20090629 Zorich Faro Presentation


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20090629 Zorich Faro Presentation

  1. 1. Beyond the Silos of the LAMs Library, Archive, and Museum FARO Belgium Collaboration 29 June 2009 Diane M. Zorich Cultural Heritage Consultant
  2. 2. Our journey starts with….
  3. 3. In the Beginning: Cabinets of Curiosity Less democratic • Less economic • More integrated
  4. 4. Then: Libraries, Archives and Museums More democratic • More economic • Less integrated
  5. 5. Now: One for All Most democratic • Most economic • Most integrated
  6. 6. Now: One for All?
  7. 7. Collaboration Among Libraries, Archives and Museums (LAMs) www.oclc.org/programs/publications/reports/2008-05.pdf
  8. 8. Collaboration Continuum Additive Transformative
  9. 9. The Participants Princeton University Smithsonian Institution Yale University University of Edinburgh Victoria and Albert Museum
  10. 10. Some of the Projects Co p h ns D igitizatio o Ph to h m re e ive n f o grap ic Co c ns lletio “Federation of Collections” Exploration of Federated Large Scale Digitization Search Models “Ground Floor Plan” Inve s tigation of Social Single Backend for all Digital Tagging to Incr e as e Acce s s Management “One Store” Will these projects succeed?
  11. 11. Collaboration Catalysts Factors and circumstances that make it more likely for collaborations to succeed Vision --- Mandate --- Incentives --- Change Agents Mooring --- Resources --- Flexibility External Catalysts --- Trust
  12. 12. Catalyst: Vision Collaborations must be embedded in a larger vision shared by all Vision of St Bridget Late 14th century. MS. M.498, f.4v.
  13. 13. Catalyst: Mandate “I’m… looking for a few really good ideas that will help us advance the mission and take [us] forward. [If you] come up with a really, creative innovative vision that is at the intersection of these institutions and will help our mission, and you help me frame it, I’m more than ready to … carry it forward.” - Senior official RLG LAM workshop site
  14. 14. Catalyst: Incentives Some examples: • Promotion • Salaries • Public and peer recognition
  15. 15. Catalyst: Mooring © Michael Maggs A home base, such as .. • Administrative unit • Committee • Integrated department
  16. 16. Do these catalysts influence LAMs “in the Wild”? Some may…. Vision Mandate Resources Incentives
  17. 17. Example - International
  18. 18. Example - Object-based
  19. 19. Example - User-Generated Content Digital memory projects
  20. 20. Possible Next Steps • Longitudinal study of projects proposed at the workshop sites • Studies of collaborations among independent LAMs • Comparative studies • the sciences • digital humanities programs (in academia)
  21. 21. Our Current Status You are here and here Your users are here
  22. 22. Acknowledgements • RLG Programs/OCLC Especially my colleagues and co-authors: • Günter Waibel, Program Officer • Ricky Erway, Senior Program Officer • The many professionals who participated in the RLG LAM workshops and discussions