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A presentation from the keynote speech Piers Fawkes of PSFK gave at Future Trends 07 conference on why we all have the opportunity to make things better...

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Change The World Or Go Home Psfk

  1. 1. Change The World (or go home)
  2. 2. We Give Inspiration To Make Things Better So hands up here who thinks it’s their job to change the world? When I started to think about this presentation for the Future Trends 07 presentation a few weeks ago I dug up the title for the deck and I thought to myself ‘bloody hell, I proposed that’… because when I first look at the title I feel like it’s not my place to make such grand statements - but then I look at it again, I think to myself, ‘yeah - that’s what I want to do’. I do all these things to make things better.
  3. 3. Inspiration To Make Things Better Via Our Daily Website
  4. 4. Global Question: “How would you rebuild your city from scratch?” Inspiration To Make Things Better At Likemind
  5. 5. Creative ideas for change Inspiration To Make Things Better At Our Conferences
  6. 6. Inspiration To Make Things Better Through Our Trends & Innovation Consultancy
  7. 7. Inspiration To Make Things Better With Our New Research Company: Peep
  8. 8. What is the impact of my consumption? - on me? - on the world around me? There Is A Radical Shift In Consumer Attitude
  9. 9. Here’s 5: 1. Good Food 2. Craft 3. Pro-Service Anti-Product 4. Local 5. Taking Control What Trends Drive Our Concern For Consumption?
  10. 10. Good Food The direct effect from consumption
  11. 11. The cupboard at PSFK HQ every morning What Is Good Food?
  12. 12. The only cereal we choose: Has Sugar Has Salt Has Carbs - 12% DV Less ingredients No Colorings No Sugar Substitutes No Corn Starch or Syrup Redefinition of what is ‘good’? The Only ‘Good’ Choice?
  13. 13. Have You Asked Michael Pollan? Corn is killing us. What Is Good Food?
  14. 14. In February 2007, Seattle’s Jones Soda drops corn-fructose and opts for Pure Cane Sugar Jones Soda
  15. 15. New York hot dogs with great ingredients Dogmatic NYC Hotdogs
  16. 16. Good Food is appearing everywhere… like this Mexican food stand in Soho Calexico, NYC
  17. 17. People line up for an hour to get this ‘good burger’ and shake Shake Shack
  18. 18. ‘Good’ fast food: How you like it & freshly prepared. In-n-Out Burger
  19. 19. Good food is food without a Best Before label - I.e. Today Pret A Manger, London
  20. 20. Food with history with story. Giving us back the decision about what to eat. Doughnut Plant, NYC
  21. 21. The UK drinks company has developed a culture around their sustainable production values and healthy lifestyle. Innocent Drinks Festivals
  22. 22. Better food at the right price drives retail. The line at Trader Joe’s NYC starts at the front door. Trader Joe’s
  23. 23. Constant pursuit of good food. Wholefoods
  24. 24. Tesco thinks there’s a gap in the US market Fresh’n’Easy
  25. 25. Craft People are reusing, reclaiming, recycling, reducing and redesigning
  26. 26. Craft is global. Craft Night, London
  27. 27. Brand conscious youth in Beijing have begun to embrace second hand clothing because they trust that branded items are more likely to be authentic in second hand stores due to store owners' dedication to quality checking. Second Hand, Beijing
  28. 28. Bar Knitting, San Francisco
  29. 29. Hunga-Munga Art Parties, London
  30. 30. Championing the Craft movement Craft Magazine
  31. 31. A documentary in which one woman travels across the country documenting the new wave of craft in America. Handmade Nation
  32. 32. 48 artists from 17 countries at The Museum of Art and Design in NYC. Pricked: Extreme Embroidery Exhibition
  33. 33. 93,000+ sellers of craft goods. Etsy
  34. 34. Craft is not just knitting. Make Magazine
  35. 35. Craft can be culture. Bike movement is a craft movement. Bike Culture
  36. 36. Live craft competitions. Cut and Paste Design Contests
  37. 37. Local People seek to source from local providers
  38. 38. Organic vs Local debate Time Magazine
  39. 39. Better to drink French wine in Miami than it is to drink Californian - Local Wine?
  40. 40. Farmers Markets
  41. 41. Germany offers a serious contender in the Soda market Bionade, Berlin
  42. 42. A music store in Hamburg only sells music from Hamburg artists Hamburg Only Music
  43. 43. No longer a need for winter wardrobe in Sydney - motivated (partly) by global warming Trans-Seasonal, Australia
  44. 44. Made In Downtown LA Taking local, global American Apparel
  45. 45. Pro-Service Anti-Product A move to maximize the use and lifetime of a product
  46. 46. Zipcar Flexcar Philly CarShare Micro-Rental
  47. 47. Pay for the electricity, not the car. Project Better Place
  48. 48. 451 bike stations by 2008. Velib Bike Sharing
  49. 49. Modern timeshare Fractional Ownership
  50. 50. Belgian community product share service. Zolik
  51. 51. Taking Control Digital community fuels consumer control
  52. 52. We’ll decide what’s good or bad - no more critics. Yelp
  53. 53. We’ll invest our money without the need of a bank. Zopa
  54. 54. We’ll support without charity. Crowdfunding
  55. 55. We’ll shop en masse. Crowd Shopping Online, China
  56. 56. This collaboration lets people share cars and parking spaces. ParkAtMyHouse
  57. 57. We’ll do the jobs we want, how we want them, where we want them. Bedouin Workers
  58. 58. In summary: 1. Good Food 2. Craft 3. Pro Service / Anti Product 4. Local 5. Taking Control Five Trends That Drive Our Concern For Consumption
  59. 59. What is the impact of my consumption: - on me? - on the world around me? Radical Shift In Consumer Attitude
  60. 60. And The Problem Is As Businesses… …we’re trying to replace consumption with ‘good’ consumption or offset the guilt
  61. 61. The (RED) clothes are in the basement while the brand is on the window. Bolt-on strategy. Good Consumption? (RED) at the GAP
  62. 62. TOMS Lifewater Bolt on donation strategy. Guilt Offsetters: TOMS, Life Water
  63. 63. “Buying handmade is better for people, better for the environment, and better for giving truly special and well- crafted gifts. The ascendancy of chain store culture and global manufacturing has left us all dressing, furnishing, and decorating alike. The connection between producer and consumer has been lost. Buying handmade helps them reconnect. We encourage all consumers to be aware of the social and environmental implications of their purchases.” - The Reaction To Business: Pledge Handmade
  64. 64. Consumption Feeds Human Needs, Wants & Desires – Status – Belonging – Self Esteem I don’t really have have the answers, I just know there’s complications and more thought that needs to be put to into this issue because … But Consumption Feeds Human Desires
  65. 65. Green Is Not A Trend: It’s An Issue
  66. 66. Industry Got Us Into This Mess Can Industry Get Us Out?
  67. 67. “To make cleanliness commonplace; to lessen work for women; to foster health and contribute to personal attractiveness, that life may be more enjoyable and rewarding for the people who use our products.” Look To The Past: William Hesketh Lever
  68. 68. “To make cleanliness commonplace; to lessen work for women; to foster health and contribute to personal attractiveness, that life may be more enjoyable and rewarding for the people who use our products.” William Hesketh Lever or Eric Ryan of Method?
  69. 69. Marks & Spencer makes an eco- consciousness move to go carbon neutral in the next five years. They plan to maximize their use of renewable energy and only use offsetting as a last resort. Marks & Spencer
  70. 70. “In 1994, I offered the task force a vision: to make Interface the first name in industrial ecology worldwide through actions, not words. I gave them a mission: to convert Interface to a restorative enterprise; first by reaching sustainability in our practices, and then becoming truly restorative-a company returning more than we take-by helping others reach sustainability.” Ray Anderson Interface Ray Anderson & Restorative Business
  71. 71. “A new and better business model is in development that will engage people, create goodwill and provide better products.” 40% of his business uses bio-mimicry - the reaction by the market was a boom in sales. Anderson: You Go Green To Make Better Profit
  72. 72. So The Good News If there is an economic reason to Change The World…
  73. 73. As trends analyst, researcher, innovation director or concerned party it’s your job, if you accept to choose it, to create that change. Your jobs it to inspire your companies. Inspire them to: •To lead •To be good •To make things better You have the best jobs in the world!
  74. 74. The Question To Ask During The Conference What can I take home to inspire my team to make things better?
  75. 75. Is It Your Job To Change The World?
  76. 76. Appendi: Applying Consumption Concern
  77. 77. Brief: Double Global Sales of Converse Products Example of idea PSFK pitched Anomaly & Converse