Chinatown, Boston (Christopher Tao)

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Christopher's Powerpoint presentation for the Chinatown photo proj.

Christopher's Powerpoint presentation for the Chinatown photo proj.

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  • 1. Chinatown, Boston
    All of the photos are either from Will Wolfendale or from Google. Because I cannot upload from my phone onto my computer. And because my printer does not print in color, so I have decided to make a PowerPoint.
  • 2. From Google, In front of every Chinatown there is a gate with these characters on it. The characters literally say sky down be public. This is the first thing we saw when we entered Chinatown
  • 3. Photo Taken by Will Wolfendale.This is one of the two traditional imperial guardian foo dogs. They are believed to provide protection to the area.
  • 4. From GoogleThis is a herbal medicine shop, similar to the one that we went into in Chinatown that was right next to the association.
  • 5. Photo Taken by Will Wolfendale.Food that we ate! There was too much though, we couldn’t fit anymore in our bellies after the meal. The duck was the best and there was many different sauces.
  • 6. Photo Taken by Will Wolfendale.A hastily taken photo of fish at one of the markets, we were not supposed to take pictures for some odd reason and we did no know that until the man yelled at us.
  • 7. From GoogleBrowsing some fore market we stumble upon barrels/baskets full of live blue crab.
  • 8. From googleSquiiiiddddd. We saw these at one of the Chinatown markets too. Unlike the crab and the live fish, these squid are dead as can be.
  • 9. From GoogleThe shelves of a market in Chinatown that contain many crackers and snacks.
  • 10. Photo Taken by Will Wolfendale.This is a picture of the backside of the gate. This was the last thing we saw before we left Chinatown to get on the bus to go back to school.