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Print Screens  On Music Magazine

Print Screens On Music Magazine






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    Print Screens  On Music Magazine Print Screens On Music Magazine Presentation Transcript

    • Masthead! Front Page. For the front cover Masthead, I selected my chosen font on the Photoshop, then selected the size. I used Black because I stands out more with the background and it was matched the house style. The I blended it with the grey background which worked well with the contrast of colours. I Used brushes which I got from P.S brushes. I planted them around the Masthead so that I would suit the Masthead and look appealing and so that it stands out more. Used the paint tool and added a red paint around the title to make it stand out more.
    • MAST HEAD Medium close up photo’s. I first chose the pictures I wanted to appear on my front cover. Then I cut them out from their background using the magnetic lasso tool, which gave me a precise cut. Magnetic lasso tool gave me a clean and precise cut around the photo. It separated the colours from the background. Then, once I cut the photo out I pasted it on a new layer. If there were any uneven edges from the magnetic cuttings I used the rubber tool to clear up the picture and made the outline smoother.
    • Front cover Background For the background I selected what colour I wanted my main house style I wanted then used the fill paint tool. In this case I chose grey. Once I selected the colour I double clicked the layer that it was on. From this a box came up which gave me options about the lighting, angles and shadow. Once I selected the correct glow and shadow I clicked ok and from there and effects of the background were there.
    • Contents page Background. For the background of the contents page, I chose to colour it grey first so that it linked with my front cover. Then I wanted to add some effects to it so I used a brush effect which I downloaded from P.S brushes. Once I chose my selected brush, I chose the colour for it and the size of it. For this case I made the brush quite big so that it would look like a background and I chose dark grey and white because it contrasted well with the dark red background. Once I did that I also double clicked the layer so that I could change the shading, glow and the texture of the brush.
    • Contents Photo. Once I cut the Photo from its original background, I changed the style of it to Black and white. Because I felt that I suited the house style more than if I kept it in colour. I used an image adjustment application called curves to change the colour, the shade, the style of it. I kept moving the line to adjust all the different types and pictures and I finally selected once which would both suit my house style and portrayed image I have wanted.
    • Double Page Spread Text. For each different section of my text’s I chose to create new layers for each piece of new text. This was so I had more flexibility with adjusting the font and style of the writing. E.g. I chose to change the first paragraph to a slightly different shade of dark red because it needed to catch the audiences attention. To make the magazine different to a normal magazine in terms of how the text is laid out in columns, I personalized my text to go around my main image because it made it more suited to the overall mise en scene of the double page spread. The text itself I chose from the Photoshop text. One I chose my text I started writing. Again I chose the size and colour that went with the house style and which I thought it was best suited. I also double clicked the layer and then chose to add a shadow on it so that the text was more visible and clear.
    • Double Page spread Brushes For the design of the double page spread I chose to include brushes to add effect to the dps. Once I chose the selected brush I chose the colour and size of it. Once I finished that I clicked on Free Transform This made me adjust how big I wanted it, where I wanted to position the brush and from this I could select what angle it could be, which help suit the layout of the double page spread. I also dragged the layer behind any original piece of text or photo so that the text wouldn’t be hidden behind an object therefore making it unreadable.