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A2   how effective is the combination of your main

A2 how effective is the combination of your main






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    A2   how effective is the combination of your main A2 how effective is the combination of your main Presentation Transcript

    • How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
      Lauren Holley
    • Richard Dyer – Star Image
      The term ‘star’ refers to the semi-mythological set of meanings constructed around music performers in order to sell the performer to a large and loyal audience.
    • According to Dyer, a star is an image and not a real person, constructed out of a range of materials e.g. advertising, magazines, films.
      Stars are commodities produced and consumed on the strength of their meanings. Our band ‘Chaos Theory’ strives to achieve their goal of influencing their audience on the matters of society and their opinion on it.
      Stars depend upon a range of subsidiary media e.g. magazines, TV, radio, the internet – in order to construct an image for themselves which can be marketed to their target audiences. We used a variety of materials to enhance this image; our pop promo, a CD cover and a poster. ‘Chaos Theory’s’ relevant promotional aspects all portray a relatively serious attitude to enhance the gravity of their message.
    • The star image is made up of a range of meanings which are attractive to the target audiences.
      We could say that Chaos Theory possesses the following aspects:
      Success against the odds
      An Anti-authoritarian attitude
    • Chaos Theory – Creativity/Talent
      Chaos Theory display relative bouts of creativity and talent throughout their performance element of their promotional video. An ability to play complex chords and rhythms on their instruments displays a key aspect of this while their setting within a crime scene displays their ability to be creative in their demonstrations.
    • Chaos Theory – Success Against the Odds
      It is clear that Chaos Theory have taken a long path to arrive where they are at present date as their morals and views appear rather mature for their age.
      However, it is also evident that their success has not gone to their heads as in most star cases, and they remain level-headed by keeping their
      promotional package simple
      yet striking in order to gain
      the public eye.
    • Chaos Theory – Rebellion
      Chaos Theory’s abnormal approach to their fame leads us to believe them to be rebellious in their actions.
      As we see certain aspects of aggression seep through during their video performance (various facial expressions, jumps, enthusiastic guitar playing) we see their rebellious side,
      supporting their struggle
      against society as a minority.
    • Chaos Theory – An Anti-Authoritarian Attitude
      The narrative from Chaos Theory’s video is a key aspect to detecting their anti-authoritarian attitude as they create a metaphor for their view on society through the cadavers involved in the black and white photos.
      This rebellious attitude is further enhanced through elements such as the blue flashing light of the police vehicle and the sombre, dark aspect to the entirety of the video.
    • Richard Dyer’s Theory
      Fundamentally, the star image is incoherent - incomplete and ‘open’. Dyer says that stars are based upon two key paradoxes:
      • The star must be simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary
      • The star must be simultaneously omnipresent and absent
    • Paradox 1.
      The star must be simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary
      Richard Dyer explains that for all stars it is imperative to have an equal balance between appearing ‘normal’ (ordinary) and talented and creative (extraordinary).
      This is often portrayed and reinforced throughout the narrative and performance clips of the stars videos, the themes incorporated and any symbolic material used.
      Chaos Theory fulfils the requirements of paradox 1 as we initially see the four members of the band as extraordinary and powerful throughout the narrative aspect of the video, extending important messages and creating influential metaphors with the use of the corpse and surrounding people. However, turning back to the performance element we see the four members dressed normally, and nothing particularly special to catch the eye. It is also essential that for their message to have any effect at all, they need the help and support of their fans and audience, leaving them at an equal level to them in terms of ordinariness.
    • Paradox 2.
      The star must be simultaneously present and absent for the consumer.
      This is very much based on the idea that the audience has a relentless need for more and more of the star.
      We have tried to use this in our main media product being our pop promo as well as our ancillary texts such as our digipak cover and our poster.
      Throughout our pop video we continually tried to incorporate this idea. For example, we frequently used this convention of maintaining direct address with the audience before breaking away, leaving the audience wanting more and more from the star. The performance element of the video furthers this idea as the audience want to be a part of the potential modification of society through the music of the band.
    • The Star Image
      Finally, the star image can be used to position the consumer in relation to dominant social values, that is hegemony. The star makes the audience think certain things, the text has an effect on the audience.
      Depending upon the artist, this may mean that the audience are positioned against the mainstream, although, only to a limited degree, since they are still consumers within a capitalist system, or within the mainstream or somewhere in between.
      Chaos Theory tend to be positioned against the mainstream social values, as the band seem to go against the dominant power of the patriarchal society.
    • Star Image in the magazine advert
      In our magazine advert, we incorporated the theory of paradox 1, where the band seem extraordinary through their hard, powerful exterior while surrounded by a faint light aura created through Photoshop work. However, the band still maintains the indication of normal people through their general appearance and lack of eccentric clothing.
    • Star Image in the Digipak
      The digipak in itself allows Chaos Theory to appear an accomplished and popular band, as the monochrome features make it more of a classic album artwork rather than mainstream. This classic feel also allows the band to enhance the gravity of their views, and therefore their originality in their purpose as a band.