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Evergreen Interactive Presentation For Associates
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Evergreen Interactive Presentation For Associates


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. Q: What Do We Do? Evergreen Interactive
    • Staffing professionals receive custom-targeted sales leads
    • So that they can connect directly with decision makers
    • And eliminate wasted effort
    • And close more new business
    A: We provide targeted solutions for staffing professionals that allow them to focus on growing their business instead of searching for sales leads.
  • 3. The Value of Online Job Boards Since their inception, online job boards have emerged as a valuable research tool for staffing professionals in need of sales leads. There are over 1,000 active job boards in the U.S., and their robust search capabilities allow staffing professionals to focus their prospecting efforts on specific industries and geographic areas. Many of the companies that post jobs online are in “growth mode”, which makes they better sales prospects that are more likely to convert to customers. Evergreen Interactive
  • 4. Q: Why Do I Need Evergreen Interactive? Staffing professionals quickly find that searching job boards for sales leads is a frustrating process. As more searches are performed, an increasing amount of duplicate companies are encountered.  As more search results are accumulated, these duplicates become more frequent. Ultimately the inefficiencies of the search eliminate the benefits that were initially realized. The entire process usually follows a similar pattern:
    • The initial efforts yield some success, but productivity decreases with each new search
    • Increasing amounts of duplicate companies, staffing agencies, and recruiters clutter the list
    • The process becomes so inefficient and tedious that it is no longer cost-effective to continue
    Evergreen Interactive addresses this problem with proprietary technology that delivers a cost-effective custom solution. Evergreen Interactive
  • 5. Evergreen Interactive Delivers a Custom Solution We’ll deliver a cost-effective custom solution that allows them to focus on growing their business instead of searching for new prospects! (our proprietary technology) Evergreen Interactive Powerful Custom Search + Sales Leads That Get Results! = Validated Hiring Manager Contacts Sophisticated Filters +
  • 6. Empowering Staffing Agencies and Recruiters
    • Providing them with custom-targeted leads
    • Filtering out all duplicates, staffing companies, recruiters, and other custom criteria
    • Providing the contact info of the hiring managers and guaranteeing the accuracy of the leads
    • Delivering the leads in an Excel spreadsheet which can be uploaded into any CRM tool
    We will empower their sales team to close more new business by: Evergreen Interactive
  • 7. How Does it Work?
    • Custom searches utilize proprietary search technology
    • Sophisticated filters eliminate duplicates, other staffing agencies and recruiters, and additional criteria
    • Database research team attaches validated contact info for hiring managers
    Evergreen Interactive
  • 8. 1. Custom Searches City State Zip Code Job Function Job Title Industry Salary We will create a custom search to capture leads that specifically target their market. They can choose from any of the following search criteria: Evergreen Interactive
  • 9. 1. Custom Searches (cont) After creating the custom search, we will scan hundreds of online job boards, and capture only those job postings that match their search criteria. Evergreen Interactive
  • 10. 2. Sophisticated Filters
    • Duplicate postings
    • Other recruiters and staffing companies
    • Companies they are already working with
    • Companies that we have already sent
    • Our filters can also be customized to exclude:
      • Postings with specific keywords in the job title
      • Postings with specific keywords in the company name
      • Universities, colleges, and schools
      • Hospitals and medical centers
      • Military
    Our sophisticated filters will automatically exclude: Evergreen Interactive Our sophisticated filtering adds tremendous value to our leads, saving them countless hours of tedious work, which increases their productivity so that they can cost-effectively grow their revenue
  • 11. 3. Connect Directly With Hiring Managers
    • Our research team utilizes a database of over 7 million business contacts to capture the hiring managers’ contact info, which includes:
    • Name, phone, and email address
    • Company full postal address
    • This contact info has been validated prior to being added to the database and is backed up by our 100% replacement guarantee.
    Evergreen Interactive
  • 12. Setting they Up for Success Our leads contain 15 points of data, so that their sales representatives are prepared to speak intelligently with each prospective client. Those data points we provide are:
    • Company name
    • Name of hiring manager
    • Phone number of hiring manager
    • Email address of hiring manager
    • Street address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Job title (of the online job posting)
    • Site where job was posted
    • Date when job was posted
    • Link to Job Posting
    • Number of employees (optional)
    • Fax number (optional)
    • Annual revenues (optional)
    Evergreen Interactive Also serves as valuable market research!
  • 13. Formatted for Easy Upload Our leads are delivered as an Excel file or CSV, which easily allows them to upload directly into ACT, Salesforce, or virtually any CRM tool Evergreen Interactive
  • 14. Our Value Proposition
    • 1. Our results-oriented custom solution delivers:
      • Vibrant “growth mode” companies that are prime sales candidates
      • Filtered to exclude duplicates, staffing companies, and other criteria
      • Pre-validated contact info and 100% replacement guarantee
    2. Eliminate unnecessary job board searches. Avoid time-consuming job board searches, tedious cutting-and-pasting of leads into spreadsheets, and contact info research. Increase productivity, avoid headaches, and grow sales! 3. No long term contracts. No setup costs. No hidden costs. Our cost-per-lead pricing ensures that they aren’t locked into a pricey long-term contracts. They purchase only the leads that they need, when they need them. 4. No special software or training required . We handle everything so that they don’t waste time training or have to learn and operate a new technology platform. This means zero downtime and more productivity. 5. Capitalize on our search expertise . We are search experts who have performed hundreds of job board searches. There’s no need for them to re-invent the wheel. We know the keywords to use, and the filters to apply. This translates to better leads and more revenue for them.
      • Staffing professionals focus on generating revenue, not searching for sales prospects!
    Evergreen Interactive
  • 15. Pricing No long-term contracts. They pay only for the leads they need. More leads = greater value! Evergreen Interactive Number of Custom Leads Per Month Cost Per Lead Total Cost 200 $5.00 $1,000 500 $4.00 $2,000 1,000 $3.20 $3,200 2,500 $2.50 $6,250 5,000 or more $2.00 TBD
  • 16. Our Success Stories Just some of the companies that have found success with our leads! Evergreen Interactive
  • 17. Next Steps To proceed to next steps, please complete the questionnaire that was in the email you received, and email it back to us at Evergreen Interactive Thank You, The Evergreen Interactive Business Development Team