Luminaria Presentation


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Mt Carmel Relay 2009

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Luminaria Presentation

  1. 2. I light a candle… For all those who have gone before, Remembering each by name
  2. 3. … and I light a candle For those who live today, filled with uncertainty, praying for a change.
  3. 4. … and I light a candle, for victories today. For survivors who have fought the fight - We celebrate today!
  4. 5. … and I light a candle, That we shall Light no more… Praying one day for a CURE
  5. 6. In Memory of
  6. 7. All Cancer Victims Steve Ammerman Curt Baxter In Memory of
  7. 8. Charles S. Berkoski Edward Bloom Mary Bloom In Memory of
  8. 9. Earl F. Boyer, Sr. Sandra Boyle Tony Bressi In Memory of
  9. 10. Donna Broadt Albert Brosious Bernice Burns In Memory of
  10. 11. Sam Bruno Alda Cahoon Rodger Cahoon In Memory of
  11. 12. Edna Carpenter Anthony Catizone Connie Catizone In Memory of
  12. 13. Florence Chango James Chango Jack Chapman In Memory of
  13. 14. Rita Chapman Al Chesney Rita Cooper In Memory of
  14. 15. Reno Cost Frank Criniti Dorothy Cuff (Grandmother) In Memory of
  15. 16. Gloria Sedusky Derick Martha Dettrey Anna DiFrancesco In Memory of
  16. 17. Anthony DiFrancesco Richard DiFrancesco Wm. E. Ditchey In Memory of
  17. 18. Carl Dobson Sandy Ulceski Donavon Peter Doviak In Memory of
  18. 19. Robert “Oscar” Duni Ronald Dunkelberger Robert L. Ecker, Sr. In Memory of
  19. 20. Edward Feifer Delear Ficca Paula Filohoski In Memory of
  20. 21. Joseph Elgin Domenica (DiFrancesco) Federico Thomas Bush In Memory of
  21. 22. Genevieve Fodor Dr. Stephanie Franchak Audrey Froutz In Memory of
  22. 23. Cathy Gard Morris & Minnie Gard Janet Garman In Memory of
  23. 24. Lucy Gasperetti Marsha Getridge Ed Glowaski In Memory of
  24. 25. Eileen Gownley Marge Grayson Dr. Joseph Greco In Memory of
  25. 26. Richard H. Guinan, III Keith Hackenberg Leon H. Hartman In Memory of
  26. 27. Gary Hess Catherine Hornung Father Hudack In Memory of
  27. 28. I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.  I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.  ~Mother Teresa
  28. 29. Robert I. James Alison Janusz Rita Janusz In Memory of
  29. 30. Stanley “Uncle Stosh” Janusz William Jelus Christine Jurasich In Memory of
  30. 31. Wally Janusz Robert Keefer Shirley Kerestes In Memory of
  31. 32. Mary Kerris Leona Honecker Klischer Ruth Knarr In Memory of
  32. 33. Louis Kort John & Anna Kovalchick John & Mary Kovalchick In Memory of
  33. 34. Steph Kozak Jerome Kozar Robert Kozar In Memory of
  34. 35. Mary Ellen Krevinas John Lopuck Sophia Lubeski In Memory of
  35. 36. Theresa Lutz Nathan McFadden Walter Marcoon In Memory of
  36. 37. Noel Marowski Toni Ann Meyer Walter J. Milewski, Jr. In Memory of
  37. 38. Veronica Miller Fred Morris Walter Natalewicz In Memory of
  38. 39. Anthony Nestico, Jr Mimi Noll Boots Nolter In Memory of
  39. 40. George Novak Rose O’Brien Ella O’Hearn In Memory of
  40. 41. Helen Olsheski Sr. Louise Marie Olsofka (CSSF) Mary Pascavage In Memory of
  41. 42. Walter “Sam Pasky” Pascavage Pavis & Toter Families Ted Pedergnana, Jr. In Memory of
  42. 43. Theodore Pedergnana, Sr. Raymond Petroski Lemar Penman In Memory of
  43. 44. Pietruskiewicz Family Dawda Family David Pisarik In Memory of
  44. 45. Joseph F. Pitingolo, Sr. Judith Pittello Ellen Pizzoli In Memory of
  45. 46. Edward Polites Mary Polites Sr. Jane Mary Protsko, (CSSF) In Memory of
  46. 47. Charles Pulaski Joan Pulaski Karen Roman In Memory of
  47. 48. Jean Marie Rosata Joseph Rydzewski Ann R. Scicchitano In Memory of
  48. 49. Mary Scicchitano Helen Shemansky Shiloh’s Aunt In Memory of
  49. 50. Paul Shreckengast Diane Snock Bob Snyder In Memory of
  50. 51. Catherine Snyder Jim Snyder David Steinhart In Memory of
  51. 52. John Steinhart Thelma Stewart Robert Strike In Memory of
  52. 53. Alice Swaboski Margaret Szeder Shirley (Hildenbrand) Thomas In Memory of
  53. 54. Thomas Thul, Sr. Rudy Tomedi Lena Tresca In Memory of
  54. 55. Josephine Varano, R.N. James Vitale Judy Voloshin In Memory of
  55. 56. Lucille Waltemeyer Louis Walters, Sr. Pearl Winnick In Memory of
  56. 57. Martin O. Wynn Vincent Yuskoski, Sr. Stanley Zarkoskie In Memory of
  57. 58. Ronald Zsido Faye (Reiner) Mekosh Joseph Novitsky In Memory of
  58. 59. Mary Novitsky Mr & Mrs August Pizzolli Nancy Schreffler In Memory of
  59. 60. Jesse Titus Robert Wagner Vincent “Bean” Ulceski In Memory of
  60. 61. Denise Niglio Doris Jones John Gross, Sr. In Memory of
  61. 62. Rose Ann Cravitz Irene Dantas Manuel Dantas In Memory of
  62. 63. Josephine Owen Melissa Sue Anderson Sylvia Henninger In Memory of
  63. 64. Mary Kay McAndrew Charlene Goverick Beverly Bogovich In Memory of
  64. 65. Sam Scicchitano Alice Scicchitano William O’Donnell In Memory of
  65. 66. Theresa O’Donnell Ray O’Donnell William “Buddy” Chapman In Memory of
  66. 67. Pearl Concini Constance Concini Lynch Martin Concini In Memory of
  67. 68. Adversity is like a strong wind.  It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.  ~Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha
  68. 69. Jerome Socoloski Michael Tomtishen Richard Marchetti In Memory of
  69. 70. Catherine Zarkowski Dr. Vincenzo Mirarchi Easy Eddie In Memory of
  70. 71. Thomas Leeper Jimmy McFadden Helen Scandle In Memory of
  71. 72. John Hawkins Scott Kastenbauder Bernard Nolter In Memory of
  72. 73. John & Regina Vytowich Wilbur & Grace Hollenbush Stanley Krupinski In Memory of
  73. 74. Bernard Reichl Steve Graves Monica Saukaitis In Memory of
  74. 75. Jack O’Donnell Sandra Shawda Francis Hughes In Memory of
  75. 76. Mary McGinley Joanne Dallabrida Rosalie Wargo In Memory of
  76. 77. Jane Korbich Class of ‘64 Thomas Oursler, Sr. In Memory of
  77. 78. Jeffrey Hughes Joyce Evans John Hawkins In Memory of
  78. 79. John Cuff John Tomtishen Tullio Marinelli In Memory of
  79. 80. Wendy Stamets Mary Kay McAndrew Tony Rompolski, Jr. In Memory of
  80. 81. Deceased of Rompolski Family John Kowalski Cookie Scichitano In Memory of
  81. 82. Bill Birster Marion Lewullis Walter Hynosky In Memory of
  82. 83. Walter Brokenshire Cecilia Fabrizio Orlando Mannello In Memory of
  83. 84. Stella Mannello Tessie Oakum Anthony Fabrizio In Memory of
  84. 85. Rosalie Wargo McFee Catherine Howerter RoseMarie Keller In Memory of
  85. 86. Delores Horwath Marcia Chionski Joe Koval In Memory of
  86. 87. Irene Andretti Sexton Art Walters Mary Jo Hockenberry In Memory of
  87. 88. Dorothy West Raymond Mahmod Joe Templar In Memory of
  88. 89. Todd Cooper Joseph Polites Ray Farrell In Memory of
  89. 90. Estella Andrada Jackie Camp Raymond Mahmod In Memory of
  90. 91. John Sullivan Michael Doyle Wanda Smith In Memory of
  91. 92. Darlene Smith Betty Albright Vilma Eader In Memory of
  92. 93. Busia Martha Merlo Eileen Mailly Michael Conner In Memory of
  93. 94. Talia Veve Patricia O’Connell Clara & Allen Stewart In Memory of
  94. 95. Joyous & Austin Feese Robert “Moose” Foster Ronnie Deaner In Memory of
  95. 96. John & Anna McAnnaney Rita Eshmont John Burns In Memory of
  96. 97. Richard Bartlett Marcus Altomare Laura Hollister In Memory of
  97. 98. Adeline Altomare Brianna Millard Denny Hamernick In Memory of
  98. 99. Louise & Fred Griffiths Nana Mary Chris Mahmod In Memory of
  99. 100. Alex Bulka Vincent Katalinas Msgr. Overbaugh In Memory of
  100. 101. Gert Kahler Rose Saweikis Sis Pollack In Memory of
  101. 102. Raymond Reinochl Peter Pachuski, Sr. George Marquardt In Memory of
  102. 103. Barbara Madden Cora Lee & Charles Hendrickson In Memory of
  103. 104. Raymond Reinoehl Marion Sue Casby Tom Barnes In Memory of
  104. 105. Josephine & Steve Nemchick Helen M. Conner Paul Pupo In Memory of
  105. 106. Peggy Klamer Joseph Pupo Thomas & Florence Taddeo In Memory of
  106. 107. Anthony & Theresa Flowers Frances Miles Brandon de Manincor In Memory of
  107. 108. We honor
  108. 109. Pat Augustine Lisa Balanda Howard “Snick” Benfield We honor
  109. 110. Walter Berezoske Cathy Bloom Gwenn Bower We honor
  110. 111. David Boyer Tym Brennan Jean Bush We honor
  111. 112. Wanda Chesney Karen Jelus Clark Victor E. Concini We honor
  112. 113. Sheila Dangler Judy Davis Joseph “Jazz” Diminick We honor
  113. 114. Temma Downing Rose Duncheski Helen Dusendschine We honor
  114. 115. Sally Egan Barbara L. Evert Joette Foris We honor
  115. 116. Rick Grayson Raymond Herman Ruth Herman We honor
  116. 117. Ashley Hoffman Jim Howel Delores Hranitz We honor
  117. 118. Betty Jelus John Kaminski Theresa Kijewski We honor
  118. 119. I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat.  I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! ~Dr. Seuss
  119. 120. Walter Kalinoski Debbie Kowalski Mae Kozlowski We honor
  120. 121. Mary Kuzo Carol Kwiatkowski John Kwiatkowski We honor
  121. 122. Len LaCrosse Linda Leach Diane Lentini We honor
  122. 123. Casey McCracken Joe McDonnell Millie McDonnell We honor
  123. 124. Cathy Pitingolo Tommy John Pivarnik Thomas M. Pivarnik We honor
  124. 125. Phyllis Sikorski KK Snyder Marie Snyder We honor
  125. 126. Joseph P. Swatski Lori Shannon Lee Ann Singley We honor
  126. 127. Vince Volonoski Lisa Wasilewski Janet Watkins We honor
  127. 128. MaryAnn Wojcik Steve Yacyniak Amanda Yuskoski We honor
  128. 129. Jason Yuskoski Tracy Yuskoski Jane Vlokhos We honor
  129. 130. Ralph Owens Rose Ann Price Linda Revinski We honor
  130. 131. Judith Rentschler Shari Slowick Thomas Wills We honor
  131. 132. John Gross, Jr. James Heverling Mary Heverling We honor
  132. 133. Liz Meyer Ana Maloch Paul Newhard We honor
  133. 134. Carrie Nagy Charles Chesney Rose Warner We honor
  134. 135. Shirley Edwards Russell Brocious Julie Griffiths We honor
  135. 136. The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.  ~William Shakespeare
  136. 137. Bob Marinelli Robert Shawda Jennie McAnnaney We honor
  137. 138. Jessica Jepko Jackie Dixon Dave Dallabrida We honor
  138. 139. Grace Chapman Gina Chapman Sharon Graboski We honor
  139. 140. Cathy Grayeski Ralph Owens Mark Kovaleski We honor
  140. 141. Joanne Mudry Marie Tanney Helen Hopkins We honor
  141. 142. Joseph Cotton Vasil Rick Watt Bill Smith We honor
  142. 143. Carol Strocko Kathleen Honecker Kitty Wassel We honor
  143. 144. Terry Simpson Ann Flynn Angie Cluck We honor
  144. 145. Larry Brosius Peggy Haertter Rich Michalik We honor
  145. 146. Michael Amrick, Jr. Jackie Dixon Betty Fussetti We honor
  146. 147. Hilda Wagner Matt Sebastian Loretta Emmerick We honor
  147. 148. Meghan Wagner Martha Culp Johnny Sosnoski We honor
  148. 149. Bill Joraskie, Jr. Alyssa Klokis Colleen de Manincor We honor
  149. 150. Chet Roney We honor
  150. 151. Never give in... never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.  Never yield to force... never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.   ~Winston Churchill