Network Dynamics Maintenance Solutions


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This presentation outlines the our network maintenance solution for multi- vender infrastructures. Our services are available throughout North America, Canada and 60 select international markets.

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Network Dynamics Maintenance Solutions

  1. 1. Lower your Infrastructure Costs on Network Equipment Maintenance
  2. 2. Once your network is installed, it needs to be properly maintained to ensure maximum availability and to minimize business interruptions. NDI’s maintenance solutions provide organizations with flexible and comprehensive maintenance options to support wired, wireless and hybrid networks from a variety of network equipment manufacturers. NDI’s maintenance plans allow you to select the level of service that fits your needs, resources and budget. Utilize all of our services to create a comprehensive outsourced solution or select just the services you require to augment your existing capabilities.
  3. 3. Remote Technical Support Access NDI’s Managed Services Center (MSC) for answers to technical questions and remote troubleshooting assistance. Our MSC is staffed with highly skilled technical engineers trained in remote problem determination and resolution for a wide range of multi-vendor, multi-technology equipment.
  4. 4. Parts Replacement Obtain a replacement part when and where you need it with NDI’s parts replacement service option. With remote logistics centers throughout North American and in major international markets, NDI rapidly delivers the right part to your location when it is required to resolve a problem. Once the problem has been remediated, NDI handles the RMA process and restocks the sparing location.
  5. 5. Onsite Field Support Receive onsite technical support from a trained field engineer to identify problems that cannot be determined remotely and to repair or replace failed equipment. NDI has thousands of onsite technical resources - at more than 100 services centers - who are available around-the-clock to support your network.
  6. 6. •Flexible hours of coverage - 24x7 - 8x5 •Variety of response times - 2 hour* - 4 hour - Next Business Day •Trained technical support personnel •Multi-vendor, multi-technology expertise •Simulation labs •Remote logistics centers in major markets throughout the world •Extensive network of onsite field engineers
  7. 7. Remote Logistics Centers • Depot Repair • Replacement Parts On Site • Within 4 hours Logistics & Parts Service Delivery Customers Managed Services Center • Network Monitoring & Management On-Site Field Engineer Support • 7X24 Remote Diagnostic Support • Multiple Technical Pools & Specialties • On-Line Problem Resolution • Numerous Service Delivery Partners • Tier 2/3 Field Technician Support • Nationwide Support Field Service Efficient use of personnel & spares pool
  8. 8. Using the Technology Vendor TAC Support NDI Remote NDI Remote Partner Support Technicians Partner Support NDI Remote Technicians NDI Remote Technicians NDI Remote Technicians Technicians Escalation Secure Web Access and/or To Tickets/ Call History Overflow VPN NDI Internet Portal Managed PSTN Service Customers Inbound Center Support Requests
  9. 9. Tech Pool 1 (blue) 7x24 Locations Tech Pool 2 (red) NBD Locations
  10. 10. If you are looking for an alternative to OEM maintenance on your network infrastructure, NDI can provide a cost effective solution for your business, this is what we do! Please contact Joseph Schafer for a free analysis of your current maintenance needs. Joseph Schafer 813-864-8040 Direct 727-637-2145 Cell