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Published in: Technology, Travel
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  • 1. Social Trip Planning
  • 2. What is GoPlanit?
    • GoPlanit was created by Steve Chen, Jimmy Ku, and James Chen to help people make a plan for their vacation. GoPlanit uses people’s past experiences on certain vacations and additionally allows budget personalization to help make a plan that fits. It is meant to cut down the hours it takes to plan a trip and make it easier for group planning, since so many can access itineraries so easily. GoPlanit was made simply so even people planning an escape for their first time will have little to no trouble both connecting and vacationing.
  • 3.
    • How does it work?
  • 4. How is GoPlanit Web 2.0?
    • “ Micro-blogging ” - Travel micro-blogging means being able to rate, review, and write about the things you are doing whenever and wherever. You can do this from any mobile phone that has text messaging capabilities. This allows you to capture every nuance of the trip without missing a beat.
  • 5. Interaction
    • Customization is easy. Although the program automatically creates an itinerary for the user, features such as price and number of people can be altered, thus causing the itinerary to once again adapt to your needs.
    • Upon creating an itinerary, you can interact further with other members, or your ‘friends’ on GoPlanit, even going as far as collaborating on a trip.
  • 6. Friendship Features
    • Invite friends to go with you on your trips. 
    • See what your friends and other users think of restaurants, activities and lodgings.
    • Access friend’s and user’s previous customized itineraries.
  • 7. How does it make money?
    • Provides Advertising Space for Restaurants, Hotels, Airlines
    • Provides Recommendations for Quality Restaurants and Hotels
    • Partnered with other websites that provide reviews and ratings for restaurants and hotels
  • 8. Problems?
    • Although the concept and program are ingenious and efficient, the most prominent problem is found in user participation. Because the program thrives on the posts of vacationers, a lack of contribution to the blogs and itineraries will render the website outdated.
  • 9. The Future of GoPlanit…
    • Although the features are seemingly unique and virtually flawless, travel planning is a flourishing business. There are many other competitors, like, and However, GoPlanit has seen a significant increase in user traffic in the last month.
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