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Georgetown University Master of Public Relations London work/study Project with Intel. ...

Georgetown University Master of Public Relations London work/study Project with Intel.

Progress Through Processors Campaign: Combining the Power of Social Networking with the Life-Changing Promise of Volunteer Computing

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  • Beatriz
  • Beatriz
  • Beatriz
  • Beatriz The projects include Rosetta at Home , which analyses protein structures, , which tests the accuracy of climate models, and Africa at Home , which tackles humanitarian issues such as malaria. Those wishing to take part can obtain the Progress Thru Processors beta through Facebook. Intel explained that the software will run only when the CPU has idle processing power, and has little overall effect on the system's power consumption. Intel hopes to connect increasingly powerful processor hardware on end-user systems with the distributed research efforts. "Progress Thru Processors underscores our belief that small contributions made by individuals can collectively have a far-reaching impact on our world," said Deborah Conrad, vice president and general manager of Intel's Corporate Marketing Group. "By simply running an application on your computer, which uses very little incremental resources, you can expand computing resources to researchers working to make the world a better place.“Setup of the software, account, and all the regular hooks of most Facebook apps takes less than 5 minutes and you can post your contributions to your profile. The software also suspends itself automatically when you shut down your computer, so you don’t need to draw energy unnecessarily by leaving the computer on. Once installed, you may want to open the preferences and crank down the available processing power from your computer; although the application doesn’t slow down multitasking (it’s very good about backing off when you’re working), you may notice your computer fan humming along quite a bit if you allow it to use 70 or 80% of your CPU cycles. Distributed Computing: defined in many different ways. In most general terms it is a system to permit distributed processing of data and objects across a network of connected systems through the sharing of resources on that system. Distributed computing can encompass desktop PCs, powerful workstations, servers, and even mainframes and supercomputers interconnected through a network. Approx 15,000 Fans Approx 8,000 Downloads Began August 3, 2009 Launch through Dec 31 2009
  • Beatriz
  • Beatriz Intel is driven to create bold advancements in technology that enhance people’s lives. Explore how Intel is cultivating the spirit of innovation and promoting the concept of sustainability in our operations and in communities worldwide. 50 thousand is a conservative estimate
  • Quentin
  • Quentin User uncertainty of security issues, trust , green-washed label, gimmicky , complexity , scalable and trend-proof
  • Quentin
  • Quentin Volunteers – users who have downloaded the widget and are donating processing power UK Social Media stats
  • Quentin Users may be unmotivated due to a lack of understanding Users are unsure of the security issues this may cause Adoption Barriers to overcome include motivation to adopt, education and understanding, and trust Quentin Engages users where they spend their time on their desktop & on the web User experience impacted by amount of effort from engagement to result
  • Jenna
  • Beatriz A ddress concerns Create understanding Institute trust Engage in conversation Enhance current media marketing strategies Enhance current brand identity
  • Beatriz Address security concerns Highlight trusted advocates of program WOM : Friend to Friend
  • Beatriz Use plain language Educate FAQs CIO’s Corner
  • Jenna Partners : Hill & Knowlton Current Users Charities : Rosetta@home,, Africa@home Public : Potential users, WOM Interested Parties : Local organizations Industry : Tech events Internal : Intel employees Tell the story
  • Jenna
  • Jenna
  • Quentin
  • Jenna
  • J e n n a Catchy Memorable Branded Expand the Brand Identity to introduce elements that will help target audience : generate interest, attention grabber, curiosity, inspiration, motivation
  • Jenna Reduces barriers Increases understanding Friend to Friend Graphic Tools : Integrated Approach Current State Landscape of Adoption Future State : Outlast Trends with Strategic Integrated Approach Scalability Sustainability Easy to Access Comprehensible : Plain Language Results Oriented Creates and engages users in conversation Tells a story Creates viral online awareness
  • Jenna
  • Jenna Increase of widget downloads Twitter followers and #hashtags Linkedin connections Assumed numbers: Forecast ROMI Click backs Increase efficient computing Increase CSR visibility and efforts
  • Beatriz That’s a wrap
  • Beatriz That’s a wrap

Progress Thru Processors Progress Thru Processors Presentation Transcript

  • Progress Thru Processors Intel: Combining the Power of Social Networking with the Life-Changing Promise of Volunteer Computing
  • 1.0 Overview 2.0 Objectives 3.0 Considerations 4.0 Insights 5.0 Strategy 6.0 Tactics 7.0 How it Works 8.0 Big Idea 9.0 Why it Works 10.0 Measuring Success 11.0 That’s a Wrap AGENDA
    • Progress Thru Processors
    • A new volunteer computing application using a widget
    • Allows people to donate their PCs' unused processor power to research projects
    • Volunteer Computing via Distributed Computing
    • The “Poor Man's Supercomputer”
    • System to permit distributed processing of data through sharing processing power
    • Desktop PCs , powerful workstations, servers, mainframes and supercomputers
    • Create conversations about the program across additional digital platforms
    • Increase widget downloads to 50 thousand by December 31, 2009
    • Increase processing power capabilities for research charities
  • CONSIDERATIONS Considerations Complexity Trust Security Issues Trend- Proof Green-Wash Label Scalable Gimmicky
  • INSIGHTS : Current Landscape
    • More than 15,000 Fans
    • More than 20 Countries including the UK
    • Approximately 10,000 active “volunteers”
    • 281 Giga Flop years worth of research
  • INSIGHTS : Adoption Barriers
    • Engage and motivate “volunteers”
    • Provide “plain language” to education and create understanding
    • Create trust by addressing security concerns
  • STRATEGY Barriers Institute Trust Enhance Marketing Strategy Create Understanding Address Concerns Engage in Conversation
  • IMPLEMENTATION : Creating Trust Trust W.O.M Address Security Concerns Highlight Advocates
  • IMPLEMENTATION : Educate Educate CIO’s Corner Plain Language FAQs
  • IMPLEMENTATION : Outreach Identify potential stakeholders Internal Intel Charities Rosetta Climate Africa Industry Events Partners Investors Current Users Widget Interested Parties Local Schools Partners H&K Board Public W.O.M. Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Facebook
  • TACTICS : Integrated Approach Tactics Tools Social Media Traditional Media Collateral Digital Events & Products
  • HOW IT WORKS : Digital Outreach Digital Strategy Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Landing Page YouTube
  • BIG IDEA Expanding the Brand Identity Real Time Real People Real Results Cause Computing Get Involved
  • WHY IT WORKS Why it Works Integrated Approach Outlasts Trends Global Adoption Scalable Increases Understanding Sustainable Friend To Friend W.O.M. Reduces Barriers
  • MEASURING SUCCESS Traditional Marketing Strategies Social Media Marketing Strategies Inform Engage Brand Identity Twitter # Hashtags Followers Fans Friends Widget Downloads Program Goals CSR Goals ROMI Educate Remove Barriers
  • PART 11.0 Wrap Up
  • Wrap Up Wrap Up Inform Converse Trust ROMI Reach Story Sustain Scale
  • ??????? QUESTIONS
  • UK Jenna Mills Quentin Hustand Beatriz Perez