Howell D Top Ten Internet Uses


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Howell D Top Ten Internet Uses

  2. 2. WORKING The internet plays a major role in how I do my job. In the field that I am in I have to constantly keep check of other databases to make sure that I am doing my job efficiently and providing the best resources for my clients. It allows my superiors to interact with me and allows me to interact with my co-workers and the clients I serve.
  3. 3. STUDYING Getting an education has never been easier! The internet has really increased the versatility of education. Degrees can be earned, and classes attended without ever leaving the comfort of the home. Virtual classrooms have become an integral part of learning. The use of the internet in education changes rapidly and keeping up with the changes is a part of learning within itself.
  4. 4. FINDING EMPLOYMENT When looking for a job, the internet can be a very valuable tool. Many companies and employers use the internet as a means posting jobs, taking applications, and even interviewing. Not many searches for employment uses the old method of going to the location to fill out an application. Most is done via the internet.
  5. 5. RESEARCHING I can research any topic, theme, or idea all from my computer. I can access scholarly databases and websites using the internet. The internet gives me accurate and up to the minute information on many topics. I can find out the weather in Ireland, or the native dish of Thailand simply using the internet.
  6. 6. BANKING/BILL PAYING Paying bills and keeping up with all my banking needs has never been easier, thanks to the internet!
  7. 7. COMMUNICATION I use the internet as a means of communication. I communicate with family, friends, co-workers, and a host of other individuals via the internet. I communicate through e-mail, chat applications, webcam/skype. The internet affords me the opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends who are scattered throughout the world. We share real-time information and can remain very close even though we are thousands of miles away.
  8. 8. DIRECTIONS Everything from estimating how much time it will take to reach my vacation destination to how much of an expense I will incur on the trip with gas and food are things that I have used the internet for. Using sites like Mapquest and Yahoo directions, and Google directions helps me to plan and prepare which often times helps to alleviates stress making trips more pleasurable!
  9. 9. SHOPPING One of my favorite things to do on the internet is Shop. I can take care of all my buying needs with the click of a mouse.
  10. 10. COOKING/ENTERTAINING The internet has helped me to prepare many of my best dishes and come up with great ideas for entertaining guest. I prepared an array of dishes that I have found on the internet. There are recipes from professional chefs to everyday chefs many of them great. I have used sites such as food network, and southern chefs for great recipe ideas. I have also gotten step by step instructions on how to set up buffet stations along with other ideas about entertaining my guests, all from the internet.
  11. 11. DATING/NETWORKING There is an abundance of dating and networking sites on the internet. The internet has made it possible to meet many people that some wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to meet. Many marriages and other relationships have been the result of an internet meeting!
  12. 12. FUN, FUN, FUN The internet is a great place for games , socializing, networking, and a host of other things. For me, one of my main uses for the internet is to just have FUN!