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  • 1. Thursday, March 18, 2010 Are todAy’s kids not As smArt As previous generAtions? A yes B no Using your at&t phone, text your vote, A or B, to amNY (2669) Hunting down NYC sites from ‘Ghostbusters’ pages 16-20 Mac attack: Top 5 spots for macaroni and cheese page 14 Get into the Madness! Tourney preview and bracket pages 24-26 First man on the moon?!? some kids think so, according to a study that raises questions about what they’re learning page 3 (AmNY photo illustrAtioN/GettY) $ 329 99 Very cool. Very af fordable. BONDED LEATHER SOFA JENNIFER S O F A S & S O F A B E D S Color: 66 chocolate C a l l 1 - 8 0 0 - J E N N I F E R f o r N Y, N J & C T l o c a t i o n s . B o n d e d L e a t h e r 0 6 9 2 . 6 6 , 1 7 % L e a t h e r. M e r c h a n d i s e p i c k u p m a y n o t b e c o n v e n i e n t o r a v a i l a b l e i n y o u r a r e a . D e l i v e r y c h a r g e a d d i t i o n a l . R E G . & O R I G . P R I C E S A R E O F F E R I N G P R I C E S , A N D S AV I N G S M AY N O T B E B A S E D O N A C T U A L J e n n i f e r S A L E S . S O M E O R I G . P R I C E S M AY N O T H AV E B E E N I N E F F E C T D U R I N G T H E PA S T 6 0 D AY S . w w w. j e n n i f e r c o n v e r t i b l e s . c o m
  • 2. 02 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 News Group cab rides not hacking it City’s patchy park patrol BY JAsON FINK A handful of parks — all BY the BOrOugh of which are in Manhattan except for Brooklyn Bridge Number of full-time dedicated BY JulIA BOrOvsKAYA When the first section of — have dedicated, full-time Parks Enforcement Police: special to amNewyork Brooklyn Bridge Park opens patrol officers, paid for by next month, it will have nine donors or property owners. • Bronx 10 Two weeks after its launch, full-time Parks Enforcement Other parks share roaming • Brooklyn 15 the cab share program Police patrol officers for 13 patrols, paid for by the city. • Manhattan 206* doesn’t seem to be catching acres, about as many as in Geoffrey Croft, head of • Queens 12 on with New Yorkers. all of the Bronx. New York City Park Advo- • Staten Island 13 Despite a cheap fare of $3 Advocates say that’s a cates, said there is an “enor- • Citywide 22 to $4, riders yesterday still glaring example of a two- mous disparity between (availaBle to respond in any weren’t lining up to share a tiered system in which the publicly funded parks Borough) ride downtown with a group wealthier areas get more and the ones which receive of strangers. protection. private funding.” The 35- * includes privately funded parks As of 9:30 a.m., not a The officers — city work- acre Battery Park City, for source: new york city park advocates, except for Brooklyn, which is from the single person showed up for ers paid with funds raised example, has 36 full-time Prospect Park in Brooklyn doesn’t have nearly as many city department of parks and recreation a group ride at 57th Street from nearby property own- dedicated patrol officers, officers patrolling it as does Central Park. (GeTTy) and Eighth Avenue, one of ers — will work in three three times as many as the program’s three pickup shifts to provide 24-hour cover the 7,400 acres of son said focusing only on has some 700 people doing Empire State Development locations, according to a coverage, a level of security parks in Staten Island, the full-time patrol officers “security-related tasks.” Corp., which until recently Taxi and Limousine Commis- other parks don’t get. group said. misses the point. He said Samantha Bux, 27, of Har- shared responsibility for sion staffer. “I would like to see the “This is a civil rights issue,” that including Urban Park lem, who was in Prospect building Brooklyn Bridge New Yorkers said they same coverage in the rest Croft said. “All communities Rangers — who like patrol Park on a recent afternoon, Park with the city, said the se- were confused about the of the borough because deserve safe, well-main- officers can write sum- called the number of patrol curity arrangement reflects details of the program. Brooklyn is severely un- tained parks, not just those monses and make arrests officers there “ridiculous.” the park’s “special need “I would love to use it, dermanned,” said Joe Puleo, in wealthy neighborhoods.” — and seasonal aides, who “I think they should up with respect to its isolated but I have no idea where it vice president of DC 37 Local Pa r k s department do not have police powers that number,” she said. location on the waterfront.” is,” said Gary Branigan, 48, 983, the officers union. spokesman Philip Abram- but wear uniforms, the city A spokeswoman for the Taneish Hamilton contributed to this story. while waiting for a bus at 57th street and Eighth Av- enue yesterday morning. The TLC has worked to get the word it out about the group rides and even offered Commish Kelly helps free doughnuts and muffins at the 72nd Street stop on Tuesday. woman hit by bicycle The agency didn’t return The city’s top cop was a first responder calls for comment. before he was a grand marshal at the St. Despite New Yorkers’ Patrick’s Day Parade yesterday morning. lackluster embrace of the For the second time in two weeks, Police program, there are plans to Commissioner Ray Kelly turned into an emer- begin offering shared rides gency worker, helping a woman hit by a bicy- at the Port Authority bus clist on the Upper East Side. terminal soon. Kelly was on his way to Mass Heather Haddon contributed to this story. at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at about 8:30 a.m. when he saw rIp-OFF wArNINg a woman lying unconscious and bleeding from the head More than 5,100 taxis are in a crosswalk at 84th Street now equipped with a warning Kelly and Fifth Avenue, said NYPD system that lets passengers know if the driver has activated spokesman Paul Browne. “The a higher meter rate, city police commissioner used her scarf as a officials announced yesterday. compress to stop the bleeding,” Browne said. The change comes after it was “While they assisted her, another detective discovered that thousands of called an ambulance.” drivers illegally overcharged The woman was taken to the hospital and 1.8 million riders during the was in stable condition yesterday. past two years. Other cabs will green with pride Karim Simmons, right, from the Bronx, watches the 249th St. Patrick’s Day Kelly was late to Mass but made it to the get the system soon. (AP) Parade roll up Fifth Avenue yesterday. (AP) parade on time. (JAson Fink) New York City’s Largest Eco-Friendly Event sponsored by: March 19 - 21 • Pier 92 Over & hear from Ed Begley Jr., Meet 200 eco-exhibits! $10 tickets 55th st. & the West Side Highway Mariel Hemingway & more... use code: GGENYC Co-located with: or bring this ad For exhibit space contact Bradford Rand: Ed Begley Jr. presented by Complimentary access to show 212.655.4505 x223 or Enviro-Energies & Water for Life USA
  • 3. Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 03 News Don’t know much about ... Kids show what they don’t know Briefs Computer programmers indicted in Madoff case Two former employees accused of helping Ponzi schemer Bernie History and literature are other Madoff program an old com- severe lack of topics that students are shaky on. Here are the results of a puter to generate false records were indicted yesterday. Jerome science smarts 2008 survey of 17-year-olds in the U.S.: O’Hara and George Perez were accused of conspiracy, falsifying By emily Ngo records of a broker dealer and aNd RoBeRt leviN 33% falsifying records of an invest- ment adviser. They are free on Didn’t know the Bill of Rights $1 million bail. It’s one giant leap back- guarantees freedom of speech and religion. ward for education. State delays tax refunds When asked to name the so it can pay the bills first man on the moon, mis- informed students answered 62% Just when tax season seemed Buzz Lightyear, Luke Sky- Couldn’t name the author of like it couldn’t get any more walker or Lance Armstrong “The Canterbury Tales.” painful, officials said yesterday more often than astronaut that tax rebates to hundreds of Neil Armstrong, according agreed that it’s OK for chil- thousands of New Yorkers will to a recent survey of British dren to get the wrong an- need to be delayed until April children ages 4 to 16. swers. 1 to ensure that the state has Quizzed on what Sir Isaac “Science should be hands- enough cash to pay its bills. Newton discovered, 60 on and inquiry-based. It’s percent of 9- and 10-year- about letting kids have New state sen. sworn in; olds said fire while others Children find learning that natural curiosity, that power restored to Dems said the Internet, the Bir- opportunities at science spark,” Lyalikov said. mingham Science City poll hubs such as the American That approach could have The newest state senator yes- found. (Newton developed Museum of Natural History, helped some city teens who terday took office, a day after the theory of gravity.) above, and the Kennedy stumbled over questions Queens voters propelled him “While some of these Space Center, right. when amNewYork con- into office to replace disgraced findings will raise a smile, (Above, Rj Mickelson/AMny; Right, getty) ducted its own small survey pol Hiram Monserrate. With it suggests that schoolchil- yesterday in Washington Sen. Jose Peralta’s swearing dren aren’t tuned in to our 2008 Common Core survey. Square Park. in, Democrats got back the scientific heroes in the same But unlike history, sci- l There was some debate majority needed to pass legisla- way that they might be to ence for children is more about which astronaut, Neil tion without the help of Senate sporting or music legends,” about experimentation than Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin, Republicans. said the center’s director, Dr. memorization, education was the first man on the Pam Waddell. experts said. of newyorkscienceteacher. experts said. moon. One man joked that Judge: Columbia right American students don’t “I would rather have a com. Sportacular, an event it was Louis Armstrong. l One person thought Isaac to fire plagiarizing prof fare much better. student who can search for Cartoon characters such last year at the Brooklyn Less than half of 17-year- solutions to a question and as Buzz Lightyear of “Toy Children’s Museum, used Newton was responsible for An ex-Columbia University olds know when the Civil formulate an explanation Story,” sports stars and superheroes to illustrate the theory of relativity. professor who reported finding War was fought and about based on the evidence [than] other media figures actu- physics. l Some were unsure if a noose on her office door has 25 percent misidentified one who can just recall ally can help the learning Allison Lyalikov, science Alexander Graham Bell in- lost one of her three lawsuits Adolf Hilter, according to a facts,” said Chris Sheehan, process, other education manager at the museum, vented the telephone. surrounding plagiarism accusa- tions that got her fired. A Man- hattan judge said the college acted within its authority in dis- Guv denies meddling in abuse case missing Madonna Constantine for copying others’ work. (AP) Speaking for the first time in take the natural course of the urging to ask that the woman say claRificatioN detail about the scandal that has law,” Paterson told Don Imus on her relationship with Paterson rocked his administration, Gov. his 770-WABC show. aide David Johnson wasn’t violent. An information graphic on yesterday’s Money page should David Paterson yesterday said he Also yesterday, Paterson spokes- Paterson also told Imus that have said that 16,740 bags didn’t try to persuade a woman woman Marissa Shorenstein U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whom of litter have been removed to drop a domestic violence com- resigned, the latest in a string of he appointed, threw him “under from Bedford-Stuyvesant plaint against a top aide. officials to quit. She reportedly the bus” when she said he should streets since the business Paterson spokeswoman Marissa Shorenstein, “I would never, nor did I ever, had called Sherr-una Booker, an resign if allegations he interfered improvement district launched shown here in 2009, resigned yesterday. (AP) try to persuade anyone not to alleged abuse victim, at Paterson’s in the abuse case are proved. (AP) in the fall.
  • 4. 04 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 nation/world Briefs Obama: Tiger Woods is still a ‘terrific’ golfer Wal-Mart sorry for racist rant WASHINGTON President Barack Attention, African-Amer- male voice said in the boycott the retailer. an inappropriate manner. Obama told Fox ican shoppers, Wal-Mart is Washington Township store Wal-Mart officials said Clearly, this is completely News that Tiger sorry. Sunday. they’re trying to determine unacceptable to us and to Woods will still Officials with the mega- A manager quickly got on how it happened and our customers.” be a “terrific” store apologized yesterday the PA and apologized, but whether it was a rogue em- There have been several golfer despite after an unidentified person many customers were livid. ployee or patron who made past instances of black cus- betraying his got onto the PA system of “I want to know why such the racist comment. tomers claiming they were family with a New Jersey store and statements are being made, “We are just as appalled treated unfairly at Wal-Mart Woods multiple infideli- tried to kick out all black because it flies in the face of by this incident as our stores, and the company ties. Woods said shoppers. what we teach our children customers,” the company faced lawsuits alleging that he will compete in the Masters “Attention, Wal-Mart about tolerance for all,” said said in a statement yes- women were passed over in tournament in three weeks. customers: All black people Sheila Ellington, of Mon- terday. “Whoever did this favor of men for pay raises The store where an unknown leave the store now,” the roe, who said she plans to is just wrong and acted in and promotions. (AP/AMNY) man told blacks to leave. (AP) Nigeria’s acting prez dissolves Cabinet ABUJA, NIGerIA Nigeria’s Good- luck Jonathan, the nation’s acting president, purged top Top German pol: We must officials loyal to the nation’s ill president yesterday in his first major act since taking over the uncover church abuse cases young democracy’s highest Chancellor Angela ward with claims of physi- office more than a month ago. Merkel yesterday called cal or sexual abuse. the sex abuse scandal Benedict said he hopes Sheriff: Man sold wife rocking the homeland of his forthcoming letter to Pope Benedict XVI a major the Irish faithful concern- for sex on Craigslist challenge to Ger- ing the sex scandal in CHICAGO A woman called a man society and the Irish church would national anti-sex trafficking hot warned that the help with “repentance, line on her 32-year-old husband only way to come healing and renewal” who allegedly sold her sexual to terms with it there, but failed to services in eight states on was to “find out make any mention of Craigslist, authorities said everything that the issue in Germany. yesterday. The husband was has happened.” Merkel In scope and num- arrested in Chicago yesterday. The nation’s Ro- bers, though, the Irish man Catholics have been crisis is much greater. U.K. irked about U.S. growing impatient for There, government- the pontiff to address the ordered investigations human egg raffle scandal in Germany, where have found 60 years of LONDON An American infertility Cleansing trip A man in India rows his boat on the river Ganges at Sangam, India, some 300 former Catholic child abuse and church clinic seeking business in Britain yesterday in Allahabad. Hindus believe that the Ganges washes away sin. (gettY) students have come for- cover-ups. (AP) has prompted criticism by offer- ing free eggs from a U.S. woman Liberal critic supports health care bill Bipartisan approval to one participant in a seminar yesterday. The event sparked a debate about what many said violated the spirit of an Euro- for bill to spur jobs pean Union law banning women Companies that hire from being paid for their eggs. President Barack taking personal command and he stressed he was it now count for passage unemployed workers will Obama’s sweeping health of a campaign to enact still dissatisfied with key of the bill, hopefully in the get a temporary payroll tax Judge rejects request to care legislation won pre- legislation in what has parts. direction of compre- holiday under a bill that won cious support from a long- become a virtual vote of “I know I have to hensive health care bipartisan approval yes- delay Blagojevich trial time liberal holdout in the confidence in his still- make a decision, reform.” terday in what Democrats CHICAGO A federal judge refused House yesterday and from young presidency. not on the bill as House Speaker hope is just the first of sev- yesterday to postpone the Catholic nuns representing Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s I would like to see Nancy Pelosi (D- eral election-year measures June start of ousted Gov. Rod dozens of religious orders, announcement in the it but as it is,” said Calif.) said Kucinich’s aimed at boosting hiring. Blagojevich’s corruption trial, gaining fresh traction in Capitol made him the first the Ohio lawmaker, switch was important The 68-29 Senate vote sent brushing aside defense attor- the run-up to a climactic Democrat to declare he who twice ran for Kucinich not only for itself, “but the legislation to the White neys’ claims that they won’t weekend vote. would vote in favor of the president advocat- also on the outside,” House, where President Ba- have enough time to prepare. “It’s a good sign,” said legislation after voting ing national health care. “If with liberal groups who rack Obama was expected to The trial starts on June 3. (AP) Obama, two weeks after against an earlier version, my vote is to be counted, let want a public option. (AP) sign it into law today. (AP) March 18 - March 19 Thursday / Friday A Sample Sale for Women 10 am - 7 pm 261 West 36th Street, 2nd Floor between 7 & 8 Ave Apparel, Footwear, & Jewelry
  • 5. Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 05 world Mideast April 18th ABSOLUTE AUCTION violence A Palestinian teen throws back an Israeli police tear gas canister near the West bank yesterday. Developer Close-Out — One Day Only! Israel lifted tight restrictions 30 New Studio, 1 and 2 Bedroom on Palestinian Luxury Condominiums access to a Jerusalem holy 15 TO BE SOLD ABSOLUTE, Open Houses: Saturday & Sunday, site and called REGARDLESS OF PRICE March 20th & 21st, off a West 11AM–2PM Broker Participation Invited bank closure EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY yesterday. Easy Commute to Manhattan secretary of state Hillary Clinton traveled to Russia for Mideast talks yesterday. (AP) Sexy texts land couple Terror charges SUGGESTED OPENING BIDS from $35,000 to $100,000 ORIGINALLY PRICED from $99,000 to $399,000 for 5 Americans FHA Approved · Only 3.5% Down · 100% Closing Costs Paid by Seller in the clink 212.213.9770 · This is not an offering. The complete offering terms are available in Offering Plan from Sponsor. File #CD07-0234. A string of steamy text messages has resulted in A Pakistani court charged Free Whitening Treatment a jail sentence for an In- five young Americans yester- dian couple, local media day with planning terrorist reported yesterday, in the attacks in the South Asian latest case of passions country and conspiring to clashing with law in the wage war against nations hip, yet conservative, allied with Pakistan, their at NY Dental with any service. Gulf city of Dubai. defense lawyer said. The conviction said the texts suggested the The men — all Muslims from the Washington suburb All PPO Insurances Accepted unnamed pair planned to “commit sin” — refer- of Alexandria, Va. — pleaded not guilty to a total of five 21st Century, Aetna, Cigna, Guardian, Metlife and More ing to extramarital affair, charges, the most severe of Five D.C.-area men were which is illegal in the which carries a maximum accused in a terror plot. (AP) United Arab Emirates. sentence of life in prison, de- The pair, who worked fense lawyer Hasan Dastagir The court also charged for Emirates airlines, said. the men with planning at- each were sentenced to The men are all in their tacks on Afghan and U.S. three months in jail. (AP) late teens or early 20s. territory, Dastagir said. (AP) CoNtest box March Webpoll Contest VOTE DAILY 133 E. 58th St. (@Lex. Ave.), Suite 1204, NYC Your vote enters you to win an LG Xenon + $50 AT&T gift card! 212-588-1500 “by appointment only” See today’s front page for the question of the day and using your AT&T phone, text your vote (A or B) to amNY Affordable State of The Art Dentistry at Convenient Mid-Town Location (2669) or log on to* to enter. Cosmetic Dentistry • Veneers • Crowns • Bridges *No purchase necessary. Contest open to residents of NY, NJ & CT. Must be at least 18 years of age. Winners may not Root Canals • Invisalign • Implants • Oral Surgery have won a prize from amNewYork in the last 30 days. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. One entry per day per person. For complete rules, go to
  • 6. money 06 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 +interest rates steady advance of the THE STOCk MarkET CONTiNuED yesterday its Dow S&P 500 Nasdaq past month. investors grew confident as the Fed held its key interest 10,733.67 1,166.21 2,389.09 rate steady and indicated it would stay that way for some time. (aP) +47.69 +6.75 +11.08 Let the real-time bidding begin Online advertising of all the stock Boom times director of Google’s exchanges in the Most online display ads are still ad exchange sales. makes leaps with world on a given day. sold the old-fashioned way, “It’s our next billion-dollar busi- but some see real-time bidding trading platforms “You need to have taking over. Here’s a look: ness. … Real-time systems capable ad exc h a n g e s $17B By Garett Sloane of responding in are where these sub-milliseconds 13 [display ads] are billion times a day,” Projected spending on display bought and sold.” The Web is a complex place for said Joe Zawadzki, ads in 2014, compared with A number of advertisers, but NYC-based Media- MediaMath’s CEO. $8.4B this year. city companies are Math thinks it’s got it figured out. Google and Yahoo poised to grow with The company invested a pretty have launched real- the proliferation “seven-figure” sum to build the ca- pacity to handle what’s predicted time ad exchanges. Microsoft is said to 75% of real-time bid- ding, among them to be the Internet’s next big adver- be joining the party. Portion of display ads that will AppNexus and eventually be sold through real- tising shift: real-time bidding. Springing up around time bidding. AdMeld. Google’s A whole ecosystem is being the exchanges are (Emily RilEy, FoRREstER REsEaRch) display engineers developed to trade ads like stocks companies such as and sales teams in billions of instantaneous bidding MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki is bullish on real-time bidding. (DEiDRE schoo) MediaMath that are here. wars for the eyeballs of individual help advertisers and publishers “New York is the hotbed of Web surfers. The automated trades Proponents of real-time bidding It is no easy feat to build enough navigate this complex method of this combination of tech chops: take nanoseconds to execute, and said it would cut down on waste by computer power to handle the buying ads. Exchanges and platforms are here, before a Web page loads an adver- allowing advertisers to target only amount of data needed for these “Display advertising is big busi- and it fits in well with the financial tiser can shoot an ad to the site. relevant customers. trades, which exceed the volume ness for Google,” said Lexi Reese, service ethos,” Zawadzki said. Earn Your Degree at NYACK • Accelerated Degree Completion Program (B.S. in 14 months) Open House! • Bachelors Degrees (34 majors) Saturday, March 20, 2010 • 11:00am Manhattan Campus, 361 Broadway, New York, NY • Alliance Theological Seminary: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, Master of Call 866-42-NYACK or visit our website at Professional Studies to make a reservation to attend! • MA in Counseling or Marriage & Family • MS in Organizational Leadership (finish in as little as 12 months) • MBA (finish in as little as 18 months) • MS in Childhood Education, Childhood Special Education, and Inclusive Education Nyack, NY • New York, NY •
  • 7. BUZZ Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 07 with ‘“Cougar” has become so distasteful. julie [“Puma”] has a sweeter quality.’ gordoN — Demi Moore to Harper’s Bazaar on why she’d rather be called a puma than a cougar Did Sandy’s Celebs’ little ones Bits O’ Buzz man cheat? Pregnant ‘Housewife’ living large heading to the altar “Real Housewife of New York First came the good news for Sandra Bullock City” Bethenny Frankel — an Oscar win — and then came the bad — a plans to wed the father of her Hollywood-sized scandal. child, Jason Hoppy, in “days, According to In Touch Weekly, the Oscar win- The children of Hollywood roy- has a standing not weeks” in “a classic New ner’s husband of four years, Jesse James, had alty live the good life. Us Weekly reservation at York wedding,” she told Holly- an 11-month affair with tattoo model Michelle dug into their privileged habits: NYC’s Tao to wood Life on Tuesday night. “Bombshell” McGee while Bullock was in feed the fish. Atlanta shooting “The Blind l Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s l Madge’s Rihanna to plan Katy’s Side.” James and McGee irly-girl, Suri Cruise, 3, reportedly son, Rocco, celebrated ‘wild’ marriage sendoff reportedly had sex at least carries around an $850 Ferragamo his ninth birthday at a once a week. purse and $27 Chanel lip gloss. Prague castle-turned- Rihanna is planning a bach- Bullock and James Rumor also has it that Suri has a kids disco. elorette party for pal Katy haven’t made a state- private playground. l In 2008, Britney Perry that will be “every bit as ment, but yesterday l Not to be outdone by Suri, Ma- Spears spent $25,000 on wild” as Perry’s fiance Russell Bullock backed donna’s adopted tot, Mercy James, candy jewelry and Ed Hardy Brand’s plans with his boys, a out next week’s owns a $235 D&G handbag. gift bags for a joint birthday source told U.K. premiere of l Hugh Jackman’s son Oscar, 9, party for her two sons. “The Blind Side” (Photos:: getty) due to “unfore- COrreCtiOn seen personal To get tickets for Natasha reasons.” Hmmm ... we Congratulations! Babies on the way for ‘SNL’ funny couple, former child star Bedingfield’s free concert tonight, visit forblondesonly. wonder what There’s double baby news in ing their second child, according Wonder Years,” is expecting her com. The Web site address was those reasons Hollywood. “SNL” lovebirds Amy to E! News. Danica McKellar, who first child with hubby Mike Verta, listed incorrectly in yesterday’s could be. Poehler and Will Arnett are expect- played Winnie Cooper on “The the actress, 35, told People mag. Buzz section. Bye, Bye Cellulite Lose 3 to 9 inches Buy 1 Package, Get 1 Free! • Velashape technology in just TWO WEEKS. • FDA Approved for Don't store your fat Effective Cellulite Removal Melt It! The New • Non-Invasive Body Slimming • No Downtime Laser • Trained and Certified just $2,250 Technicians FULL TREATMENT • All Areas of Body Z E R O N A ® • Guaranteed Results ZERO Pain ZERO Surgery Free Consultation with your Personal Skintologist ZERO Downtime Board Certified M.D. 212.989.6555 212-339-0098 181 7th Ave (Btwn 20th & 21st) To t a l s k i n a n d l a s e r S PA 135 East 55th St, 8th Fl (corner of Lexington Ave) NYC www.
  • 8. PMNY 08 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 +Television Copper Television sharks feed highlighTs on sardine by VerNe GaY shoals near South ‘FlashForward’ Africa. ABC/7, today, 8 p.m. Back after a longish hiatus, ABC and the producers of “FlashForward” 2.0 promised a faster-paced show with reveals stacked upon reveals, and they have absolutely deliv- ered. There’s a Jay doozy toward the end, along with some satisfying guest roles (master magician Ricky Jay!). That’s the good news; now the bad. There are too many stories to service, and in the act of jug- ‘Life’ is beautiful gling them all, the narrative can get rough and choppy. That’s right — i got a little seasick on occasion. ‘Archer’ FX, today, 10 p.m. This animated comedy about a super-secret-agent with a very domineering mother can be funny — or just plain dull. it’s earned another season, so fans are coming back. BBc nature miniseries a stunning look at survival On TV “Life” premieres on Sunday at 8 p.m. on Discovery. ‘Breaking Bad’ Life years in the making, 11 Survival has always AMC, Sunday, 10 p.m. hours in the viewing, the been a struggle, and one unfairly — the equally gor- The third season cues up and one consistent bedrock demanding extraordinary geous “Life” seems a little this show — still Tv’s best — theme that ties all of ingenuity.” old hat by comparison. It’s remains utterly true unto itself. By Verne GAy “Life” together is survival. Sunday’s first hour more intimate in scale — in Check out the very scary new- special to amNewyork How do species adapt to (8-9 p.m.) is a grab bag of recognition that most life comers known as the Cousins survive? What are some ingenuity. We see cheetahs on Earth is intimate in (Daniel and luis Moncada). Did Reason to watch The of their unique skills and taking down an ostrich; a scale — and faster-paced. i say they are very scary? Yes, i BBC Natural History Unit strategies? Or, as Winfrey Venus flytrap doing “Life,” like life, doesn’t did, and they are. strikes again! Oprah Win- observes, “In life there are its thing; an insect tarry. The octopus that dies frey narrates. no guarantees. ... that grows eyes on after spending a year nurs- ‘The Simpsons’ What it’s about Four long projections. “Life” ing 100,000 eggs under Fox/5, Sunday, 8 p.m. is later organized into A brown-tufted capuchin the watchful gaze of a BBC Budget cuts force the merger of genera — reptiles and am- cracks nuts using a hammer camera? Her close-up lasts fourth grades by Principal skin- phibians this Sunday (9-10 stone in Brazil. just about four minutes, ner, and who should Bart’s new p.m.), mammals and fish on and then on to the next classmate be? nikki — voiced March 28, and so on. on understatement. It was story of survival. Winfrey, by sarah silverman. she toys My say To observe that landmark TV that took full meanwhile, with her warm with Bart’s affection, or, as he Discovery/BBC’s 2006 advantage of advances in and soothing voice, proves comes to realize, she loves and “Planet Earth” was among photographic technology that she really is good at hates him. A strawberry poison dart/ the most beautiful and and a newfangled one everything TV-related. Verne Gay is the Newsday TV critic. You arrow frog sits on a leaf in hypnotic creations in the called “high definition.” Bottom line Another can follow him at Costa Rica. history of television verges Sadly — and perhaps stunning beauty. Book your getaway now! Must be 21 or older to gamble, enter and remain in a New Jersey casino or participate in any Harrah’s Entertainment promotion. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. ©2010, Harrah’s License Company, LLC.
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  • 10. 10 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 pmny # 1 TWO WEEKSTHE WORLD MOVIE IN IN A ROW! Dakota Fanning, left, and Kristen Stewart in “The Runaways” Fanning, stewart most in terms of what a rock band has to go DISNEY.COM /WONDERLAND ©Disney tackle ’70s band through? DF: I think my first taste of that was just being IMAX® is a registered trademark of IMAX Corporation The runaways thrown into the recording stu- IN DISNEY DIGITAL 3D , , TM dio to sing the songs. … Being AND AT THEATRES EVERYWHERE By RoBERT LEvin in a studio and realizing that’s Check local listings or Text ALICE special to amNewyork what you’re doing today and SORRY, NO PASSES with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549). that’s all is kind of how The Dakota Fanning and Kris- runaways were back then. ten Stewart are not yet 20 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? and they’re already icons. In “The Runaways,” Did you keep any of the punk-rock clothes Are you experiencing numbness, tingling, burning, itching opening tomorrow, from the film? DF: or weakness in your hand? Is you discomfort interrupting the pair plays an- I have most all of my your sleep? Failed wrist surgery? other set of young wardrobe. I love the Discover a revolutionary new treatment that is helping icons, with Fanning corset. I love ... the starring as Cherie silver jumpsuit and the Top-Of-The-Line Non-Surgical Nerve Decompression. Currie and Stewart corset because they’re (NSND) has been clinically proven to help as Joan Jett in the story of so iconic to cherie. What are the differences they love you and who you are The Runaways, the all-girl Ks: I have this leather jacket between the ways actors on stage. Call 800-385-8381 to receive 3 free band they fronted in the I wore in the movie. I wrote and musicians relate to KS: Musicians make state- Top-Of-The-Line Non-Surgical Nerve Decompression ’70s. amNewYork spoke Joan a letter on the back of it, their fans? DF: [With] actors, ments. They’re being them- with them. in little small writing in Wite- most of the time, those people selves and that’s just not the Non-Surgical Nerve Out pen so it looks really punk are fans of who you played. way we are. They’re more pub- can help you. Top-Of-The-Line What surprised you the rock and awesome. … as opposed to a musician, lic figures than actors almost. Decompression has helped thousand and it could be the miracle breakthrough that can change your life! Call at Thursday 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, Q, R, W, S to Times Killswitch Engage: The Fillmore 800-385-8381 NOW! Space is limited! MUSIC Sq.-42nd St.; B, D, F, V to 42nd St.- New York at Irving Plaza, 8 p.m., $33. Fifth Ave.-Sixth Ave.), 212-840-2824 Through Friday. This band walks the I've had CTS in my right hand for years and I couldn't use my hand to do the Joanna newsom: Town Hall, line between metal and alt-rock with simplest things without a lot of pain. I've tried Physical Therapy and 8 p.m., sold out. Singer and House of pain: Nokia Theatre, 7 heavy guitar riffs. 17 Irving Pl., at E. medications, but none of it worked. After treatments here my right hand doesn't Joanna harpist Newsom celebrates the p.m., $29.50. This rap group brings its 15th St. (4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, R, W to 14th swell or wake me at night and I can do all the things I used to do WITHOUT PAIN. Newsom release of her album “Have One funky beats to New York. 1515 Broad- St.-Union Sq.), 212-777-6800 I traveled 1 1/2 hours to Manhattan Pain-Relief Center and it was worth it!! (GETTY) on Me.” 123 W. 43rd St., btwn way, at 44th St. (1, 2, 3, 7, N, R, Q, W Rosa Rosado, Central Islip, New York Sixth and Seventh aves. (1, to 42nd St.-Times Sq.), 212-307-7171 Continued on page 12 Turn Back The Clock With… Onetime, Painless Treatment BEFORE AFTER in less than 1 Hr! 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  • 12. 12 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 pmny Amp Up Your Lifestyle Not so amazing ‘Grace’ Continued from page 10 Thursday All of the Energy & with with Energy Drink Music None of the Sugar! Keller Williams: Brook- •14 Great-Tasting Flavors The Book of Grace lyn Bowl, 9 p.m., $21. This •A Potent Mix of B Vitamins solo artist — who performs •Premium Herbs & No Sugar! a mixture of bluegrass, jazz and rock — is known Orders: for improvisation during or Call: 800-253-6500/use code 5552390 By maTT Windman his shows. 61 Wythe Ave., amNewyork theater critic btwn N. 11th and N. 12th For Distributor information: Contact Sean Felder at sts., Williamsburg (G to 646-673-1997 or email: Suzan-Lori Parks, the Nassau Ave.; L to Bedford experimental playwright Ave.), 718-963-3369 best known for her gritty, cOMEDY WEIGHT LOSS ACUPUNCTURE Pulitzer-winning drama John mulaney: Carolines, Physical Therapy, Massage, Facial, Herbs “Topdog/Underdog,” is 8 p.m., $20.25. Through finally back at The Public Sunday. Brooklyn comic Also Specialize in Theater with “The Book of Mulaney, who has toured allergies (guarantee) • infertility • tendonitis Grace,” her first off-Broad- with Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn, takes the back / neck / joint pain foot pain • headache • fatigue way play in eight years. stage at Carolines. 1626 Accept 1199, UNited HealthCare, Aetna, Cigna, HIP, GHI and more Though occasionally in- Broadway, btwn 49th and triguing and proudly uncon- 50th sts. (1 to 50th St.; C, Visit our website for details: ventional, the 90-minute, E to 50th St.; N, R to 49th 65 W 37 St., 4th Fl. @ 6th Ave., Manhattan • NY, NY 10018 three-actor drama feels like Amari cheatom and Elizabeth Marvel in “The Book of Grace” St.), 212-757-4100 212-764-3924 • FREE CONSULTATION an unfinished and incoher- TALKs & READiNGs ent mess. ress and writing in a hidden bury her in a hole in the “The Book of Grace,” scrapbook that recalls lawn. We won’t spoil the Randy Susan meyers: BookCourt, 7 p.m., FREE. examines a “good things”; and ending, but it’s so arbitrary On Stage Meyers reads from “The dysfunctional fam- Vet’s son Buddy (Am- that it almost feels as if Murderer’s Daughters.” 163 ily in south Texas “The Book ari Cheatom), who Parks simply decided to Court St., btwn consisting of Vet of Grace” has just returned stop writing at that point. Amity and Pacific (John Doman), an plays at The from the Army. James Macdonald’s inti- sts., Cobble Hill Public Theater abusive father and While Buddy mate production is visually (F, G to Bergen through obsessive border makes a video jour- attractive, and Marvel gives St.), 718-875- April 4. 425 3677 patrol agent; Grace Lafayette st., nal revealing his a characteristically intense (Elizabeth Marvel), 212-967-7555 intent to kill Vet in performance, but “The his bravely opti- a suicide bombing, Book of Grace” remains too John To advertise in amNewYork mistic wife, who alternates Grace suspects that Vet unconvincing and under- Mulaney call 212-239-5398 between working as a wait- intends to murder her and cooked. (GEtty) Specializing in Problem Skin TEEN MODEL SSENTIAL Licensed Professionals Introductory Offers! 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BY APPOINTMENT ONLY CALL: 212-239-1110 Interviews will be held at THE NEW YORKER HOTEL 8th AVE. AT 34th STREET (across from Penn Station) Under 18 must be accompanied by your parent. BARBIZON MODELING OF MANHATTAN Lic. by NYS Ed. Dept.
  • 13. Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 13 Dental Implants RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS: Healthy male and female MARIJUANA and CIGARETTE SMOKERS (age 21-50) Healthy users of heroin don’t have to be expensive to be the best! (men and women, age 21-45 yrs) needed to evaluate the effects of marijuana needed for 3-week inpatient study of DENTAL IMPLANT Post TOTAL on mood and performance. Live on a research unit at the NYS Psychiatric Institute on two medication effects on opiate detoxifica- $ + Crown $ 1,635 + $545 occasions for 8 days each. Compensation tion and brain imaging research at the (Nobel Biocare ONLY $100 add’l) $695 for time: $940-1740 Call (212) 543 -5982 NY State Psychiatric Institute. EXPIRES 3/31/10 for information. Earn approximately $1175-$1625. Free Consultation Call the Substance Use (New Patients) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Research Center at NOTICE OF A FRANCHISE AND CONCESSION REVIEW COMMITTEE (“FCRC”) PUBLIC HEARING to be held on Monday, April 12, 2010 commencing at 2:30 PM at 22 Reade (212) 543-6243 Street, Borough of Manhattan, in the matter of the assignment to NYC Payphones, LLC of a public pay telephone franchise currently held by Payco, LLC (“Payco”). The FCRC approved the franchise agreement between the City of New York (“the City”) Are you considering and the original franchisee, Metro Telecommunications of America, Inc. (“Metro”), on August 11, 1999. Subsequently, the FCRC approved the assignment of Metro’s franchise to Payco on February 13, 2002. The franchise provides the non-exclusive SPEAK WITH YOUR SMILE TODAY! right to install, operate and maintain public pay telephones on, over and under WE PLACE MORE THAN 4,000 IMPLANTS PER YEAR • SE HABLA ESPANOL! the inalienable property of the City. A copy of the existing franchise agreement may be viewed at the New York City Cheek Augmentation Treatment? Invisible Braces Teeth Whitening Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, 75 Park Place, 9th Floor, New York, New York 10007, commencing Monday, March 22, 2010 through Sadick Research Group $500 OFF $350 ($800 value) Monday, April 12, 2010, between the hours of 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM, excluding Is currently conducting a research study and is looking for men and Brighten your teeth up to 10 shades in 1 hour! Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Hard copies of the franchise agreement may women of Asian or Hispanic descent who have lost volume in their The clear alternative to braces Maintenance Kit $135 be obtained, by appointment, at a cost of $.25 per page. All payments shall be made mid-face (cheeks). If you are between 35 and 65 years old, in good CT SCAN-3D VIEWS OF THE JAW NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR MADISON AVE. LOCATION at the time of pickup by check or money order made payable to the New York City general health, you may be eligible to participate in this study of an 7 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Department of Finance. The existing franchise agreement may also be obtained investigational injectable filler for cheek augmentation. GRAND in PDF form at no cost, by email request. Interested parties should contact Roxanne OPENING! Brooklyn Chambers at (212) 788-6610 or by email at Qualified participants will be compensated. Location NOTE: Individuals requesting sign language interpreters at the public hearing should 41st & Madison Avenue • Rego Park • Massapequa • Scarsdale • Wall Street • Valley Stream For more information please contact CALL 212.269.9500 Today! contact the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services, Public Hearing Unit, 253 Broadway, 9th Floor, New York, New York 10007, (212) 788-7490, no later than SEVEN (7) Margaret at 212-710-9849 • Elaine at 212-710-9855 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE PUBLIC HEARING. TDD users should call Verizon 911 Park Avenue relay service. New York, NY 10075-0385 WWW. C ONTEMPORARY D ENTAL I MPLANT C ENTRE.COM The Hearing may be cablecast on NYC TV. 25 Years of Experience • Same Day Teeth • Invisalign • Sedation Dentristry Available
  • 14. dining out 14 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 The ‘mac’ OPENINGS daddies By AlExIS KORmAN Ah, macaroni and cheese! The Red Betty’s > Red Betty’s: Chef Malik Fall’s French-Senegalese menu includes pan-seared special to amNewyork classic comfort food has come a jumbo sea scallops ($20) long way from the orange, out- and hanger steak mignon of-the-box Kraft creation, and New York foodies just can’t ($18). An artsy vibe comes get enough. From trendy to traditional, the mac-and-cheese from the contemporary art dishes at these eateries have developed cult followings. lining the walls. 64 E. First St., Here’s where you can fill up: S’MAC offers 13 kinds of mac and cheese. Want to try a few? Get a sampler. (MichAel Seto) btwn First and Second aves., 212-529-3262 Classic mac Family favorite Decadent dish Trendy mac Haute mac > Pulino’s Bar & Pizzeria: San Francisco hotshot Nate Pies ‘n’ Thighs S’mAC Gansevoort 69 macbar Waverly Inn Appleman has teamed up with NYC restaurateur Keith 166 S. Fourth St., at Dri- 345 E. 12th St., btwn 69 Gansevoort St., btwn 54 Prince St., at 16 Bank St., at Waverly McNally for this long-awaited ggs Ave., Williamsburg, First and Second aves., Greenwich and Washing- Mulberry St., Pl., 212-243-7900 spot. Aside from the pizzas, 347-529-6090 212-358-7912 ton sts., 212-691-0069 212-226-8877 While it’s probably most Pulino’s will serve meat from Just $4 scores a side There’s something for Located in the former This sleek, modern famous for its scene, animals butchered on site. of mac and cheese at everyone at this cozy Florent space, this 10-seat temple to mac The Waverly’s truffled 282 Bowery, at E. Houston St., this recently reopened East Village eatery, laid-back (for the nabe) and cheese features ad- mac and cheese has 212-226-1966 hipster hot spot, known which serves 13 kinds eatery offers a host of dictive nouveau versions garnered its very own for fried chicken and of satisfying mac and comfort foods, including with fancy ingredients, following. Causing a stir > 57 Napoli Pizza e homemade pies. The cheese in cast-iron skil- meat loaf and tater tots, such as duck confit and for its hefty price tag Vino: Neapolitan pizza mac and cheese is sim- lets. Sizes range from but the mac and cheese fresh lobster (small, ($55), this dish is “the comes from a wood-burning ple but tasty, jazzed up “nosh” ($4.75-$7.25) to is the menu’s can’t-miss $5.99-$8.99; medium, gold standard for any brick oven at this joint. Pizzas will come as 12-inch with a dash of Frank’s “partay!” (serves eight item. Spring for a deluxe $7.99-$12.99; large, mac-and-cheese fan,” rounds ($12-$15) or 18-inch hot sauce, making it to 10, $33-$47). Varieties version ($12) of this $12.99-$17.99). Cute said mac aficionado skateboard-shaped “metros” a perfect partner for include filling favorites baked dish (which feeds macaroni-shaped con- Leslie Sultan, 31, who’s ($20-$22). 120 E. 57th St., finger-lickin’ chicken. such as cheeseburger two), a decadent mix of tainers come free with had it twice. Sultan btwn Park and Lexington and four-cheese, along cheddar, Swiss medium-sized noted that the shaved aves., 212-750-4586 with unique ones such and béchamel orders. black truffles topping (AMNY) as salsa picante, made cheeses, topped the dish give it “an with pepper jack with bacon, shal- extra-exclusive quality.” cheese, chicken lots, baby peas The sophisticated dish, and cilantro. and toasted bread combined with the expe- Multi-grain and crumbs. rience and atmosphere, gluten-free pastas may very well be are available, too. worth the price. (KAte WArburtoN) Best Steak House Alternative in NYC” -Village Voice Date Night with a Topspot for meat lover’s -New York Post View Classyaddition to the East Village -Zagat Survey Waterfront Restaurant •Spectacular Views of Manhattan •Large Banquet Event Hall •Fine Italian Cuisine •Casual Dining Atmosphere •Hours: Wed-Sat, 4PM, Sun. 11AM Authentic Argentinean Cuisine •Steps from Newport/Pavonia PATH • (201) 798-1798 513 E 6th St., New York, New York City 502 Washington Blvd. Jersey City, New Jersey 07310 212.228.2775 at the Newport Marina Pier
  • 15. Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 15 The edison Ballroom, New York’s most elegant venue, is pleased to present swing into spring FRIDAY MARCH 26, FRIDAY APRIL 9, AND FRIDAY APRIL 23 from 7:00pm – 1:00am featuring: Joe BaTTaglia and The neW YorK Big Band Joe Battaglia and his world renown band has been performing for audiences for the past 7 years at the rainbow room and tavern on the Green enjoy an evening of fine dining, cocktails and dancing. Dinner starts at 7:00pm; General admission starts at 9:30pm For more information, call (212) 201-7650 or visit us online at For ticket iNFormatioN visit 240 West 47th street, times square, New York In The Heart of “The West Village” Happy Hour $16.95 Tuesday-Friday Brunch! 4pm-7pm Saturday Unlimited Mimosa Brunch Tuesdays Clambake Sunday Wednesdays Live Jazz Unlimited Bloody Mary Thursdays Wine Tasting Brunch Sunday BBQ Dinner 569 Hudson St (at 11th St) 212-242-6200
  • 16. Living 16 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 CiTY +REEL LIfE real eSTaTe Talk about being ahead of your time. The Ghostbusters were the original gentrifiers, moving into a raggedy TriBeCa firehouse back in the 1980s when the area was somewhat forgotten. These days, the Triangle Below Canal Street is home to bankers and movie stars, an exclusive ZIP code that is among one of the wealthiest in the country. To buy $2.2M Two-bedroom, 21⁄2 bath pre- war renovation, with Philippe Starck bath and stone kitchen, 1,753 square feet. (159 Duane St.) $4.15M Duplex penthouse with a private rooftop terrace and views of downtown Manhattan and the Hudson River. (88 Laight St.) The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man marches past the old building at 2 Columbus Circle. The Museum of Arts and Design now stands at that address. Calling back NYC’s ghosts $799,000 One-bedroom, one-bath pre- war co-op with 12-foot ceilings, spa bath, roof deck and Hudson River views. (335 Greenwich St.) $5.7M By Magdalene Perez special to amNewyork 1984 2010 Three-bedroom, three-bath condo in a newly erected This week in City Living, amNewYork is condominium with full-service 60 cents Cost of a $2.50 up calling on the Ghostbusters. pizza slice close building staff, doorman, In the first of an occasional series, Reel fitness center and children’s Estate, we look at classic movies set in New playroom, 2,542 square feet. (7 Hubert St.) York City. “Ghostbusters,” released in 1984, Ed Koch Mayor Michael “Ghostbusters” was set in Reagan-era New York and reflects Bloomberg The 1984 To rent the sense of renewal of its time. Worn down science-fiction by crime and blight in the 1970s and early Bernhard Tiger Woods comedy was ’80s, the city was at a turning point. Wall $2,868 Goetz, aka sends an immediate Street was rebuilding, populating the city the “Subway the press hit, with a star- with a new caste of young professionals. Vigilante,” atwitter studded cast that One-bedroom in a doorman shoots four after “Older districts were starting to be sud- paired “Saturday building with two rooftop men on the crashing decks, basketball court, denly kind of fashionable,” architect and Night Live” giants subway, his SUV. laundry, media room and gym. NYC movie expert James Sanders said. “That Dan Aykroyd and claiming Headliners The (53 Park Pl.) comes in where the Ghostbusters start up in parade of Bill Murray with they were an old firehouse in TriBeCa. They’re a high- muggers. jokes that Harold Ramis tech startup with a radical new idea of how $4,395 The incident follows and Sigourney to solve an old problem.” sparks a ends the Weaver. Stoking Many of the film’s landmarks — the 42nd nationwide decade the flames was Two-bedroom, two-bath in a doorman building with rooftop Street library and the TriBeCa firehouse — debate on with a $30 million worth are still around and little changed. Others crime. bang. of special effects, terrace, pool, fitness center and on-site dry cleaning, 1,300 have gone, moved or changed. Two Colum- set into motion square feet, utilities included. bus Circle — seen as the Stay Puft Marshmal- Nightlife by an army of (Broadway at Chambers low Man marches up the street — has been Danceteria Marquee studio artists who Hot spot Street) reclad and turned into a museum. could list “Star Wars” and “E.T.” $4,490 why ThiS Movie MaTTerS: ask aN experT among their accomplishments. Two-bedroom with a garage, “People had dismissed New enjoyed that old architecture that In fact, the movie York in so many different ways previously people had dismissed. —James Sanders, still ranks among doorman, sundeck, sauna and valet services. in the 1960s and 1970s, but a It sort of was a love letter to that architect and author of the top-grossing (Near Chambers St.) new generation was coming to architecture and a lovely way of “Celluloid Skyline: New York domestic films New York in the ‘80s who really looking twice.” and the Movies” of all time.
  • 17. Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 17 Newly Constructed Apartments for Rent BUY NOW BEFORE RATES GO UP! Midtown West Apartments is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for 41 affordable rental 95% FINANCING AVAILABLE AND 4.125% FIXED NOW OWNING apartments under construction on West 37th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, in the Clinton section of Manhattan. This building is being constructed through the Inclusionary Housing Program of the City of New York’s Department of 30 & 40 YEAR MORTGAGES AVAILABLE* (FOR QUALIFIED BUYERS) IS CHEAPER Housing Preservation and Development and the Secured Loan Rental Program of the New York State Housing Finance Agency. The size, rent, and income requirements of the 41 apartments are as follows: THAN RENTING! FROM ONLY $782.71 (Principal & Interest - 30 Years Fixed @ 5% Down) (Principal & Interest - 30 Years Fixed @ 5% Down) /MO /MO HOMEBUYER *SUBJECT TO OCCUPANCY CRITERIA **INCLUDES GAS FOR HEAT & COOKING **RENTS SUBJECT TO CHANGE ***INCOME REQUIREMENTS SUBJECT TO CHANGE HURRY IN! You can still qualify for the $8,000 Federal Tax SEMINAR APPLICANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO MEET INCOME, HOUSEHOLD SIZE AND ADDITIONAL CRITERIA. Credit.Must be in contract by April 30th, Only 44 Days Left! LEARN ABOUT To request an application, mail a POSTCARD to: • How You Can Qualify for Midtown West Apartments; 1357 Broadway, Box 224; New York, NY 10018. Totally Renovated 1, 2 & 3BR Co-ops. An $8,000 Federal Tax Credit Completed applications must be returned by regular mail only (no priority, certified, registered, express or over- Available Immediately! • Down Payment Assistance night mail will be accepted) to a post office box that will be listed on the application, and must be postmarked (3% of Purchase Price) Spacious homes featuring bamboo hardwood floors, marble tiled baths, stainless by May 4, 2010. Applications postmarked after May 4, 2010 will be set aside for possible future consideration. steel appliances, custom cabinets and more. Private terraces with views of the • Community Reinvestment Applications will be selected by lottery. Manhattan skyline. Full time security with private and secure 24-hour parking. • Credit Counseling Applicants who submit more than one application will be disqualified. Duplicated applications will not be accepted. Preference will be given to: Manhattan Community Board #4 residents for 21 units; mobility-impaired On-site Sales Office Open 7 Days per Week SATURDAY, persons for 2 units; visual and/or hearing impaired persons for 1 unit; and City of New York municipal employees for 2 units. Also, preference for all units will be given to applicants who live in New York City. 646-329-9808 MARCH 20TH• 12NOON No broker’s or application fee should be paid to anyone regarding these applications. 875 Morrison Avenue, Suite 1B, Bronx, NY 10473 DAVID PATERSON, Governor Between Story & Lafayette (Across From Soundview Park) 825 Morrison Avenue MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG, Mayor Community Room New York City Call to Reserve Your Seat Department of Housing Preservation and Development Rafael E. Cestero, Commissioner * Subject to certain restrictions & lending guidelines - Subject to change without notice.The complete offering terms are in an offering plan New York State Housing Finance Agency available from the sponsor. C06-011 Morrison LLC c/o Apollo Real Estate Investment Fund V, LP, 2 Manhattanville Rd, Purchase, NY 10577 Judd S. Levy, Agency Chairman QUALITY FAMILY LIVING FOR ALL NEW YORKERS
  • 18. 18 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 city living GREAT MANHATTAN LOCATION REEl vs. REAl Reel photos: Columbia piCtuRes YOU CAN AFFORD! Real photos: lauRen a. smith REEl REEl MOVE IN NOW! Balance of March 99¢ RENT E N O F EAD! ghostbusters columbia WITH THIS REAl REAl Headquarters University 14 N. Moore St., 116th Street near West between Broadway Broadway and Amsterdam BEAUTIFUL STUDIO & Peter Venkman and Avenue 1 BEDROOM APARTMENTS pals buy an “aban- doned” TriBeCa fire- The ghost-slugging heroes hatch their FOR IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY house to set up Ghost- busters headquarters, business plan after getting the boot Owner managed, well maintained buildings complete with a fire from a cushy para- overlooking beautifully landscaped courtyard & pole for quick response psychology program gorgeous views of the Park & Hudson River to otherworldly emer- housed in a ficti- gencies. In reality, this tious “Weaver Hall.” 1 BLOCK FROM ALL TRANSPORTATION, handsome red-brick The scenes were HALF BLOCK TO "A" TRAIN fire station, in a neigh- actually shot outside Havemeyer Hall, home to the school’s Call building manager borhood that has evolved from down-and-out to a luxury ZIP code, chemistry department. The movie offers a peek of the now razed Mr Mayer: 516-297-7677 BROKERS is still home to firefighters from Hook and Ladder Company No. 8. Ferris Booth Hall, a student center that once housed a six-lane bowling alley, billiards room, rifle range and broadcast studio. or Ms A: 212-324-1600 WELCOME THE BEST RENTAL VALUE BEAUTIFUL LARGE IN NEW YORK CITY PARKCHESTER APARTMENTS FREE B 177 STREET • NO BROKER FEE STUDIO, 1 & 2 ONE MONTH RENT BEDROOM Fridays •10AM-4PM Saturdays •10AM-2PM ROOKLYN IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY • NO FEE WITH THIS AD IF YOU SIGN BY MARCH 31 1 BR APTS AS LOW AS $ 935 per mo $ 1300 2 BR MOVE per IN NOW! Rents from $705-$1191* APTS mo Heat & Hot Water Included in Rent AS LOW AS Balance of March Contemporary kitchens & baths Controlled Entry Access System On Site Laundry Room IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY • LARGE APARTMENTS ALL MODERN APPLIANCES • WINDOWED KITCHENS WINDOWED BATHROOMS • GENEROUS CLOSETS 99¢ RENT Professionally Designed Lobby HARDWOOD FLOORS • FiOS Available! On site Parking Available MANY MORE UNBELIEVABLE FEATURES AND AMENITIES Convenient to shopping & local PARKCHESTER IS A MODERN MIRACLE OF AFFORDABLE transportation LIVING WITH 129 ACRES OF LAWNS, SHADE TREES, FLOWER BEDS, PLAYGROUNDS, BALLFIELDS & 24 HOUR SECURITY. And MUCH MORE! See our model apts and our Premier apartment collection FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO OUR OPEN HOUSE CALL CALL MS. NEREIDA: 516-487-6790 EXT 233 718-412-4641 Tues & Thurs 5:30pm-7:45pm Sat 10am-1:45pm OR MR. ANAR: 516-297-9113 EHO BROKERS WELCOME
  • 19. Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 19 ciTY LiviNG REEL RENT BROOKLYN REAL ...find youtopia. Umberto’s clam House Original site: 129 Mulberry St. The Umberto’s seen while the Ghostbusters celebrate another successful job is the original 129 Mulberry St. seafood joint, where gangster “Crazy” Joe Gallo got whacked in 1972. Closed for lack of funds in 1996, the restaurant reopened on 386 Broome St. 10 years ago. REEL REAL Dana’s apartment 55 Central Park W., between 65th and 66th streets “Ghostbusters” love interest Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) lives in a swank Central Park apartment that just happens to be a lightning rod for a powerful, destructive evil spirit. The 1929 Art Deco building was once home to 1930s film star Ginger Rogers. • New York have had a $114,000 awkward neighbor is The Sedgewick Public Library face-lift. The library chased into Central Hotel Fifth Avenue at received a new name, Park by a demonic 59 W. 44th St., Gina’s View 42nd Street the Stephen A. dog, he finds him- between Fifth and The landmark main Schwarzman Building, self cornered at this Sixth avenues branch library sets the in 2008, when the pri- beloved — and recently Hollywood has dibs scene for the film’s vate equity billionaire closed — restaurant. on the hotel where the first ghost encounter. donated $100 million The film’s uppity Ghostbusters make The 1911 Beaux Arts for further work. patrons were true to their debut: The fiction- Gina found youtopia in building underwent the times; in 1984 al “Sedgewick” is actu- a massive expansion Tavern on the the iconic eatery was ally in Los Angeles. But Brooklyn on the 23rd floor. in the 1980s, adding Green enjoying a renaissance the interior scenes are more than 125,000 West 67th Street after nearly shuttering based on New York’s square feet below and Central Park in 1974. The restaurant historic luxury lounge Fitness Center • 24-hour Concierge Bryant Park. Since West plans to reopen under the Algonquin Hotel, Resident Lounge • Billiards • Urban Park Plaza then, the iconic lions When Dana’s socially new ownership soon. which opened in 1902. Garage & Valet Parking • 10 Subway Lines WiFi Access • Pet Friendly LEGAL & ACCIDENTS & PROFESSiONAL MEDICAL MALPRACTICE TO ADVERTISE IN THIS DIRECTORY SALZMAN & WINER, LLP. CALL ALBERTO DESPAIGNE AT 212. 239. 5704 OR EMAIL ADESPAIGNE@AM-NY.COM 212-233-6550 No fee unless we recover 305 Broadway NY, NY 10007 ATTORNEYS • ACCIDENTS: Injuries, Auto, Slip & Fall Contruction CCIDENT? NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN YOUR CASE Rents Starting at $1,965* • BANKRUPTCY: Over 50 Years of Experience Call for Specials! • DIVORCE: Quick - NY & NJ All Accident Cases Handled • IMMIGRATION: NATURALIZATION Starting at $250 Asylum, Deportation, H1, PERM Car • Sidewalk • Slips/Fall • Building • Construction 866-408-4811 • MALPRACTICE 212-533-2606 212-533-2606 Call 24 Hours/7 Days/week FREE CONSULTATION • 24 HR SERVICE FREE CONSULTATION DINERMAN BERGAM & DINERMAN - Attorneys HOWARD 170 Broadway, Suite 410, NY 10038 HOWARD ROSENGARTEN, P.C. ROSENGARTEN, P.C. 212-267-7575 Se Habla Español * Rents subject to change. 363 7th Ave • 7th Floor Over Habla Experience Se 35 Yrs Español NearBroadway Ste•1011 853 Penn Station NYC Pregunte por Maria
  • 20. 20 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 city living Who you gonna call? This big fan What would Peter Venkman do? Kim h., 25, is a lifelong “Ghost- Bill Murray’s snarky, smooth-talking character may have been too busters” fan who works in a TriBeca busy busting otherworldly skulls to take time to shop or hit the coffee shop. town, but we can imagine his favorite haunts just the same. How many times have you seen “ghostbusters”? Fanelli café ual on the supernatural, this is where he might find I’ve been watching it 94 Prince St., it. This East Village boutique specializes in oddities, since I was drooling. 212-226-9412 from two-headed taxidermy to prosthetic limbs. I’m an ‘80s kid. I’d say A former speakeasy and one of the city’s oldest I’ve seen it well over bars, this SoHo pub still maintains the laid-back loft living 20 times. I watched it atmosphere and inexpensive good grub that drew Anywhere below Houston Street, just the other day! artists and upstarts alike in the 1970s and ’80s. between Broadway and Sixth Avenue The perfect place to grab a tall one after a hard James Sanders, author of “Celluloid Skyline,” envi- Why do you think night chasing ghosts. sions “Ghostbusters’” greatest anti-hero living the people love the bohemian lifestyle in SoHo’s once-deserted sea of movie so much? It china Fun warehouses. “All he’s got is a bed and a TV and has amazing ’80s ac- 246 Columbus Ave., a couple of old furniture pieces that he found on tors and comedians. 212-580-1516 the street,” Sanders said. Back then, artists lived It’s got sigourney Kim What better way to impress the lady you’re after in downtown lofts because they could afford the Weaver, rick Moranis, than treating her to a good meal thoughtfully close dirt-cheap space. These days, chasing the same H. q Q dan aykroyd, Bill Mur- to her apartment? Not only would Venkman score dream can cost you a cool $7 million. Fan ray. how could you not points with Dana for this Chinese restau- like it? rant’s proximity to her Upper West Side the Strand digs, he’d get the added bonus of 828 Broadway, What kind of impression of looking sophisticated 212-473-1452 nyc did it make on you? I think for his exotic tastes. A hardworking parapsychologist needs [the scene] is in “Ghostbusters II,” access to books and the Strand — open but the part I remember is when they Obscura for business since 1927 — has got them. dress up as electricians and construc- 280 E. 10th St., Eighteen miles of them, to be precise. tion workers and they’re like, “Eh!” 212-505-9251 What better place to troll for rare in that typical New yorkese Italian- If a spirit-fighting works on extrasensory perception? american accent. That’s just old- avenger ever needed (Magdalene Perez) school. and the zombie driving the The Strand has been peddling books since 1927. a 19th-century man- taxicab, I’ll always remember that. (rJ Mickelson/aMny) The Shield Cleaning Inc. $ 10 OFF BRONX CLEANING & MAINTENANCE SERVICES Residential 1-866-843-8520 • 1-212-372-7160 Cleaning Services • Bathroom Cleaners Min. 4 hours BEAUTIFUL LARGE requirement per coupon. • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners This coupon cannot be combined with other • Floor Cleaners & Strippers offers. APARTMENTS • Kitchen Cleaners • General Purpose Cleaners • Furniture Cleaners STUDIO, 1 & 2 BEDROOM and more IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY • NO FEE WITH THIS AD DAY CARE COUNCIL OF NEW YORK, INC. Our professionally trained Phone Counselors can offer you FREE child care referral information on: • The Location of Child Care Provider • Summer Camps • Infant/Toddler Programs MOVE IN NOW! Balance of March 99¢ RENT • Licensed & Registered Family and Group Family Care • After-School Programs • Nanny Services • Nursery Schools • Becoming a Child Care Provider • Head Start Programs • The New NYS Medication Regulations Helping Parents Seeking Child Care Information in the five boroughs since 1952. CALL MS. NEREIDA: 516-487-6790 EXT 233 (212) 206-7818 OR MR. DAVID: 917-807-0019 M-F 8:30AM-5:30PM BROKERS WELCOME 12 West 21st St., 3rd flr., NYC, 10010
  • 21. Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 21 classified QUEENS APARTMENTS NASSAU/SUFFOLK PERSONAL SERVICES HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED FOR RENT APARTMENTS FOR RENT First Priority Security NAIL TECHNICIANS/Manicurist HOLLIS- 1 Bedroom Apt, LR, DR, EIK, BRONX HOUSES/ LYNBROOK 2-3 BR, LR, DR, new EIK & bth, fin bsmt, w/d, det gar, drvwy prkg, AFRICAN PSYCHIC ACT/EXTRA/MODELS Movies, TV, Print. No Exp Req! Now Hiring FT-PT Armed/Unarmed Unemployed Dissatisfied? Nail Spa seeks individuals immediately who are licensed/certified. If interest- Full BA, Close to trans. bus/shopping. No Pets $900/mo. 718-291-2308 CO-OPS & CONDOS backyd, 1 blk to LIRR/shop, SD #20, $1795 incl heat/water Ownr 516-480-8324 SPIRITUAL READER, All Ages,Sizes Needed. Top $$$ Paid! 224 W35th St. 212-244-4330 You can become a Security Guard Specialist in as little as 4 hours ed please contact us @212-222-4466 or email HOLLIS - 3BR, LR, EIK, third fl, balcony ALLERTON AVE Near Pelham Pkwy. Lg VALLEY STREAM- Lg 2 BR, possible 3 BR. DR, LR, EIK, near trans/shop, in new 3 family house, available HEALER & CLAIRVOYANT Avg. $10-$22.50/hr Lmtd Openings Call Julian 212-461-6543 SECURITY CAREERS April 1st, no pets. $1600/water. 1 BR, seperate foyer & hallway. Seperate DR, off kitchen. Huge LR, hrdwd flr, crpt BR. $1750-1950/neg. 516-946-2967, Kindly Call After 6 PM Mr. Jabble is internationally 88-26 197th St., Call 516-625-1881, owner laundry, storage in bsmt. 757 sqft. known & will help with all prob- NO EXP NEC. NO HS/GED REQ Hdwd fl, shiny ceramic tile. Near lems in life.Help bring back loved ones, depression,Success MAINTENANCE / DRIVER F/T ARMED/UNARMED TRAINING AVAIL. $9-$20/HR JAMAICA- Legal lower lvl 1BR apt. for rent $850, also Lg Studio, 144 St. off all trans. $145K/neg. Bylaws forbid Self storage busines L.I.C. mortgages/all cash. Maint $435/mo in business, marriage & love. Mr. McCornick 646-8297791 Hillside $600, Plus elect, gas & 2mo sec. includes electric & gas. Your Pain is my Responsibility ACT/MODEL-NEW ACT/MODEL-NEW FACES Driver & Porter Position available, Clean Driver’s License a must, Benefits, deposit req’d for Both. 516-967-0580 Owner 646-406-8217 or 347-703-6064 Call: 347-539-2163 WANTED! Call 718-729-0766 SECURITY OFFICERS MIDDLE VILLAGE NEW JERSEY WEB ID ND16394418 Premier security provider seeks very Studio, bath,No Pets. All Ages/Sizes-Kids/Adults NO EXP.Commericials/Fashion/ polished, extremely professional candi- $800/month inc all BRONX RENTALS RENTALS dates for F/T, P/T positions. Must be 718-896-6298 or 917-915-6193 Film/TV 224 W. 30 St. Suite 707 available on weekends 2nd or 3rd shift, JERSEY CITY, Journal Sq area, 2 BR, Pets/Livestock 212-904-1340 and possess NYS guard registration or WILLIAMS BRIDGE 3 blocks from Journal Sq Path station, certification. Union positions, benefits, RICHMOND HILL - Newly Renov, Sunny Un/furn rm avail; all utilities included 1BR, LR, EIK, high ceilings, near public $335/biwkly. Share w/male. 15 min commute to Manhattan, $1,000/ great growth potential. Pay rate $8.25 trans. $1150 incl heat/hot water. Call mo, 1.5 mo sec, util not incl. 201-284-9055 and up depending on shift and location. Call Dee 917-913-6437 Barbers Wanted INSTRUCTION/ Apply in person M-F 10-4 at: Classic Se- Odyssea at 718-357-8892 or 917-974-7226 DOGS/CATS FOR Levels Barber SCHOOLS curity, 70 W. 36th St., Employee Service OUT OF TOWN WOODSIDE 1BR Spacious $1,375/mo SALE Some experience required Call 646-509-1027 Center NYC 1mo Deposit & 1mo advance needs ref’s REAL ESTATE GERMAN SHEP AKC PUPS - Born 2/7. CAREER TRAINING ph# 718-374-3265 C# 917-378-1592 Leave A Message FLORIDA - BOYNTON BEACH CONDO Teddy Bears. 2 M’s, 1 F left. Chipped/ shots. vet checked. 516-702-9623 !!! MIN PIN PUPPIES!!! Looking to rent a great apartment? SEE A+,MCSE, WebDesign, ESL, Medical Billing office/admin/bookkeeping, F1. Real Estate QUEENS FURNISHED BROOKLYN HOUSES/ CO-OPS & CONDOS 55 And Over, Intercoastal Lrge 1BR, 1BTH, New Kit, Upgrades, French Drs, Glass Sunroom, tile, WIC, Pool, amNewYork’s Pharmacy Tech, Queens Clubhouse, Move In Cond., EXCELLENT Beautiful m/f, blk & tan, choc. & tan, CLASSIFIED SECTION 718-899-9800 EQUAL HOUSING ROOMS EAST NEW YORK- Reno Lg 3 Family LOCATION, Asking $132,000. 631-559-9990 shots, papers. 347-232-4686 Federal, New York State and local laws prohibit discrimi- Brick House. 4BR/4BR/2BR, 3 BA, spac nation because of race, color, sex, religion, age, national BRIARWOOD room for rent. closets, new appls, gar, sheered drvwy. Attention origin, marital status, familial status or disability in con- Merchandise Automotive nection with the sale or rental of real estate. amNewYork Female seeking the same. $600 a month. Rental inc $4600. $660K 347-204-1188 does not knowingly accept advertising in violation of Call 718-374-3265 and 917-378-1592 these laws. When you suspect housing discrimination Leave a message call the New York City Commission of Human Rights Hotline at 212-306-7500 BROOKLYN RENTALS ANTIQUES Looking for motivAted AUTO WANTED amNewYork SUNSET PARK 4th Ave near 51 St. 2BR sunny, spacious, newly renovated, DEPRESSION GLASS SHOW & SALE enthusiAstic peopLe To Place A Classified Ad Call hdwd flrs, ample closet space. $1300/mo. Call Oowner/Bkr (212)994-2246 CASH for cars, IRS tax deductable 1000 Sponsored by the LI Depression Glass Junk same day pick up. 718-848-9457 $ Society, Sat 3/20/10 11-5. Sun 3/21/10, 10-4. Freeport Recreational Ctr 130 E. MANHATTAN HOUSES/ 212-385-amNY Merrick Rd, Freeport LI. Free I.D. & ap- CO-OPS & CONDOS AUTOS FOR SALE praisal. Sun only. Info call 516-798-0492 or visit, Admission $6.50 wk/ HARLEM - 1BR, CO-OPS...120K. (212-385-2669) per person. LI Depression Glass Society NWLY REN, W/D Rdy, H/W Flrs. NASSAU/SUFFOLK TOYOTA 2002 SOLARA XLE - blk, lthr avg Maint $349, gas/heat incl, near all. O.H. Space 3/20/10, 11-5pm. 212-283-2183 HOUSES FOR SALE int, 59k, well main’d. $8,600. 516-319-1794 CERAMIC TILE BELLMORE N. Open House 3/21, 1-4PM, Sales experience not required but an asset! 1520 Bellmore Rd 4BR Cape, 1.5 BA, SPORTS CARS BATHROOM & KITCHEN TILES Excess wood flrs, new heating sys, inventory of wall, floor, mosaic tiles Long term commitment. $379,000 516-455-4337 CORVETTE 1982 lt blu/blk lthr, t-top, left ovrs from hi-end projct 917-674-2964 Fast track advancement for proven leaders. QUEENS HOUSES BUSINESS NORTHPORT Village 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths (new), 100x150, Grand cottage runs great. $10K 516-993-1770 MERCHANDISE FOR SALE OPPORTUNITIES room, near Main St & water, New siding. Must See $815K 516-635-0161 WANTED Students Welcome COLLECTIBLE CARS BELLEROSE - OPEN HOUSE Sun 2-4pm, Scholarships up to $2500 252-23 82nd Road, Dormered Cape,5BR NASSAU/SUFFOLK BUYING DIABETIC TEST STRIPS Cash paid up to $16 per 100 strips. Arrange 2 Bath, LR, DR, EIK, Full Bsmt, $579K. call 516-993-6607 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY CO-OPS/CONDOS MGB 1976 MIDGET dk red. Mint cond., not running. Best offer. 516-390-4380 Pickup call Bruce 862-216-1868 For an interview call OWNER / OPERATOR NESCONSET - Open House, 3/20, 3/21, 1- QUEENS CO-OPS/ OPEN HOUSE 5pm. Country Pt, 130 Deer Valley. 2/3 MOTORCYCLES/ RECORDS Queens - 1-718-459-9630 CONDOS FOR SALE Deliver newspapers as an Own- er/Operator under agreement BR’s, 2.5 BA, LR/DR, EIK, fplc, deck, 1 car gar, full bsmt. $469,900, 631-697-1374. MOPEDS/GO CARTS RECORDS African, Rock, Soul, Disco, Brooklyn - 1-866-394-0450 HOLLISWOOD Hilltop Village co-op, oversized rms, hardwd flrs, lots of clos- with our company. Reliable P/T delivery drivers needed - New NASSAU/SUFFOLK BMW 1999 650F Luggage & saddle bags 13K, great cond. gar, $3,900 718-344-6065 ets, nr all, $115K, Owner 516-850-4746 York Times, Wall Street Journal Jazz Etc, LPS Wanted, 212-802-4450 KEW GARDENS 1BR Designer Condo, and many more. All deliveries APARTMENTS FOR RENT HARLEY 1998 Ultra Classic, excel cond, 2tone blue, 46k, $9499 516-655-9004 are in Manhattan. Early morn- BALDWIN HARBOR 1st floor, WANTED RECORDS Jazz, Soul, R&B, Move-in cond, hdwd flrs, modern kit, lrg ing 3AM to 7AM, 7 days/week. foyer & LR, lo maint, $309K 917-302-6920 Large, Sunny 1BR apt. LR, Kit, BA, HARLEY DAVIDSON 1985 full dresser Gospel. Top cash pd. Pvt. 212-873-4016 Must have dependable car. Earn available 4/15, No Pets/Smoking up to $1,000+/month. Opportuni- touring bike cherry red $10K 516-993-1770 $950 includes all 516-868-2534 ties for additional income. There May Be $ In Your Home. Employment QUEENS APARTMENTS FOR RENT OPEN HOUSE every Tuesday at 1AM ELMONT - Newly Renovated, Beautiful and Sunny Large 1BR, LR, EIK, close to transportation and shopping, $1300 SELLING YOUR UNWANTED ITEMS = FAST CASH! (start work that morning!) Call 718-551-5196 NOTICE ASTORIA 10 min to Manhattan at: 43-34 32nd Place amNewYork Federal and State law make it unlaw- Long Island City, NY 11101 GLEN OAKS BY OWNER- 3BR Apt APARTMENTS FOR RENT bet Skillman Ave & Queens Blvd large rms, washer/dryer, near bus, ful for employers and employment Avanguard RE 718-545-0595 - min fr 59th St. Bridge. $1650/heat & gas included. CLASSIFIED agencies to advertise prospective 646-206-6901, 516-906-6901, 516-294-0745 employment where the job is limited Plenty of parking). as to age, race, creed, religion, BAYSIDE Cozy 1 BR, 2nd flr, full BA, Must have DRIVER’S license HUNTINGTON VILLAGE - newly reno- EIK, new crpt, fresh paint, LIRR, move- SOCIAL Security Card, vated 1 thru 4 Bedroom apartments. color, national origin, sex, disabili- in cond. $1200/mo inc gas, wireless In- REGISTRATION & CAR INS North of 25A on New York Avenue. Read for savings ty,genetic disposition or carrier sta- ternet & satellite. 718-423-5937, 10- 5PM to begin work on the same DAY Section 8 OK. 631-875-4975. Advertise for results tus or, marital status, unless based & start earning $$ Immediately! upon a bona fide occupational qual- BRIARWOOD- 1 BR, Modern Apt. New For more information, ification (BFOQ). amNewYork does laminated flr freshly painted. Laundry, please call: 1-646-277-3795. sliding dr to pvt bkyd. Close to train E not knowingly accept advertising in and F. $1100 + 1 718-544-0519 violation of these laws. When you suspect employment discrimination, call the NYC Commission on Human Rights Hotline at 212-306-7500 (or, the Nassau County Commission on Human Rights at 516-571-3662, or the Suffolk County Commission on OFFICE SPACE RETAIL SPACE Human Rights at 631-853-5480). NEW YORK CITY office $395/mo SMITHTOWN - 1,000 sq ft in busy strip Midtown @ 1375 Broadway & 37th St shopping center, glass storefront, HELP WANTED Chelsea @ 122 W 27th & 6th Ave Veteran’s Memorial Highway, plenty of Flatiron @ 36 W 20th St & 5th Ave parking, call owner, 631-226-8300 A-1 Security Micro Office 646-839-8362 COMMERCIAL Ft./Pt Positions available. All Shifts/ all boros Industry salary $9.00-$18.00/hr PATCHOGUE NEWLY RENOVATED PROPERTY No Exp. Nec. Will train if needed 5 offices available, 500, 800, 850, 1100 & Immed. Interviews Call HR 212-867-6328 1150 sq ft. $14 per sq ft. Must see. OFFICE SPACE Bayside Bell Blvd Call for more details. 631-828-9562 2 at 600sf, 1 at 900sf, 1 at 1500sf, A-1 SECURITY JOBS HERE Parking, No RE Fees or RE Taxes 718-229-3378 ENTRY LEVEL UP TO $18/hr FT CALL HR DEPT @ 347-600-5579 INDUSTRIAL RETAIL SPACE AAA SECURITY GUARDS PROPERTY $8-$18/hr CORP/COMM/HOTEL 212-929-8033 Ask for HR MGR RONKONKOMA - 1,000 sq ft in busy MEDFORD 1500 and 3000 SF Units strip shopping center, glass storefront, 3 phase electric 10ft overhead door. amNewYork Veteran’s Memorial Highway. Plenty of Parking. Call owner, 631-226-8300 1/2 mile from LIE, available immediate, Owner 631-698-1717, 631-603-4898
  • 22. 22 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 puzzles ThE LogiC puzzLEr ThAT ® MAKES You SMArTEr easy chaLLenging level Yesterday’s 1 2 3 4 solutions complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by- 3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve sudoku, visit www.sudoku. Yesterday’s solution 1 Each row and each column must contain the given operation (in any order) to produce the KenKen® is a registered numbers 1 through 4 (easy) or 1 through 6 target numbers in the top-left trademark of Nextoy (challenging) without repeating. corners. LLC. ©2010 KenKen 2 The numbers within the heavily outlined 3 Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the Puzzle LLC. All rights boxes, called cages, must combine using the number in the top-left corner. reserved. © 2010 The Mepham Group. Distributed by Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved. Crossword puzzle edited by Wayne robert Williams Web poll Today’s birThdays results actor Kevin Dobson (“Knots Landing”) is 67. actor ACROSS Brad Dourif (“Lord of the rings,” “chucky” 1 Sparkled Would you eat at a restaurant movies) is 60. singer-actress Vanessa 6 “__ la Douce” with a low grade? Williams is 47. Keyboardist Scott Saunders 10 __ around; bargain- of sons of the desert is 46. singer Miki Berenyi hunt 14 Baseball great Hank 32 68 (Lush) is 43. rapper-actress Queen Latifah is 40. comedian Dane Cook is 38. singer Devin Lima (LFO) PercenT PercenT __ is 33. singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is 31. 15 Drop of sweat yes No 16 Easy gait Brad Dourif (getty) 17 Opinions 18 Horseback rider’s pouch 20 Goose __; zero your horosCope To get an advantage, check your rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. 21 Consumer 23 Kelly Clarkson and Today’s birthday, March 18: Diversity is the key to your success this year. You learn how Carrie Underwood to harness your will to achieve financial gain, creative expression and successful dealings in romantic or 24 Harness strap other relationships. Emotions work on a less conscious level to inspire you. 25 Smooch 27 Way out 30 History 31 Ford or Chevy 6 Aries (MArCh 21-APriL 19) 7 Leo (JuLy 23-Aug. 22) 5 Sagittarius (NOv. 22-DeC. 21) 34 College official Today’s challenge is to work Depend on your own insights Each time you ask for creative 35 Holy book with, not against, your partner. now. If co-workers become in- input, you reframe your prac- 36 Hairy beast Yes, your ideas are brilliant. But flexible, employ skillful leader- tical desires. Group logic pro- 37 Unimportant you need agreement to make ship techniques to change their vides greater opportunity to 41 Foot digit them work. minds. get your message out. 42 Cancel 43 Killer whale 2 Former Secretary of 26 __ of Wight 52 Seep out 6 Taurus (APriL 20-MAy 20) 8 Virgo (Aug. 23-SePt. 22) 6 Capricorn (DeC. 22-JAN. 19) 44 Unhappy By taking several different ap- If practice makes perfect, then Spend most of your time listen- State Alexander __ 27 Blue-pencils 53 A single time 45 Grape bearer proaches, you and your associ- you just hit the big time. The ing today. You want to press 3 Calif.’s neighbor 28 Italian seaport 54 Burn 46 Small bus ate arrive at the same place at careful application of force your advantage, but you’ll get 4 Currently 29 Ran 55 To be: Fr. 48 Salt Lake __ the same time. Ignore the man prevents breakage. better results by hanging back. 5 Follows 30 Arouse, as the 56 Helper: abbr. 49 Rational behind the green curtain. Be patient. 6 “A Doll’s House” curiosity 58 Mineral spring 50 Think the world of playwright Henrik __ 31 __ terrier; Scottish 59 Shoot carefully 7 Libra (SePt. 23-OCt. 22) 53 Rower’s items 7 Bring up dog 61 Plead 8 Gemini (MAy 21-JuNe 21) Recognize diversity by using 8 Aquarius (JAN. 20-Feb. 18) 54 Body of water 8 Angry 32 Quickly Possibilities open up in the each person’s unique talents, Everything rests on your own 57 Crescent roll Yesterday’s work environment. The chal- even if they don’t seem to ap- need to be creative. Make time 9 Find a total 33 __ race 60 Aids in crime solution lenge is to make hay while the ply right now. You’ll use them every day to stick your fingers 10 Toboggans 35 __ Goodman 62 Cloudy vapor 11 Tramp 38 Military fleets sun shines, then play later. later. into the clay. Process is more 63 Typewriter type size 12 Translucent gem 39 In a __; miffed important than product. 64 Approaches 13 Tiny cylindrical 40 Carry 7 Cancer (JuNe 22-JuLy 22) 7 Scorpio (OCt. 23-NOv. 21) 65 Water pitcher wooden pins 46 Jelly container You have lots of ideas today. You feel transformation just 7 Pisces (Feb. 19-MArCh 20) 66 “So be it!” 19 Hear 47 Loony Your partner can make them around the corner. Are you Spend time refining your com- 67 Wading bird 22 Eva, to Zsa Zsa 48 Emotional one become reality. Offer lavish ready? Check with the pow- munication skills. You could 24 Nevada city 49 “Prince of Lies” praise when the job’s done. ers that be. Then, let it run full start a bold new project. Get DOWN 25 Capital of 50 __ for; crave steam ahead. your ideas down on paper. 1 Keep Afghanistan 51 Etch CONTACT US Published and distributed free Monday through Friday except major holidays by Newsday LLC, 330 W. 34th St. 17th Fl, New york, Ny 10001 PHONE: 212-239-5555 FAx: 212-239-2828 WEB SITE: E-MAIL: CIRCULATION: 646-277- 3730 DISTRIBUTION JOBS: 646-277-3731 PUBLISHER: Paul turcotte EDITOR IN CHIEF: Diane goldie CIRCULATION DIRECTOR: Steve Petersheim ExECUTIvE EDITOR: Mae M. Cheng RETAIL SALES DIRECTOR: brian rice NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR: ron Spears RETAIL SALES MANAGER: Peter Wojcicki MANAGING EDITORS: Pete Catapano, rolando Pujol DESIGN DIRECTOR: Christopher M. Sabatini CITY EDITOR: Jason Fink ASSOCIATE EDITORS: emily hulme, Scott A. rosenberg, Perrie Samotin, Stephen J. bronner SPORTS EDITOR: Max J. Dickstein BUSINESS EDITOR: garett Sloane ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: Julie gordon FEATURES EDITOR: Lucy Cohen blatter PHOTO EDITOR/SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER: rJ Mickelson REPORTERS: heather haddon, emily Ngo PRODUCTION MANAGER: Jay Cruz GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Sara baumberger, Patrick Cashin, Monica Navas, Peter J. Sikoski COPY EDITOR: benjamin Mercer PROMOTIONS MANAGER: Christine Sweeney
  • 23. sports Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 23 BROUGHT TO YOU BY Joba ‘picks it up’ in TV spOrTs TODay NCaa FOOTBaLL l Tebow debuts new throwing NBA tournament, Headlines motion for NFL teams TNT Orlando at first round, Miami, 7:15 p.m.; doubleheader, MLB l Coach Meyer back at Florida battle for starter’s job New Orleans at 7 p.m. Denver, • Georgetown l Texas manager Washington after brief leave of absence 9:30 p.m. vs. Ohio and admits positive test for coke Tennessee vs. NFL NCAA Hoops San Diego State Mets-Marlins series this June NFL to examine 2 possessions CBS NCAA l l at Providence, tournament, R.I. to be held in Puerto Rico after coin toss in playoffs OT first round, • Kentucky vs. doubleheader, After being told by man- Nationals release OF Dukes, Ex-Browns QB Anderson and ETSU and Texas l l noon • Villanova vs. vs. Wake Forest ager Joe Girardi that he call move performance-based Arizona agree to 2-yr. deal at New Orleans needed to “pick it up” or risk Robert Morris • UNLV vs. falling out of the race for Red Sox SS Lowrie has Dolphins sign guard Incognito, and Richmond l l Northern Iowa vs. Saint Mary’s and Kansas the fifth starter’s job, Joba mononucleosis, manager says who has troubled reputation (Calif.) at Chamberlain did just that vs. Lehigh at Providence, R.I. yesterday. Rockies closer Street to get Redskins ink ex-Bears QB Oklahoma City l l • Notre Dame vs. Old Dominion • Marquette The 24-year-old pitched MRI on hurt right shoulder Rex Grossman as backup vs. Washington three strong innings in relief and Baylor vs. and New Mexico during the Yankees’ 6-2 loss NBa NHL Sam Houston vs. Montana at State at New San Jose, Calif., to the Phillies in Florida. l Board of Governors approves l League set to institute new Orleans Chamberlain showed MJ’s $275M bid for Bobcats blind-side hits to the head rule 7 p.m. • BYU vs. Florida aggression with his fastball and Kansas State NHL vs. North Texas at MSG St. Louis at and worked quicker, a l Pacers F Granger out of sOCCEr Oklahoma City Rangers, 7 p.m. marked change from the hospital after cheek injury l Beckham back in London • Vanderbilt vs. righty’s lethargic previous after surgery on Achilles tENNIs Murray State and MSG+ outing last week. NCaa BasKETBaLL Butler vs. UTEP “I thought his mechanics l Seton Hall fires coach TENNIs Indian Wells at San Jose, Calif. were sound today,” Girardi Joba Chamberlain — seen here last season — hopes to return Gonzalez for poor conduct Fed blows 3 match pts., falls quarterfinals, 3 l CBS NCAA p.m., 10:30 p.m. said. “He attacked.” (newsday) to the starting rotation in 2010. (getty) to Baghdatis at Indian Wells Paid Advertisement FEELING & LOOKING GOOD Hearing constant 1 HR $45 with this ad Best RINGING in your ears? Asian YOU’RE NOT CRAZY! Bodywork OPEN 7 DAYS An estimated 60 million QUIET the ringing. 237 W14th Street bet 7th & 8th 212.229.2508 Americans just like you are STOP the buzzing. suffering from a constant START enjoying life again. ringing or buzzing in their ears. Special One Time Promotion Ring No More is not available in stores. Ring No More is a safe and effective To ensure you receive our one of a homeopathic formula developed to kind proprietary formula, Ring No work with your bodyʼs own healing More is available by phone order only, direct from the laboratory. We are mechanism to drastically reduce the so confident that Ring No More will pain and discomfort of dealing with quiet the Ringing and provide such life the constant ringing, roaring, and changing relief from Tinnitus in 30 days whizzing day after day. With advanced or less that we are providing a 30 day RISK-FREE trial by calling us direct. Call technology and a special proprietary right now and ask how to receive a FREE blend of quality ingredients, approved SUPPLY and a FREE COPY of “10 Steps to by the FDA for the Homeopathic Living Tinnitus Free” with your order Pharmacopeia of the U.S., Ring No More works naturally with your bodyʼs 1-800-219-2804 own healing processes to bring you Call Now for your the peace and quiet you thought Risk Free Supply youʼd never have again.
  • 24. 24 amNewYork Thursday, March 18, 2010 NCAA MARCH MADNESS For each of the tournament’s four regions, amNewYork did the following: How to l Scoured the top two seeds for weaknesses their potential foes might exploit. use this l Identified one team that seems ready to overachieve relative to its seeding. guide l Highlighted two players to keep an eye on during March Madness. MIDWEST EAST No. 1 kANSAS (32-2, 15-1) No. 2 oHIo STATE (27-7, 14-4) No. 1 kENTuCky (32-2, 14-2) No. 2 WEST vIrgINIA (27-6, 13-5) The Jayhawks have the second-best field Ohio State has the sixth-best field goal The Wildcats’ power defense ranks The Mountaineers are the second-best goal percentage defense in the nation, are percentage in the country, with superstar eighth in the nation in opposing field goal team in the country in offensive rebounding 10th in opposing field goal percentage and wing Evan Turner and backcourt mate percentage (38.3), and are fourth in blocked margin, a trend that turns a good offense romped through a strong Big 12. Some- William Buford, above, its top scorers. shots per game (7.4). With DeMarcus Cous- into an efficient one. Star forward Da’Sean times Cole Aldrich (11.2 ppg, 9.9 rpg) doesn’t However, coach Thad Matta’s ins, Patrick Patterson and Daniel Orton Butler, above, can create his own offense, assert himself in games, but Kansas, led by Buckeyes allow 34 percent of coming off the bench, coach John Calipari, rebound and perform with the game on coach Bill Self, above, have enough talent opposing 3s to drop. above, has an elite rebounding team with the line. If West Virginia is vulnerable, it is across their roster to compensate. Tennessee is always a a ferocious interior defense. against the 3-pointer, which they are only If any team can beat Kansas, it will be a candidate to knock off The teams that troubled Kentucky this middle-of-the-pack in defending. giant slayer such as potential Elite Eight upper-echelon teams, but year had guard-oriented offenses and held Marquette, which could see West Virginia opponent Tennessee. The Volunteers held Georgetown shoots 3s at 39 their own on the glass. Potential Sweet 16 in the Elite Eight, ranked No. 5 in the nation Aldrich to five points in their regular- percent and has a star of its Matta foe Wisconsin fits the profile. The Badgers in 3-point shooting and took West Virginia season meeting, a 76-68 victory, and also own in hyper-athletic center play at a molasses pace, are a defensive to the buzzer early in the season, losing on beat another No. 1 seed, Kentucky. If the Greg Monroe (16.1 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 3.7 apg, 52.1 power and rely on three guards (Trevon a Butler jumper with seconds remaining. Tennessee defense disrupts Aldrich again, FG%), who draws double teams and opens Hughes, Jason Bohannon and Jordan Taylor) The Golden Eagles have the firepower to an upset could be afoot. (erick blasco) up perimeter shooters. (erick blasco) for more than half of their points. (erick blasco) avenge their earlier loss. (erick blasco) SlEEPEr AlErT PoISED for A ruN San Diego State (25-8, 11-5) Marquette (22-11, 11-7) Every NCAA season, one mid-major confer- championship) and nine of its last 10. If the Big East tournament proved one thing, likely second-round opponents are similar in ence tends to emerge as a formidable competi- The Aztecs boast three wins against top it’s that not much separates the conference’s stature and style. tor to the “Power Six” conferences. In 2006, it 25 teams — New Mexico (twice) and UNLV. top eight teams. First-round draw Washington sports a was the Missouri Valley; in 2007, the Horizon; They outrebound opponents by 6.4 a game After disposing of St. John’s, Marquette small lineup that wins by forcing turnovers, and in 2008 and 2009, the Atlantic 10. and shoot a solid 47.6 percent. This bodes outlasted Villanova (an NCAA No. 2 seed) while potential second-round opponent New These conferences typically post .500 well against first-round opponent Tennessee, before getting stomped by Georgetown (an Mexico also lacks size but thrives on shooting records in the NCAA tournament, and usually which lacks the size to win the battle of the NCAA No. 3 seed). The small and scrappy 3s. Winning these two games could potentially send a team to the Sweet 16. This season, the boards. If San Diego State can protect the ball Golden Eagles thrive on forcing turnovers (+4.1 force a Big East rematch with West Virginia, Mountain West placed four teams in tourney. (forcing turnovers is Tennessee’s strength), it per game) and shooting the 3 (40.6 percent), except rather than Morgantown, W.Va., the Its hottest team is San Diego State, the win- has a good chance of representing the Moun- but tend to struggle against bigger, stronger venue would be the Mountaineer-unfriendly ner of five in a row (en route to the conference tain West in the second round. (ravi shankar) teams. Fortunately for Marquette, its first- and Carrier Dome in Syracuse. (ravi shankar) The first PlAyErS To WATCH (Profiles by MIDWEST MIDWEST EAST ravi shankar) round of the NCAA tournament (PhoTos: GeTTy) Evan Turner, 6-foot-7 guard/ Sherron Collins, 5-foot-11 John Wall, 6-foot-4 point guard, tips off today forward, junior, Ohio State point guard, senior, Kansas freshman, Kentucky at noon. See TV Michigan watched in disbelief as You won’t always see Collins fill up The country’s most exciting rookie, schedule, Turner sank a 37-foot shot at the the box score because he only cares Wall led the Wildcats to their first page 23, and buzzer to bounce the Wolverines about one stat: wins. The senior 30-win season in seven years while complete from the Big Ten tournament. set a Jayhawks record for victories averaging 16.9 points and 6.4 assists. bracket, Turner’s wide wingspan, (129 and counting, plus a national Defenders who don’t watch page 26. combined with his ball- championship two years ago), aided Wall’s every move often handling ability, enables by his penchant for hitting see his back as he speeds him to abuse defenses to clutch shots; Cornell, past them to the basket. the tune of 20.3 ppg, 9.2 Baylor and Kansas His knack for rpg and 5.9 apg — State all regret finding teammate numbers that not watching DeMarcus have put the Collins more Cousins has Naismith closely late in made them Award panel games this season. the highest- on notice. scoring freshman tandem in UK history.
  • 25. Thursday, March 18, 2010 amNewYork 25 NCAA The First Fan appears to be a big fan of basketball programs from Kansas. President Barack Obama’s ESPN bracket predicted Kansas and Kansas State to join Kentucky and obama’s pick: Kansas Villanova in the men’s basketball Final Four this season, with the Jayhawks defeating Kentucky for the title. Last year, Obama correctly picked North Carolina to win it all. (aP) South WeSt No. 1 DuKe (29-5, 13-3) No. 2 viLLANovA (24-7, 13-5) No. 1 SYrACuSe (28-4, 15-3) No. 2 KANSAS StAte (26-7, 11-5) Duke steamrolled the ACC in typical As usual, Villanova’s strength is its tre- Syracuse, an offensive powerhouse, Kansas State gets tremendous mileage Blue Devil fashion. They execute their of- mendous guard play, highlighted by senior sports the best field goal percentage of out of two point guards, Jacob Pullen (18.9 fense diligently, with an affinity for off-ball star Scottie Reynolds (18.5 ppg). And Vil- any team in the nation (51.6). Florida State ppg) and Denis Clemente (16.2 ppg). The curls leading to 3s, which they shoot at 38.3 lanova’s biggest weakness is typical: a lack owns the best defensive field goal percent- two-guard lineup leads to a fast, loose percent (No. 23). They win the turnover of size that often forces coach age against in the nation. and tempo-pushing style battle — No. 16 in turnover margin (+3.9). Jay Wright, above, to send out For those who believe that galvanized by the Wildcats’ Finally, they play terrific defense (No. 12 in four-guard lineups. a great defense always beats intense third-year coach, effective field goal percentage against). Teams that can score in- a great offense, the Seminoles Frank Martin, above. To beat Duke, a team needs to be a good side can have success against are an attractive pick for a But Kansas State’s style passing team that doesn’t turn the ball ’Nova. Should St. Mary’s potential second-round upset could play to the benefit of over and plays strong half-court defense. (California) face the Wildcats — especially with a strained Brigham Young in the second Louisville and California are both excel- Reynolds in the second round, 6-foot-11 quad putting Syracuse center Onuaku round. The Cougars are also Pullen lent in assist-turnover ratio (though Cal Gaels center Omar Samhan Arinze Onuaku’s health in a fast team, led by star point struggled outside of the Pac-10), and even (with averages of 20.9 points and 11 re- question. The fifth-year senior is already guard Jimmer Fredette, a 21.7-point scorer 12th-seeded Utah State was No. 2 in the na- bounds) will tower over Villanova’s smaller expected to miss a first-round game against who put up 45 and 30 points in BYU’s past tion in assist-turnover ratio. (erick blasco) defenders. (erick blasco) Vermont on Friday. (erick blasco) two games. (erick blasco) poiSeD For A ruN SLeeper ALert No. 3 Baylor (25-7, 11-5) No. 13 Murray State (30-4, 17-1) The Big 12 was arguably the toughest con- anchored by 6-foot-10 Ekpe Udoh, whose 124 The Racers live up to their name. Murray coughing up the ball 13.7 times a game. ference in the country, but the media attention blocked shots set a Big 12 record. He’s joined by State plays a fast-paced game (77.5 ppg, +17.0 Moreover, while Vandy is used to playing in a went to Kansas, Texas and Kansas State. Lost 7-foot center Josh Lomers. Forward Quincy scoring margin), forces turnovers (10.0 spg), conference that calls for shutting down one or amid the hype was Baylor, a freakishly athletic Acy provides energy off the bench, and is often moves the ball effectively (15.6 apg) and shoots two main scorers a night, Murray State has six team that tied for No. 2 in the conference. the finisher of inbounds alley-oop pass plays well (50.3 percent). players averaging 9.5 ppg or more to contend The Bears’ backcourt features the confer- drawn up by coach Scott Drew. All of these averages were tops in the Ohio with. Vanderbilt has the size advantage, but if ence’s leading free throw maker (86 percent), If they can control their two main weak- Valley Conference, but therein lies the problem: Murray State’s pressure defense can prevent 3-point shooter (3.3 made per game) and sec- nesses — turnovers and foul trouble — the The Racers have yet to be tested by a power Vandy from running its offensive sets effec- ond leading scorer (19.4 ppg) in LaceDarius Bears could sneak up on potential opponents conference team. First-round opponent Van- tively, the Racers could cruise into Round 2, Dunn, as well as the Big 12 leader in assists Villanova and Duke, whom Baylor would face derbilt may provide a favorable opportunity. For where they would likely present a challenge to (6.1), Tweety Carter. Their frontcourt is not far from home in Houston. (ravi shankar) starters, the Commodores are turnover-prone, fifth-seeded Butler. (ravi shankar) eASt South South WeSt WeSt Anthony Johnson, 6-foot-3 Kyle Singler, 6-foot-8 LaceDarius Dunn, 6-foot-4 Jimmer Fredette, 6-foot-2 Wes Johnson, 6-foot-7 forward, guard, senior, Montana forward, junior, Duke guard, junior, Baylor guard, junior, BYU junior, Syracuse Fans watched in amazement as Though teammate Jon Scheyer Readers of amNewYork may not have Put Fredette on the free throw line, Johnson won Big East Player of the Johnson scored 42 points — including garners more media had the chance yet to watch the Big and you’ll watch him put on a clinic. Year honors for his well-rounded the Grizzlies’ final 21 — to attention, you’ll watch 12’s best shooter in action. The Cougar has converted game (16.0 ppg, 8.4 rpg, 1.7 spg, overcome a 22-point deficit the taller and stronger Dunn led the conference 48 of his last 50 chances 1.9 bpg). An unselfish versus Weber State in the Singler create matchup in free throw from the stripe, and he player (2.3 apg), Big Sky championship. problems for opposing percentage (86) and shot 89.6 percent on the Johnson may have Defending him will be defenses. Just when 3-pointers made season. Fredette has to take on an a challenge for New teams figure out per game (3.38), also broken the even bigger Mexico considering how to limit his and was second 30-point mark scoring and Johnson’s inside game, in scoring (19.4 seven times defensive percentages from Singler steps ppg). He teams in 2009- role the field (50.6), from behind the up with point 10, includ- because 3-point range (46.4) arc and drain guard Tweety ing six of the and from the free 3-pointers at Carter to form instances Orange’s throw line (88). a 39.4- one of the away from ailing percent clip. nation’s best home. front- (PhoTos: GeTTY, backcourts. court. excePT aT riGhT: aP)
  • 26. 26 amNewYork THURSDAY, MARcH 18, 2010 sports 1 Kansas oklahoma City 2010 NCAA DIVIsIoN 1 Men’s Bracket New orleans 1 Kentucky 16 Lehigh _________________ st. Louis syracuse _________________ 16 E. Tenn. St. 8 UNLV 8 Texas 9 Northern Iowa 9 Wake Forest _________________ _________________ 5 Michigan St. 5 Temple 12 New Mexico St. 12 Cornell _________________ _________________ 4 Maryland 4 Wisconsin 13 Houston 13 Wofford spokane, Wash. Jacksonville, Fla. Midwest _________________ _________________ East providence, r.I. san Jose, Calif. FINAL FoUr 6 Tennessee April 3 6 Marquette 11 San Diego St. semifinal 11 Washington _________________ _________________ 3 Georgetown 3 New Mexico 14 Ohio 14 Montana _________________ _________________ _________________ 7 Oklahoma 7 Clemson 10 Georgia Tech 10 Missouri _________________ _________________ 2 Ohio St. 2 West Virginia 15 UC Santa Barbara 15 Morgan St. Milwaukee CHAMpIoNsHIp Buffalo 1st roUND 2nd roUND sWEEt 16 ELItE EIGHt April 5 ELItE EIGHt sWEEt 16 2nd roUND 1st roUND March 18 & 19 March 20 & 21 March 25 & 26 March 27 & 28 March 27 & 28 March 25 & 26 March 20 & 21 March 18 & 19 Buffalo _________________ Jacksonville, Fla. 1 Syracuse 1 Duke 16 Vermont _________________ salt Lake City Houston _________________ 16 Ark.-Pine Bluff Lucas oil stadium 8 Gonzaga Indianapolis 8 California 9 Florida St. 9 Louisville _________________ _________________ 5 Butler 5 Texas A&M 12 UTEP FINAL FoUr 12 Utah St. _________________ April 3 _________________ 4 Vanderbilt semifinal 4 Purdue 13 Murray St. 13 Siena san Jose, Calif. spokane, Wash. West _________________ _________________ _________________ south Milwaukee New orleans 6 Xavier 6 Notre Dame 11 Minnesota Old Dominion _________________ _________________ 11 3 Pittsburgh 3 Baylor 14 Oakland 14 Sam Houston _________________ _________________ 7 BYU 7 Richmond 10 Florida 10 St. Mary’s (Calif.) 2 Kansas St. 2 Villanova 15 North Texas 15 Robert Morris oklahoma City providence, r.I. National Contenders SAMSUNG CODETM SAMSUNG CALIBERTM Presenting the Samsung Code, with Windows Mobile, and the Samsung Caliber. Smartphone Plans for $50 a month. Unlimited Talk, Text, Web and Email. Taxes and Fees included. Certain restrictions apply. See or a MetroPCS store or authorized dealer for details. Only taxes and regulatory fees are included; convenience and payment fees are not included. Handset price not included.
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