Multicultural Resources

 This bibliography is not the definitive list of multicultural materials. There are a
 great many...

OPEN-ENDED TOOLS                                        Note: Helps students organize and develop ideas...
Heartsoft bestsellers ESL version. KidSmart              LAH32456
 (Heartsoft).                                           ...
Note: Teaches basic readers to become more                  Goldilocks and the three bears & other stories; Story
Spanish, or German at the click of a mouse. Grades     Mirror symmetry (Tenth planet explores math.             MMH44900
Bilingual: switch between English and Spanish.            Note: Create 8 types of word puzzles with                SCLV261...
chemical change, Heat and temperature. Volumes 2        Note: Readable explanation of second language            Ovando, C...
Professional                                          Note: Provides a list of web sites that will translate
Vendor Directory - Bilingual
                                                     Inspiration Software - http://www.inspir...
bilingual. They also carry Gujarati, Marathi        feature films, avant-garde, new wave,
 and Hindi books for adults.    ...
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Lista Software

  1. 1. Multicultural Resources This bibliography is not the definitive list of multicultural materials. There are a great many other excellent items available. Failure to be included on this list does not imply that an item is not worthwhile; it may simply be one we’re not familiar with. This multicultural bibliography is arranged in sections. Within each section, entries are arranged alphabetically by title. Only titles available for purchase have been included. Titles that contain a call number are available for checkout from the Lake County Educational Services Media Center. Items circulate for two-weeks to Lake County teachers and administrators. The Media Center also circulates excellent software titles that are currently out of print. Call 847-223-3400 ext. 232 for a list of the out of print titles. Section 1: Computer software Section 1a: Open-ended tools Section 1b: Language acquisition skills Section 1c: Language arts - storybooks Section 1d: Language arts - writing Section 1e: Math Section 1f: Multimedia and Reference tools Section 1g: Science Section 1h: Social sciences Section 1i: Teacher utilities Section 2: Laserdiscs Section 3: Resource books Section 4: Magazine articles Section 5 Videos Section 6: Professional Resources and Organizations Section 7: Web sites Section 8: Software Companies Directory and Publishers Directory Permission is granted to copy and distribute the information in this bibliography to other librarians and teachers as long as Lake County Educational Services is cited as the source. Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.1
  2. 2. COMPUTER SOFTWARE OPEN-ENDED TOOLS Note: Helps students organize and develop ideas Note: Interactive program teaches auditory using the principles of visual learning. Grades K-5. processing and phonemic awareness skills for speech Note: Open-ended software Macintosh and Windows. and language development. Children learn by programs such as AppleWorks playing games, which are based on the theories and LAH4977 principles of speech acoustics, speech perception, (Apple), Microsoft Word KidWorks Deluxe. Knowledge Adventure. speech and language development, and literacy Note: Tool that allows users to express their learning. The format allows for a child to work (Microsoft), and PowerPoint individual writing, reading, and creativity skills. independently, and features automatic goal and (Microsoft) allow teachers to Grades K-4. Macintosh and Windows. progress report writing, which meet professional accountability requirements. Grades Pre-3. develop their own bilingual curricula. LAM38881 Macintosh and Windows. Picture power pack: Picture It and PixWriter. Slater MMW48406 and MMH48406 Software [2002]. LAM48417 Boardmaker. Mayer-Johnson. Note: Picture It allows teachers to add pictures to ELLIS kids and ELLIS academic. ELLIS. Note: Graphics database containing over 3,000 text. PixWriter is a talking word-processing program Note: ESL English instruction program designed for Picture Communication Symbols that allows supporting beginning and struggling readers and young learners at three levels of language teachers to make worksheets, picture instruction writers with pictures and text. Grades K-4. proficiency: true beginner, beginner and low sheets, reading books, journals, or posters. Each Macintosh. intermediate learner. Includes video of real life symbol is translated into multiple languages (no situations, context based instruction and entertaining speech-to-text function) and may be printed in any of the languages. Grades K-6. Languages for the LANGUAGE ACQUISITION games. Provides native language support in over 14 languages including: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Macintosh include: English, Spanish, French, SKILLS Japanese, and Korean. Grades K-6. Macintosh and Swedish, German, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Windows. Portuguese, and Dutch. Languages for Windows Note: Riverdeep (Edmark), include: English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Laureate Learning Systems, and Don LAW38959 French, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Danish, English discoveries. Edusoft. Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Catalan, Russian, Johnston are well known publishers Note: Computer based interactive multimedia course Turkish, Vietnamese (Hmong), Finnish, and of software programs for Special to learn English as a second or foreign language. Hungarian. Grades 5-adult. Windows. Needs students. Many of their LAM44946 and LAW44946 titles will be beneficial to LAW44445 Clicker 4. Crick Software, [2000]. English tutor. Exceller Software. Note: Writing and creativity tool designed to multicultural students. The Media Note: Teaches English grammar, vocabulary, motivate and support children as they learn to read Center has many of their titles reading comprehension and speaking practice. and write. Use to create: instant vocabulary Students receive instant feedback as they answer wordlists, sentence building lessons, student-created available for preview. Please ask for questions. Grades 4-12. Windows. talking books, web pages and multimedia details if you wish to preview these presentations, support for existing print based LAH35226 spelling and reading programs, story starters and titles. ESL renegades (Spanish version is titled ESL writing frames, science lab reports, thematic grammar skills: Spanish translations). Siboney projects, student portfolios, and more. Grades K-8. PRH37085 Learning Group (Gamco). Macintosh or Windows. ABCircus! Isacsoft. Note: Students have the opportunity to capture four Note: Educational games designed to help children renegades (each representing a common language APH9600 learn to read and count. Bilingual: English and problem) by identifying errors embedded in HyperStudio 4. Sunburst. French. Grades Pre-1. Windows and Macintosh. sentences. Grades 3-12. Windows and Macintosh. Note: Multimedia program that allows user to create project ideas, templates, portfolios, and lessons. PRH45719 LAH38786 Grades K-8. Macintosh and Windows. Ani’s rocket ride. APTE Inc. Every child a reader. Sunburst. Note: Helps children learn all about school. Students Note: Contains 50 original stories that sequentially LAM5009 experiment with the natural objects in the science, introduce a controlled first grade vocabulary. Grades Inspiration. Inspiration Software Inc. art, drama, computers, and literacy centers. K-2. Windows and Macintosh. Note: Visual learning tool that helps students Bilingual: English and Spanish. Grades Pre-1. strengthen critical thinking, comprehension, and Windows and Macintosh. FLM30658 writing skills. Grades 5-12. Macintosh and Firsthand access. DynEd International. Windows. CAST eReader. CAST (distributed by Don Note: Includes sequenced listening-based activities Johnston). using audio and animated graphics to engage and ARH4966 Note: Provides speech and visual highlighting to any motivate students. Includes tasks and follow-up Kid Pix Studio Deluxe and Kid Pix Deluxe 3 electronic text. Helps children and adults who have exercises. Grades 4-12. Macintosh and Windows. Riverdeep (Broderbund). reading or learning disabilities, read below grade Note: Multimedia and creativity program that level, speak English as a second language, have low LAH44440 includes engaging art and writing tools. Available in vision, or have certain mobility problems. Grades 3- Focus on grammar. Exceller Software. English and Spanish modes. Grades K-8. Macintosh 12. Macintosh and Windows. Note: Provides extensive grammar practice through and Windows. a great variety of reading, writing, and listening PRH36098 activities. Four levels are available. Grades 4-12. LAH41880 Earobics: auditory development & phonics program. Macintosh and Windows. Kidspiration. Inspiration Software Inc. Cognitive Concepts, [1999]. PSH17612 Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.2
  3. 3. Heartsoft bestsellers ESL version. KidSmart LAH32456 (Heartsoft). Multimedia flashcards: Learn American English! LAH45704 Note: Contains 12 curriculum-based basic skills (now titled: Vocabulary builder: English) EuroTalk, Phonics Super Star Reading System – Demo. Help (reading, social studies, language arts, and math) Note: Combines pictures, text, and sound to make an Me2 Learn. software titles. Instructions are available in English interactive flash card system, which can be used to Note: Series of computer programs (Letters and or Spanish. Grades K-6. help in basic language teaching. Learn words, play numbers, Phonics 1a, 1b, 2, 3a, and Spanish 1a with Huggly series. Scholastic games, and record words and sentences. Grades Pre- phonics) designed to help teach reading using a Note: Build early learning skills including reading, 6. Windows and Macintosh. system of phonics. Grades Pre-5. math, problem solving, and creativity. Bilingual English/Spanish. Grades Pre-4. FLH30682 LAW44401 New dynamic English (level 1) DynEd International. Pronunciation in American English. PSH36088 Note: Focuses on the key skill necessary to acquire Note: Improves pronunciation skills for non-native I spy series. Scholastic. any language: listening. Contains listening practice speakers. Grades 9-adult. Macintosh and Windows. Note: Develop essential skills in vocabulary with native speaker models, plus a variety of building, spelling, reading, visual memory and listening tasks and follow-up exercises. Grades 3-12. LAH44429 problem solving. Titles in series include: I spy Macintosh. Pronunciation power. English Computerized spooky mansion, I spy junior, I spy junior puppet Learning Inc. playhouse, I spy school days. Bilingual LAH44665 Note: Practice your pronunciation through English/Spanish. Grades Pre-4. Windows and North American idioms: Encomium Publications. interactive exercises. Grades 4-12. Macintosh and Macintosh. Note: Intermediate level English language learners Windows. will be able to practice using idioms in common FLH43895 real-life situations to improve their understanding of Punctuation rules. Optimum Resource. Instant immersion language starter for kids. Topics specific idioms in various contexts. Grades 6-12. Note: Covers material ranging from categories of Entertainment and EuroTalk, [2000]. Windows and Macintosh. sentences to forming possessives and allows students Note: A practical method for learning to speak to gain strength in their ability to correctly use Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Grades Pre-4. One pick pack series. Mindplay. punctuation. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Grades Windows and Macintosh. Note: To make these programs bilingual you must 3-9. Windows and Macintosh. also purchase the Language Pack add-on feature. PRH46124 Titles in series include: Ace detective (LAM19194) FLH35266 Jump Start Languages. Knowledge Adventure. Critical reading to organize information and draw Qsteps 1 & 2. Riverdeep. Note: Join Frankie the Dog at the World Festival and conclusions. Available in English, Spanish, or Note: Build a vocabulary of 500 words through a discover four language pavilions filled with the French. Grades 1-8. Ace explorer. Reading for variety of listening and speaking activities. Includes sounds of French, Japanese, Spanish, and English. sequence. Available in English, Spanish, or French. teacher's guide and flashcards. Spanish edition. Grades Pre-1. Windows and Macintosh. Grades 3-8. Ace inquirer. Reading for fact or Grades K-5. Windows and Macintosh. opinion. Available in English, Spanish, or French. Kidspeak 6-in-1. Transparent Language. Grades 3-8. Ace reporter. Reading for main idea and LAH39199 Note: Fun and easy way to learn a foreign language details. Available in English, Spanish, or French. Reading with phonics is fun. Arrow Educational through immersion. Languages included are: French, Grades 3-8. Easy street. Teaches numbers, letters, Products. German, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. shapes, patterns and counting. Available in English Note: Helps teach the ABCs, short vowel sounds, Help is available in English. Grades 1-8. Windows or Spanish. Grades 1-8. Race the clock language long vowel sounds, beginning sounds, ending and Macintosh. arts. Learners match synonyms, antonyms, sounds, beginning clusters, ending clusters, homonyms, word associations, and verb forms. consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, 400 basic sight LAH9883 Available in English or Spanish. Grades Pre-8. Word words, word attack skills, and other reading skills. Language explorer. Nordic Software. hound. Practice word associations, vocabulary Grades 4-adult. Windows and Macintosh. Note: Builds vocabulary using fun sounds and color building, and categorization. Available in English or animation. Includes word sets for English, French, Spanish. Grades Pre-8. FLH32995 German and Spanish with more than 500 animated Rosetta stone: Power pac. Fairfield Language picture tiles in 42 topics. Grades K - 8. Windows and FLH45391 Technologies. Macintosh. Painter Bear’s language: Puente de idiomas del Oso Note: Twenty-two introductory chapters in Spanish, Pintor: Ohio Distinctive Software. French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Language now! Series. Transparent Language. Note: A game in which children can learn the Japanese from the 92-chapter Level I programs. Note: Takes student from basic speaking skills to Spanish words for English idioms or vice versa. Grades 2-adults. Windows and Macintosh. mastery of the language. Includes: speaking Grades Pre-6. Windows and Macintosh. activities, grammar tools, and vocabulary games. PRH38646 Available in English for Spanish speakers, Spanish, Phonics alive series. Quickmind. Smiletown. Gakugei Company Ltd. French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Note: Phonics alive! (PRH36095) introduces single Note: Content-rich English course. Learn letters, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, sounds of the alphabet and sound blends. Grades K- spelling, and grammar. Includes vocabulary and Polish, or Irish. Grades 6-12. Windows and 3. Phonics alive! 2 (LAH36146) introduces and conversation practice. Multilingual – English, Macintosh. consolidates advanced decoding skills. Grades 1-4. Japanese or Chinese. Grades Pre-3. Windows and Phonics alive! 3 teaches students how to spell new Macintosh. FLW30379 or unfamiliar words. Grades 2-12. Phonics alive! 4 Let's go interactive level 1, 2, and 6. DynEd introduces basic rules of grammatical structure. LAH45011 International. Grades 3-12. Sound Reading Solutions. Sound Reading Solutions, Note: Designed for children who are learning [2000]. English for the first time. Using themes and LAH48843 Note: Designed to meet the needs of emergent and situations common to children everywhere, Phonics companion. Visions Technology in struggling readers. Activities are based upon the providing the vocabulary and language structures Education, [2000]. latest neurological research on reading and the brain. needed for everyday communication. Grades K-5. Note: Easy-to-use publishing tool for creating Activities encourage students to explore the structure Windows and Macintosh. phonics activity sheets and tests. Grades K-4. of spoken and written language. Grades K-5. Windows and Macintosh. Windows and Macintosh Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.3
  4. 4. Note: Teaches basic readers to become more Goldilocks and the three bears & other stories; Story LAH38901 proficient readers in a short time. Learn about types World 2 includes Little Red Riding Hood & other Spelling rules. Optimum Resource. of sentences, punctuation, synonyms, antonyms, stories. Grades Pre-4. Windows and Macintosh. Note: Designed to help students improve spelling homonyms, prefixes, suffixes, root words, accuracy and master the fundamentals. Bilingual: syllabication, comprehension and other decoding LANGUAGE ARTS – WRITING English and Spanish. Grades 3-9. Windows and skills. Read stories in English or Spanish. Grades 1- Macintosh. 8. Windows and Macintosh. TUM31480 Co:Writer. Don Johnston [1994] Stickybear's early learning activities. Optimum Words around me. Riverdeep (Edmark). Note: Word prediction program. This program Resource. Note: Teaches vocabulary words using pictures, works with any word processor or text program to Note: Six activities, including alphabet, counting, photos, spoken words and animations. Common make the writing process easier and faster. Grades 3- shapes, opposites, grouping and colors. Bilingual: words are in English and Spanish. Grades K-5. 12. Windows and Macintosh. English and Spanish. Grades K-2. Macintosh. Windows and Macintosh. Escribien. Bilingual Software. Stickybear's reading room. Optimum Resource. LANGUAGE ARTS – Note: Spanish word processor and spell checker. Note: Comprehensive reading skills program including "Word Bop", "Word Match", "Sentence STORYBOOKS Grades 6-12. Windows. builder", and "Word Find". Bilingual: English and LAM38881 Spanish. Grades K-3. Macintosh. LAH30400 Picture power pack (Picture it and PixWriter). Slater Dynamic classics series. DynEd International. Software. LAH32454 Note: Language development titles using stories Note: Picture it automatically matches pictures with Talk now! Learn American English. EuroTalk, from great literature to develop vocabulary, reading words typed in the Story Text Window. PixWriter is [1996]. and listening comprehension, basic grammar, and a talking picture and word writing program. Note: Designed for people who want to learn a critical thinking skills. Titles in series include: Alice Windows or Macintosh. language quickly. Includes: essential words and in Wonderland and Round the world in eighty days. phrases for absolute beginners. Grades 2-12. Grades 2-8. Windows and Macintosh. LAH21758 Windows and Macintosh. Storybook weaver deluxe (LAH21758) and Living books series. Riverdeep (Broderbund). Storybook weaver: Spanish edition (FLM9814). FLW42201 Note: Interactive stories that help students learn MECC: Learning Company (distributed by Tell me more (English). Phoenix AZ: Auralog Inc, critical reading, math, and logic skills. Titles in Riverdeep). [2000]. series include: Arthur's computer adventure Note: Allows students to weave together the arts of Note: Language learning software that combines (PRH36086), Arthur’s teacher troubles (LAH9540), writing, reading, and illustrating to create their own advanced speech recognition technology with a Berenstain Bears get in a fight (LAH23936), The cat stories and storybooks. The program displays the comprehensive language study method. Grades 4-12. in the hat (PRH33410), Just grandma and me text, Spell Check, thesaurus, and text to speech in Windows. (LAH2991), Little monster at school (LAH24001), English or Spanish. Grades 1-6. Windows and Tortoise and the hare (LAM9924), Read stories in Macintosh. Translate instant Spanish. Bilingual Software. English or Spanish. Grades K-3. Windows and Note: Takes English text from your favorite word Macintosh. processor and translates it into Spanish one sentence LAM30263 at a time, correctly handling verbs, phrases, number Pippi Longstocking. Compu-Teach. Student writing center. Riverdeep (Learning and gender agreement, and idiomatic expressions. Note: Allows children to listen to each character Company). Grades 5-adult. Windows. with different voices. Easily switches between 10 Note: Combines word processing and easy desktop foreign languages: including English, Spanish, publishing to assist students in writing. Students are FLH41923 French, and Japanese. Grades K-4. Windows and introduced to writing-related concepts such as pre- Uretsky, Arnie. Vocabulary companion en Espanol. Macintosh. planning, drafting, and brainstorming. Grades 4-9. Visions Technology in Education. Windows and Macintosh. Note: Comprehensive Spanish vocabulary program LAI23224 for creating customize curricular packets that focus Reading comprehension series. Optimum Resource. LAH30270 on the shape, spelling, meaning, and usage of words. Note: Use a variety of curriculum content areas to Ultimate writing and creativity center. Riverdeep An English version is also available. Grades K-12. teach reading comprehension skills. Titles in series (Learning Company). Windows and Macintosh. include: History in the making, Famous people, Note: Tool designed to motivate and support student Olympics (now titled: Sports) and Geography. writing by introducing the five-step writing process. Vocabulary development. Optimum Resource. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Grades 2-4. Projects can be transformed into multimedia Note: Illustrates synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, Windows. presentations with sound, music, and animation. suffixes, homophones, multiple meanings and Grades 2-5. Windows and Macintosh. context clues. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Start-to-finish books. Don Johnston. Grades 3-9. Windows and Macintosh. Note: High-interest, low-reading level software LAH31874 program. Includes CD-ROM, audiotape and print Write: Outloud. Don Johnston. PRH32992 version of the story. Titles in the series include: Note: Talking word processor. Speaks words, Usborne's animated first thousand words. Scholastic. Black beauty (LAH44005), The Tuskegee Airmen sentences, paragraphs, and talking spell checker. Note: Based on the Usborne book, the Usborne first (LAH44001), and The secret of Old Mexico Grades 1-12. Windows and Macintosh. thousand words by Heather Amery. Fun-to-use (LAH44009). Grades 2-8. Windows and Macintosh. vocabulary-building tool that introduces pre-and LAW44015 beginning readers to 1000 common words in English LAH32452 Young writers’ workshop. Tool Factory, Inc. and in Spanish. Grades K-2. Windows and Story World series. EuroTalk. Note: Students develop writing skills as they create Macintosh. Note: Bring stories and songs to life on your radio broadcasts, photo stores, captions, interviews, computer. Play games and quizzes and even record plays, advertisements, and articles for magazines and LAH39198 your own voice while you learn English. Friendly newspapers. Convert the program to French, Voyage to fair (also titled: Fair voyage). Arrow help dragon gives instructions in over sixteen Educational Products. different languages. Story World 1 includes Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.4
  5. 5. Spanish, or German at the click of a mouse. Grades Mirror symmetry (Tenth planet explores math. MMH44900 2-7. Windows Geometry). Sunburst Communications. The New Oxford Picture Dictionary CD-ROM. Note: Students explore lines of symmetry within a Oxford University Press (distributed by Encomium MATH single geometric shape and in an arrangement of Publications). many objects. Available in English or Spanish. Note: Multimedia picture dictionary that contains Note: Most of the math CD-ROMs Grades 2-5. Windows and Macintosh. more than 2400 words - in pictures as well as in listed below can be purchased in spoken and written form. Includes memory games One-pick pack. Mindplay. and crossword puzzles. Bilingual English-Spanish or English or Spanish. These CDs are Note: To make these programs bilingual you must English-Chinese are also available. Grades Pre-6. also purchase the Language Pack add-on feature. Windows and Macintosh. not bilingual. The Media Center has Fraction-oids 1 (MAM21646). Graphical and the English versions. numerical interactive fractions teach addition, LAH44403 subtraction and comparison of fractions. Fraction- Pronunciation power : 8 to 1 English dictionary. MAH39232 Oids 2 (MAM21646). Graphical interactive English Computerized Learning Inc. Combining shapes (Tenth planet explores math: multiplication and division of fractions. Available in Note: Dictionary that aids in improving reading Geometry). Sunburst. English, French, and Spanish. Grades 2-8. Fraction- comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation and Note: Students discover how shapes in the real world oids 3 Answer questions about fractions, factors, and spelling ability. Grades 1-12. Macintosh and combine to create new shapes, and how mixed numbers. Available in English or Spanish. Windows. combinations of shapes can be used to solve Grades 4-8. Prime-mates (MAM22444). Unlock the problems. Available in English or Spanish. Grades key to understanding fraction. Learn prime numbers TUH22404 1-2. Windows and Macintosh. by grouping factors to create target numbers. TimeLiner 5.0. Tom Snyder Productions. Available in English, Spanish, or French. Grades 2- Note: Helps students acquire a visual perspective of MAH39251 8. Macintosh and Windows. personal and historical events and allows them to Creating patterns from shapes (Tenth planet). create and print out time lines of historical, Sunburst. MAH38985 contemporary, and future events. Bilingual: switch Note: Students strengthen their understanding of Shapes within shapes (Tenth planet explores math. between English and Spanish. Grades 1–12. patterns by exploring the properties of radiating and Geometry). Sunburst Communications. Windows and Macintosh. tiling patterns. Available in English or Spanish. Note: Working with themes of origami and quilts, Grades 1-2. Windows and Macintosh. children cut and rearrange shapes to create new MMH44444 shapes while advancing their understanding of Webster’s Spanish/English dictionary. Exceller MAM21640 geometric properties and spatial relationships. Software. Graph club 2.0. Tom Snyder. Available in English or Spanish. Grades 2-5. Note: Contains more than 60,000 entries. Provides a Note: Gather, sort, and classify information; Windows and Macintosh. fast way to look up translation of any word from construct graphs and analyze data; talk and write English to Spanish or from Spanish to English. about graphs; and use graphs to solve problems and PRH39246 Grades 1-12. Windows and Macintosh. make decisions. MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Spatial relationships (Tenth Planet). Sunburst. Bilingual: switch between English and Spanish. Note: Students explore location by identifying the SCIENCE Grades Pre-4. Macintosh and Windows. position of objects and creating paths between places. Available in English or Spanish. Grades Pre- Discis books series (now titled Wonders of PRH39242 1. Windows and Macintosh. Learning). Harmony Interactive (distributed by Introduction to patterns (Tenth planet). Sunburst. National Geographic. Note: Introduction to the world of patterns using MAW23242 Note: Uses science topics to teach basic reading sound, movement, color and natural objects. English Stickybear's math town. Optimum Resource. concepts; improve reading comprehension and or Spanish. Grades Pre-1. Windows and Macintosh Note: Gain proficiency in addition, subtraction, language skills; and reinforce vocabulary and multiplication, division, and life skills word grammar skills. Includes guidebooks containing MAH36228 problems. Bilingual - English and Spanish. Grades suggested activities. Stories and words are read in Larson’s leapfrog math/Matematicas saltarinas. K-5. Windows or Macintosh. English or Spanish. Titles in series include: Birds Meridian Creative Group. and how they grow (SCH18676), Dinosaurs Note: Multimedia mathematics program covering the PSH45390 (SCH9998), Farm animals (SCH9996), Spiders entire elementary math curriculum. The Spanish Twins’ challenge : El reto de las mellizos. Ohio (SCH9997), Tree through the seasons (SCH18678), version is available for grades K-2. The English Distinctive Software. Butterflies (SCH18672), Whales (SCH9999), and version is available for elementary grades (K-2) and Note: Meet the twins and test your wits through 100 What air can do (SCH18674). Grades Pre-3. intermediate grades (3-6). Windows and Macintosh. different levels of mind-boggling fun. Will exercise Windows and Macintosh your mental abilities by challenging you with MAH2792 everything from memory matching to math. SCH47169 Math shop deluxe. Scholastic. Bilingual – English and Spanish. Grades Pre-6. NGS PictureShow Earth’s endangered Note: Develop practical skills by solving problems Windows and Macintosh. environments. National Geographic Society. in the eight wacky shops in Arcade Alley. Earn Note: Two self-contained shows that introduce rain money for every correct answer, and then use that MULTIMEDIA AND REFERENCE forests and wetlands. Includes student guide, user’s money to play any of the four games in the Math Shop Arcade. Available in English or Spanish. TOOLS guide, and classroom activities. Bilingual: switch between English and Spanish. Grades 4-9. Windows Grades 1-9. Windows and Macintosh. and Macintosh. MMH45092 Mathosaurus. Micrograms. Digital Photo Activity Kit. APTE Inc. SCH47169 Note: Count sets to 10, match numerals, create Note: Build literacy and computing skills. Seven NGS PictureShow Introduction to weather. National matching sets, and compare sets to determine which activity centers with over 50 templates make it easy Geographic Society. is more or which is less. Simple directions in English to integrate photos into book reports, journals, Note: Two self-contained shows that introduce or Spanish. Grades K-2. Macintosh. newsletters, and more. Bilingual edition (English- weather and weather forecasting. Includes student Spanish). Grades 1-8. Windows and Macintosh. guide, user’s guide, and classroom activities. MAH38989 Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.5
  6. 6. Bilingual: switch between English and Spanish. Note: Create 8 types of word puzzles with SCLV2617 Grades 4-9. Windows and Macintosh. multimedia themes. Grades K-12. Windows and Frog. Optical Data. Macintosh. Note: Covers basic concepts in anatomy and Plumo series. Isacsoft. physiology of frog and comparative human anatomy. Note: Educational activities designed to develop TUH36530 Grades 7-12. cognitive skills such as observation, discrimination, Teacher’s resource companion. Visions Technology counting, logic, and more. Titles in series: Plumo on in Education. SCLV23043 the farm (PRH37089) and Plumo at the zoo Note: Easy to use creativity and productivity tool for Fun pack. Optical Data. (PRH37088). Plays in French, Spanish, or English. designing worksheets, tests, and games. Grades K- Note: Multisensory curriculum with interdisciplinary Grades Pre-1. Windows and Macintosh 12. Windows and Macintosh. approach to science, social studies, language arts, math and the arts. Includes puppets and audiotape. PRW44897 TUH41917 Grades Pre-K. What’s the safest thing to do? SafetyTots Teacher’s time savers deluxe. Visions Technology in International. Education. SCLV2617 Note: Teach children about potentially dangerous Note: Easy to use creativity and productivity tool for Geology and meteorology. Optical Data. situations that they may encounter in their lives. designing databases, lesson plans, flash and game Note: Slides and movie clips covering basic Categories include: drugs and medications, electrical cards, greeting cards, and bulletin shapes. Grades K- concepts in geology and meteorology. Grades 7-12. safety, fire safety, car safety, How to phone for help 12. Windows and Macintosh. and more. Multilingual - English, Spanish, and SCLV2617 French. Grades Pre-2. Windows. TUH47994 Human body. Optical Data. Tutorial CD: Keyboarding and 10 keys. Ellsworth Note: Topics covered: cell structure, cell activity, Publishing. nervous system, sensory system, endocrine system, SOCIAL SCIENCES Note: Web-based full featured keyboarding program skeletal system, muscular system, cardiovascular includes automatic checking, recording, and grading. system, respiratory system, digestive system, Note: Unless indicated, the titles Instructions are provided in English and Spanish. reproductive system, and development. Grades 7-12. Grades 1-6. Windows and Macintosh. listed below may be purchased in MALV26837 English or Spanish. These CDs are TUH22116 Kinderventure math. Optical Data. Worksheet magic plus. TSS (Siboney Learning Note: Multimedia curriculum that provides a not bilingual. The Media Center has Group). multisensory and interdisciplinary approach to math the English version. Note: Create 15 different types of puzzles, tests, and using videodiscs, hands-on activities, songs and worksheets. Grades K-12. Windows and Macintosh. music, literature and manipulatives. Have Vol.1 and SSH30007 Vol.2. Grades K-2. Neighborhood map machine 2.0.Tom Snyder. LASERDISC Note: Create, navigate, and print community maps. SCLV22879 Activities are cross-curricular to strengthen skills in Note: The laserdiscs listed below Life science. Optical Data. social studies, math, and language arts. Bilingual: contain English and Spanish sound Note: Part of the Windows on Science series. switch between English and Spanish. Grades 1-5. Content: Volume 1 – What is Life Science?, tracks. Microworld, Sorting it all out, Rooting for plants, SSH21792 Know your niche (biomes). Volume 2: Introducing People behind the holidays. National Geographic SCLV2744l the human body, The body outside in, Don’t get Society. Chemistry at work. Video Discovery. nervous!, Breathe easy, The heart of the matter, You Note: Contains true stories about Christopher Note: An image database for chemistry. Includes: are what you eat!, Life goes on. Grades 5-8. Columbus, the Pilgrims, George Washington, HyperCard stacks on computer disk. Grades 9-12. Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr. SCLV2617 Bilingual: Audio can be set for English or Spanish. SCLV2617 Mechanisms of Stability & change. Optical Data. Grades 1-4. Windows and Macintosh. Cosmic chemistry. Optical Data. Note: Slides and movie clips exploring natural Note: Slides, computer graphics, movies and processes in physiology, genetics, ecology and SSH36207 animations illustrate chemical principles. Includes evolution, which govern stability and change. Story of America 1: NGS Pictureshow. National demonstrations of classic experiments, basic history, Grades 8-12. Geographic Society. and environmental implications. Grades 9-12. Note: Enlivens basic concepts in social studies SCLV23043 through multimedia presentations. Bilingual: SCLV22879 On the move! Optical Data. English/Spanish. Grades 4-12. Windows and Earth science. Optical Data. Note: Multisensory curriculum investigating Macintosh. Note: Part of the Windows on Science series. machines, animals and people in motion with Content: Volume 1 – What is earth science, The interdisciplinary approach to science, social studies, “puzzle” of plate tectonics, Hitting the hot spots, language arts, math and the arts. Grades Pre-K. TEACHER UTILITIES This planet really rocks!, Weathering and erosion. Volume 2 – Air and weather, Address: earth, Star SCLV23043 TUH43959 Out & about. Optical Data. light, galaxy bright, Starring…the sun, Planets and Brown, Jerry. Learning styles inventory. Siboney space exploration, Moonscapes. Volume 3 – Water, Note: Multisensory curriculum exploring plants, Learning Group (Gamco). water everywhere, Now you see it (oceans), …But animals & the environment with interdisciplinary Note: Tool to first diagnose individual student approach to science, social studies, language arts, not a drop to drink. Grades 5-8. learning preferences and to then provide instruction math and the arts. Grades Pre-K. that accommodates how students prefer to learn to SCLV23043 express themselves. Student tests can be taken in SCLV22879 Feed me! Optical Data. English or Spanish. Physical science. Optical Data. Note: Multisensory curriculum investigating the needs of living things with interdisciplinary Note: Part of the Windows on Science series. TUM26000 Content: Volume 1 – What is Physical Science, approach to science, social studies, language arts, Puzzle power. Centron Software. Measuring up, What’s the matter?, Physical and math and the arts. Grades Pre-1. Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.6
  7. 7. chemical change, Heat and temperature. Volumes 2 Note: Readable explanation of second language Ovando, Carlos Julio. Bilingual and ESL & 3 Energy resources, Electricity and magnetism, teaching methodology supported by classroom classrooms: teaching in multicultural context. Motion and forces, Work, energy and machines, examples. McGraw Hill. {1998} Light, Sounds like fun. Grades 5-8. Note: Comprehensive look at research, policy, and EDB41861 effective practices in U.S. schools for students who SCLV23137 Freeman, Yvonne S and Freeman, David E. are from culturally and linguistically diverse Physics at work. Video Discovery. Teaching reading and writing in Spanish in the backgrounds. Note: More than 1600 photos, full-motion video bilingual classroom. Portsmouth NH: Heinemann, clips, and computer animations providing instant [1996]. LAB42343 access to visuals on matter, energy, optics, waves, Note: Step-by-step suggestions to bilingual teachers Peregoy, Suzanne F and Boyle, Owen F. Reading, electromagnetism, and more. Grades 9-12. for ways to help students develop full literacy in two writing, & learning in ESL: a resource book for K- languages. Includes lists of children’s literature in 12 teachers. 3rd ed. New York: Longman, [2001]. SCLV22879 Spanish. Note: Provides background material on language Primary Science Optical Data. acquisition and literacy attainment. Covers all the Note: Part of the Windows on Science series. EDB41862 elements bilingual/ESL teachers need to know. Content: Volume 1 - All sorts of things, Plants, All Gibbons, Pauline. Learning to learn in a second about me, Animals, Our world. Volume 2 – Bubble language. Portsmouth NH: Heinemann, [1991]. Stefanakis, Evangeline Harris. Whose judgment building, Earth in space, Earth’s weather, Surface Note: Exemplifies current theories of second counts? Assessing bilingual children, K-3. features, Fossils and dinosaurs, Earth’s resources. language development through a wide range of Heinemann. [1998]. Volume 3 – Pop predictions, Matter and energy, strategies and practical suggestions for the classroom Note: Discussion of student assessment. Motion and forces, Work and machines, Sound, teacher. Light, Electricity and magnets. Grades 1-3. MAGAZINE ARTICLES Helmer, Sylvia and Eddy, Catherine. Look at me MALV26850 when I talk to you: ESL learners in non-ESL “Criticas: an English speaker’s guide to the latest Windows on Math. Optical Data. classrooms. 2nd ed. Pippin Publishing, [2003]. Spanish titles.” Library Journal Note: Multimedia curriculum that provides a Note: Explores the underlying fundamentals of Note: Review journal published bimonthly by multisensory and interdisciplinary approach to math communication and shows how culture influences Library Journal. Includes list of vendors of Spanish using videodiscs, hands-on activities, songs and the messages we give. language materials and contact information. music, literature and manipulatives. Have Vol.1 and Vol.2. Grades K-2. LAK44537 Herrell, Adrienne L. Fifty strategies for teaching NASSP Bulletin - November 2000. National RESOURCE BOOKS English language learners. Upper Saddle River NJ: Association of Secondary School Principals, [2000]. Merrill, [2000]. Note: November 2000 issue deals with educating Note: Provides teachers with effective strategies for EDB41753 English language learners. teaching in English, while supporting their students' Claire, Elizabeth. ESL teacher’s activities kit. understanding of content materials and acquisition of Paramus NJ: Prentice Hall, [1998]. Technology & learning - April 1998. English speaking, reading, writing, and listening Note: Language generating games and activities to Note: Features: Virtual school is in session, skills. increase ESL students’ motivation, participation, and technology and at risk students, ESL/bilingual retention. software. LAB42341 Hurley, Sandra Rollins and Tinajero, Josefina EDB41754 Technology & learning - April 2001. vol. 21 no. 9., Villamil. Literacy assessment of second language Claire, Elizabeth and Haynes, Judie. Classroom pp.39-46 “An expert’s guide to products for the learners. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, [2001]. teacher’s ESL survival kit #1. Prentice Hall Regents, multilingual classroom”. Note: Best practices in assessment of second [1994]. language learners. Note: Insights, practical ideas, and tips to help you EDB44985 help your non-English speaking students survive in Torres-Guzman, Maria. Mentoring the bilingual LAB36904 the mainstream. teacher. NCBE Resource Collection Series, No.7, Kruse, Ginny Moore, Horning, Kathleen T., and November 1996. Schliesman, Megan. Multicultural literature for EDB41752 children and young adults: a selected listing of books Finocchiaro, Mary Bonomo. English as a rce/mentor.htm by and about people of color. Wisconsin Department Note: Presents a review of the literature on second/foreign language: from theory to practice. 4th of Public Instruction, [1997]. mentoring bilingual teachers and poses alternatives ed. Englewood Cliffs NJ: Prentice-Hall, [1989]. Note: Annotated bibliography of children’s and to extant models. Note: Surveys the fundamentals essential to effective young adult books with multicultural themes and ESL/EFL teaching. topics published in the United States and Canada. Freeman, David E. and Freeman, Yvonne S. VIDEOS Between worlds: access to second language EDV41599 Law, Barbara. The more-than-just surviving acquisition. Heinemann. [2001]. Rojas, Virginia. Helping students of limited English handbook: ESL for every classroom teacher. Peguis Note: Explains second language acquisition theory skills in the regular classroom: elementary and Publishers. [2000]. and examines social and cultural factors that affect secondary editions. Sandy, Utah: Linton Note: Includes the latest research in language the school performance of language minority Professional Development Corp, [2000]. acquisition, how to teach reading and writing, and students. Note: Explores the philosophy of mainstreaming how to develop listening and speaking skills. English-language learners into the regular classroom EDB41888 and examines classroom practices that actively O’Malley, J. Michael and O’Malley, Michael J. Freeman, Yvonne S and Freeman, David E. involve ESL students in learning. Authentic assessment for English language learners. ESL/EFL teaching: principles for success. (Rev. ed. Pearson Higher Education, [1996]. of: Whole language for second language learners). Note: Includes detailed advice and examples for Portsmouth NH: Heinemann, [1998]. portfolio assessment, as well as sample rubrics. Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.7
  8. 8. Professional Note: Provides a list of web sites that will translate text from one language to another. Note: Provides free English teaching and learning Resources/Organizations materials for students and teachers. Center for Applied Linguistics Bilingual books for children Note: Provides resources and materials to help Note: Bibliography of books currently available with ESL resources for teachers improve communication through better bilingual text. Includes the following languages: Note: Contains links to other resources understanding of language and culture. Chinese, Hopi, Inuktitut, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Russian, Swahili, Thai, Tibetan, Spanish and t.html Vietnamese. Published by the American Library Association. (from the Everything Note: Provides a full range of English/Spanish Association for Library Services web page select Note: ESL/EFL resources from Judie Haynes. Spanish/English translation services for a fee. Resources, then select Booklists, then select Includes: lesson plans, teaching tips, downloadable Phone: 800-633-4652 Web address Bilingual books for children. classroom activities, discussion topics, and resource picks. Bilingual/foreign language Illinois Resource Center (IRC) Note: Resources that help you find bilingual or Note: Not-for-profit corporation that provides a foreign language children’s books. Do a search for Note: Online dictionary that translates English words broad range of professional development services “bilingual children”. into Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, and instructional resources for school communities Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, throughout Illinois and the nation. The Center is Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, located in Des Plaines. Bilingual links for kids and teachers and Swedish. Note: Internet sites for early elementary students. Illinois TESOL/BE (ITBE) Most of the sites are in Spanish. International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) Note: A non-profit professional organization of Note: Provides access to hundreds of digitized individuals involved in the teaching of English to children’s books in their original languages from speakers of other languages and bilingual education. Colby College Language Resource Center around the world. Books are searchable by category, ITBE has an annual convention in April at Navy Pier Note: Audio, video and computer technology title, author, or location. Also includes links to in Chicago. resources for foreign language students. Includes related resources. online lessons. Links are provided for the following National Association for Bilingual Education languages: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Interesting things for ESL students (NABE) Greek, Latin, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Italian. Note: Study site for students of English as a Second Note: The mission of this association is to recognize, Grades 9 and up. Language. Includes word games, puzzles, quizzes, promote, and increase public awareness of bilingual exercises, and more. education. Colorin Colorado Note: Bilingual web site (English and Spanish) with Internet picture dictionary National Clearinghouse for English Language information, activities, and advice on turning Note: Online dictionary that includes activities for Acquisition (NCELA) children into readers. flashcards, fill-in-the-blanks, word scramble and Note: Collects, analyzes, and disseminates more. Available languages: English, French, information relating to the effective education of German, Italian, and Spanish. linguistically and culturally diverse learners in the Dave’s ESL cafe U.S. Note: The Internet’s meeting place for ESL/EFL students and teachers from around the world. Lesson plans for all ages. Education World. North Central Regional Educational Laboratory Note: Contains lesson plans and activities for all (NCREL) ages in both English and Spanish. Do a search for Note: Nonprofit organization that provides research Education Place “bilingual” and “bilingual education”. based expertise, resources, assistance and Note: Printable PDF graphic organizers (English and professional development. Do a search for Spanish). “bilingual” to locate materials. Literacy Center.Net The Early Childhood Education Network Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Note: Contains activities for the alphabet, color (TESOL) Note: Contains links to other resources. Select “ESL words, shapes, and numbers. It’s in English, Note: A national organization for teachers of English & Foreign language” from the category list. Spanish, French, and German. to speakers of other languages. WEB SITES English as a Second Language Region 15 Curriculum Resources Note: Site for learners who want to learn English through the Web. SOL (Spanish in our libraries) Activities for ESL Students Note: Electronic newsletter for library workers who Note: Features over 1000 activities posted by ESL Bears serve Spanish speakers. teachers. Includes grammar, vocabulary, and other Note: Activities and links that are appropriate for quizzes in 30 different languages. students whose English ability ranges from entry level to intermediate. Storyplace Note: Stories and activities for children. Available Note: Dictionary with multilingual search features. languages: English and Spanish. Languages covered – English, Dutch, Italian, ESL Kidstuff French, Spanish, and German. Note: ESL children’s resource center for teachers and parents. Contains flashcards, worksheets, games, ESL job postings and more. Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.8
  9. 9. Vendor Directory - Bilingual Inspiration Software - Siboney Learning Group - Software 800-877-4292 888-726-8100 - Isacsoft - (Select “English” Slater Software - 925-485-3080 then “Learning” then “Courseware” for listing of 877-306-6968 APTE Inc. - 847-866-1872 software titles.) Sound Reading Solutions – Arrow Educational Products - KidsClick (Living Books) - 800-801-1954 910-521-0840 888-219-9030 Sunburst - 800-321-7511 Auralog Inc. - KidSmart - 888-388-3535 800-285-3475 Tom Snyder - 800-342-0236 Bilingual Software - Knowledge Adventure – 800-633-4652 Tool Factory – 310-725-9707 800-220-8386 Centron Software - 800-848-2424 Laureate Learning Company - Topics Entertainment - 800-562-6801 425-656-3621 Cognitive Concepts – 888-328-8199 Lawrence Productions - Transparent Language - 800-421-4157 603-262-6300 Compu-Teach - 800-448-3224 Mayer-Johnson - Visions Technology in Education - 800-588-4548 800-877-0858 Crick Software - 866-332-7425 Meridian Creative Group - 800-530-2355 Don Johnston - Vendor Directory – Books, 800-999-4660 Merit Software - Videos, DVD, Audiotapes, 800-753-6488 DynEd International - Textbooks 800-765-4375 Micrograms Publishing - 815-877-4455 101 - Edusoft Ltd. - 800-852-8346 +972-3-900-2440 MindPlay - Distributes books, courses, software, videos, 520-888-1800 dictionaries, reference books and more for ELLIS - English as Second Language students. 800-986-2386 National Geographic – AIMS International Book - Encomium Publications - 800-368-2728 800-733-2067 800-234-4831 Distributes children and adult books in over 38 Nordic Software - languages. Many titles are dual language English Computerized Learning - 800-306-6502 780-448-1032 AIMS MultiMedia - Ohio Distinctive Software - 800/367- EuroTalk - 614-459-0453 2467 +44(0)171 371 7711 Distributes Spanish and Latin American Optimum Resource - videos. Topics covered include: language, Exceller Software - 843-689-8000 literature, and culture. 513-792-9555 Oxford University Press - ESL Customer Service Applause Learning Resources - Fairfield Language Technologies – 800-277- 800-788-0822 800-441-5445 5287 Distributes software, tradebooks, videos, and teacher resources for the foreign Gakugei Company Ltd. - Penton Overseas - language and ESL classroom. 81-6-6365-5315 800-748-5804 Asia for Kids - Gamco Industries, Inc. - QuickMind - 800-888-9681 888-792-8100 888-287-7403 Distributes dual language books, books in native languages, crafts, games, dolls, music, Global Software Publishing (GSP) - Riverdeep - (Edmark, The Learning Company videos, and software. Featuring over 30 646-792-2111 Broderbund) 888-242-6747 languages and 60 cultures around the world. Help Me 2 Learn Company - Safety Tots - Balkatha - 562-865- 800-460-7001 866-472-3386 4633 Distributes books written in English and Indian Idiom Software - Scholastic Teacher Resources - languages for children. Many titles are 888-815-5387 800-724-6527 Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.9
  10. 10. bilingual. They also carry Gujarati, Marathi feature films, avant-garde, new wave, and Hindi books for adults. documentaries, music, dance, art, and travel for Romanian Books & Music - adults and children. 773-545-8423 Bilingual Baby Company - Distributes books (in English and in Romanian), 888-385-2480 Islamic Publications International - music (audio cassettes, CD's), and Romanian Distributes children's books and videos to 800-568-9814 folk art. families who wish to maintain a bilingual Distributes a selection of Islamic books; tapes, culture in their homes. CDs and videos; and assorted products for both Rourke Publishing Group - adults and children. 800-394-7055 Bilingual Books for Kids, Inc. - Distributes nonfiction texts for beginning 800-385-1020 Lectorum - 800- Spanish-language students. Corresponding Distributes bilingual books, educational 345-5946 English titles are available for selected titles. materials, music and language learning tapes Distributes children, adult, and reference books for children & young adults. in different languages. Includes items for dual Santillana USA - 800- language programs, English-language learners, 245-8584 - and bilingual books. Distributes PreK-12 Spanish curriculum 888- material. Includes fiction and nonfiction books 840-2962 Distributes children's books, Library Video Company - in Spanish and English/Spanish. videos, and audiocassettes in seven foreign 800-843-3620 languages. They also carry dual language Distributes videos, DVD and software in Schoenhof's - 617- books. Spanish. Some items are dual language: 547-8855 English/Spanish. Distributes children and adult fiction and Bound to Stay Bound - nonfiction books in over 58 languages. Some 800-637-6586 Los Andes Publishing - titles are bilingual. Distributes a selection of fiction/nonfiction 800-532-8872 dual language titles. Distributes ESL/ELD materials, dual language Spanish Book Distributor (SBD) - materials, English/Spanish language materials 800-609-2113 Continental Book Company - K-12, English/Spanish literature, K-12, Distributes over 100,000 titles of fiction and 303-289- dictionaries, and reference materials. nonfiction books in Spanish. Includes American 1761 best sellers in Spanish and well as books Importers and distributors of language MIBI (Mariuccia Iaconi Book Imports) - published in Spanish speaking countries. materials for all age groups. Includes dual 800-955-9577 language titles and Spanish translations of Distributes foreign language books for children, teach me Tapes inc. - children's classics. including dual language titles. 800-456-4656 Distributes materials to provide a musical Culture for Kids - Multi-Cultural Books and Videos - approach to teaching languages. 800-888-9589 Distributes dual language books, books in 800-567-2220 Distributes foreign language Teacher's Video Company - native languages, crafts, games, dolls, music, materials in more than 40 languages. Materials 800-262-8837 videos, and software. Featuring over 30 include books for children and adults, audio and Distributes factual, informational, and popular languages and 60 cultures around the world. music cassettes, videos, DVD's, educational videos and DVDs for foreign language classes. materials, and language learning programs. D & Z House of Books, Inc. - Tres Americas Books - 773-481-9090 877-282-4222 New Learning Concepts, Inc.- Distributes children's literature, textbooks, Distributes books and music in Polish. 800-925-7853 classroom materials, and reference materials for Distributes parent involvement materials in bilingual education in Spanish and English. Delta Systems Co., Inc. - http://delta- Spanish and English. 800-323-8270 World Language Resources - Distributes teacher resources and bilingual Pan Asian Publications - 800-900-8803 student materials to use when teaching ESL 800-909-8088 Distributes dictionaries, games, videos, books, and children and when teaching a foreign language Distributes bilingual children's books including software in 56 different languages. to English speakers. classical folktales and popular stories in dual language format. Dominie Press - 800-232-4570 Polonia Bookstore - Distributes fiction and nonfiction Spanish 773-481-6966 language books for grades PreK-6, ESL Distributes children's literature and music in materials for literacy, social sciences, and Polish. Some items contain bilingual text in professional development titles. Polish/English. Early Advantage LLC - http://www.early- Radovan I Matanic - 416-406-6953 888-248-0480 Distributes books for children (including books Distributes MUZZY a multimedia-based designed to teach English) and adults printed in language approach designed for beginning Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. level foreign language and ESL learning. Recorded Books, Inc. - Facets Multimedia, Inc. - 800-638-1304 800-331-6197 Distributes recorded books designed to help Distributes videos and DVDs of American, teach students English. Recorded books are German, Slavic, French, Asian, and Spanish available in over 20 different languages. Lake County Educational Services – Media Center – 847-223-3400 ext. 232 Multicultural Resource Bibliography 10/13/04 – p.10