Club Penguin Presontaion


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Club Penguin Presontaion

  1. 1. Club Penguin Visit To Join in for the fun! By: Breanna Pickle and Allan DeBord
  2. 2. The Game’s On Club Penguin Well on Club Penguin you can play tons of game’s here is some of them: Pizzatron 3000, Jetpack adventure Ice fishing and more!!
  3. 3. How to Play Club Penguin Well on Club Penguin to move your penguin you have to use your mouse and you can talk to other people on club penguin using the chat bar at the bottom of the screen. If you want to go to your igloo then at the chat bar there will be sevrel tools find on with a house on it and click it. How to edit you penguin all you have to do is on the chat bar click on the star and then you will know. I think the rest of it you will see and learn how to use it
  4. 4. Your igloo on Club Penguin Your igloo is easy to use all you have to do is find the measuring tape at the bottom right on the screen then you will see how to use the stuff
  5. 5. What’s a Membership on Club Penguin? A membership on Club Penguin Cost but it will allow you to: Have access to All of Club penguin so non members could not go to some place’s in club penguin Have more options of game’s on Club penguin Buy stuff for your penguin Buy stuff for you penguin’s igloo And more!!!
  6. 6. What’s Club Penguin for? Club penguin Is a site for kids to make a penguin and Meet some new friends and Just to have fun!!!
  7. 7. What are the rule’s on Club Penguin? Well the rule’s on club penguin is easy to follow just never give you club penguin password out to anyone or do not be mean or rude and your good!
  8. 8. Rock on in Club Penguin Thank you for watching our show on Club Penguin today made by: Bre and Allan
  9. 10. THE END