Harrison Bergeron


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Harrison Bergeron

  1. 1. Karlmicheal bailey Kelvina Lawson Alex Dely Mariama Venturn Herve Mulosa Alina Voey Ikenna Ajemba 9/6/07 English Question # 1 Diana Moon Glampers Report Harrison Bergeron age fourteen just escaped from prison. He is extremely dangerous he believes in the dark ages! Look at his hideous face Harrison has arrived he is trying to destroy the H-G men and take over the world. The dangerous boy makes the ballerinas and musician removed their handicapped earpiece, and weights. Then seven feet giant took one of the ballerinas started to dance, and told the musician to play their best then I came in and aim my shot gun at Harrison because he was disobeying the handicapped general rules and shot him and the ballerina in mid air while dancing.`1
  2. 2. Question #3 What if? Imagine that Diana Moon Glampers had missed and Harrison and the ballerina escaped. Diana Moon Glampers had missed the shot with double-barreled ten gauge shotgun. That was aimed for Harrison and ballerina. Harrison would have escaped with the ballerina; came up with a plan to overthrow the government for instance formed a rebellion against the government. Then he would establish himself as Emperor and ballerina as empress. Then he would remove the 211, 212, and 213th Amendment to the Constitution which granted equality in every which way no one was better looking, nobody was smarter, stronger, and quicker than anybody else. In the text Harrison removed the spectacles that made him half blind, earphones that gave him headaches. Harrison removed the masked and the weight from ballerinas to show their beautiful faces. He told musicians to play their best. Harrison would return his world to dark ages, when there was competition between people were rich and poor intelligent and unintelligent.
  3. 3. Question #4 There are tensions between equality and opportunity in our nation today, by people not being treated fairy because of their race. American have equality and opportunity because they can settle to be whatever they want to be, while other people who come from other countries who are immigrants don’t have the same amount of opportunity because they can’t get a good job. Even some Americans don’t have the same amount of opportunity. For example, those who are poor who can’t get a stable job and end up losing their houses. They have a less amount of opportunity as other Americans.
  4. 4. Question #2 I’m here to inform you about Harrison’s escape because he is a genius and is very strong. It was nothing that I have ever seen before. He is only 14 years old and is doing so much unthinkable things like to: over throw the government, be different from everybody else, make everyone unequal, and etc. Well, that didn’t take long before Diana Moon Glampers shot him down and that was it, so now he is dead.
  5. 5. Question #1 Diana Moon Glampers Report Harrison Bergeron, age fourteen, has just escaped from jail. He is extremely dangerous and he believes in the dark ages. When the Dark Ages took place, everyone was unequal. People challenged one another and that created a tremendous amount of chaos in the world. If Harrison succeeded in his plan to over throw the government, it would damage society for eternity. - Look at this hideous face, (show’s picture of Harrison). - Harrison arrived, he tried to destroy the H-G and take over the world. - The dangerous boy makes the dancers, musicians, and workers break the law by taking off their ear pieces and weights. - He has taken a ballerina and claimed that he is emperor. He deserved to be shot, he was trying to take over my job and create a disaster! I didn’t want to do it, but it was the last option for me to do, considering that he had broken every single law there is to break.