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Digital Textbooks & Their Impact On Schools

Digital Textbooks & Their Impact On Schools






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  • Hi, my name is Katie Kalajian and today I will be discussing Digital Textbooks and their impact on schools.
  • Digital textbooks are books that are available in digital format as opposed to an actual textbook. This digital format has become more and more popular due to multiple circumstances.
  • First of all, digital textbooks make it easy for the teachers to interact with students in regards to textbook material because they can project the material onto a screen. Also, information in these textbooks are more up-to-date.
  • One of the biggest reasons for going digital is because digital textbooks cost less than traditional textbooks. During this economic crisis, it is important to spend money wisely, and using digital textbooks is a great way to save money.
  • There are three important aspects of digital textbooks. According to writer Nicole Allen, digital textbooks should be affordable, printable, and accessible to all students.
  • Digital textbooks will impact students of all ages. Even younger kids are more interested in technology, which will make them more engaged in digital textbooks. Also, college students will have an interest in going digital because it saves them a lot of money.
  • Many schools have decided to start using digital textbooks. One state in particular that has made a large step in integrating digital textbooks into their schools is California. In May of 2009 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger launched the Digital Textbook Initiative. By providing schools with these free textbooks, the Governor argues that the state could save $400 million.
  • Congress has recently decided to take action in regards to textbooks by passing legislation that requires publishers to give prices of textbooks to teachers when sold. Also, Congress is trying to lower prices by saying that publishers may no longer sell books and supplemental materials together.
  • Although some schools are very excited about digital textbooks, some schools think the consequences outweigh the benefits. Though digital textbooks themselves don’t cost as much as regular textbooks, the price of computers and bandwidth is going to be expensive. Also, not every student has access to a computer which makes it impossible for these students to use digital textbooks.
  • Overall, there are many pros and cons of digital textbooks. Whether people like it or not, the world is becoming a more technological place and students are learning to use technology at a young age. Bringing this change in technology to schools will hopefully benefit students, teachers, and schools all over the world.

Digital Textbooks & Their Impact On Schools Digital Textbooks & Their Impact On Schools Presentation Transcript