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California History

California History






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    California History California History Presentation Transcript

    • California History Kate 2009-2010 Fourth Grade
    • The Coast Region
      • The coast region is the busiest and most populated region in California.
      • Its climate is cool summers and mild winters.
      • Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Oakland are this regions major cities.
    • The Desert Region
      • The desert region is hot and dry and gets less than 10 inches of rain each year.
      • Plants that grow here have deep roots and hold in lots of water in their stems.
      • The Joshua Tree National Parks are good places to visit.
    • The Mountain Region
      • The mountain region has the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states, Mt. Whitney.
      • Tahoe and Ridgecrest are the major cities in that region.
      • There are lots of timber and mining industries in the Mountain Region.
    • The Valley Region
      • The valley region has good soil for for farming, dairy, and agriculture.
      • Good cities to visit are Bakersfield, Fresno, and Sacramento.
      • It has hot summers and cold winters which does not make it a good place to visit.
    • Christopher Columbus
      • Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who decided to go to the Indies by sailing to the west instead of the east.
      • He did not really find America he found Cuba and Haidie.
      • Columbus had three ships and one was the Pinto.
    • Juan Cabrillo
      • In 1542, Juan Cabrillo sailed from Mexico to find a route to Asia.
      • He found San Diego, Cape San Martin, and San Miguel when he found “the new world.”
      • Cabrillo named it Alta California which means Upper California.
    • Sir Frances Drake
      • In 1579 Sir Frances Drake sailed along California's coast and found a bay near San Francisco.
      • He named the bay Nova Albion which means New England.
      • Sir Drake attacked many Spanish ships which made him the first pirate.
    • Captain James Cook
      • Captain James Cook was a sailer, explorer, and a mapmaker.
      • He mapped the coast of New Zealand, Australia, and Antarctica.
      • Cook traveled to the west coast of North America and mapped it more accurately then others
    • Father Junipero Serra
      • Father Serra was a Spanish missionary who left Majorca, Spain to spread his religion to others.
      • When he visited America he set up nine missions with more than 100 Native Americans in each!
    • Gaspar de Portola
      • Gaspar de Portola was sent by Spain in 1767 to set up a colony in California.
      • When Portola arrived he set out on an expadition to Monterey.
      • Father Juan Crespi and Father Junipero Serra accompanied Portola on his journys.
    • Presidios
      • Presidio means fort in Spanish.
      • The forts stopped Indians from leaving missions and stop other countries from getting into their land.
      • Over 100 soldiers lived in the Presidios.
    • Missions
      • Native Americans were sometimes forced into missions if they chose not to live in missions.
      • The missionaries were protected by soldiers
    • John Sutter
      • John Sutter built Sutters fort in 1841 where the Sacramento and American Rivers meet.
      • He became very rich selling supplies to settlers that were passing through the area.
    • Fort Ross
      • Fort Ross was founded by a Russian settler named Ivan Kuskov who was leading a group of Russian and Alaskan settlers to California.
      • The fort was built to be a trading post to trade hunted otter pelt for goods.
    • Jedediah Smith
      • Jedediah Smith was a fur trapper who came to California in 1826.
      • He traveled over the Utah and Mojave Deserts.
      • He came to California to trap beavers for their pelts.
    • James Beckworth
      • James Beckworth was an African American guide and led settlers to California in the 1850's.
      • His father was white but his mother was an African American slave.
    • John Bidwell
      • Bidwell was one of the first settlers to come to California in the wagon train in 1841.
      • He traveled from Independence, Missouri to California.
    • John C. Fermont
      • Fermont made maps of California in the 1840's and then sent reports to the U.S government.
      • Later, he helped in the Mexican American war.
    • The 49ers
      • They left their homes in 1848 and arrived in California in 1849.
      • 49ers came to mine for gold.
    • Sam Brannan
      • Sam Brannan bought all the mining tools in CA and ran through town waving a bottle of gold and yelling.
      • People came to him to buy gold mining tools and he became extremely rich.
    • Levi Strauss
      • Levi Strauss was an entrepreneur or a person who starts a new business with a hope of making money.
      • He invented denim jeans for miners because they needed tougher pants for gold mining.
    • Bridget Biddy Mason
      • Biddy Mason was a slave that lived on a plantation.
      • Her master brought her to CA where slavery was illegal and she petitioned for her freedom and won it.
      • After she became a nurse and bought land around LA.
    • Mary Tape
      • Mary Tape was a Chinese woman who moved to CA for her daughters education.
      • When she found out the schools were segregated she sued the San Francisco Board of Education and a school for Chinese Americans was established.
    • The Mexican American War
      • The Mexican American war took place in 1846.
      • They were fighting over who should be in charge of California.
      • America won and the war ended in 1848.
    • About the Creator
      • My name is Kate Boyle.
      • I am in fourth grade
      • I have a retainer that is pink with a picture of a cat on it.
      • I have two rabbits named willow and snowball.
      • I love animals!