Specimens are from SHRUBS powerpoint
1.    Miniature Fan Palm/Rhapis excels- used to decorate indoors or ga...
20. Yellowbell/ Allamanda schottii- purgative and emetic, antidote for poison, has a cathartic and
    hydrogogue effect, ...
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list of ethnobotanical uses of specimens from LBYHUMA SHRUBS powerpoint

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  1. 1. USES OF PLANTS Specimens are from SHRUBS powerpoint 1. Miniature Fan Palm/Rhapis excels- used to decorate indoors or garden 2. Thunbergia Blue Glory/Thunbergia battiscombei- decorative shrub 3. Tree Philodendron/Philodendron bipinnatifidum- used for Orchitis E and Vermifuge Uphof 4. Dumbcane/Dieffenbachia seguine- decorative purpose 5. Duranta/Duranta erecta- acts as a stimulant; has diuretic properties; used as a febrifuge 6. Cordilyne/Cordyline terminalis- Abscess; Ache(Ear); Amenorrhea; Asthma; Cough, Debility; Depurative; Evil eye; Excrescence; Eye; Fever; Gum; Inflammation; Leg Massage; Nose;; Pyorrhea; Smallpox; Wound 7. Kalachuchi/Plumeria acuminate- has a significant anti-inflammatory effect on animals, comparable to that of indomethacin a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent (NSAID). The juice of the Plumeria acuminata plant has traditionally been used in India to treat inflammation and rheumatism 8. Caricature Plant/Graptophyllum pictum- Constipation; Dermatosis ;Earache; Emmenagogue Swelling; Wound; Emollient 9. Ti Plant/Cordyline fruticosa- Ague; Arthritis; Cough; Dermatosis; Diarrhea; Dysentery; Dyspepsia; Gingivitis; Insanity; Piscifuge; Smallpox; Wound; Laxative; Sweetener 10. Papaya/ Carica papaya- Abortifacient; Arthritis; Asthma; Boil; Colic; Dysuria; Fever; Fumitory; Gravel; Vermifuge Abortifacient; Ache(Head); Ache(Tooth); Amebiasis*; Anodyne; Antibiotic*; Antiphlogistic; Asthma; Bactericide*; Cancer; Cardiac Cardiotonic*; Cholagogue Constipation ;Corn; Decoagulant; Diarrhea; Digestive; Diphtheria; Diuretic*; Dysentery; Dyspepsia*; Ecbolic; Elephantiasis; Emmenagogue; Enteritis; Epithelioma; Expectorant; Fever; Flu; Fumitory; Fungicide; Hemoptysis; Hypertension; Infection; Itch; Laxative; Leucoderma; Liver; Longevity; Madness; Oliguria; Pectoral; Pediculicide; Psoriasis; Rheumatism; Ringworm; Scorpion; Soap; Sore; Splenitis; Stomachic; Suppurative; Tea; Tenderizer; Tuberculosis; Tumor; Tumor(Uterus); Ulcer; Venereal; Vermifuge; Wart; Wound 11. False Birds-of-paradise/Heliconia psittacoru- decorative purpose 12. Hidden Lily Ginger/Curcuma petiolata- Synergist; Cancer(Stomach) 13. Water Lily/Nymphaea alba- Abnaki Drug, Infusion of roots taken by men to inhibit sexual drives for two months, stewed or prepared like potatoes and eaten. 14. Trumpet Flower/Brugmansia candida- mainly used for decorative purposes 15. Mayana/Coleus Blumei- cure for bruises&sprains, headaches, sinusitis, dyspepsia, eye soreness, asthma, insomnia 16. Blushing Bromeliad/ Neoregelia compacta- decorative purpose 17. Mophead/Hydrangea macrophylla- cure for Cough; Diuretic; Febrifuge; Malaria 18. Gumamela/Albo lacinatus-cure for mumps, U.T.I., skin diseases such as boils and etc, headaches; stimulant; laxative 19. Santan/Ixora coccinea- Decoction of roots used for nausea, hiccups, and anorexia; Flowers used for dysentery and leucorrhea; Poulticed fresh leaves and stems for sprains, eczema, boils and contusions; Diluted tincture of roots for mouthwash and gargles for sore throat; Flower decoction for hypertension, amenorrhea and irregular menstruation; Decoction of leaves for wounds and skin ulcers.
  2. 2. 20. Yellowbell/ Allamanda schottii- purgative and emetic, antidote for poison, has a cathartic and hydrogogue effect, laxative 21. Fortune Plant/Dracaena fragrans- ornamental or decorative 22. Chili Pepper/Capsicum frutescens- cure for Ache(Ear); Ache(Head); Ague ; Antibiotic**; Antidote; Antidote(Poison); Asthma; Baldness; Bite(Snake); Boil; Breathlessness; Bronchitis; Cancer(Nose); Carcinoma; Carminative**; Chest; Chest-Cold; Chill; Cholera ; Cold ; Collyrium; Conjunctivitis; Cough; Dandruff; Digestive; Dropsy; Dyspepsia; Dysuria; Evil eye; Fumitory; Gargle; Gonorrhea; Intoxication; Jaundice; Malaria; Phthisis; Psychedelic; Repellant(Shark); Rubefacient; Scald; Skin; Sore; Sore(Throat); Spice; Stimulant**; Stomachic**; Throat; Tonic; Tuberculosis; Tumor; Typhus; Vertigo; Vesicant** 23. Bougainvilla/ Bougainvillea sp.- cure for diarrhea, sore throat, coughs, hepatitis, ulcer, reduces stomach acidity, 24. Aunasin/Ardisia pyramidalis – cure for Ache(Head);Fever *= Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated ** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated