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Study Skills
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Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Study Skills
    Session #1
    Using your
    Agenda Book
  • 2. “Why should I use my
    Agenda Book?”
    Your Agenda Book can keep you organized and
    on-task, which is the first step toward
    doing well at Mercy!
    Getting used to using an organizer or planner like Mercy’s Agenda Book will be an extremely valuable tool throughout all 4 years of High School, in College, and in your future career!
  • 3. “How do I use my
    Agenda Book effectively?”
    Start by using the Agenda Book Checklist provided in this presentation.
    Think about how you are using it now, and see how many items you can check off as you move through each slide.
  • 4. We will
    go through
    this checklist
    item by item
  • 5. I use my Agenda Book Daily
    You should have something written down in your Agenda Book EVERY DAY
    Even if there is no school, then write:
    Because you want using your Agenda Book to become a HABIT! The more often you use it, the easier it will be!
  • 6. I have my class schedule in my Agenda Book
    Use the schedule grids provided in your Agenda Book (one for each semester) until you memorize your classes and unscheduled time!
  • 7. I have my class schedule in my Agenda Book
    Because your Agenda Book is intended to make Mercy life easier for you. Until you have your schedule memorized, take a quick look here !
  • 8. I have the Day number written down for each school day
    You are given a small “Day Box” for this purpose-if it is too small for you, write it somewhere else!
    Having the Day number written down gives you one less thing to think about. The Agenda Book is supposed to make life easier, remember??
  • 9. I use my Agenda Book bookmark to easily access the day or week
    You are given a plastic bookmark, but if you lose it or don’t like it, there are other methods of bookmarking your Agenda Book.
    You can also use
  • 10. I use my Agenda Book bookmark to easily access the day or week
    Again, having your day/week bookmarked just makes using your Agenda Book quicker and easier. You don’t want to waste time flipping through pages, looking for today’s space!
  • 11. I write something in my Agenda Book for every class period
    I suggest numbering each day 1-7 and writing something for each class period of the day.
    If you are off or unscheduled that hour, write “OFF”!!
  • 12. I write something in my Agenda Book for every class period
    Again, the goal is to make using your Agenda Book a habit-and using it regularly throughout the day will help you to do so.
    Also, writing something each period will give you a quick overview of your day; what was done, what needs to be done, etc.
  • 13. I have my Agenda Book somewhere convenient during every class
    Have your Agenda Book either out on your desk during class or in your bag-right on top, or in it’s own small pocket.
    The key is to make your Agenda Book easily accessible
    If a teacher mentions a quiz, test, or homework assignment in the middle or at the end of class, you want to be able to write it down quickly. You don’t want to waste time looking for it at the bottom of your school bag!!
  • 14. I write down reminders in my Agenda Book of upcoming events, tests, etc.
    You should always be thinking ahead with your school work.
    Remind yourself a few days, or even a week in advance of tests, quizzes, speeches, etc.
  • 15. I write down reminders in my Agenda Book of upcoming events, tests, etc.
    You don’t want a test or other important event to be a surprise and unless you are really successful at cramming (and not too
    many people are), planning
    ahead for tests, quizzes, etc.
    will assist you in starting to
    study earlier rather than later.
  • 16. I create “To Do” lists in my Agenda Book
    If you keep a list of what needs to be done each day or week, and cross off items that are completed, you will always be on task with homework, etc.
    Plus, crossing items off of a “To-Do” list can be fulfilling as it reminds you of what you have accomplished!
  • 17. I make sure to keep my Agenda Book organized and to write clearly
    If your handwriting is sloppy or your entries are disorganized, you won’t be able to use your Agenda Book properly. Make it easy to read and understand!
  • 18. I use highlighters or colored pens/markers in my Agenda Book
  • 19. I use highlighters or colored pens/markers in my Agenda Book
    Adding color to your entries can help you to emphasize what is important. Further, if you are a person who likes color, this will make your Agenda Book more fun and pleasant to look at!
  • 20. I look at my Agenda book at the beginning of my day
    You should always know what your day ahead looks like. For example, if you have a speech 5th hour (and a written reminder in your Agenda Book!!), you should be aware of it at the start of your day and anticipating that speech all day-not surprised by it when you arrive to class!
  • 21. I look at my Agenda Book at the end of my day
    Taking a quick look at what needs to be completed at the end of the school day will allow you to anticipate how much time you will need that evening for school work.
  • 22. I LOVE my
    Agenda Book!!!
    Since this is something that you will be using daily, make it your BEST FRIEND! Decorate it, personalize it, make it something that you like to look at!!!
  • 23. Sooooo…
  • 24. Using this checklist, challenge yourself to changing your Agenda Book habits and you will be on your way to staying organized and on top of your school work!
    Show your Agenda Book some love! I promise you won’t regret it!
    Thank you!!
    Your Counselor,
    Mrs. Brown