apitalist Party. To quote an old American saying, “Put your mone y w h e r ey o u r m o u t h i s . ” Membership will act very much like a black market vote where v o t e s a r en o t e v e n a l l o w ed.We w i l l p u b l i c i z e the number of membe r s in a n oppr e sse d c ountr y a s a wa y f or f r e e c o u n-t ri es t o p r e ssu r e oppressive governments to c ha nge the ir wa ys. The a dva nta ge of th ism e t h o d i s t h a t governments can change for the better without having to change l e a d e r s .We w i l l b e a b l e to show leaders that r e f or m is to e ve r yone ’s be ne f it. This me tho d s h o u ldred u c e t h e a m o unt of violence used to c ha nge the politic a l syste ms, whic h ha s m a r k e d h u-m an p r o g r e ss i n the past.W h e n w e h a v e enough members, membership will not be important. Humanity w i l l h a v em at ur e d i n t o a p osition of responsible f r e e dom.WHAT ME T H OD WIL L B E U S E D TO GET ACROSS THE CAPI TALI ST PARTY M E S -S AGE ?T h e p r o m o t i o n of the party’s message will have to be left to the experts once th e s t a r t u pp eri od i s c o m p l eted. In the beginning, howe ve r, me mbe r ships will be tr e a te d like a p r o d-u ct , be c a u se o f the investment featur e . This me thod will be ge a r e d towa r d pe ople w h o a r eal rea d y i n v o l v e d in the free enterpris e syste m. I t will be mor e of a he a d c ount th a n a c o n-v ers i o n p r o c e ss to begin w ith.
  • 31. I w i ll b e h a p p y to jest get the start up program going during my lifetime. The co n v e r s i o np r o c e s s w i l l b e left to others in the future. I’m more interested in a firm foundat i o n a n da cl e a r p a t h f o r natural evolution. It is a lso possible tha t the e volutiona r y pr oc e s s w ill g ofas t e r t h a n c a n be imagined because of mode r n c ommunic a tions.T h e f o l l o w i n g methods refer mostly to the start up process. They should also be h e l p f u ld u ri n g t h e c o n v ersion period.1 . T h e p u b l i c a t ion and circulation of this book is a beginning in the new directio n . T h i sb o o k i s n o t m e ant to be w ritten in sto ne , a s so ma ny othe r ma ste r pla ns f or soc ie ty h a v eb een i n t e r p r e t e d. F ortunately, capitalism ha s be e n use d sinc e the be ginning of ti me , a n de v e r y o n e u n d e r stands its basic forms . With a clear path of development, capitali s m a s ap o l i t i c a l p o w e r can take its rightful place in human evolution. Capitalism is not h i n g m o r et h an a c o n t r a c t betw een tw o individua ls, f r e e ly give n f or the mutua l be ne f it of b o th p a r-t i e s . T h i s b o o k will try to refine this principle. It will give a method whereby in d i v i d u a l swi l l b e f r e e p o l itically to practice the most na tur a l me thod of f ur the r ing huma ni ty, p o s i-t i v e c a p i t a l i s m . This book will be updated as needed to promote the ideals of fre e d o mfro m g o v e r n m e nt and economic freedom f or individua ls a c c or ding to the ir a bility a n d e f-fo rt .2 . T h e f o r m a t i on of the power triangle will give a capital basis and an income to p r o m o t em o re m e m b e r ships. We w ill use every type of me dia f or pr omotion. The numbe r o f me m-b e r s w i l l b e a s ilent vote of confidence and the measure of success for The Inter n a t i o n a lCap i t a l i st P a r t y’s message.WHIC H CO U N T RY WIL L B E T H E HOME BASE?S e t t i n g u p r e g i onal offices in every part of the country will be my next step. Th i s w i l l b ed o n e a f t e r w e have a firm foot hold with a good capital basis. We will own rathe r t h a nren t o r l e a se o ffice space to give a fir m f ooting in the a r e a .T h e t h i r d s t e p will be an effort to set up offices in countries that are already dem o c r a t i cp o l i t i c a l l y o r w here w e are invited to pr omote c a pita lism.T h e l a s t a n d m ost difficult step will be going where capitalism will be met with o p e nh o s t il i t y. We w ill not go into these are a s using f or c e . Re a son a nd r e sults will ha v e top e r s u a d e h o s t i l e societies. As the standard of living in the capitalist countries in c r e a s e san d w o r l d e l e c t r onic communication impr ove s, r e sults should c r e a te a de ma nd f o r p o s itiv ec a p i t a l i s m . S o - called mixed societies still have a lot of problems to solve before t h e y c a nev en h o p e t o b e emulated. S olutions to the se pr oble ms will c ome f r om positive c a p ita l-i s m ’s so l u t i o n s.DOES T H E PA RT Y H AV E A N Y N E E D FOR A CHARTER OR BY- LAW S?Becau se c a p i t a l ism is a champion of r e duc ing unne c e ssa r y r ule s a nd r e gula tions , it s e e msv ery h y p o c r i t i c a l to add more rules to live by.Th ree si m p l e f a cts should be kept in mind while pr omoting c a pita lism:1 . P o si t i v e c a p italism is a contract betwe e n two or mor e pa r tie s to e xc ha nge goo d s , s e r-v i ces, o r i d e a s w illingly, w ithout coe r c ion, f or the mutua l be ne f it of a ll pa r tie s c o n c e r n e d .2 . F re e d o m i s f reedom from governme nt.
  • 32. 3 . Ex i st i n g l a w should be obeyed, exce pt f or the use of c ivil disobe die nc e whe n la w s a r ep o l i t i c a l l y i n c o r rect according to your c onsc ie nc e . This a ppr oa c h pr ovide s f or p o litic a lev o l u t i o n r a t h e r than violent revolution.P erh a p s w e c o u ld add one more rule f or pr omoting c a pita lism. This is a n old Te x a s s a y-i n g : “ M o n e y t a lks and bullshit walks.” This is crude but to the point. Reason an d r e s u l t ss h o u l d d e t e r m i ne which direction humanity evolves. Positive capitalism is the o n l y f a i ran d s a n e w a y f or everyone to enjoy lif e a nd ma ximiz e huma n pote ntia l.Th i s b o o k c a n be used as a guide or a pla n to he lp orga niz e politic a l powe r to f re e e v e r y-o n e f r o m t h e o ppression of governments. This book is not any form of Holy Rev e l a t i o n o ra n y o t h e r t y p e of dogmatic presentation. It is just an accumulation of ideas glea n e d f r o mm y o w n s t u d i e s and observation. You will recognize many old ideas and hopeful l y s o m eg o o d n e w i d e a s. I’m sure my ideas will be impr ove d upon by othe r s, a nd tha t’s t h e w a y its h o u ld b e . T h a t is the purpose of politic a l e volution.T h e n e e d f o r a charter or by-laws for the party can be determined by others. My o p i n i o na t p r e s e n t i s t o do without either to keep from putting the future in a strait jacke t . B u tt h i s i s a n o p i n i on that could easily be changed in the future if it is determined th a t c h a r t e ro r a s e t o f b y - l aw s w ould help promo te the ide a s of positive c a pita lism.WHAT T Y P E O F R E S IS TA N C E S H O ULD W E EXPECT?I f w e m a k e i t c lear that we are not trying for a violent revolution, we can diffus e a l o t o ft h e r e s i s t a n c e . Evolution will make it possible to appeal to present leaders. They w i l l n o tn e e d t o l o s e t h eir personal power to embrace an orderly changeover to a system t h a t i sb en ef i c i a l t o e v eryone. N o one need be a lose r in this pr oc e ss.I k n o w t h i s i s an optimistic and somewha t na ive e xpe c ta tion, but by using the r i g h t me th-o d s , s i g n i f i c a n t change can be accomplished over time. The signs of social matu r i t y a r et h e ab i l i t y t o p lan into the future and the pa tie nc e a nd pe r siste nc e to se e the pla n th r o u g h .We h a v e g o t t o stop youthful passion and misplaced compassion from ruling our e c o n o m i cl i v es . T h e p r i c e is alw ays the same. Loss of pe r sona l f r e e dom in the na me of the g r e a te rg o o d f o r a l l . T his altruistic con game ha s be e n pe r pe tua te d on huma nity sinc e th e b e g in-n i n g o f t i m e . We need to grow up and a c c e pt r e sponsibility f or our se lve s inste a d o f s e ll-i n g o u t t o so m e form of higher pow er. Fr e e dom will only c ome whe n this ha ppe n s .L e a de r s w h o s e ek power for its own sake will put up a verbal smoke screen to d e f e a t as y s t e m t h a t d o e s not recognize them as the all knowing soothsayers of society. N e g a t i v ec a p i t a l i s m c a n even create this type of individual power seeker. Any spokespers o n f o r T h eI n t e r n a t i o n a l C apitalist Party will realize that most leaders of any group will be a g a i n s th i m o r h e r. M a king these leaders into leaders of The International Capitalist Par t y w i l l b ea n e c e s s a r y p a r t of the evolution. The negative aspects of their character will ha v e t o b ered i r e c t e d i n t o the positive. T here is no use in losing the ir othe r na tur a l ta le nts.Th ere sh o u l d o nly be one type of capita lism but, unf or tuna te ly, give n huma n na t u r e , d e v i-o u s m i n d s w i l l always pervert even the best ideas. Immature personalities seek t o m a k eg o v e r n m e n t t h e father or mother substitute. In other words, for the immature pe r s o n ’s o w ng o o d , r u l e s a r e made that everyone must live by, no matter how restrictive and r i d i c u l o u st h e y a r e t o o t h ers. Leaders promulgate a lot of rules with good intentions, but th e r e s u l t sare l i k e a m u z z le on mature personalitie s. Rule s a r e usua lly a tr ue inva sion of the f r e e-d o m s o f t h o se n ot w anting to be codd le d by gove r nme nt r ule s a nd r e str ic tions.
  • 33. If y o u t a k e t h i s father substitute situa tion a nd a dd in two othe r f a c tor s, some le a d e r s ’ lu s tf o r p o w e r a n d t he attorneys’ need for rules, the stage is set to tangle humanity i n a w e bo f b u r e a u c r a t i c nonsense. To these factors, you can add a dose of religious fervo r i n s o m eco u nt r i e s. I t ’s a w onder that freedom e xists a nywhe r e .Res po n si b l e p o sitive capitalism is the goa l of the pa r ty’s politic a l e volution. This p o liti-c a l a n d e c o n o m ic system will maximize human potential. People will be free, ha p p y, a n ds u cce ssf u l w h e n this system is univer sa l. Ca pita lism is r e a lly a bout the politic a l a n d e c o-n o m i c m a t u r i n g of humans as a specie s.Th e f o l l o w i n g is a list of types of cap ita lism in the Ame r ic a n soc ie ty. The y ma y b e d if-f e r e n t i n o t h e r countries. Most of the examples could be the positive capitalistic t y p e i fres t ru c t u r e d o v e r a period of time.P O S I T I V E C A PITALISM: Any private enterprise that provides goods and servic e s a t aco m pe t i t i v e p r i c e w ith reasonable qua lity or a t le a st the qua lity e xpe c te d by the c o n-s u m e r. T h e f o l l owing industries are of the type that have the intrinsic possibility t o b e i nt h i s c a t e g o r y. However, someone could be in one of these businesses and still fa l l i n t o t h en eg at i v e c a p i t a lism role. Medicine B uilding a nd c onstr uc tion Ba nking a nd f ina nc e Fa r m-i n g a n d f o o d se rvices Manufacturing W hole sa le a nd r e ta il ma r ke ting Polic e a nd f ir e d e-p art me n t sQUES T I O N A B L E :An y e n t e r p r i se usually influenced by gove r nme nt pa r tic ipa tion or ove r r e gula tion , o r a c tu-al l y a p se u d o - g overnmental agency.Lawy e r s a n d j u dges.Gas , e l e c t r i c , t elephone and cable co mpa nie s ( public monopolie s) .Al l g o v e r n m e n t agencies.P u b l i c sc h o o l systems.Tax a c c o u n t a n t s .N E GAT I V E C APITALISM: Any type`of enterprise that is almost always hurting s o m e o n eei t h e r p h y si c a l l y, mentally, or financ ia lly.Dru g d e a l e r sP ro s ti t u t i o nCo n g a m e s o r scamsEx cl u si o n a r y o rganizationsCi g ar e t t e a n d a lcohol manufacturing a nd ma r ke ting
  • 34. CAN T H I S PA RT Y F U N C T IO N IN C OUNTRI ES THAT ARE NOT DEMOCRATI C ?As m a ss c o m m unication and the w orld e le c tr onic c otta ge be c ome s a r e a lity, it w ill b eh a r d e r f o r o p p r essive countries to keep political freedom from their citizens. Me m b e r s h i pi n T h e I n t e r n a t ional C apitalist P arty will a c t like a popula r ity poll f a vor ing f r e e d o m.A n y w a y t h a t we can find to increase membership in non-democratic countries w i l l b r i n gt h es ec o u n t r i e s c l o s e r to freedom. Actually functioning as a political force in these co u n t r i e sw i l l b e a t r u e t est of ingenuity. The i nitial thrust will have to come from outside f o r c e s ,m u c h t h e s a m e way democracy is bei ng sold today. The difference is a clear cut e c o n o m i cs y s t e m t h a t p e o ple can impose on their government with strong black market tra d i n g a n dci v i l d i so b e d i e nce.T h i s s t r a t e g y w ill develop as the party gains acceptance. The success in non dem o c r a t i cco u nt r i e s w i l l be proportionate to the pa r ty’s str e ngth in de moc r a tic c ountr ie s. I t is h a r d e rt o arg u e w i t h su ccess.In s o m e c a se s, the leaders w ill be rece ptive to a llowing positive c a pita lism into th e irc o u n t r i e s a s a n economic system, even though a particular personality may have c o m p l e t ec o n t r o l o f t h e government. Sometimes it might be a country that has a sham dem o c r a c y,s u c h a s M e x i c o , that sees capitalism can benefit everyone, including the leaders . O n c ees t abl i sh e d a s an economic system, ca pita lism c a n e volve into a politic a l syste m th a t r e-d u ces g o v e r n m e nt control over busine ss a nd the individua l.H O W W I L L T H E INTERNATIONAL CAPITALIST PARTY COMPETE WITH OT H E RF OR MS O F G O V E R N ME N T ?M o s t o f t h e a n sw ers to this question will c ome in othe r c ha pte r s of this book. Co mp e ti-t i o n i s t h e k e y to solving problems, provided negative behavior is not incorpora t e d i n t h es o l u t i o n . T h e most obvious form of negative behavior used by every governmen t i s f o r c e ,wh et h e r p h y si c al, mental, or economic .T h e d i ff e r e n c e between our solutions and government’s solution is the lack of fo r c e . I f w eh av e n o v i a b l e solutions, then our ex iste nc e will be a mista ke .T h e “ B o o k o f S olutions” chapter in this book will be the most evolutionary part o f t h eb o o k . I t w i l l b e continually updated a nd will soon ha ve to be a se pa r a te book in its e lf .Ho p e f u l l y, o t h ers w ill add their solutions using c a pita listic me thods.C o m p e t i t i o n s h ould start in countries that claim to embrace the free enterprise s y s t e m .Th i s p r o c e ss i s already taking place, but it ne e ds to be c le a r ly de f ine d to give it p o litic a ls t ren g t h a n d st a bility. T he constant me shing of pr iva te e nte r pr ise s with gove r nm e n t s o lu-t i o n s c r e a t e s a mixed up society. Government interference in the economy shoul d b e k e p tt o a b a r e m i n i mum. The less influence a government has over financial policies, t h e f r e e rthe people.P i n p o i n t i n g c o mmunist economic influe nc e s in a c ountr y a nd e xpla ining the dir e c o n s e-q u e n c e s o f f o l l owing these destructive policies will be a good starting place for i n v e s t i n gp o l i t i c a l m o n e ys earned by The International Capitalist Party. I will concentrate o n t h i s
  • 35. e ff o r t t o t h e l i mit of my funds and ability. This is a torch that must be carried on a f t e r t h es t art u p p r o g r a m to complete the evolution of positive c a pita lism a nd tota l politic a l f r e e-d o m f o r e v e r y o ne.
  • 36. Chapter Seven BOOK OF SOLUTIONS UNIVERSAL PROBLEMS INTERNATIONAL PROBLEMS NATIONAL PROBLEMS LOCAL PROBLEMS, SAN DIEGO LOCAL PROBLEMS, HOUSTONThis part of the book will evolve into a separate book of its own. I will contribute to it as long as possible.If the process proves successful, others will follow with solutions.My method for finding solutions is based on my experience at problem solving in real estate. A multipleexchange of properties is usually the best solution to difficult situations. It has often been said that oneperson’s problem is another person’s opportunity. By replacing the “person” in this equation with“company,” “country,” “municipality,” “ethnic group,” or any other term for a group, you can see thebasis of problem solving. Add positive capitalism with political power to this equation, and naturalsolutions should follow.Most social solutions cause other problems. As long as the new set of problems is minor, the originalsolution can be considered viable. The evolutionary process will gradually refine society to provide abetter life for each individual. This list of problems will be updated as events bring new problems to light.The mission of positive capitalism is to solve problems, and its success as a political party should alwaysbe judged by this criteria. Who is in a leadership capacity is only a secondary goal that supports theprimary goal.How often we have heard that the two things we can count on in life are death and taxes. This is very truebut very negative. Our political fortunes will be tied to turning this negative reality into positive results.Every solution will have as its primary goal either the extension of life or the elimination of taxes bygovernments. This will be the acid test for success.Many of the solutions presented here are drawn from positions that are already being considered assolutions. The party should have as clear a policy concerning issues and problems as possible. Thesesolutions are more of an endorsement than a creative answer to problems.
  • 37. UNIVERSAL PROBLEMSHow can people learn to accept one another’s common humanitywithout reservation?How can universally accepted principles of conduct be established?How will humanity survive in the future?How can religion and positive capitalism reconcile their differences?How will other political systems fit in during and after theevolutionary process?How can over population be turned into a positive human condition?How can industrial growth be reconciled with environmentalproblems?Is peace possible? If so, how can it be accomplished?Can science and religion be reconciled?Can human intelligence be expanded?Is it possible to reduce cognitive dissonance in individuals?How can government control of individual rights be reducedpermanently?What role will politics play in space? HOW CAN PEOPLE LEARN TO ACCEPT ONE ANOTHER’S
  • 38. COMMON HUMANITY WITHOUT RESERVATION?The great majority of people already realize the importance of accepting differences in people, but somedo not. Acceptance is an emotional response that can be manipulated by negative leaders. This negativitycreates power for leaders; it gives them an excuse to exercise power against others. First the leaderscreate the enemy, and then they use this hatred to enslave their followers.The following is a list of reasons leaders have used to manipulate hate:1. Racial conflict.(A) Claims of inferior intelligence.(B) Claims of inherent evil coupled with religious bigotry.(C) Fear of miscegenation.(D) Claims of overpopulation by the other race.(F) Territorial disputes.(G) Claims based on old documents and treaties.(H) Claims based on the need for “lebensraum” (more space for citizens).(I) Claims based on divine right.(J) Religious differences.(K) Claims that the Almighty has chosen a certain group of people as superior by becoming a member oftheir group.(L) Claims based on religious territory.(M) Claims based on a caste system supported by religious dogma.Most negative leaders use as many of the above as possible to enhance their personal power. Becauseacceptance is an emotional problem, knowledge and communication are the only defense. Positivecapitalism uses none of the above reasons to excuse its existence. We can replace many power systemsbecause of humans’ natural positive nature. Fear will be replaced by knowledge and communication.Evolution of the human species can be measured by the elimination of negative motives. Territorialclaims can be settled by arbitration and monetary settlements. These are merely political real estate deals.The only remaining political entities will have economics as a basis. If people are free to choose whicheconomic system they want to live under, there will be a natural balance and peace. We will promotepositive capitalism as the best system but coexist with any other viable, freely chosen economic system.Remember, freedom is freedom from government!
  • 39. HOW CAN UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED PRINCIPLES OF CONDUCT BE ESTABLISHED?These principles will be easy to establish by just taking a common sense approach to organized religion.Remove the religious dogma and references and most of the universal principles will remain. A personcan then interject private religious beliefs without interfering with other peoples’ belief. The goal ismaximum freedom and minimum interference by religious zealots. Universal principles of conductshould be very much like the Ten Commandments, but without any religious claim. These ideals shouldnot automatically be enforced by law. Some principles will rely on common sense and reason as theenforcement agency. Personal responsibility must be the license to call oneself an adult. Retrainingdeviant behavior rather than retribution should be the method used to enforce most of the principles.To establish a set of universal principles acceptable to everyone, a world political body with powerto make and enforce laws seems most logical. This has been a goal of many great leaders throughouthistory, but they have had very mixed results. The larger nations and empires are a product of this typeof thinking. The United States of America could very easily have been several different countries withoutthe dream of a common purpose by a few great statesmen.The problem with forming any world political body is that individuals who disagree with the edicts ofsuch an organization would lack recognition. How can this problem be reconciled to the satisfaction of allconcerned? The answer would seem to be that the fewer rules put forth by this organization, the better.Regional or local refinements of these rules could more easily reconcile individual and group differences. HOW WILL HUMANITY SURVIVE IN THE FUTURESurvival will probably depend on how we handle population growth. There are three ways this scenariocan work itself out:1. Reduce the population with a major war or disaster.2. Maintain present population with strict birth control.3. Accommodate population growth with a plan.A plan is the most reasonable solution to population growth. One of the six major functions of TheInternational Capitalist Party will be solving the future population problem. You will find more detailconcerning this plan in Chapter Five, which discusses the Star Life Project. The Star Life Project isbasically a survival plan. We will develop Humanariums (biospheres) to test technologies that will beuseful politically here on Earth and also in future space colonization. The party will take a strictlycommercial interest in their development, using capitalist principles as the best and most efficient methodof development. HOW CAN RELIGION AND POSITIVE CAPITALISM RECONCILE THEIR DIFFERENCES?
  • 40. The moral demands of positive capitalism are actually in concert with most religious thought. If themoral demands are not met, the capitalist suffers directly. Capitalism is actually more demandingbecause of the direct ““ause and effect””nature of each business transaction. Such things as talent, effort,and judgment directly affect a capitalist with the best of intentions. Religion and positive capitalismcome into conflict in two basic ways. The first is when an old rule or dogma or a particular religious sectcontradicts common sense or common knowledge. Capitalism does not have any interest in stoppingreligious practices. We do have an interest in stopping any type of intimidation or force used to make nonbelievers conform with a particular religious practice. Freedom of choice is our bylaw when dealing withreligious thought or action. We do not condone or condemn and religion. We use each religious code ina positive way. Any moral demand that is good within itself and does not harm non believers because ofreligious hate is an asset. We will embrace these positive thoughts and ideas.The other way religion and capitalism come into conflict is when individuals use capitalistic methods in anegative way. Drug dealers, pimps, extortionists, and the like would be extreme examples. These peoplecall what they do business, but in fact they are dealing in death and destruction. It is our responsibilityto purge society of these parasites. Religion, unfortunately, tries to use force in the form of laws to solvethese problems. Capitalist can see the profit motive being abused and would take the profit out of theseactivities to solve this problem. Resentment against the establishment is often the misdirected reasonsome people get involved in negative, self-destructive social behavior. These people feel and sometimesknow the double standard that society imposes up them. Government and religion could help byremoving the element of force in “freedom of choice” activities. They should join in the battle to makethese activities unprofitable, not illegal. Participating in these activities would then lose its popularity,creating a minimum amount of negative activity. Positive capitalism and organized religion should alwaysbe on the same side concerning these problems. Religion could be the expert in all morally negativebehavior, and positive capitalism could provide the practical solutions. This partnership should providethe most obvious and perfect solution to problems that have been with humanity from the beginning ofcivilization.HOW WILL OTHER POLITICAL SYSTEMS FIT IN DURING AND AFTER THE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS?Most other political systems will be useful during evolutionary change as an examples of backwardsocieties. There will be exceptions, in which a system will be symbolically retained. A present example isthe monarchy in England. It has no political power but has become a great tourist attraction.During the evolutionary process, we will try to dwell on the positive parts of other political systems. Agood example would be free communism of the type practiced in Israel. Voluntary groups of people sharetheir lifestyle as evenly as possible. A system like this can work on a limited basis, provided everyoneagrees to it without force or coercion.Without force, you cannot create a class of slaves. A slave is an individual forced to work for others withthe sanctions of the government. People’’ right to keep the fruits of their labor are abused. Anyone callingthis a fair system must have a gun to his or her head or have a dark, ulterior motive.Every system that does not include the freedom to withdraw from that system will not be a viablealternative when the evolutionary process is completed. The completion of the evolutionary processwill be marked more by this element of freedom than it is by the participation of everyone in positivecapitalism. Some people constitutionally are more comfortable in a very controlled situation. A
  • 41. professional soldier is a classic example. As long as people are within this system voluntarily, there is noharm. They should not have the right to force others into their controlled environment. Military dictatorsshould become football coaches or professional dance instructors or join other positive professions thatrequire strict discipline and order on a voluntary basis.Communism can also be a useful system if properly identified as the charity part of society. Voluntarytransfer payments from those who have to those who truly need will probably always constitute a smallportion of any political system. The fallacy of misplaced compassion should never be the driving forceof any society. This is always the hallmark of government control and should be resisted and removed inwhatever form it takes so humanity can be finally and forever free. HOW CAN OVERPOPULATION BE TURNED INTO A POSITIVE HUMAN CONDITION?There is nothing more important in the universe than a human life. The more people who are givena chance to live, the better. Overpopulation is a political problem caused by lack of freedom andknowledge. The only way overpopulation can become as asset is to have a political system that allowsprivate solutions to society’’ problems. A politician or bureaucrat looks at a lot of people and sees alot of customers. One persons’ problem is another persons’ opportunity. Human ingenuity will solveany population problem. The use of money and creation of wealth, if properly understood, will createsolutions.Some of healthiest economies are in highly populated areas with minimum government interference.Hong Kong is a city soon to be blighted with government control. Hong Kong possibly could avoidgovernment interference if negative capitalism was not part of their system. No one could throw stonesat the progress made in this great city if the low life element was removed or retrained. Even with thisnegative element, the living standard is far above that of the giant country that surrounds it. The contrastis so great that the giant, China, will eat this oasis of freedom to perpetuate its big lie.Japan is another area of high population that uses positive capitalism to solve population problems. Itproves that population is not the problem when a country is motivated to solve problems using the profitmotive.Eventually, there will be over population, but if addressed the same way as any problem under positivecapitalism, the solution will be obvious. Some examples of these solutions follow:The Humanarium project will make uninhabitable areas livable by total environmental control.The Star-Life project will make space an unlimited area of colonization.A combination of these two projects could even produce a scientific solution: maximum birth. Thisconcept has not yet been addressed because the technology and the supporting ethical and moralphilosophy has not been available. Basically, maximum birth is the voluntary fertilization of as manyhuman eggs as possible. A woman could produce twelve or thirteen eggs per year without any technicalenhancement. Obviously, each of these eggs would have to be brought to term outside the woman’’ body.Such a baby Humanarium could be very important once the need to populate space becomes apparent.The chief concern is the quality of life for children born into this situation. The challenge will be tocombine hi-tech with hi-touch to produce a complete person. If this can accomplished, only the mostsuperstitious and foolish person will have an objection to maximum birth. Voluntary fertilization will
  • 42. be the beginning of this high quality, life giving situation. “The Curse” will be turned into a blessing ofunbelievable beauty. HOW CAN INDUSTRIAL GROWTH BE RECONCILED WITH ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS?Environmental problems are probably the greatest potential source of new business. The environment isthe most important problem today. Positive Capitalism will aim it’’ creative thrust not only at preservingnatural habitats but also at enhancing and improving environments. The concept of resource allocationwill have a new and more complete meaning when the ecosystems of the universe are understood better.The abrasive technologies of high pollution and questionable output are already being phased out. Thepolitics of resisting change is the only impediment. The pessimists must have their say, just in case alegitimate argument for delay can be produced. If delay can be produced, a new problem solving businesswill sprout up to clear the day. The human spirit will not be denied its destiny. IS PEACE POSSIBLE? IF SO, HOW CAN IT BE ACCOMPLISHED?Peace will only be possible on a lasting basis when people are free to move from one type of politicalsystem to another. There will never be one system that appeals to everyone. Positive Capitalism andvoluntary communism will be the two main choices. There should also be some free religious governmentsto give everyone a choice. Movement from one system to another by individuals without penalty and bychoice will alleviate the pressure for conversion, the main source of tension.Human psychology has shown how different the perception of reality can be from person to person.Some people need total freedom to function at their best, and other people require and freely admitthat they prefer to be controlled. Still others want to comply with a religious philosophy that may be acombination of freedom and control. Everyone can be satisfied, provided individuals are allowed to seektheir preference without penalty.In the future, people may try many different systems before making a long term choice. Direct experienceliving in different cultures would make anyone realize the common humanity in most systems. Friendlycompetition rather than the wish to convert should be the message presented by the leaders of everysystem. There is no need for an enemy.The International Capitalist Party does not need to convert, because capitalism is the oldest form ofpolitics. We only need to give capitalism power until the other systems allow freedom of choice instead oftrying to force unnatural politics on individuals. CAN SCIENCE AND RELIGION BE RECONCILED?They will never be completely reconciled until the words “Fact” and “Faith” have the same meaning.When either scientists or religious people can prove their after death theory, the two systems will merge.Until then, they will be natural antagonists.Both systems try to blend for the mutual benefit of everyone. This blending of ideas benefits humanity.The International Capitalist Party need only be concerned with being a good listener.
  • 43. The two systems represent the rational and the emotional side of human nature. Either carried to aextreme will probably cause harm to society. Together they can give a natural balance until the universeand all its mysteries are unraveled.The International Capitalist Party’’ position will be that there is not a conclusive answer. The abuse ofpower from either of these positions is the only concern the party should have. Individual preferencesfor ideas are the by-product of a free society. We will try to take the best from both systems to create apositive economic and political system. CAN HUMAN INTELLIGENCE BE EXPANDED?Part of the Humanarium program will be to create an environment that could be considered a brainextender. The Humanarium (biosphere) environment will not only have computers but also privateextruders and regenerating energy systems. This combination should be able to adapt to any newtechnology.Several organizations are already dealing exclusively with this problem. Intelligence can be expandedexternally and internally. Artificial intelligence is the current hi-tech solution in the computer field. Thistype of intelligence should be able to handle more information because of its ability to store unlimitedmemory. The question will become whether its decision-making process and imagination or innovativefacility can surpass basic human capacity. If this happens, the only superior mental activity we will havebeyond our emotional lives will be freedom of choice. We will always control the on/off button.Internal brain improvement should also be taken very seriously in the future. We now have thebeginnings of the ability to analyze and define brain parts. By asking the right questions and creating theright tools, any physical problem should be solvable. The new computerized medical machines, combinedwith our natural curiosity, should help us expand the use of a semi-dormant organ like the human brain.To be very futuristic, one could imagine an individual brain being used to the maximum in concert withthe state-of-the-art artificial intelligence machine. Given the human capacity for always wanting fortypercent more, no matter what one has, the cloning of a portable brain to give even more intelligence tothe individual may occur. IS IT POSSIBLE TO REDUCE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE IN INDIVIDUALS?Cognitive dissonance is the individual’’ ability to know what is right and good but still do the opposite ina very destructive way. Some examples follow:Smoking cigarettes while knowing the health problems.Stealing while knowing the likelihood of getting caught.Driving fast while knowing the statistics of traffic deaths on the highway.This is not a discussion about making mistakes, but one about deliberately abusing oneself or othersknowing the probable consequences. This behavior has been called many things, including negative
  • 44. thinking, antisocial behavior, and deviant personality type. We all suffer from this negative behavior tosome degree. Mental confusion and misplaced priorities seem to be with all of us. Could there be somegeneral root causes?To understand how strange this type of behavior is, one needs only think of a dog or a bird killingitself by smoking cigarettes. All of the other species use their limited mentalities to survive the best waypossible. For some reason, even when we know better, we forget the most basic rules of survival.Possible reasons for the existence of cognitive dissonance are:Psychological – Emotional – Chemical – Social – Economic – PoliticalAny of these six major categories can be attached and show results over a period of time. The problemwill never be solved unless all five categories are in harmony within the individual.The International Capitalist Party will try to deal with cognitive dissonance by providing a non-contradictory economic and political system that spells out clearly and defends the positive aspects oflife. The other two parts of the problem will have to be dealt with from a scientific and medical point ofview. The combination of solutions should give us our best chance of lowering the incidence of dissonantbehavior. HOW CAN GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS BE REDUCED PERMANENTLY?As an example, laws protecting individual rights will have to be passed in countries that have the abilityto pass such laws. Democracies can either put out a clear message of freedom or a mixed message ofgovernment interference. Freedom is freedom FROM government, and any excuse to the contrarydilutes freedom. Freedom and positive capitalism set an example that will be an irresistible force in theworld. America now sends out mixed messages. Government interferes in every phase of life, and ithas a corresponding high degree of negative capitalism. The heavy hand of government causes a lot ofnegative capitalism. Whenever the human spirit is shackled by rules that assume everyone is the same,a natural and destructive rebellion will always occur. This frustration of being unduly controlled is likea nervous tic. If you force a cure, the problem will just crop up again in a different form. The real cureis always freedom of choice and will never change. Government and the beneficiaries of control will doanything to tighten the noose of restrictions on individual rights and thereby enhance their power andcontrol over individual citizens. The diligence of a political system supported by aware individuals is theonly way to stop the loss of freedom that every government tries to force on its citizens. Creative lawsagainst lawmakers’ ability to restrict the rest of us are needed. The individual members of governmentmust also be made accountable personally for the casual way they solve every problem in society withtaxation and more restrictions. The end result of each new scheme perpetrated by governments oncitizens must be analyzed, and a system of accountability and recourse must be in place to handle thelawmakers’ mistakes. Now the lawmakers can use any harebrained solution to justify their existence.Years later, when they can no longer be held responsible, the results of their meddling will finally comein. This is too late to do anything about their tragic mistakes. We need to bring back the concept of publicservant, not the current concept of “public dictator” that now exists in every country to one degree oranother.
  • 45. WHAT ROLE WILL POLITICS PLAY IN SPACE?The farther people are from their seat of government, the less they pay attention to the nonsense of statecontrol. Common sense and positive capitalism naturally become the way of life. Sometimes voluntarysocialism also arises. Provided force is not the motivating factor used to choose an economic system,there should be very little conflict. Both systems can build a better life for everyone if government force isremoved as much as possible from daily life.Religious power should be reduced in space because it has a proven history of causing conflict. Mysticismhas always needed someone to point out as the enemy, that is, someone less than human. Private religiousthought should neither be encouraged nor discouraged by the political powers of the state. Perhapswhen the brain is better understood, irrational hate will be nothing more than a chemical imbalancein the nervous system. Irrational hate will then become a treatable mental illness. If not, then masscommunications without political or religious manipulation will be able to stop the influence of mysticism.Space will allow people the option of escaping from religious and political insanity. This very option couldmake it almost impossible for a perverted leader to abuse a power system. The Starlife Project will becompletely free from political loyalties. Each Starlife community should have its own identity. Distancefrom their communities, combined with the ability to communicate as if they were next door neighbors,will allow the human spirit a freedom and joy never before experienced by so many people. INTERNATIONAL PROBLEMSWhat are the duties of The International CapitalistParty in the international community?How can nationalism be brought under control?Is the United Nations a solution for conflict?How can drug commerce be halted?Is free trade a possibility?How can Apartheid be solved peacefully?How can communist countries be converted to positive capitalism?Will the politics of hunger be solved?What type of national defenses should countries deploy?
  • 46. Can anything positive come out of the international arms race?How can worldwide racial integration be brought about?Should space be conquered internationally?How can dictators and fanatical religious leaders be converted topositive capitalism?Is a worldwide refugee program possible?Where should The International Capitalist Party purchase land todevelop a model society? WHAT ARE THE DUTIES OF THE INTERNATIONAL CAPITALIST PARTY IN THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY?The primary duty of The International Capitalist Party`is to give the capitalist economic system politicalpower. Capitalism has been with humanity since the beginning of time, but has never been given creditfor its natural perfection. Leaders of every type of government have chosen to diminish or destroycapitalism within their society. Capitalism is the only system that does not need government to exist. Thisfact does not appeal to leaders seeking power for its own sake.The party’’ appeal will be to the individual within the various existing political groups. If the individualis seeking freedom and fairness in society, capitalism will be the ultimate answer. Bringing the message ofeconomic enlightenment will be the party’’ duty.Problem solving using the capitalist method will be another duty that the party will owe the internationalcommunity. The party’’ solutions will be to use a minimum of participation by governments andmaximum effort by individual entrepreneurs.Another important duty will be to make sure that capitalism remains an evolutionary tool and not anexcuse for political revolution. Political revolution always translates into violence and death. The systemthat follows is always concerned first with power and government instead of freedom for the individualcitizen. From feudal lords to communism, the game is the same; just the name of the system changes. Thisis a pitfall into which capitalism must not fall.HOW CAN NATIONALISM BE BROUGHT UNDER CONTROL?
  • 47. The world economy will soon be so closely knit by technology that even language differences will becomeobsolete. Education in every part of the world will leave the world’’ population with the realization thatnothing matters in determining the worth of a person except for individual effort and ability. The openingof the space frontier will leave the concept of boundaries as nothing more than a legal description for realestate.This sort of natural evolution need only be understood to be a solution. Nationalism is nothing more thanan idea. Nationalism is a good idea to give a sense of team spirit. When friendly competition is replacedby hatred of any kind, nationalism becomes a negative social force. This negative force should be scornedby the world community wherever it is found. Fortunately, educated people of the future will be thenatural answer to this problem.The International Capitalist Party will help this process merely by being in existence. All of the party’’programs, policies, and goals will enhance the natural evolutionary process. IS THE UNITED NATIONS A SOLUTION FOR CONFLICTS?Any world organization is a step in the right direction, but the United Nations does not have a reputationfor solving very many conflicts. This is mostly because of the Security Council. The council’’ veto powerstops any rational action against aggression. When criminals have the ability to stop enforcement bysimply voting against it, there can never be a solution for conflicts. The rules have to be changed beforethe United Nations will ever be effective.The International Capitalist Party would be useful as an international political party with a cleareconomic message. We are not an American political party. Because of this fact, Third World and othertypes of resentment will be absent. We can actually put pressure on the American culture to relieveitself of negative capitalism. With America as a better example of positive capitalism and freedom fromgovernment, the hypocritical image America now has would disappear.The International Capitalist Party can then go into foreign countries separated from ties to the CIA,unstained by American imperialism, and unclouded negative capitalism. Freedom would have a secondchance to be heard worldwide with a clear political and economic view. The party has the potential ofunmasking every petty commissar or dictator in the world. Their motives and their programs would bebankrupt with the proper message of truth given to the citizens of each country. Their use of force forrevolutions shows the impotence of their ideas. HOW CAN DRUG COMMERCE BE HALTED?The illegal drug business is the Achilles heel of America. Drug dealers use normal business practices andadvanced technology to promote the sale of human poison. America’’ enemies can be the suppliers fromalmost any part of the world. We are trained within the capitalist system, and suppliers know we like tomake money. We are proud of this fact, because money creates individual freedom. Individual freedomis the main reason for accumulating wealth. Our enemies can pervert this idea by making popularsubstances that are highly addictive and very destructive. This is a subtle form of chemical warfare. Plus,our enemies can move their drug business anywhere, hoping we will add another problem by attackingthose countries that the drug dealers have moved into.The abuses these substances cause in our society become a basis for propaganda. enemies are alwayspointing out the decadence in America. This decadence is nothing more than negative capitalism.
  • 48. Unless Americans want to play into this trap, we have only one choice. The only answer is to take theprofit out of the business by partially legalizing the drugs. They not be legalized like two other majorhuman poisons, alcohol and tobacco. They must be legalized like rat poison. They must be properlylabeled with skull and bones and extremely strong addiction warnings. Suicide centers should be built fordrug addicts. These centers will help take the glamour out of substance abuse. The centers will also helpthe addict hit the bottom and hopefully bounce back in a controlled environment.The black eye of capitalism will heal as soon as the profit and glamour is taken out of the drug trade.Several other solutions are presented in other sections of this book in more detail.The opponents to partial legalization rightfully point to the legalization of alcohol and tobacco haveaffected society. They also will point to Northern Europe’’ experience with problems created by drugsafter they were made legal. It is very obvious that just making drugs legal does not solve the problem. Infact, it creates more health problems. But it does solve criminal problems if the drugs are cheap enough.Another important point should be made here. It is very tempting to sell this program to the governmentby suggesting a high tax to discourage use and raise moneys for other programs. However, governmentshould not benefit from human misery the way it does with alcohol and tobacco. There must be nocollusion with suppliers to the detriment of society. Poison should be so cheap that any idiot can get asmuch as he or she wants.The only other choice is to turn this country into a police state and abandon more of our personalfreedoms. IS FREE TRADE A POSSIBILITY?Free trade is a capitalist idea. Any time a government tries to impose any other economic system, freetrade breaks down. Currently, free trade is suffering because governments are subsidizing wholeindustries. They operate these industries at a loss, trying to drive the free competition out of business.They are trying to say this form of competition is fair. The only thing they will succeed in doing iscreating a tariff war. They will lose twice. Once when taxpayers subsidize the industry and a second timewhen the tariffs make cheating ineffective.Free trade is positive capitalism, whether it is done by two individuals or two governments. TheInternational Capitalist Party can only promote this ideal at every opportunity. The system requiresvoluntary participation; therefore, any society with a repressive economy cannot participate fairly. Atariff retaliation against its cheating will be the only cure.A tariff should never be used against other free traders just because they are doing a better job. This typeof protectionism is actually an act of war. Protectionism would be considered very bad sportsmanship ifdone at the Olympics. Protectionism is like letting one country start in a foot race before the rest of theteams get the go signal. Fairness is the key to international free trade. If the sportsmanship and fairnessof our international games could be brought to the marketplace, we would have worldwide free trade andgreater prosperity for everyone. HOW CAN APARTHEID BE SOLVED PEACEFULLY?Apartheid is fueled by fear and unreasonable expectations on both sides. The whites fear the loss of aviable economy with the intrusion of communism or socialism. The so-called redistribution of wealth is
  • 49. just an excuse to take property from the owners. The blacks, who fear they will not get full citizenshiprights, are falling into the opportunistic hands of the revolutionaries.The only way apartheid can be solved peacefully is for both sides to make a commitment to the capitalisteconomic system. Freedom and equal opportunity will replace fear and repression. This is actually a greatopportunity for capitalist to set an example of peaceful transition.Apartheid is a classic example of why the West is losing the international struggle. We are trying to selldemocracy, which is just a way to elect leaders. Communists and socialists are selling a total political andeconomic program. Even when democracy wins, they still can get a communist or socialist elected. It is nowonder that the whites are afraid, given the example of government transitions worldwide.South Africans need to pass a constitution that ends apartheid concurrent with adopting the capitalisticeconomic system. Such a system will allow the country to have as many black leaders as its citizens wantwithout jeopardizing the life and property of the whites. Everyone will find this a happy evolutionarytransition. The other choice is short term confiscation, which will cost lives and destroy a very healthyeconomy. HOW CAN COMMUNIST COUNTRIES BE CONVERTED TO POSITIVE CAPITALISM?The economic success and impregnable defense system of free countries will set the stage for thisconversion. Agreements with communist dictators are fairly useless. The communists are like religiousfanatics; they think their antiquated system of forced adherence to an economic system is natural andcorrect. Getting the elements of force and repression out of communism or socialism is the only hopefor its long term existence anywhere. The present leaders are so unsure of themselves that any contactwith the West causes major paranoia. During the evolutionary process, if the leaders of the communistcountries will allow their citizens freedom of movement, their positions as leaders will be strengthened.We do not need to destroy other types of government to have a successful evolution. If groups of peoplechoose to live under the yoke of communism or socialism, provided they have the ability to leave thatsociety at will, positive capitalism can live alongside their systems without conflict.The evolutionary process will have to become more aggressive if freedom of choice is not forthcomingin communist and socialist countries. Methods of capitalist intrusion must be developed to help peopleunderstand the capitalist message. The repression of the communist yoke can only be broken by the willof the people. Communism can stand or fall on its own merit. The freedom of individuals trapped undercommunist repression is the major concern of The International Capitalist Party. Unless you believehumans should be treated as robots by the state, you will understand this principle. WILL THE POLITICS OF HUNGER BE SOLVED?Technology has assured the world that hunger is a thing of the past. Only government intervention andgovernment control of the methods of production and distribution can cause famine. The spotlight shouldbe placed on the leaders of these countries. The world community must pressure these individual leadersinto changing their methods. A leader’’ life is not worth any more than a peasant’’ especially when theleader is misusing power for negative purposes. The capitalist free market system can guarantee food forall. A natural or man-made holocaust is the only way this system can be temporarily disrupted.
  • 50. Anywhere there is hunger; The International Capitalist Party will try to put pressure on the governmentthat caused it. Any country with massive hunger should either replace its government or release themeans of production to the people and replace their closed economic system with a free market. Faminetakes away any legitimate claim to power a government has over people. Famine means a completebreakdown of the government’’ ability to govern properly. The International Capitalist Party will leavethe charity aspect of famine to the organizations already formed for this purpose. The party will, instead,concentrate on solving the long term problem of economic evolution.WHAT TYPE OF NATIONAL DEFENSES SHOULD COUNTRIES DEPLOY?THE BEST! Humanity will crawl forward until freedom of choice is installed in every corner of theworld. After that happens, the pure waste of military might can be turned in a positive direction.Capitalist countries that have to defend against a slave economy have to use coercive communistmethods to fight back. The most obvious method is using the income tax to raise money for the militaryestablishment. The income tax is the worst manifestation of communism in a capitalist society. It causesgovernment intrusion into every aspect of an individual’’ life. Unfortunately, no viable alternative hasbeen forthcoming to help the defense effort until now.The International Capitalist Party will concentrate on the politics of economic evolution. Evolution is thekey word here. The income tax, if repealed in America as a constitutional amendment, would disrupt thebalance of militarily and guarantee success to communist countries. The problem will be replacing thecommunist income tax system with a less intrusive method of raising money for the military. There aretwo possible scenarios that can accomplish this goal.The first scenario, which almost guarantees results, is a political extension of President Reagan’’ StarWars program. The difference is The International Capitalist Party position is that it separates the twosystems monetarily.Star Wars is supported by the income tax. Star Wars is a defense against communism. Income tax is purecommunism; therefore, communism is fighting communism. If the income tax was used only for defensepurposes, which is the reason or excuse for its existence, we will in a short while bankrupt the communistnations, with their own system working against them. (1976)However, we are using communism (the income tax) within our system for other reasons. The two mainitems that should not be paid with income tax moneys are transfer payments and interest on nonmilitarydebt. The first way to develop a national defense without peer would be to go directly back to the originalintent of the income tax and call it a defense tax.The second scenario incorporates the first scenario but allows for a transition, with alternate solutions tothe problems created by transfer payments and interest on national debt.The transfer payment problems can start to be solved by asking not what your country can do for you butwhat you can do for yourself. The corollary of this concept is the fact that the more you do for yourselfthe less you will need your country, and you will free the slaves of taxation.The national debt should be paid once and for all with a federal land auction. After enough money
  • 51. is raised to pay the national debt, Congress should pass laws prohibiting borrowing by the federalgovernment using income tax as the method of repayment except in emergency situations clearly spelledout by law. Certain large blocks of land could be sold to some of the wealthier countries that haveeverything except room for their people. They could start large ethnic communities that would increasethe tax base, pay off the national debt and serve as a tourist attraction. These areas should be in whatare now basically rural areas. The land values will be based on a completed community plan, not rawland values. This will give the taxpayer maximum leverage. A fast track solution should be implementedbecause land planning is the biggest waste of time by bureaucrats in real estate. The land could veryeasily be some of the deserted valleys in the West. It would probably be best to start with a Germancommunity, given the racial stupidity of some elements in the American culture. CAN ANYTHING POSITIVE COME OUT OF THE INTERNATIONAL ARMS RACE?Technology is the only by-product of a war machine that can be considered positive. Waste is the mainingredient of war technology. The only way we can turn this waste into something would be to convert awartime technology into something useful. The atomic warheads could be converted into a power sourcefor space travel. Laser technology is already convertible. Germ and chemical warfare does not seem tohave a convertible factor, but perhaps one can be developed. The defense system and its convertibilityshould become joint projects more often. The space shuttle and interstate highway systems are two greatexamples of this principle. Defense budgets should be more concerned with this combination to get betterpublic support. The Humanarium project could easily, in its early stages, become a convertible defensesystem. By selling the positive aspects of the Humanarium project, controlled by civilians for defense ofthe general population, a Star Life scenario could be developed. HOW CAN WORLDWIDE RACIAL INTEGRATION BE BROUGHT ABOUT?America is the melting pot of the world. By maintaining this attitude and improving on the incidences ofracial discrimination, the example set by America will be proof positive that everyone can live togetherpeacefully.Once again, technology will speed up this process with advances in communication and travel. A commoncomputer language and instant translations by lightweight communicating devices should finish thetransition of understanding between cultures.The capitalist political and economic system can make the exchange of goods, services, and ideas amutually advantageous transaction for every race and culture. The International Capitalist Party willkeep racial, religious, and cultural bias out of capitalism. A person need only be fair, honest, and hardworking to succeed with positive capitalism.Integration will be a given factor at the very beginning of the evolution of capitalism. When the processof evolution is completed, integration will have occurred world wide. The very existence of capitalism as apolitical force will guarantee a solution to this problem. SHOULD SPACE BE CONQUERED INTERNATIONALLY?
  • 52. Space will be the ultimate in free competition. The last time the world had a new frontier, the Englishempire exploded, seeking new markets. The Industrial Revolution was born, and human suffering wasdealt a major blow. Space will demand political freedom for anyone venturing into its vastness. Thepolitics of force and control, which are so much against human nature, will be dissipated with the newfrontier.Space will be a “first come, first served” society. This will happen no matter what ridiculous rulesgovernments agree upon. Capitalism will rule because it is the natural way for humans to deal with oneanother fairly. The International Capitalist Party will develop projects to assure that this process has agood start. Even if the party does not succeed in the short run, positive capitalism will inevitably be theeconomic choice of the future in space. The people of the world will lose every reason for cooperation withgovernments’ restrictive rules with such a large frontier to conquer. The goal and the possibilities of spaceare so massive that the self-conscious negative behavior of governments will have little to offer citizens.Each new world will have a new beginning and an opportunity to live a life of freedom and happiness.This should be an international goal but one free of international government interference. This does notmean international governments should not participate in the development. They should only realize thattheir power will dissipate in direct proportion to the success of space exploration. A positive governmentwill not mind this assessment. Instead, an enlightened government will take it as a tribute to freedom. HOW CAN DICTATORS AND FANATICAL RELIGIOUS LEADERS BE CONVERTED TO POSITIVE CAPITALISM?Leaders who use physical or mental force are the last individuals to be converted to anything positive.If their leadership qualities have any use, perhaps a conversion would be possible. The only method ofconversion that could possibly work would be one that clearly benefits the leaders. Capitalism can showthese leaders, through examples of success in other countries that have adopted positive capitalism, a waythey and their citizens can prosper.Conversion probably will not happen. Given this fact, the citizens of these countries seemingly face a longperiod of hardship. Evolution from the grass roots of these societies, based on a clear understanding offreedom of the individual, will come. The free countries can only set an example and apply economic andsocial pressure for positive change.The other possibility is the worst solution but also the most likely. These leaders believe in force, and theywill respond to force and respect it. Retaliation against their aggression should be swift and hard. Theforce of retaliation should be against the leaders of these countries, with minimum damage done to thegeneral populace. This should be the policy against terrorists of any political or religious persuasion. IS A WORLDWIDE REFUGEE PROGRAM POSSIBLE?The refugee program would be a good opportunity to use the Humanarium project in areas not normallypopulated. These refugees are generally not wanted because of the economic pressures they place on thehost government. Conversely, it will be difficult to get people to move into previously hostile climatesfor the Humanarium project. A trade off between the needs of refugees and the Humanarium projectcould provide a useful solution for everyone involved. Refugees have historically become the pioneers ofany new society. Once again they have a chance to participate in the progress of humanity while savingthemselves. The Humanarium project is probably the most important movement of its time for the future
  • 53. of humanity. The first stage could easily be pioneered with refugees. This stage of the Humanariumproject would be a method to solve the earth’’ population growth problem. The next stage would bethe exploration and colonization of space. The International Capitalist Party has a vested interest inhelping this evolutionary change in human development. Encouragement, money, and political powerwill be needed to pursue this positive goal of human survival. The party will add the element of privateenterprise as the major contributor to this process. By following this path, it will guarantee that freedomand opportunity will be available to the refugees. Integrated into the Humanarium program will be acultural retraining computer program to help the refugees adjust to a new culture and environment. Thissolution would solve a lot of problems in a natural and positive way.WHERE SHOULD THE INTERNATIONAL CAPITALIST PARTY PURCHASE LAND TO DEVELOP A MODEL SOCIETY?Land will be needed for the Humanarium project. Most of it will be in very isolated areas to test thesurvivability of the Humanarium. The costs should be minimal, and in some cases there will be no costwhatsoever. In the beginning, Humanarium colonies will be small and will have very little contact withthe outside world. Capitalism in communities this small will be a moot point, yet each person will be fullytrained in the principles and concepts of positive capitalism. Training of this type will assure a motivatedand free society within the Humanarium colonies. The first purchase will be in a desert area to test thesolar and wind energy sources. The project will try to establish a recyclable agriculture economy. Waterwill have to be constantly reused in this controlled ecosystem.Money I earn form real estate activities will be used to make this firs purchase. But it is not very likelythat I will be able to finance the entire Humanarium project; membership income will be required tocomplete it. Some people and organizations will want to see this project of faster. They can use ourconvertible grant membership program or the membership including the individual unit trust. Thecomplete power triangle of the membership drive will be used to finance this project. NATIONAL PROBLEMSHow can The International Capitalist Party fit into America’’ political life?How can the drug problem be solved?How can we improve education?What can be done to reduce government regulation and taxation?Can America’’ environmental problems be solved?Can the court system be changed to provide swift justice?Can transfer payments be restructured?
  • 54. Can the prison system be improved?Should we expunge all communism from American politics?What is the opinion of The International Capitalist Party on life and death issues?Are there political solutions to unemployment?Can the problem of illegal immigration be solved?Can we improve on the “BUM” situation in America?Can the nation’’ growing traffic problems be solved without increasing the income tax? HOW CAN THE INTERNATIONAL CAPITALIST PARTY FIT INTO AMERICA’’ POLITICAL LIFE?The three main ways for The International Capitalist Party to fit into America’’ political life are asfollows:1. Promote positive capitalism as a foreign policy.2. Provide a PAC-like pressure group or lobby to promote positive capitalism within government.3. Compete with government in solving social and political problems using capitalistic principles.The first way The International Capitalist Party can help shape existing policies is to send out a clearmessage about positive capitalism. Current American policy concentrates on democracy only. Capitalismassumes democracy at the very root. One on one business transactions, voluntarily entered into for themutual benefit of both parties, require a system that is a democracy to function properly. Both partiesvote or agree to do business. Both parties vote or agree to the terms and conditions of the transaction.Both parties are aware that they must both benefit from the transaction if they want to do business witheach other again. This is democracy in action at the lowest level.Democracy is not only how we choose the individuals who form the government, it is also how we chosethe type of economic system that will prevail in the country. Our present policy is only concerned withdemocracy in choosing a leader. With positive capitalism as the economic system of choice, we willhave a back-up system to ensure political freedom. The way foreign policy works now, we can createa democracy and end up with a dictator or a communist as head of state. This mockery of democracyhappens all too often.The International Capitalist Party will try to include a political and economic policy to combat thisserious oversight by American policy makers.Another advantage to this approach is the fact that we can proudly and openly promote a system insteadof having to use covert, CIA-type activities. This approach will help clear up our Ugly American, “Yankeego home” image. This direct and honest approach to international politics can result in a new respect for
  • 55. American institutions.The second way the party can help in national politics is to become like a political action committee(PAC). Some of the income earned from our capital basis can be used to help elect politicians with thebest records for promoting positive capitalism. The party can also fill the gap sometimes created whenthere is no real choice. Periodically the Republicans and Democrats give the public the choice betweentwo extremists from the same side. This is equivalent to no choice at all. An example would be when twoextreme left-wing candidates go against each other. The International Capitalist Party could fill the gapby offering either of these other parties a chance to field a candidate who temporarily carries our politicalparty’’ banner. We do not need to compete directly in American politics, but the party could serve as asafety valve against extremism on either side.Should one part or both abandon positive capitalism as its economic system of choice, The InternationalCapitalist Party should then move to actively recruit and elect leaders. This is not our goal, because thereis no reason to change something that already works well. That does not mean we cannot help improvethe American system, only that the party does not need to dominate the system politically. Our best use isin countries that need the capitalist message more than America does.The third way the party can help includes the first two but refers to problem solving wherever there isa political or economic reason to find answers. The party will apply the methods and ideals of positivecapitalism in formulating the answers to pressing questions. “he Book of Solutions” will be an ongoingproject of the utmost importance to members. I will start the process, but I do not presume to have allthe correct answers to the many problems that confront today’’ world and the world of the future. Myeffort will only be one among many. The difference will be a clear political and economic philosophy fromwhich others can work. This system has been developed over the ages, and I can only hope to further italong the way briefly. Capitalism’’ real strength comes from the fact that it is the most natural and fairway for humans to deal with one another politically and economically. Life will be better when this fact isformally recognized by as many people as possible. HOW CAN THE DRUG PROBLEM BE SOLVED?Drug dealing is a black eye for capitalism. The drug dealers use the capitalist economic system but abusethe principles of a fair exchange for the mutual benefit of both parties. They also deal in an extremelynegative product. Their product has mental force built into it. They are the worst problem, domestically,that the party has. America is at the same point that it was just prior to the repeal of Prohibition. Thedifference is that this time, instead of letting one dangerous substance into society, there is a list ofdangerous human poisons. The drug using public uses the excuse that they should have freedom of choicewhen dealing with these substances. The problem with that argument is that freedom of choice is takenfrom them because of the addictive properties in all of these drugs. Some would argue further that thisaddiction is the addiction to pleasure. They may have got away with this argument years ago, but sciencehas proven that disruption of the chemistry in the brain causes physical addiction. The present situationhas force on both sides: The government uses force to keep you off drugs, and the drugs themselves useforce to keep you on them. The only way to put free choice into the drug problem is to remove forcefrom one side or the other. Government has declared a war on drugs. If they fight this one the way theydid Vietnam, the drug dealers will win. This is the ultimate guerrilla war. The expense in life and limbwill make America’’ Civil War seem like small potatoes. We have a contingency plan at the local level,
  • 56. provided the federal government decides to follow this path of destruction (see “Local Problems: SanDiego, California”.The solution to this problem is to legalize drugs on a limited basis. Make them available cheaply to takethe profit out of the business. This policy will stop the crimes associated with drug trafficking. Limitdistribution to poison centers where anyone who registers, for public safety reasons, can buy drugs. Thedrugs should also be labeled with the skull and bones symbol and with full explanations as to the physicaland mental consequences of using these drugs. Labeling will create a small black market for drugs, butat least the warnings will be there to make a person think twice. Freedom of choice does not mean that aperson will make the right choice.The only other solution is massive government interference, but it is worse than the problem. It createsthree types of criminals: Dope dealers, user/victims, and users who have to commit crimes to supporttheir habit. This solution causes our legal system to break down at every level. The police spend a greatamount of their time dealing with government created criminals. The courts cannot even get close todealing with this problem, and there just is not enough jail space. The net result is less respect for themost important part of our government, the local police department; a great many people in our societysee the police as the enemy. This system also makes the police look foolish. They do their job, which isvery dangerous, and the criminals they catch are let out with just a warning because of the lack of jailspace and the lack of funds to deal with the problem.Government has a vested interest in perpetuating the drug problem because it gives leaders a moral issue,attorneys more clients, judges more cases, police more work, and social services many more victims. Theproblem is now beyond their ability to control, and they will have to break this vicious cycle one way orthe other, with maximum force or freedom of choice. The choice is in government’’ hands. It will tendtoward force, but that solution may backfire in the government’’ face. HOW CAN WE IMPROVE EDUCATION?The best way for The International Capitalist Party to improve education in America is to support thefollowing:1. Incentive pay for teachers. This program puts the money where the performance is. Consumers, inthis case the children and their parents, evaluate the teacher, and the teacher’’ performance is rewardedaccordingly.2. The voucher system, which allows parents the choice of public or private schools without having topay for both. When parents pay for private education, they relieve society of a large financial obligation,one that is much larger than what the parents would pay in taxes. Taxpayers without children wouldalso benefit from this system because of lower taxes. Encouraging private schools is a fair program thatbenefits all parties.3. More “how to make money” courses at all levels of education. Most such programs are availableonly through large seminars held at local hotels and convention centers. The purpose of education isto improve the human species. Money is the applause given to those people who contribute the most toimproving the species, in most cases. We should not ignore or snub this fact in schools. Although thereare glaring exceptions to this fact of life, most people are rewarded in proportion to their contribution to
  • 57. humanity in a free society.In a society that is primarily a capitalist economy and practices positive capitalism, the reward for anindividual’’ contribution is in proportion to the benefits to society, with very few exceptions. We needto emphasize the benefits of positive capitalism in our schools to protect students against the sham ofabusive altruism. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO REDUCE GOVERNMENT REGULATION AND TAXATION?The primary goal of The International Capitalist Party politically is to reduce government interventionwherever appropriate. The elements of communism that are ingrained in any mixed economic societyshould be the first concern. The most vicious element of communism, and the first to be attacked, isthe graduated income tax. For a society that values performance and effort, we have an inhumane anddestructive attitude toward taxes. Any income tax should be structured to motivate high performancerather than punish it.This single attitude shows legislators’ lack of knowledge about the very system that protects and assurestheir own personal freedom. They are victims of misplaced compassion and dupes of the organizedresistance to capitalism and freedom.The national income tax policy should reflect “donors” for those who pay high taxes. Tax freedom shouldmean that the top net cash paid to the government in income taxes is $50,000 per taxpayer; adjustedyearly for inflation. Then individuals can earn as much as they please and donate additional cash forhonor credits on a voluntary basis. The income from the honors tax should be designated to that areaof government that the “donor taxpayer” so designates. If not so designated by the taxpayer, the moneyshould be designated by the President.Even this type of income tax should be replaced by private enterprise solutions to problems thatgovernment has taken on as an excuse for the existence of an income tax. The only exception may be adefense tax for that purpose only. If the party can’’ remove this most invasive of government intrusionsand abuse, the rest of our freedoms will slowly erode because of government controls.All anti-tax groups should join under one organizational umbrella and make a clear statement thatcannot be ignored or abused by politicians. The program should include a complete phase out of personalincome tax schemes.The other major area of regulation that should be removed has nothing to do with communism but feedsits propaganda machine by providing another example of negative capitalism. This is government createdmonopoly. CAN AMERICA’S ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS BE SOLVED?Pollution of the environment will generate many new businesses. Every business has at its core a problemsolving mechanism. You might say that a business cannot exist unless it has a problem to solve. This factis true. Try to think of a business that cannot be thought of in this way, except for one operating under
  • 58. negative capitalism.People should gravitate naturally from businesses, such as farming and dentistry, that have become sosuccessful in providing solutions as to render a massive number of practitioners obsolete. If this migrationof effort continues naturally, the solutions will be forthcoming from the market economy.Government enforcement of pollution laws should be directed toward the many departments andcompanies that do business either for or with the government. The heavy hand of government on theprivate sector will do, as always, more damage than good. If government wants to get into the act, let itset a good example and provide some tax relief for companies cleaning up their operations.Science and business are the most compatible parts in positive capitalism. Together they walk the samepath to the many solutions required in cleaning and balancing our environment. The party need only givethem political encouragement and freedom to act in their own best interest. The solutions will fall fromthe tree of knowledge as needed by humankind. Political interference rather than encouragement is theonly pitfall in this process.The Humanarium project has many environmental solutions built into its plans. The many participantsare tuned into current technologies that work and that are profitable. CAN THE COURT SYSTEM BE CHANGED TO PROVIDE SWIFT JUSTICE?The court system can be helped two ways by The International Capitalist Party. America has had overtow hundred years of our personal freedoms being eroded through rules and regulations, which are theinventions of lawyers and legislators to increase their inventories. Many laws are just plain ridiculousbut not overly harmful. These laws could be easily removed. The toughest laws to change are the onesthat create monopolies, such as the American Bar Association itself. These monopolies are supposedlycreated ““or the good of the people, but “the people” are always the practitioners who are benefiting atthe public’’ expense, the lawyers and the politicians themselves. The party will try to recruit sympatheticlawyers and lay people to help remove and refine laws that inhibit personal liberty and business freedom.Rule makers should be subject to periodic review because of the irresistible temptation to rationalize andabuse power. This abuse of power is a natural human tendency, “or the good of the people,” in this casethe public, a body of law should be founder that recognizes this tendency even in people with the best ofintentions.The only thing that will ever destroy this negative tendency within the legal and legislative area is apositive, organized effort to offset this form of negative capitalism. The removal of the inventory ofdamaging laws will automatically reduce court congestion. This subject is as intricate as the law itself andcan only be outlined here to show our basic positions.The other method to provide swift justice is the movement currently going on to supply privatecourtrooms and settlement arrangements to relieve congestion. The International Capitalist Party willsupport these efforts and provide a forum to help decide crimes that may fall into the political arena, forexample, monopoly or tariff laws. CAN TRANSFER PAYMENTS BE RESTRUCTURED?Transfer payments must be restructured if there is to be any evolutionary process at all in America.
  • 59. Transfer payments represent government force and coercion against the best in society for the benefit ofthe worst. This fact alone breaks every natural evolutionary law imaginable and is pure communism, theantithesis of freedom. This is the most classic example of doing something “for the good of the people”at the expense of ninety percent of the population. If force is to be used, it should be used to motivate theten percent who do not contribute to society. Workfare and retraining programs with real teeth in them,in case of obstinate failure by the participants, and a voluntary one on one program, can change the faceof this problem. All those taking advantage of subsidy programs should be properly identified as welfarerecipients. Anyone willingly dipping into the government’’ coffers should be placed into this category.This is a broad policy statement, but it shows the direction that positive capitalism will take in resolvingany dispute concerning individual programs. No person has the right to another person’’ earnings orproperty if said earning and property are fairly and legally earned. The one on one voluntary programcan solve many of the problems that cause and perpetuate the welfare society. This program will useexisting knowledge of the behavior and activities of welfare recipients. A statistical formula concerningthe portion of the national budget allocated for welfare divided by the number of taxpayers would givea cost per taxpayer of the welfare program. The taxpayer would be given an incentive to intervene withdirect support and training for an individual welfare recipient. The people on welfare should have anincentive program that doesn’t punish them for working. An example would be, where for every threeor four dollars earned by the welfare recipient, only one dollar of benefits are lost. This could be on amonthly or weekly basis. This policy would help wean the citizen off government dependency. CAN THE PRISON SYSTEM BE IMPROVED?The greatest single improvement for the prison system would be to keep single one-time abusers awayfrom multiple abusers. Some convicts are in jail for a single crime or category of crimes, such as drugdealing or thievery. These convicts should be motivated to earn their way out of jail and, where possible,compensate the victims or contribute to a social program that off sets their negative social behavior. Longsentences should be given, with an alternate motivational plan to substantially reduce the time served ona performance basis. These volunteer prisoners should go into a private prison institution with profit asthe motive. For a more detailed description of one type of alternative prison system, see the discussion ofthe drug question in “local Problems: San Diego, California,” following in this chapter.More attention should be paid to the intermingling of social deviants. Sex offenders should be placed onlywith other sex offenders, thieves with thieves, murderers with murderers, and so on. Each of these socialproblems can be isolated, and then, if broken into smaller components, the large, so-called impossible jobmay become manageable. Each type of deviant social behavior can be studied from a scientific point ofview. Each behavior type can be treated as a form of mental illness. The cures may even help the generalpublic directly if such things as brain chemical disorders or other direct cause and effect linkages canbe identified. We all have a dark side to our nature that could be improved upon. The extreme abuserscan perhaps relieve some of these tendencies in society if scientists can treat prisoners as socially ill. Thisproposal does not mean removing all punishment. For some crimes, punishment may actually prove to bethe cure. Now, recidivism rates show otherwise. SHOULD WE EXPUNGE ALL COMMUNISM FROM AMERICAN POLITICS?Nothing should be removed from American politics that is just opinion. The problem is one of removingimpediments to freedom and justice, not removing particular political leanings. Communism couldactually exist in America if done on a local, voluntary level so participants could freely move out of
  • 60. the system. The problem with world communism, as it is practiced, is its arrogant belief in the robotmentality and the use of force. America is already swamped with communist programs, but nobody willadmit to being a card carrying communist. The reason for having so much communism is that a longstream of legislative salespersons has created bureaucracies in the name of compassion. The price of thismisplaced compassion has been the state sanctioned slavery of every taxpayer.The International Capitalist Party will have its hands full just identifying and trying to remove theobstacles to freedom and justice created by our benevolent elected and appointed parent substitutes(bureaucrats and politicians). Their resistance will always come in the form of ““or the good of thepeople”. Our job will be to expose this myth and show the public who these bureaucrats and politiciansare really serving with these well meaning but bankrupt programs.We can quote page, paragraph, and author of each of the rules of communism and link them directlyto these absurd social programs. By merely exposing them in clear, simple English that anyone canunderstand, we will either remove an enemy within or become as one with our enemy. The latter willcause a loss of freedom and liberty that will make the Dark ages seem a bright time in history. WHAT IS THE OPINION OF THE INTERNATIONAL CAPITALIST PARTY ON LIFE AND DEATH ISSUES? This section is comprised of the three following issues:1. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. Capital punishment should be an option for very heinous crimes thatneed to be given every possibility of being stopped through punishment and example. The criminal hastaken the life of another by choice and, in this case, has given up his or her own life in return. Only byshowing extreme duress can the criminal expect any leniency by the courts. The problem with capitalpunishment is that we will never be able to prove whether it is a deterrence for murder. A carte blancheattitude toward either murder or capital punishment forgets the many reasons and motivations that gointo the crime. Trying to match punishment with a particular crime will be a test of individual judgmentby judges well into the future.2. ABORTION. As for abortion, women’’ freedom of choice is the current and correct solution. Whenthe Star life program has been developed further, the unwanted embryos can participate without anyharm to the mother or society. Use of force without sufficient knowledge is nothing more than a dogmaticanswer to a very personal situation.3. MEDICAL EXTENSION OF LIFE. Once again, when it comes to the medical extension of life, thechoice should lie with the individual or the individual’’ closest relatives. It should not be a mandateof force from the government. Discouraging the termination of life should be the policy, but whentermination is chosen freely, the issue should be closed privately and without added harm or punishmentby the government.ARE THERE POLITICAL SOLUTIONS TO UNEMPLOYMENT?If you are talking about one hundred percent employment of those willing to work rather than somearbitrary percentage of those able to work, the solution is a free market economy using positivecapitalism. In our unemployment figures, we would include anyone involved with negative capitalism.These people may be technically employed but are actually contributing to the destruction of aneconomy and therefore would be considered a debit on any reasonable balance sheet. The employment
  • 61. of people to dig holes just to have the holes filled the next day is a ridiculous concept that shows agross misunderstanding of the creation of wealth. People who promote jobs like this think money isjust printed, not earned. This category of thinking includes a lot of government activities. Union andminimum wage laws contribute considerably to unemployment problems. License and certification lawsalso must be put on a very short leash; otherwise, these government created monopolies contribute tounemployment. Tariff and import laws solve short-term problems and create long term suffering in anyindustry that tries this method. The long-term suffering will come with the loss of international markets,causing unemployment. In all of the above situations, people are trying to get something for nothing or anundeserved profit. Employment will only be stable when people learn that labor is a commodity that goesat a market price set by willing buyers without force or coercion. Quality work will always earn more,and shoddy workmanship will always have trouble with free employment practices. There is no politicalsolution for laziness or lack of ability except for self realization by the individual. CAN THE PROBLEM OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BE SOLVED?Only by making this country into a less desirable place to live in can the immigration problem be totallysolved. Some people will do anything to be free, and as long as this country is perceived to be free, theywill persist. The expansion of positive capitalism will create economies in other parts of the world thatwill foster free citizens with little interest in immigration to a country just because it’’ call America.Freedom from government is the only reason people want to come to this country. If we can helpthem attain this ideal in their own country, they will naturally prefer their homeland. There is nothinginherently better about America except for its history of freedom from government intervention in thecitizens private and business lives. Another way to stop illegal immigration would be to continue ourcurrent policy of increasing the size of government. This will make us so much like the Third Worldcountries that those people will lose all motivation to leave their homelands.Free trade agreements will go a long way to accomplish the above goals. Immigration could be a deadissue in the Americas by the turn of the century if trade agreements are properly structured by theparticipating countries. CAN WE IMPROVE THE “BUM” SITUATION IN AMERICA?At first glance, this seems like a rather heartless question. First one has to define terms. A “Bum”is a person who has chosen a negative lifestyle that is offensive to society. We are not talking aboutthe homeless who are in an unfortunate position through very little fault of their own. The true bummentality is earmarked by the individual’’ ability to manipulate compassionate systems and people for aquick fix way of life. This behavior is accompanied by a chemical abuse problem that is usually at the rootof the antisocial behavior.Human motivation is basically simple. People are motivated by either the carrot or the stick. The truebum isn’t interested in fame or fortune and has given up on success, frequently because of chemical abuseor in conjunction with other personal problems. Jail and poverty level living standards should be enoughto motivate a person if the stick approach could be used to motivate a bum. It’s obvious, however thatnone of these approaches work. So what is the fate of these individuals? Quite simply, it’s an early death.They are really committed to social suicide. They are letting the natural elements of society kill them withlittle or no resistance. They are almost daring society to do something about their situation.
  • 62. This party’’ solution is an attempt to take them up on this proposition while minimizing the cost tosociety. We will actually attempt to make a profit by starting a “Bum City” with a Humanariumconstruction project in the center. This city will be in the most remote part of the country that we canfind. There won’’ be any road into or out of the area. Everything will be brought in by air. Becausethe Humanarium community is totally self-contained and independent from local political control, it’’residents won’’ be able to feed on federal and state programs. Our approach is a basic survival programaimed at training the participants in the art of self-reliance. We will teach them survival techniques andkeep them far away from harmful chemicals. They will then be trained in several basic skills that willproduce a profit, from which they will pay the party for their training. Upon completion of the program,they will be returned society or be allowed to remain as an inhabitant of the Humanarium community.The program will require the cooperation of the police and judges in identifying the chronic offenderswithin each city. The judges will then have to either sentence the individual or get a voluntary statementof participation by the offender. The truly needy should be directed to social service or charity programsunless they feel that a survival program would be helpful in training them for life situations. This willbe kind of an adult Boy Scout and workfare program aimed at curing the problem and turning a smallprofit for everyone involved. CAN THE NATION’S GROWING TRAFFIC PROBLEMS BE SOLVED WITHOUT INCREASING THE INCOME TAX?To do so, just give private industry leasehold routes for the airspace, mineral rights, and excess landrights so it can build privately owned and maintained alternate transportation systems. The combinationof automation in both the vehicles and the transportation systems will allow for cheaper and bettertransportation. Use bar code laser technology similar to pricing technology at the supermarket. Citizenswho decide to use an alternate transportation system are issued a laser sticker that is applied to eachvehicle, for billing purposes. This will eliminate tollbooths and traffic congestion. Overhead lasermonitors can register mileage, and script or vouchers can be used for tax rebates for the users.Those who still believe in something for nothing can continue to use federal and state roads and continueto pay for them by paying their regular taxes without a rebate.The leasehold income that the private companies pay for the right to use the routes can be a source ofadditional moneys earned by the government and can be earmarked to replace tax income. This programwould have the effect of lowering taxes and giving private industry a chance to give us the best possibletransportation systems and the best price and a clear profit motive for innovation in the industry. LOCAL PROBLEMS SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIAThe following are just a sample of existing problems and solutions, included more to demonstrate aformat than to exemplify perfect solutions. Local problems are the most sensitive politically because ofthe many factors involved, including local customs and personalities.What can be done about population growth in the area?
  • 63. Is there a possible solution to the airport noise?Can illegal immigration be turned into a positive situation?How can the party tap the resources of the youth gangs and turn theiractivities in positive directions?Can the local drug problem be solved?Can Southeast San Diego be revitalized? WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT POPULATION GROWTH IN THE AREA?The San Diego area is a natural environment for people due to its mild climate and proximity torecreation of all types. Resistance to natural migration by using government force, which shows adisregard for other people, can be done on an individual basis but should not be forced on everyone.Many people invest in this area because of future growth. The government should not have the right todepreciate natural real estate values with oppressive policies. No bureaucrat or legislator can do a betterjob of developing property than the owner or developer following the free market system. If you don’’believe this, all you have to do is go to a state planned country. A voluntarily planned portion of SanDiego, with consent or reimbursement to individual landowners, can let government planners ply theirtrade. What should be required of these planners is a contractor’ license , a degree in architecture, andtheir own capital invested in their grandiose plans for other people’’ property. The result would be thetypical cost overruns, shoddy workmanship, and a mediocre, bland architectural style.San Diego was a semiarid desert able to support but a handful of inhabitants with very few plants.Because of far sighted developers who were willing to risk everything, San Diego is now a Mecca ofbeauty and perfection. This beauty, purchased freely by homeowners, is now in danger of being deniedto others by tying the hands of the very developers who created the beauty to begin with. A fair balancemust be struck to prevent no-growth people from hoarding and controlling their neighbors’ property.The no growth attitude is particularly devastating to smaller contractors and developers, the backboneof American progress. The no growth policy causes a government created monopoly in construction, withonly the very large contractors having any chance to build.During a period of recession, one doesn’t hear a word from the no growth advocates. With businessesmoving out of the area because of government policies, we can see the real results of a no growth attitudein a community, no prosperity.
  • 64. IS THERE A POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO AIRPORT NOISE?San Diego’’ population is spread throughout the county with very little open space large enough for aninternational airport. The possible sites all have something wrong with them. This problem is almostimpossible to solve without a very large stretch of the imagination. The following is a list of requirementsfor an airport of international stature: 1. Large enough area 2. Close to downtown and the convention center 3. Safe 4. Minimum flights over populated areasWe also have another controversy in San Diego about offshore drilling. The environmental problemsseem to outweigh the huge financial benefits that could be derived from a healthy oil industry in SanDiego. The current problems and requirements for offshore drilling are as follows: 1. Drilling rigs are eyesores that offend the esthetic tastes of most people and therefore building them inthe middle of San Diego’’ natural beauty could have a negative economic impact. 2. Leaks and accidents could be harmful to sea life and shoreline. 3. Currently, oil costs relatively little but drilling costs a lot.The answer to both environmental problems could be a combination of solutions. The governmentcould motivate the oil companies to build a futuristic, privately owned, beautiful mini-city around anairport supported by disguised offshore drilling rigs meeting tough safety requirements. By making thetotal operation privately owned, with major tax breaks, this solution won’t cost the government. Theonly problem will be for oil companies to find a way to make a profit. The benefits to consumers will beenormous if this plan can be implemented. CAN ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BE TURNED INTO A POSITIVE SITUATION?People who come to this country illegally realize that the economy of their homeland doesn’t allowfreedom of opportunity. They become a problem here only because of the fear we have of being overrunwith too many people seeking this economic freedom.The immigrants don’t come here because they love America or Americans. If their country didn’t haveoppressive economic laws, most would prefer to stay home.The American government isn’t in a position to interfere with other countries’ laws except by settingan example of a free economy. The opposition to this freedom has a full body of political and economictheory that can be made to sound plausible. Communism or Marxism can be imported into any country.The system is independent of a foreign government. This gives them a propaganda edge.The International Capitalist Party will attempt to fill this political gap. San Diego would make sense as a
  • 65. base for this attempt in the Latin American countries because of the relatively good relations between thepeople of San Diego and the Mexican people. One of the best ways to obtain motivated members for ourparty in some of the countries would be to gain access to illegal immigrants. These individuals are alreadyactive in trying to better themselves and their families. The natural direction for them would be to importa system that could change their homeland through evolutionary change.The party will attempt to get cooperation from officials for a training class for all illegal aliens before theyare returned across the border. If this isn’t possible, the party will infiltrate illegal alien groups beforethey are caught.The training will include a method of networking that should expand the party’s membershipsignificantly within a short time. The party will give illegal aliens a money-making method that willmotivate them to accomplish this goal. HOW CAN THE PARTY TAP THE RESOURCES OF YOUTH GANGS AND TURN THEIR ACTIVITIES IN POSITIVE DIRECTIONS?The gang problem is a combination of several obvious situations in society: the drug problem, inadequatehousing, and lack of jobs. Areas like Beverly Hills and La Jolla, California may have a large number ofdrug abusers, but the people living there don’t have the other two problems. Gang mentality is basedon so-called pride in local turf. This pride is twisted into a backward and negative type of rock and rollnihilism. To have pride in something and at the same time revulsion for the reality of the slum causes thismental confusion.THE PROBLEMS’ POSITIVE ASPECTSDrugs Capitalist sales techniques used to distribute drugsRun down neighborhood Pride in local turfLack of jobs Youthful energy, resourcefulness, flexibility and talentThe drug and housing part of this equation are treated separately following this section. Jobs will bethe main concern in this section. If one takes the positive aspects out of the above problems, there is anobvious solution.The first major solution that will overcome rock and roll nihilism is to take the glamour out of being agang member. The media must get on this bandwagon with in depth stories of the misery perpetrated bythese gangs and show a contrast of the gangs that stay together to accomplish positive things. Perhapsa movie showing the very big possibility of the adult non-gang members of the community bandingtogether in an exaggerated extermination of gang members would show the ultimate and definite end tothe gangs’ continued violent existence.The solution would lie within the gangs themselves. A plan developed with each individual gang woulduse its positive aspects within the neighborhood to give the members jobs, pride, and a purpose inrevitalizing their own neighborhood. Money making techniques, as well as skills, must be developed. An
  • 66. actual corporation should be formed, using the gang’s name and colors. Each member would own sharesand earn bonuses given in shares for work well done. This method will keep alive the feeling that eachgang member talks about, the feeling of belonging to a family.This program obviously won’t work if the drug problem persists, because chemical dependence causesintense irrational behavior in anyone using drugs. There can be no rational approach until drugs areconsidered dumb or cool by the members of gangs. This subject will be dealt with in the next section. CAN THE LOCAL DRUG PROBLEM BE SOLVED?The main problem in San Diego is the lack of jail space for drug dealers. The solution to this problem isturning negative capitalist into positive capitalist by using the following methods. Drug dealers abusecapitalist techniques. They use distribution, manufacturing, and sales techniques that would make themsuccessful in most legitimate businesses. They choose to abuse their own talents. Their mentality is verysimilar to the Nazis. They rationalize their participation in the marketing process by saying their victimswould just purchase drugs from someone else if they didn’t supply them.The only semi legitimate argument the dealers have for pushing drugs is that other negative capitalistsmanage to get their products, cigarettes and alcohol made legal and popular. These commodities werelegalized before the scientific evidence was in place to prove how dangerous they really are. What theworld needs is less negative capitalism, not more. The dealers’ argument is like Nazis saying that, becausethey’ve already gassed three million Jews, we can use that as an argument to kill the rest of the Jewishpopulation.Drug dealers also are like Nazis in that they not only poison people but torture them first. The fact thatmost of them also use drugs only shows how insidious the system of drug dealing is. This factor should betaken into account when grading the different types of drug dealers:A. Nonuser, manufacturer and wholesalerB. Nonuser, retailerC. User, small-time manufacturer and wholesalerD. User, retailer with assetsE. User, retailer to support habitEach of these dealer types should be treated separately. The more severe treatment should be meted outto those at the top of the list. Most of the laws already conform to this list. The program that follows willalso conform to this pattern. Drug dealers are salespeople going in the wrong direction. By redirectingtheir efforts into our maxi-level membership program, the dealers will pay for their own keep and helppay for their victims’ treatment.The beginning of this process will be a membership drive, with the proceeds going to the construction ofa private jail. The members will be given a unit, in the form of a variable net income trust deed, per onehundred dollars collected. The income will be derived form a membership program with the prison.
  • 67. The cost of building a prison of this type will be approximately one hundred dollars per square foot,including the land. The average square footage per dealer, including the inside common areas, would befive hundred square feet. The amount of living area per dealer would be proportionate to the dealer’’success with maxi- level membership drive. This is an initial outlay of approximately fifty thousanddollars per prisoner. This outlay includes many security devices and a sophisticated telecommunicationsnetwork within the prison. The initial outlay also includes a private kitchen and bath. Each unit couldbest be described as a studio apartment.The telecommunications network will be the way that the inmates will market memberships. The phonesystem will be programmed with number that the dealer will call. The inmates will have no choice withthe dialing system, to prevent abuses. Follow-up and recalls will also be monitored with a computerizedsecurity system.To the initial fifty thousand dollar cost per unit must be added the cost of food, medicine, and securityofficers. A business run by the inmates that shows a profit would be the ultimate goal. This profit can thenbe split between drug rehabilitation programs and owner/member of the institution.Judges will have to decide on their own personal formula for each individual. The program will conformto each sentence.Just in case you have any doubt as to whether the government has anything to do with the encouragementof drug use in this city and many others, ponder this situation; Every drug offender that is released onparole is given scheduled urine drug tests. Every felone knows that all you have to do is stay clean severaldays before the test and then they can resume using. They also keep a spare dosage of someone else’’urine around in case of a surprise visit. Now, you either have to draw one of two different conclusions,either the government is encouraging drug use or the parole officers are some of the dumbest people inthe world. You decide who is guilty! CAN SOUTHEAST SAN DIEGO BE REVITALIZED?Southeast San Diego is located in an area that should be very valuable residential property. There is onlyone equitable and relatively fast way to encourage a new look for the area. Because of new apartmentprojects in the area, a residential single family home designation won’’ work. The other choice is ahigh-rise area that will attract developers because of the low cost per unit of land. This area would beextremely good for high-rise development because of the natural ocean and city views. The changeshould be accompanied with a complete explanation of the increases in value so the homeowners areprepared rather than abused by the change. Advance financial planning for these owners should bepart of the package to assure a fair market price for their property. There should also be a ceiling priceto prevent obstruction by owners. A correct and just balance has to be struck because of the nature ofexisting government control over the property. If this isn’t done properly, people with political pull willtake “advance knowledge” advantage of these owners. Advance knowledge by owners also creates a falsevalue in the minds of the owners and will discourage development. The biggest political problem willcome from renters in the area. They will represent a block of voters trying to keep the area distressed,using misplaced compassion as their tool. Two things can be done to defeat this political problem. Thefirst is a “renters moving committee” that concentrates on the relocation problems of tenants. Developersof low cost housing should be the leaders of this group so it provides concrete answers rather than justbeing a complaint committee. These experts can turn a very negative situation into a positive experiencefor everyone will to put forth effort rather than just complain. The other solution will be to get activesupport from voters outside the depressed area. These votes can offset the negative vote from the renters,
  • 68. but they shouldn’t cause an impossible situation for the renters. This political power should coordinatewith the renters movement committee to assure a compassionate change. The above solution sounds likemore government intervention. This is because of the existing controls. If normal transition took place inthe market, it would be very similar in nature to this solution. The biggest variable would be the actualprices paid by the developers. Without a master plan for the entire area, individual developers wouldbe taking more of a gamble and would demand lower land costs to offset the uncertainty of conformingprojects. In the later stages of development, land prices would be higher for the holdout owners. Abalance of values will have to be struck between the owners and the developers because of the intensegovernment control already in place in the area. LOCAL PROBLEMS HOUSTON, TEXASCan more population growth be stimulated in this area?Can the petrochemical industry be expanded?Should The International Capitalist Party invest in this area? CAN MORE POPULATION GROWTH BE STIMULATED IN THIS AREA?Houston is the only large city that allows and encourages development with very minimal governmentinterference. This political position has always been the key to Houston’’ success and should continue tobe so. Perhaps a direct advertising campaign that emphasizes this heroic freedom in the face of massivefederal constriction of rights could get the message across. Creative freedom in business is at a premiumin many areas of the country. Sometimes the problem is a direct government measure, such as a no-growth initiative. Creative developers become enemies to society, and many times their personal initiativedies with the dream. The advertising mentioned above should give special attention to these backwardareas to reach some of these special people. Another area of expansion would be a worldwide search forcreative business people with an emphasis on free positive capitalism as their personal policy. This shouldattract new ideas into the area.The International Capitalist Party will attempt to purchase an empty or near empty office building anddevelop percentage leases for new entrepreneurs. The party will headquarter its entire operation in one ofthese buildings.One of the Humanarium projects can be constructed in Houston, with encouragement from governmentrather than resistance. This site should be very commercially oriented rather than pure experimentationlike the desert Humanarium. The Houston Humanarium project should be constructed and owned withpartners in the local petrochemical business. When this project is successful as an example of a self-contained community, the ideal of a minimally governed community can be situated anywhere withoutconcerns about weather or location. Space will be the ultimate use for commercial, self-contained
  • 69. habitats. The Humanarium will be a center for the development of this idea.Houston is also a natural place to bring in refugees from countries having political upheavals. Aconversion program with a profit motive should be implemented aggressively to encourage migrationinto the area. These people can be trained and housed in Humanarium type structures without assistancefrom government agencies. This will help stop the political resistance from blocking immigration into thiscountry.Houston has been pointed out as one of the worst places to live because of environmental health concerns.This situation coupled with fact of minimal government force through regulations gives the local businesscommunity an opportunity to clean up their act without being coerced by government officials. The cleanup of local water and air pollution or the control of these factors, could give Houston something new toboast about. CAN THE PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY BE EXPANDED?Oil is a limited resource. It can’’ be manufactured or grown. So why do we burn it? The long term resultswill be the equivalent of killing all the fish in the oceans. It doesn’t make sense to abuse this naturalasset. The question then is how to make this a market decision rather than a political decision. How canoil become as profitable as a building material as it now is as a fuel? A massive demand must be createdfor total environmental communities constructed with petrochemical products (Plastic). Once again, theHumanarium project with its integrated scientific systems provides a futuristic answer to this problem.Every part of a Humanarium should be recyclable as indefinitely as possible. Plastic provides therecyclable building and parts material necessary for the success of the Humanarium project. Wood, metaland cement products all have their uses but lack the total flexibility of plastic materials. This specializeduse for the self contained recyclable Humanarium project will make domestic oil too precious to burn.The message to consumers in America could become “build with domestic oil, and burn imported oil”.This policy could be of use until a viable alternate energy system evolves. This change of policy couldmake marginal oil fields into self contained Humanarium communities. The well could be the centerof the community, with a small refinery and computer controlled extruder completing the cycle ofconstruction and perpetual renewal and growth.These communities can be constructed in former barren areas wherever oil is present. The economies ofthese communities should also be self contained and independent of other communities as an experimentfor space colonization. Later, a product line should be developed for trade as a backup system withoutjeopardizing the primary goal of an independent community.SHOULD THE INTERNATIONAL CAPITALIST PARTY INVEST IN THIS AREA?Houston will be the primary investment area for The International Capitalist Party at the beginning of itsevolution. The reason is the community’’ political attitude and consistent policy of encouraging positivecapitalism. In short, the party won’’ have to fight City Hall. Local politicians may not endorse our ideas,but at least they won’’ try to stop them. That assurance is enough to get the party off to a good start. Tome, this attitude translates into friendly neighbors and a free political economy. Another major reasonfor the party’s choice of Houston as a base is the petrochemical business that drives the economy of
  • 70. Houston. The party’’ goals are very compatible with this industry. Our commonalty of goals should leadto a remarkable political and economic relationship if properly developed.The party’’ headquarters will be in Houston. Office space is over built in the area, and party should beable to solve some very serious economic problems for the owners of several of these office buildings. Aconfidential plan to solve some of these problems has already been developed. The party will implementthe solution as soon as the time is right. At the present time, the party is checking each individualopportunity in the area.The next type of investment will be a location that includes an oil well, to be developed as a Humanariumcommunity. This location will be as close to Houston as possible for maximum exposure to our project.If our membership drive interests some professional oil people, we can then recruit their assistance andexpertise for the Humanarium project. This assistance will be on a mutually beneficial basis consistentwith ideals of positive capitalism.
  • 71. CHAPTER EI GHT 1996 - T HE 20TH ANNI VERSARY WA ITI NG FOR RESULTS C H A NGES AND REVI SI ONS N E W TECHNOLOGI ES F U TURE MARKETI NG T HE TI ME I S NOW WA ITI NG FOR RESULTST h e h a r d e s t p a r t of this whole process for me has been just waiting to see if my w r i t i n g sh a v e a n y v a l i d i ty. While my intuition and common sense told me twenty years a g o t h a tc e r t a i n e v e n t s were inevitable, if the world was to become a better place, my do u b t s w e r eo n a e v e n s c a l e . I wrote to clarify the issues in my own mind. I set out a plan th a t c o u l db e i m p l e m e n t e d at any time if it was needed. My confidence has now matured an d I ’ mread y t o p r o c e e d as planned.Wh at h a s t h e w a iting produced? T he most impor ta nt thing to r e a liz e is tha t it ha s p r o v e nt h a t p o s i t i v e c a pitalism has a life of its own. No matter what happens, most of w h a t i sd i s cu sse d i n t h is book w ill come to b e with time a nd knowle dge .Th e bi g g e st d i sa ppointment has been in the gr owth of ne ga tive c a pita lism. I ts gro w th h a sb een a t a b o u t t he same rate as the demise of c ommunism. The gr owth of ne ga tiv e c a p ita l-i s m , m a i n l y i l l egal drugs, has made it pe r f e c tly c le a r tha t the only wa y c a pita lis m w ills u rv iv e a s a r e cognized economic sys te m, is if the pr opone nts of the f r e e ma r ke t c o me tog ri p s w i t h t h i s problem of problems. I f the y don’t, the y will ha ve unde r e stima te d th e to l-eran c e o f t h e g e neral public.A s I w r i t e t h i s paragraph the debate has almost been won by fascists. They want t o i n f u s et h e sy s t e m w i t h force. This is an old Machiavellian plot to seize power and ensl a v e t h ep o p u l a c e . T h e American government, through plan or mistake has let the drug an d c r i m es i t u at i o n g e t o u t of hand. Many other de ve lope d a nd de ve loping c ountr ie s a r e e xp e r ie n c-i n g t h e sa m e p r oblems. T he only solution be ing put f or th is f or c e . The de ba te is mu z z le dwh en i t c o m e s to a real solution.We n o w h a v e o ver one million citizens in ja il in Ame r ic a a nd the powe r str uc ture is h o p-i n g t o i n c r e a se that number to four million by the tur n of the c e ntur y. This is the n e wg ro w t h i n d u st r y in A merica. What it re a lly is, is one f or m of ne ga tive c a pita lism f e e d-i n g o ff a n o t h e r form of negative capitalism. Positive capitalism has a life of its o w n . N om a t t e r w h a t h a ppens, most of what is discussed in this book will come to be wit h t i m e a n dknowledge.Th e bi g g e st d i sa ppointment has been in the gr owth of ne ga tive c a pita lism. I ts gro w th h a sb een a t a b o u t t he same rate as the demise of c ommunism. The gr owth of ne ga tiv e c a p ita l-i s m , m a i n l y i l l egal drugs, has made it pe r f e c tly c le a r tha t the only wa y c a pita lis m w ills u rv iv e a s a r e cognized economic sys te m, is if the pr opone nts of the f r e e ma r ke t c o me tog ri p s w i t h t h i s problem of problems. I f the y don’t, the y will ha ve unde r e stima te d th e to l-eran c e o f t h e g e neral public.
  • 72. A s I w r i t e t h i s paragraph the debate has almost been won by fascists. They want t o i n f u s et h e sy s t e m w i t h force. This is an old Machiavellian plot to seize power and ensl a v e t h ep o p u l a c e . T h e American government, through plan or mistake has let the drug an d c r i m es i t u at i o n g e t o u t of hand. Many other de ve lope d a nd de ve loping c ountr ie s a r e e xp e r ie n c-i n g t h e sa m e p r oblems. T he only solution be ing put f or th is f or c e . The de ba te is mu z z le dwh en i t c o m e s to a real solution.We n o w h a v e o ver one million citizens in ja il in Ame r ic a a nd the powe r str uc ture is h o p-i n g t o i n c r e a se that number to four million by the tur n of the c e ntur y. This is the n e wg r o w t h i n d u s t r y in America. What it really is, is one form of negative capitalism f e e d i n go ff an o t h e r f o r m of negative capitalism.Wh i le i t c a n b e conceded, there is a ne e d f or a ge ne r a l c le a n up pr oc e ss. Any c le a r th in k-i n g p e r s o n s h o uld realize that having four million felons in prison will only del a y t h e r e a lp ro b l e m t h a t w ill follow. It’s obvious tha t the se f our million dise nf r a nc hise d a n d a n g r yci t i ze n s w i l l t h en be release back into soc ie ty. The y will be le a ne r a nd me a ne r. Ar e y o us u re t h i s i s t h e solution A merica?T h e n u t s o ’s r e a ding this would say; No! Lets keep them in jail or fry em! Are w e g o i n gt o l e t t h e N a z i mentality take over this country? I don’t think so. This all sound s r e a l l ycrazy d o e sn ’t i t. Well that’s exactly wha t we a r e de a ling with. The ne ur opha r mac o lo g ic a lt r u t h i s t h a t t h e se drugs are creating state sanctioned crazy people. Translated, t h a t m e a n st h a t i t h a s b e e n proven that the chemicals that are being ingested by the addicts a r e n o to n l y a d d i c t i v e , but they are the same chemicals that the body produces naturally w h e na p e r s o n g o e s p sychotic. Have you ever heard the saying, “Confuse and then con q u e r ” ?T h a t ’s w h a t ’s h appening right in front of your eyes. By hook or crook, the powe r t r i a n g l eo f p o l i t i c i a n , b ureaucrats, and attorneys will be the pr ima r y be ne f ic ia r ie s of this s c e n a r io .T h e y a r e a l s o t he ones screaming the loudest against the obvious solution. Why? I t w i l lp u t t h e m o u t o f work. Can you imagine them standing in the unemployment line . T h a two u ld w a r m t h e cockles of my heart.CHA N G E S A N D R E V IS IO N STh e bi g g e st c h ange w ill be on the empha sis pla c e d on c e r ta in pr ior itie s of the pa r ty. O r ig-i n a l l y, i t w a s t hought that the main p roblem was world communism and its’ spre a d . N o wt h at c o m m u n i sm has been show n for wha t it r e a lly is, with the f a ll of the Sovie t e mp ir e ,o u r w o r k m u st be directed more tow ar ds the de ve lope d c ountr ie s tha t still ha ve c o mmu n is tf e a t u r e s i n t h e i r systems. The United States is a country that has a population th a t w a n t st o ri d i t se l f o f the giant bureaucracies, but the powe r tr ia ngle won’t le t go of its s tr a n g leh o l d o n t h e e c o nomy. O ur existence ca n only he lp e nd this tr a ge dy. Te c hnology is w in-n i n g t h e b a t t l e by not allowing the tr icksters any room to maneuver without the g e n e r a lp u b l i c b e i n g a ware of their schnanigans. Life might get back to where it was, in t e r m s o fr e n e w e d o p p o r t unities in America, in a short while. If this happens quickly enou g h , w ewo n ’t se e t h e d e mise of this great cultur e . Ma ny pr ognostic a tor s ha ve told of th e d e s tr u c-t i o n o f t h e A m erican w ay of life, but it still c a n be sa ve d.T h e b i g g e s t d i s appointment would be the fact that our Space program has come t o a n e a rh a l t . T h e r e a s o n is simple. The economy has been sucking up the capital that wa s g o i n g t ob e u s e d f o r t h i s purpose. We have a dysfunctional portion of our society that ref l e c t s t h e
  • 73. u s e o f c o m m u n ist techniques for man a ging the e c onomy. We ne e d to r e vise this me th o do f d o i n g b u s i n ess. Fortunately, the political climate is good for making these ch a n g e s .P e r h a p s i n t e n years, we’ll look back and see that the evolution into positive ca p i t a l i s mwi l l h a v e t a k e n another giant leap dome stic a lly. I n the me a ntime , a gr e a t oppor tu n ity iso p en f o r p r i v a t e companies to innova te our wa y into spa c e . The e ntr e pr e ne ur ia l ta le n t o fi n d i v i d u a l s s h o uld take on this challenge. The I.C.P. will help by developing the S t a r L i f ep ro g r a m .We w i l l u se a n e w form of financing tha t ha sn’t be e n done be f or e . I t will be a c o mb in a-t i o n o f t h e c a sh w orld and the barter e xc ha nge wor ld. We will sta r t a c ompa ny b y th en am e o f “ D i g i t a l C redit E xchange”. The c ompa ny will de a l in ne twor k c r e dits on a c o m-p u t er b a se d o n a dollar value. T his is how the Ba r te r Exc ha nge s do it now be twee n b u s i-n es s o w n e r s. T he difference here w ill be in the f a c t tha t the ge ne r a l public c a n p a r tic i-p a t e . T h e y w i l l be issued digital credits for their membership fees. These digital c r e d i t sc a n o n l y b e s p e nd within the membership. This is the safest form of banking the r e i s . T h ecred i t s c a n ’t b e stolen because even if some one ha c ks the ir wa y into the syste m, th e c r e d-i t s a r e n ’t c a s h convertible and can be restore back to the rightful owner. The ban k c a n ’tg e t i n t o t r o u b l e by borrowing from the government and the owners of the bank c a n ’t r u no ff w i t h t h e m o ney. What are they going to do, ta ke the c ompute r s with the m to So u thA m e r i c a ? T h e s e digital credits will be used to finance many of the projects with i n t h eI. C. P. Ca sh w i l l still be needed, at le a st f or a while . The whole mone ta r y syste m w ill b erev i s e d o r su b stantially changed by this ne w te c hnology. Be c a use the r e a r e so m a n y b u ilti n s af e t y f e a t u r es in this method of banking, maybe we can keep the power trian g l e f r o mo v er r e g u l a t i n g and controlling this s yste m. Tha t will me a n mor e f le xibility a nd in n o v a-t i o n . O u r v i g i l ance will have to be strong in this area. If they can find one crook a m o n gu s t he y w i l l u s e that example to kill the industry. They don’t like businesses tha t d o n ’tn eed t o b e c o n t rolled. It makes them se e m use le ss. Ma ybe we c a n ge t the m be tter jo b s .NE W T E CH N O L O G IE SD u r i n g t h e l a s t twenty years the new technologies haven’t seemed to be as impo r t a n t a st h e b r i n g i n g d o wn the cost of existing technologies. While there has been some d e f i n i t er e f i n e m e n t , t h e basic computer concepts and communication systems have mostl y b e e na i m e d a t b r i n g i ng the everyday consumer into the market. This strategy has acce l e r a t e dt h e p o ssi b i l i t y o f mass marketing the I .C.P.F UT U R E MA R K E T IN GT h e m a r k e t i n g of the I.C.P. memberships will be the top priority of the party. If w e d o n ’th av e a so l i d m e mbership base our capita l ba se will ne ve r be c ome la rge e nough to f o l-l o w t h r o u g h w i th the objectives of the organization. At the end of this book ther e w i l lb e a r e c r u i t m e n t manual that can be detached and duplicated by anyone intereste d i n o u rp r o g r a m . T h e manual will be constantly updated to reflect the results of the mem b e r s h i pd ri v e .I n g e n e r a l , w e will use every marketing method that proves effective. The initia l s a l e st h ru st s w i l l b e o n the Internet to make the pa r ty br oa d ba se d. Dir e c t one on one r e c r u it-m e n t w i l l b e d one to center the system. The initial team chosen will be very cru c i a l t o t h es u cce ss o f t h e venture.T h e f i r s t t h o u s and members should be part of the system in the first year. This w i l l b e o u r
  • 74. s i m pl e g o a l . A f ter that, w e should try to double the orga niz a tion e ve r y ye a r. Be ca u s e o ft h e u n k n o w n e ffect that our marketing will have, these goals can be raised accor d i n g l y.Th i s i s a l o w e nd goal that should be r e a c he d no ma tte r wha t e lse is a c c omplish e d b y th ep art y. T h e y e a r w ill start on July 4, 1996 e xa c tly twe nty ye a r s f or the inc e ption a n d c r e-at i o n o f t h e I . C.P.F r o m t h e s e t w o marketing methods, the capital to go into other areas of expansi o n w i l l b ep o s s i b l e . T h e i nitial earning w ill be plowe d ba c k into the f ollowing:1 . Ne w sp a p e r a nd magazine ads2 . Dir e c t m a i l3 . Ra d i o a n d T V ads4 . S i g n s a n d b i llboards5 . Ad v e r t i si n g specialties6 . Bu m p e r st i c k ers7 . S p e c i a l e v e n ts8 . Tra i n i n g sc h ools9 . Te l e m a r k e t i ng1 0 . B o o k sa l e s11 . Vi d e o sa l e s1 2 . C D a n d t a p e salesT h e i n i t i a l e a r ning will come from the over-ride on the ten percent commission p a i d t h es a l e s f o r c e . T h e other ninety percent will go into real estate transactions to buil d t h ec a p i t a l b a s e o f the organization. It’s obvious that there will need to be a large n u m b e r o fp e o p l e p a r t i c i p ating to make this plan effective. The participation levels are des i g n e d t ov ary w i t h t h e i ndividuals circumstance s a nd inte r e st in the pr oc e ss. This is why it is im-p e r a t i v e t h a t o ur first group includes as many committed members as possible. T h e m o r ep as s iv e m e m b e rs w ill be needed in the long r un, but a ggr e ssive e ntr e pr e ne ur s a re to p p r i-o ri t y d u r i n g t h e start up period.K e e p i n g t h e i n t erest level high durin g an election year will be helpful. Most peo p l e w i l lb e t u n e d i n t o p olitics in 1996 in America. A general platform of support for any c a n d i d a t et h a t e n c o u r a g e s positive capitalism a nd discourages government growth will be d e s i g n e das t h e c a n d i d a t e s line up for their campa igns.THE T I ME I S NO WB e f or e J u l y 4 t h , 1996, we will have secured a position on the internet that will a l l o w u st h e a c c e s s t o a n international market. As of this writing, the net is over subscrib e d a n du n d e r u s e d . We only need it for the core group in the beginning. Later, more sop h i s t i c a t e dm e t h o d s w i l l b e employed. (July 4th update: Everything we need is now in place w i t h t h eWE B . T h e t e c h nology moved faster tha n we c ould ha ve ima gine d.)B y t h e J u l y 4 t h day, we will have one thousand copies of this book and the Train i n g a n dRecru i t m e n t Manual printed. E ach bo ok will be c ode d a nd sold to se r ious ne w me mb e r sd u ri n g t h e f i r st year. H opefully, these me mbe r s will be f r om a ll pa r ts of the globe . O u rm ean s o f c o m munication w ill be mos tly ove r the inte r ne t.I’m p r e p a r i n g a disk that w ill accompa ny this book tha t will be upgr a de d to a n in te r a c-t i v e c o m p a c t d i sc. I’m personally designing the software that will be used to kee p t r a c k o fe v e r y t h i n g . T h e computer programs will keep our members and anyone that wan t s t o k n o wa b o u t t h e I . C . P., well informed. The programs will be designed so that everyone w i l l k n o w
  • 75. w h e re t h e a s s e t s of the I.C.P. are being used. The updates will be as current as t h e n e w e s tm e m b e r j o i n i n g . The program will be designed so that any member that has a co m p u t e r,t h a t i s o n t h e i nternet, can enter new members into the system for an instantaneo u s u p d a t eo f t he e n t i r e s y stem. The digital credits of the new member will be logged into t h e s y s t e mb u t t h e y w o n ’t b e released until the a c tua l c a sh is c onf ir me d a t de signa te d loc a t io n s ins p ecia l e sc r o w trust accounts.Th e f i r st y e a r h as the potential for setting a ne w pa th in the politic a l a r e na . I t m a y b e th em o s t i m p o r t a n t year. The preparations for the first thousand members is comple t e d , b u t i fw e e x c e e d t h i s demand, we are going to need all the help we can get. When you r e a d t h i ss ect i on o f t h e b ook, take note of the da te a nd time . I f you a r e one of the f ir st tho u s a n dm em b e r s, p l e a se make a special effort this ye a r. I t c ould ma ke a ll the diff e r e nc e in th ewo rl d . I f y o u a r e reading this after tha t pe r iod of time , the n you know tha t we s u r v iv e dt h e t o u g h e st y e ar for the I.C .P.If we m o v e f a st enough in the first ye a r, our oppone nts will ha ve a muc h ha r de r times l o w i n g d o w n t he evolution of positive capitalism. If they succeed in stopping t h e I . C . P. ,i t wi ll p r o b a b l y be in the first year. Our de f e nse s a r e lowe r now tha n the y will ev e r b eb ecau se o u r c a pital base is at a minimum. I f we ma na ge to ge t f ina nc ia lly se c ur e q u ic k lyen o ug h , t h e b u r eaucrats, attorneys and politic ia ns tha t ma ke up the ne ga tive powe r tr ia n-g l e ca n b e f o u g ht successfully w ith our own powe r tr ia ngle . “ THE TI ME I S NOW ! ” J o int h e s t r u g g l e a n d have some fun w ith our pa r ty.J u l y 4 t h , 1 9 9 6 is the official start-up da te f or The I nte r na tiona l Ca pita list Pa r ty. T h isg i v e s u s t e n m o nths from the writing of this chapter to set everything in motion. S o m e o ft h e t a sk s t h a t must be completed befo r e the sta r t- up da te a r e a s f ollows:1 . Le a se a h e a d quarters location using digita l c r e dits.2 . Ge t o n t h e i nternet using digital cre dits.3 . P re p a r e a l l p ublications using digita l c r e dits.4 . S t r u c t u r e P o wer Triangle w ith a fe w ke y me mbe r s.5 . P u r c h a se d i g ital computer equipme nt.L e t r e a s o n a n d ability rule politics and the market place, please JOIN The Intern a t i i o n a lCap i t a l i st P a r t y TO D AY ! T H A N K Y OU!
  • 76. CHAPTER NI NE MEMBERSHI P R ESPONSI BI LI TI ES O R G A N IZ ATI ON AND FLOW CHARTS ME MB ERSHI P APPLI CATI ON R ESPONSI BI LI TI EST h e I n t e r n a t i o nal Capitalist Party has very clear responsibilities to its members a n d t o t h ep u b l i c i n g e n e r al. The main responsibility to members is to keep a consistent po l i c y o fp o s i t i v e c a p i t a l ism. This means dealing at every level by exchanging goods, serv i c e s , a n di d eas t h a t a r e mutually beneficial to a ll pa r tie s. The se tr a nsa c tions should be f r ee o f f o r c eo r co e r c i o n .M y p e r s o n a l r e sponsibility will be consistent with this ideal. Unfortunately, I w i l l o n l yb e i n v o l v e d i n start-up procedures and programs. Evolution probably won’t allow m e t h et i m e t o se e t h e incredible results that positive c a pita lism will ma ke possible .Th e pa r t y w i l l also have the responsibility of c ontinuing its pr ogr a ms until the d e s ir e dr e s u l t s a r e r e a c hed. This will require monitoring by the trustees, and due diligen c e b y t h eo wn e r a n d m e m ber participants. T he pa r ty’s e volution will be pr opor tiona te to t h e e ff o r tan d a b i l i t i e s o f these individuals to pe r f or m.Ti m e w i l l n o t b e the major responsibility in the evolutionary process. Rushing n a t u r a lp ro ce sse s a l w a y s requires force, intimida tion, a nd c oe r c ion. The time ta ble f or e v o lu tio n-a r y p r o g r e s s i s not something to be forecast. We will set goals. These goals requ i r e t o t a lv o l u n t a r y c o o p e ration and cannot be a c c ur a te ly pr oje c te d.Ev ery p r o j e c t mentioned in this book will be c ome a ma jor r e sponsibility of the Pa r ty a n da c t i v e p a r t y m e mbers. New projects will be added as the situation warrants. A pa r t i a l l i s to f t h e se r e sp o n sibilities follow s:1 . M e m b e r sh i p drive2 . Off i c i a l p u b l ications3 . In v e st m e n t management of the capita l ba se4 . Ov e r se e e d u cational program “H ow to ma ke mone y with positive c a pita lism”5 . M on i t o r i n g , and help change intrusive gove r nme nt r e gula tions6 . S t a r l i f e P r o g ram7 . P i n p o i n t , a n d help change negative c a pita list a c tivitie s8 . P ro m o t i o n o f T he International C apita list Pa r ty a s a via ble f or e ign polic y optio n f o rAm er i c a
  • 77. 1 0 . P r o b l e m so lving through “T he B ook of Solutions”11 . E n c o u r a g e ment of free trade among na tions1 2 . H e l p i n i n c r easing high-tech communic a tions T E N S T EP QUI CKSTART GUI DECo n ti n u e t h e n a tural evolution of capita lism.T h e o l d e s t a n d most natural economic system in the world is capitalism. It doesn ’t s e e mt h a t a n y t h i n g t hat good could possibly need any protection, but the opposite is t r u e . T h er e a s o n c a p i t a l i sm is attacked from all sides is that it empowers individuals acco r d i n g t ot h ei r a b i l i t i e s a n d effort. E very other syste m r e wa r ds f or c e not f r e e dom.At t em p t t o e n r oll new members.O u r j o b w i l l b e to help in the process of the evolution of positive capitalism by t r a i n i n go t h e r s . We w i l l attempt to increase the membership in the party and you can be r e w a r d e dm a n y w a y s i f y ou participate in this noble endeavor. An informed population ca n n o t b eeas i l y l e d i n t o bad political and economic de c isions by a ny ma ste r ma nipula tor.P ri n c i p l e s o f p ositive capitalism.T h e m a i n p r i n c iple of positive capitalism is a fair exchange of goods, services a n d i d e a sb et we e n t w o o r more parties to a transa c tions. Othe r s a r e pa r t of the disc ussion.In v o l v e y o u r se l f in the political proc e ss.Yo u c a n ’t e x p e ct others to involve th e mse lve s in the politic a l pr oc e ss if you don’t w a lkyour talk.Teach o t h e r s w hat you learn.W h o n e e d s t o s ay more? Digital Credits Mania has just started on the net. Learn t h e l a t e s tfo rm o f c o m m e r ce. D igital purchases r e tur n c a sh in f if te e n ye a r s? Ta lk a bout hav in g y o u rcak e a n d e a t i n g it too! It’s now possible .As k f o r h e l p a n d support from other me mbe r s.Th e I n t e r n a t i o n al C apitalist P arty has be gun to ma ke its’ ma r k on the inte r ne t w ith th e a d-d i t i o n o f m a n y new elements on site. Use the e - ma il a nd c ha t se c tions to give sup p o r t too t h er m e m b e r s w ith questions or conce r ns.Learn t o e v a l u ate current and past politic a l e ve nts.
  • 78. Try t o u se t h i s s ite as a guide if you wa nt to ha ve c le a r politic a l a nd e c onomic th o u g h t.In s p ir e o t h e r s w ith your actions.S h o w e m p a t h y for your opposition, but don’t c ompr omise pr inc iple s in the pr oc e s s .M ak e su r e y o u walk your talk.
  • 79. U N D E R S TA N D I NG COMMUNI S T CANCE R T h e p u b l i c school system is the most important rule of communism. This is w h e r e t h efo u n d a t i o n o f a ll future propaganda of distor tion of the me a ning a nd impor ta nc e o f f r e e-d o m i s l a i d . I n a country w ith a stron g histor y a nd unde r sta nding of f r e e dom, th is w illt ak e m a n y g e n erations to accomplish. T h e s i n g l e most important aspect of this rule is maintaining the mandatory e d u c a t i o n a lm o n o p o l y o v e r the society you wish to dominate. The second most important as p e c t o ft h i s r u l e i s u s i ng the word social in i ts many forms to disguise real communist i n t e n t i o n su n t i l c o n t r o l c a n be taken from the individual by government. Each word and in n u e n d om u s t b e c a r e f u l ly directed into the per c e ption of gr oup c onf or mity a s the ultimate g o o d .Ev en sp o r t s sh ould be more important a s a gr oup. T h e p r i n c i p les of democracy shou ld be ta ught without the e xpla na tion of the ty r a n n yo f t he m a j o r i t y as its underlying motive for communism. “Let them vote their fr e e d o m sa w a y ” . W h i l e this is sarcastic, it is also true. Both the IRS and the public scho o l s y s t e ms t a r t e d i n 1 9 1 3 inspired by the works of Karl Marx and that is no joke. They’ve b e c o m em o n st e r s i n a f ree society. Its time to stop the m a nd the ir c ommuc r a t wa ys. A c o u p l e si mple adjustments can ta ke the te e th out of the ir c ommunist inte ntio n s . A l-l o w p u b l i c s c h ools and private schoo ls to compete by using the well researched v o u c h e rs y s t e m t o g i v e choice back to the par e nts a nd c hildr e n. Cha nge the ta x syste m t o a c o n-s u m e r t a x i n s t e ad of an income tax. Quit punishing people for being good at pro v i d i n gs u p e r i o r g o o d s and services. They should be commended, not punished. The nu m b e r sh a v e a l r e a d y b een crunched and only difference will be that we replace governm e n t f o r c ewi t h c h o i c e . Break through the bonds of tyr a nny a nd be c ome f r e e a ga in. Te n we c a n c o n-cen t r a t e o n c u t t ing back on government. The la st Ame r ic a n f r ontie r. F r e e d o m i s destroyed by governme nt powe r a nd powe r is mone y. The se c ond mo s t im-p o r t a n t r u l e o f communism is confiscation of private property. This can be inst i t u t e d i no n e o f t w o w a y s. The most direct method is to use Fascist force at the barrel of a g u n i nt h e fa c e o f i t s r ecalcitrant citizens. This wor ks be st whe n c itiz e ns a r e not a llowe d to b e a ra r m s . T h e o t h e r way is more insidious and takes many generations to nibble aw a y a t afree t h i n k i n g p o pulation. B y using mispla c e d c ompa ssion to institute a gr a dua te d in c o met ax t o c r e a t e c l ass w arfare, the gover nme nt c a n tur n c itiz e ns a ga inst e a c h othe r. T h is a ls om ak e s i t h a r d e r for the country that is dupe d into this f oolishne ss to gr ow f ina n c ia lly.T h e h i g h e r t h e taxes on the most productive individuals and companies the grea t e r t h ep o we r o f g o v e r n ment to use other methods of pr iva te pr ope r ty c onf isc a tion. Th e s e me th-o d s use st e a l t h and deception to accomplish the ir goa ls. A m e r i c a , i n the year 2008, is the vic tim of two sle a z y misa ppr opr ia tions of as s e ts .O n e f r o m t h e w anna be World Government, commonly known as the United Nati o n s a n do n e f r o m t h e i r ow n government. B oth me thods use f e a r thr ough c ontr olle d ma ss me d iae v e n t s t o c o m e to the rescue of the cowered population with false solutions. Th e f i r s ts cen a r i o i s t h e total destruction of the pla ne t. Ca r bon c r e dits a r e the ne w f or m o f ta x a-t i o n . T h e v i c t i ms are those dirty cap ita list tha t a r e polluting the wor ld with their u s e le s sg ad ge t s. T h e i r activities must be punishe d by giving a wa y the ir a sse ts thr ough th e ta x-i n g m e t h o d o f carbon credits. I thought we had a Declaration of Independence t o s t o pt a x a t i o n w i t h o ut representation. Onl y the tyranny of the majority could be stup i d e n o u g ht o t h r o w a w a y their freedom in this haphazard scam to fleece America’s assets. S o f a r,we’v e r e si st e d b ut the clear cut reasons ha ve n’t be e n r e giste r e d. I nste a d the me d ia c o m-p l ex i s st i l l t r y ing to sell this concept using so c a lle d “ Politic a l Cor r e c tne ss” .
  • 80. T h e n a t i o n a l financial crisis w as c ontr ive d by the sa me sne a ky c ommuc r a ts th a t s u p-p o rt e v e r y o t h e r government program tha t c onf isc a te s the public s mone y f or a ny ima g in-ab l e sc h e m e t h e y can come up w ith to f le e c e the Ame r ic a n pe ople . Cr e a te the pr o b le ma n d t h e n r u s h i n and solve the problem with more taxation and social engineerin g t h a tt h e s e e l i t i s t p i nheads know will give them power. These are the same PHD hold i n g , e xC E O ’s t h a t c a n ’t count. They made the rules to extend credit in foolish ways th a t e v e na s ec o n d g r a d e r w ould understand. The y do this in the na me of soc ia l e ngine e r in g . A K Aco m mu n i sm . T hey’ll try to convince you tha t a n ille ga l immigr a nt la bor e r ma kin g a d e-c e n t l i v i n g o f t hree to four thousand dollars per month can purchase an expensiv e n e wh o m e w i t h a t i ckler loan to qualify. What do they expect, that these hard workin g p e o p l ew i l l a l l o f s u d d en become software executives and triple their income so they ca n m a k et h e p a y m e n t s o n their adjustable loans when the obvious happens. Who is kiddi n g w h o m ?T h e s e s a m e p e ople are going to rush in and save us all. I don’t think so! Throw t h e b u m si n j ail f r o m t h e top dow n. T hey’ve abuse d the ir powe r a nd de se r ve the sa me tr ea tme n t a san y th i e f w o u l d get. If nothing else, c ha rge the m with stupidity a nd don’t le t th e m g e tan y w h e r e n e a r a government or lending institution position. T h e o t h e r 8 1 trillion dollars in th e tricksters schemes should burn to the grou n d a n dl et t he m a r k e t adjust naturally. T he tr ic kste r s a nd f ools should loose mone y, no t th e p r u-d en t h a r d w o r k i ng A mericans. T he only wa y this will ha ppe n is if r e a l ne ws c ome s b a c k tot h e c o u n t r y, n o t the lies passed as information by the current media complex. C o m p l i c i t ycan e a si l y b e p r oven in the courts and should be . This is a time f or c our a ge a nd le a d e r-s h i p a n d n o t “ g o along platitudes” by c ommuc r a ts. Ca ll your loc a l a nd na tiona l le a d e r sa n d l e t t h e m k now you won’t help with your tax dollars and your vote. You are g o i n g t oh e l p s t o p t h e m every way possible. You can also donate to two programs we spo n s o r t oh e l p t h i s g r o w i ng problem. We need money to hire warrior attorneys that under s t a n d t h eg r a v i t y o f t h i s assault against freedom. We’ll take the media to court every cha n c e w ecan a n d w e ’ l l sp onsor a “B ureaucrats Re sponsibility Ac t” tha t will ma ke the se fo o ls a c-co u nt a b l e . F i g hting back for your free dom is the only sa ne wa y to ma inta in it.