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  • Just a quick note that page 10 mentions my CARP model, and just wanted to add that if you are interested in the complete method, drop into
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  • -customer service is really just interpersonal communication in a professional setting -learned more about how we interact than other social settings -the more people you meet, the more you learn
  • -these are both found in the text -fully understand customer -find out exactly what they want in the quickest way -repeat their request, confirm their desires -non-verbal is so important-smiling, nodding, eye contact -comment card fill out-she looked me in the eyes and smiled
  • -Companies use interpersonal communication as their direct method to bring customer satisfaction -mottos and slogans often make up the entire “brand” of a company -target for instance-fast fun friendly -trained to be this way with every guest, including timing our transactions, greeting guests, and our overall attitude
  • -slogan explains the company -ice cream sells itself but -we just sell the product with sizzle words -tempting the customer with commercials and pictures -the food appreance and quality is most important
  • -reknowned for customer service -well respected, desired retailers -work on commission -stores immaculate, well put together, well staffed, includes no questions return policy, free alterations, and a comfortable Shopping experience
  • -after working or being a patron at all of these places -the downside of interpersonal communication -sometimes there is a misunderstanding in one party, or both -you end up with a very frustrated customer! -they can shake you up, and rattle your nerves,affect you job -one method ive learned is easy to remember by an ugly fish
  • -the carp method! -
  • Customer service(2)

    1. 3. Customer Service is simply interpersonal communication in a professional setting.
    2. 4. Creating ... mov . inetloc
    3. 5. Listening • Fully understanding your customer • Review what you heard the customer saying Non-verbal • Smiling • Nodding • Eye Contact
    4. 6. fast fun friendly ("Target: careers: culture," 2010)
    5. 7. We treat you right! ("History of dairy," 2010)
    6. 8. © alison welwood ("Nordstrom careers: our," 2010)
    7. 9. Inevitably, there always is an unsatisfied customer.
    8. 10. C – Control A - Acknowledge R - Refocus P – Problem Solve (Bacal, 2004)
    9. 11. Rewards & Benefits <ul><li>Financially </li></ul><ul><li>Professionally </li></ul><ul><li>Spiritually </li></ul>--HEALTH BENEFITS
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