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    • Planing a trip
    • Lia Cano
    • Mila Vidal
    • Ester C osta
    • Mireia Cayuela
    • Karen Calderón
    January, 2008
  • 2. Barcelona Next Back
    • Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain.
    • It has many interesting places to visit.
    • Some of these places were built by Antoni Gaudí.
  • 3. Antoni Gaudí
    • He was one of the most important architects in Spain.
    • “ Parc Güell” is a project unfinished of Antoni Gaudí .
    • “ Casa Batlló” is another of his work s . It is a house with many details.
    Back Next
  • 4. Sagrada Fa míli a Next Back
    • It is a church plan ned by Antony Gaudí.
    • It is not finished, maybe it will be finished in 2020
    • Sagrada Familia is visited by many tourists every day.
  • 5. A part of Barcelona 2 Port 3 Parc Ciutadella Next Back 1 Pl. Catalunya i Rambles
  • 6. A part of barcelona 2 Pl Espanya Poble espanyol Palau Sant Jordi Manac Finish
  • 7. 1 Pl. Catalunya and Rambles 1.1 Pl. Catalunya 1.2 Rambles 1.1 1.2 Back
  • 8. 1.1 Pl. Catalunya Back to Pl. Cat . and Rambles This is a big place where the people do demonstrations . It is the most important square in the city, and there is a statue of Francesc Macià, a very important politician of our history
  • 9. 1.2 Rambles
    • The rambles is a big and large street. There are many people and many pet shops, flowers shops and more. Also, there are many “live statues”.
  • 10. Photos Back Back to Pl. Cat . And Rambles
  • 11. 2 Port 2.1 2.2 2.3 Back
  • 12. 2.1 Imax
    • Imax is a cinema, but it is especial, because the image is projected in a giant screen and you can see the film in 3D with especial glasses.
    • It’s very funny to see the films this way because it seems that the image falls over you!
    • Look !
  • 13. Oooh ! Next Back
  • 14.
    • There are three ways to see a film:
    • Imax system
    • Omnimax
    • 3D
    Back Back to port
  • 15. 2.2 Aquari
    • It’s the ZOO for the fish.
    • In this site there is a “tunel”
    • The people pass under the
    • water and see the sharks
    • and the other fish.
    • Look at the next picture !!
  • 16. Back to Port Back
  • 17. 2.3 Maremagnum
    • Do you like shopping ?? This center is fantastic ! There are a lot of shops, cafes and more !
    • Enjoy the free sea views.
    • Come and meet this unique experience Maremagnum is waiting for you!
  • 18. Back to Port Back
  • 19. Parc Ciutadella and more
    • Ciutadella
    • Zoo
    3.1 3.2 Back
  • 20. Ciutadella Park
    • In Ciutadella Park you can take a boat, sunbath e o n the grass, visit museums, go to the zoo...
  • 21. Ciutadella Park
    • A famous thing in this park is an enormous sculpture of a mammoth.
    • All the people like this sculpture. It was made because the scientist wanted to show the animals who were missing.
  • 22. The ZOO
    • In the ZOO there are a lot of animals and types: m ammals , birds...
    • Here are some photos of every type.
  • 23. Plaça Espanya
    • Plaça Espanya it is a very famous square in Barcelona. Here there is the magic fountain called Montjuich, and the fairground enclosure. Fairs of all types take place here.
    Plaça Espanya Back
  • 24. Palau Sant Jordi and Manac
    • Some concerts and also games of basketball take place here. It Is very big and beatiful.
    • This is the old Palace of Montjuic and now is the Museum national of art of Catalunya.
  • 25. Poble Espanyol is a litlle town in Barcelona. This is like a “museum”, w here you can see t y pic al house s of every part of Spain. Poble Espanyol Back
  • 26. Byee ! Byeee !! Byee !! Clik !