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  1. 1. Ports of Auckland Ltd Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008 Confidential Document: This document has been prepared expressly for the recipient named above. Material contained within is confidential to Sandfield Associates and cannot be divulged to third parties without Sandfield’s express permission.
  2. 2. POAL –Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008 Executive Summary: Sandfield is pleased to offer the following capabilities and expertise to Ports of Auckland to support it in its stated mission of offering the most efficient and cost-effective supply chain for its customers and stakeholders: Software Development, Business Analysis and Project Management, Infrastructure Support. Our Domain knowledge in port operations, shipping, supply chain and logistics married with the above capabilities and service lines provides POAL with a partner that adds value beyond service provision. Commercial-in-Confidence Page 2 Sandfield Associates Limited
  3. 3. POAL –Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008 Ports of Auckland Domain Knowledge Sandfield has been directly involved with POAL since the introduction of Sandfield’s EDI product in 1996 and this product has grown to become one of the major communication services with the ports customers and business partners. EDI is currently handling:  Container movements for gate and vessel exchange to shipping lines  Container releases from shipping lines  Load lists and expected arrival messages from shipping lines  Vessel arrival and departure, and working information to shipping lines  Export Bookings from shipping lines  Customs and MAF clearances from border authorities  National load reporting to customs on behalf of the shipping lines Since then Sandfield has worked on the in the design and deployment of new products and services, particularly in the online services:  Customer access to internet container tracking  Transport companies access to the internet “Express” gate PIN services  Ability for customers to Register Interest in containers and track the availability status online  Auto Track electronic services that enables customers to register interest using EDI or Web Services in containers and receive updates on supply chain events and status changes  Managing the transportation of containers in and out of the Inland Ports and supply chain management services  Ability for customers to log Electronic Documents online to request services, pre-advise container arrival, issue container releases and order rail movements  Provide content management for the Internet site to enable changes to menu items, the publication of new pages and articles and manage status updates such as the “daily road update”  General wharves Vehicle Management System “Venus”  General wharves export booking reconciliation and shipping line notification service Sandfield has also provided BA and Project Management services for the analysis and development of:  Online services during the rebuild of the internet site, Axis Direct analysis and Auto Track services development  EDI messaging standards  Supply Chain Management and customer notification services  Design and Analysis of the “Axis Direct Project” Commercial-in-Confidence Page 3 Sandfield Associates Limited
  4. 4. POAL –Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008 Other Shipping and Transport Experience Sandfield has been developing shipping and transport applications since 1989 and the first customers we worked with are still clients today. These include: Shipping Lines Pacific Forum Line: Sandfield have been the sole provider of all PFL’s software since 1989 including:  Oceanfreight shipping system for container control, manifesting, bookings  Composer for all financial services  EDI Services with Customers, Stevedores, Customs and Agents  On Sale customer relations management  On Issue for all IT applications and Infrastructure help desk, claims, new asset procurement and software change management  Rate Request for managing rate requests from customers and distribution to agents  Trade Analyser for online statistical reporting  Dynamic content managed Internet and Intranet site The relationship with PFL has made Sandfield a key team member with the design and implementation of their procedures and processes, as well as providing the software applications to support these requirements. Since 1998 Sandfield has also provided PFL with outsourcing of their IT Infrastructure and manage all the IT equipment from servers to desktops and peripherals such as printers. K Line Australia Pty: Sandfield have been involved with KLA since 1996 when K Line opened their own agencies in Australia. Sandfield assisted in setting up the infrastructure, wide area network and applications for their core operations and financial requirements. Sandfield products and services provided today are:  Seafreight shipping system for container control, manifesting, bookings, electronic documents  EDI Services with Customers, Stevedores, Customs and Agents  On Sale customer relations management  On Issue for all IT applications and Infrastructure help desk, claims, new asset procurement, software change management and rate requests from agents  Rate Request for managing rate requests from customers and distribution to agents  Trade Analyser for online statistical reporting  In Detention online container detention system for customers and KLA agents Sandfield has continued to be the sole provider of all IT services for KLA and has seen 4the business and services grow to become Commercial-in-Confidence Page Sandfield Associates Limited one of the leading shipping line service providers operating in Australia. Initiatives that KLA and Sandfield have worked
  5. 5. POAL –Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008  Online electronic services for customers and KLA agents to manage vessel and cargo shipment EDI requirements to customs and terminal operators  Dynamic content managed Internet and Intranet site  Vehicle management systems for export of new vehicles, including the on wharf and vessel scanning and reporting using mobile handheld devices Sandfield has continued to be the sole provider of all IT services for KLA and has seen the business and services grow to become one of the leading shipping line service providers operating in Australia. Initiatives that KLA and Sandfield have worked together to produce a customer service that has differentiated them from other lines by using online and electronic services for:  Electronic documentation management for Bills; Invoices; Arrival Notices; Delivery Orders  Online web site to enable customers to use EDI services for KLA and other line shipments. This includes: o Pre-receival advices to Terminal Operators o Export declarations to Customs o Forwarding instructions o Vessel arrival and departure information to customs used by direct and subsidiary agents o Container Detention cost and status information The infrastructure environment has grown to support these new initiatives and the Sandfield team has designed and implemented the required servers and software as needed. Commercial-in-Confidence Page 5 Sandfield Associates Limited
  6. 6. POAL –Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008 Transport Companies Mainfreight Transport: Sandfield started development with Mainfreight on their core consignment management system in the early nineties and has been supporting them with ongoing analysis, design and development of:  Finance systems  Online Customer services  Customer relationship management  Issue management with internal users and clients  EDI services  Handheld mobile computing Mainfreight are very proactive in their approach of adopting IT to service their customers and business. Sandfield has worked very closely with Mainfreight in the design and migration of these services to where they are today. Agility Logistics: Agility is a global provider of integrated supply chain solutions with more than 20,000 employees, 450 offices in 100 countries around the world and over $4.5 billion in annual revenue. Sandfield has been chosen to develop, integrate and support its customer-facing track and trace and freight management application. Commercial-in-Confidence Page 6 Sandfield Associates Limited
  7. 7. POAL –Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008 Services Project Management and Business Analysis Adaptability, agility and ownership of the outcome are the key pillars supporting our approach to business transformation and I.T. delivery projects. We are motivated to bring proven, best practice approaches to guarantee repeatable positive outcomes. We acknowledge that every project is different and the customers we work with have their own unique characteristics. For these reasons, we adapt our methodologies to provide the right level of structure, aligned with the project’s goals and the nature of our clients. We advocate relevancy, and avoid over-engineering the project approach. This allows us to give a project a structure that is essential to achieve the desired outcomes, but avoids the unnecessary overheads that can compromise a project’s success. As a project progresses, we recognise that factors change and as a result, the approach that has been adopted may require further tailoring and adjustment. Being able to adapt while a project progresses without compromising its momentum demonstrates our agility and reinforces our constant drive to ensure the success of a project. This gives us the confidence to assure our clients that we will deliver the defined and agreed business outcomes. Our team of Project Managers and Business Analysts are able grasp ideas quickly, comprehending the business challenges being presented. Our understanding is reinforced by being attentive listeners and clear communicators, permitting us to summarise and recount the challenges outlined and present back solution concepts for discussion. Leveraging from this strategic strength, our team has the requisite competencies to provide governance and delivery expertise for effective and practiced project execution. Our team can draw on the experience they have gained on large projects overseas and in New Zealand, bringing a powerful combination of industry knowledge, technical skills and project acumen to bear for the benefit of our clients. Our team has the unique ability to discuss business concepts with business people in business language and translate the resulting strategies, tactics and requirements into successful IT deployments. Listed below are some of the services we can offer POAL in this area:  Project management  Requirements analysis  Business analysis  System specifications  Process modelling  Process improvement  System evaluation and selection  Business case development  Change Management  Training, development and delivery Commercial-in-Confidence Page 7 Sandfield Associates Limited
  8. 8. POAL –Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008 Software Development Services Since 1988 Sandfield has been designing and developing high quality business information systems, from core freight management systems managing millions of transactions a year, to online booking systems for the travel industry, to high effective mobile applications for our customers on the road. Our business approach follows the Agile Methodology. A process that brings precision and economy to projects, with a logical staged approach to deliverables. All significant work is carefully strategised, managed and reviewed through appropriately detailed project plans. Plans that are in turn driven through frequent, iterative stages and reviews. Sandfield clients have our assurance that we will not allow a project to fail. From the initial development stages right through to implementation, we play a proactive, strategic role – co-driving the process toward a common vision. Then, once a system is fully operational, we support and stand behind it - evolving and tailoring it to meet new challenges as the organisation changes and grows -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Infrastructure Support Services The key focus of Sandfield’s Infrastructure Support obligations are to: 1. Maximise up-time 2. Configure, audit and manage IT equipment to ensure the correct type and scalability of hardware and services are being used to meet the business needs 3. Provide “Peace of Mind” that the installation is being well managed and appropriately skilled and knowledgeable staff is available to resolve support incidents. Sandfield’s Support Services Framework incorporates four main initiatives in managing your IT infrastructure: Issue Management: Deployment of On Issue, our issue management software to log and manage all issues, incidents and change management tasks. This can be used for hardware, network and software application issues Deploy Proactive Monitoring: This includes Email, SQL Server Databases, Servers, Operating Systems, Web Sites Software Deployment: Deploy Software and design services for handling reactive support requirements to ensure issues are resolved within the agreed service levels. Configuration Management: A simple to use database recording the installation and the supporting configurations, upgrade procedures etc Commercial-in-Confidence Page 8 Sandfield Associates Limited
  9. 9. POAL –Sandfield Capability Overview April 2008 Sandfield People With experience comes knowledge, which alone, will not guarantee the success of technology projects. What’s needed is the insight that can only be gained by having lived with the results of many different projects over time. It’s about knowing what works and what doesn’t. Our team is led by senior practioners with credible records of success in many different roles, industries and countries. The most important aspect of the success of our customers IT services has been in focussing on the real business needs of these organisations and to achieve this it has been the experienced Sandfield people that have added to this process. Included in our team are senior people such as : Brent Tyler-Davies Brent has been with Sandfield since 1989 and has worked with transport and shipping clients through-out these years to become one of the leading team members on shipping and EDI processes. His understanding and knowledge in these areas has been widely used by our customers to produce applications that meet the business and customers requirements. Brent has been one of the leading designer in our Shipping and Transportation applications and has especially assisted POAL in simplifying the EDI deployment to meet the statutory requirements and customer variations. Malcolm Jackson-Cox Having worked in the shipping industry since 1978, Malcolm has direct experience in shipping line documentation, bookings, container control, port agency and wharf operations. Since moving into an IT management role in the mid nineties, Malcolm has been directly involved in the design and implementation of Shipping and Stevedoring operations and the change management process needed to make these applications succeed. Since joining Sandfield in 1998, Malcolm has assisted POAL with the design and deployment of online services and EDI services. This has included the design and implementation of the Supply Chain Management systems and internet customer services. David Miller With over twenty years in the IT industry, David brings experience that spans the systems delivery lifecycle and has worked on large- scale I.T. implementations both in NZ and overseas. Over the last twelve years, David’s emphasis has been on systems delivery projects, working in business analysis, project management and directorships roles. Since joining Sandfield in 2005, he has worked closely with POAL providing analysis and project management skills on the Venus project. He is currently the Project Director for K Line Australia’s core freight management system replacement and through these projects he has developed relevant shipping and port operations industry knowledge. Along with these senior people, we can offer POAL experience and expertise from our broader 40-person team of developers, business analysts and project managers. Commercial-in-Confidence Page 9 Sandfield Associates Limited