Quality Street
By Cláudia Barbosa, Daniela Magalhães, Inês Silva, Sara
      Santos, Tânia Ferreira, Tiago Pinto. 11ºCT1

They are in a big room talking about milk and Nigeria’s
economic problems.
CONTINUED:                                               2.

             I want have my...
CONTINUED:                                                3.

             Mrs.Njoku pour...
CONTINUED:                                               4.

                       MRS NJOKU (cont’d)
CONTINUED:                                               5.

                       MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE
CONTINUED:                                         6.

                       MRS NJOKU
             Sochienne, do you fe...

Sochienne and Mwangi are laughing.
                    MRS NJOKU
          What are you do...
CONTINUED:                                         8.

                       MWANGI (cont’d)
             all the people...

Mrs. Njoku and the Wedding Planner are in the wedding place.

CONTINUED:                                            10.

                       MRS NJOKU
             Quality street i...
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Quality Street Final


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Quality Street Final

  1. 1. Quality Street By Cláudia Barbosa, Daniela Magalhães, Inês Silva, Sara Santos, Tânia Ferreira, Tiago Pinto. 11ºCT1 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Quality Street by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  2. 2. 1ST TEA They are in a big room talking about milk and Nigeria’s economic problems. NARRATOR One of the few things that Mrs. Njoku and her daughter Sochienne could still do together without acrimony was drinking tea. MRS NJOKU I think you should go to the new boutique on Victoria Island or Titi’s Place for a facial. SOCHIENNE Fat bourgeois! Nigeria is failing... MRS NJOKU As you could solve the country’s problems by depriving yourself of a manicure. NARRATOR Drinking tea was neutral - as long as it was without fresh milk. The first week of Sochienne’s return, Mrs. Njoku offer her daughter something different. MRS NJOKU Look at it! I bought you a carton of fresh milk. SOCHIENNE I won’t touch it! I drink only the locally made condensed milk that’s only locally assembled. ANNOUNCING THE WEDDING NARRATOR ... Who knew that a private university in Ohio would mean that Sochienne would return six years latter, announcing that she was engaged to a Kenyan, refusing to eat meat, asking the baffled houseboys about fair wages, and wearing her hair in long rubbery dreadlocks. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. SOCHIENNE I want have my wedding at Amarachi just because i prefer a venue of emotional significance to an overpriced gilded hall. MRS NJOKU I have already hired the famous wedding planner, already booked St. Mary’s Catholic Churh and the grand convention center for the reception. Amarachi is a decrepit house, the grounds sloped, this is a rainy season and the mud will ruin women’s shoes and nobody will take a wedding seriously if it is held in that backwater. NARRATOR Mrs Njoku could already imagine Mrs. Fernandez-Cole, saying village wedding... However Sochienne was not alone, actually the original idea was suggested by her friend. Sochienne and her friend used to spend their holidays at Amarachi. FRIEND I had first suggested it after she told me. She had then wondered why she had not thought of it herself.I can’t also understand why she wanted get married so young, and why she didn’t get a younger man in America. SOCHIENNE Do you know what am I thinking now? I guess that there isn’t enough room at Amarachi to fit all my guests. Sochienne smile as though Mrs. Njoku were the child and she the mother. SOCHIENNE Just twenty guests will be mine, and the other four hundred will be people that I don’t know. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. NARRATOR Mrs.Njoku poured hot water on a new teabag and agreed to her only child’s wedding in a ordinary village house because she feared the next suggestion would be a ceremony on Bar Beach with everybody wearing secondhand clothes. MRS. NJOKU VISITS HER DAUGHTER’S UNIVERSITY Mrs.Njoku visit her daughter’s University. And see some students wearing bathroom slippers. MRS NJOKU Oh my God! Is that bathroom slippers on their foot? SOCHIENNE Mummy, we use this because of the rare blast of warm weather. MRS NJOKU As giving bathroom slippers the American label of sandals would make it more respectable. NARRATOR Mrs. Njoku had been assured that wealthy Americans sent their children there but here young people in slouchy T-shirts and discolored beads around their necks. Still, she had not worried too much about her daughter then, didn’t she in the following years, because she assumed that the child she raised would retain her good sense. MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE PRESENTATION AND CONVERSATION WITH THE WEDDING PLANNER Mrs. Fernandez-Cole came from one of the those old Lagos families.In different houses. MRS NJOKU I think it’s silly that anybody could feel superior about having forebears who were slaves in South (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. MRS NJOKU (cont’d) America and yet I always feel plebeian in Mrs. Fernandez-Cole’s presence. MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE When I met Mrs.Njoku the impression I had was that she was a parvenus to be tolerated with amusement. MRS NJOKU I am feeling helpless, enraging need to prove myself an equal. WEDDING PLANNER You needed cash right away to book a new caterer since Yanka’s Food’s & Events only worked in the Lagos area. MRS NJOKU AND SOCHIENNE WENT TO THE BANK Mrs Njoku and Sochienne went to the bank and they were surprised with the bank worker. MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE Good afternoon... MRS NJOKU Mrs Fernandez? What are you doing here? MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE Well, I am working here. MRS NJOKU But you don’t need to work, do you? MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE As my daughter married, I became more and more alone, so I decided work. I think that working in a bank is very good to meet people. But what would you need? MRS NJOKU I need to deposit two thousand naira... You know, my daughter is getting married and I need to transfer it to that wedding planner that you recommend to me. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE Really? She is very good! Good choice! IS that all? MRS NJOKU Yeah.I think it’s enough to pay her. MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE I think so. Please take your things and have a good afternoon. MRS NJOKU Oh, thank you! And, as reward... Mrs. Njoku give to Mrs. Fernandez-Cole fifty naira. MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE Madam, thank you very much. You know that i don’t need it... but I accept. MRS NJOKU AND SOCHIENNE LEFT THE BANK They are entering the car. SOCHIENNE Mom! Did you see what you did in the bank? MRS NJOKU What’s the problem, Sochienne? I think that I gave you everything, why can’t I give her a reward? SOCHIENNE Mum, in my opinion is unethical and you don’t have consideration... Don’t you think about the people who really need that money? Don’t you think about the beggars who made their way from car window to car window in the traffic? their skin tight over bony faces, their eyes hopeful, saying "God bless you..."? Mrs Njoku thought that maybe she had been too harsh in her own defenses. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. MRS NJOKU Sochienne, do you feel the air conditioner too cold? SOCHIENNE No, I don’t. MRS NJOKU What’s changes we would ask the wedding planner to make to the decor now at Amarachi? SOCHIENNE I don’t know. MRS NJOKU Do you want to stop at Chicken Republic? SOCHIENNE Yes, we can goes there. Kosgei, can you goes with us? KOSGEI Oh, thank you! But, I’m waiting here for us. MRS NJOKU Yes, stay here! I would get something to take away. Why are you looking terrified? KOSGEI Because looking to you it’s like imagine Cruella. Your hair is ridiculous, and you are a very bad person, you can´t think in the others? NARRATOR They did not speak to each other during the drive. They did not have dinner together. They did not drink tea, and they barely spoke to each other until the wedding at Amarachi.
  8. 8. 7. MRS NJOKU STAYED HORRIFIED Sochienne and Mwangi are laughing. MRS NJOKU What are you doing here? Are you crazy? SOCHIENNE Mum... MRS NJOKU Just after the wedding. DIALOGUE BETWEEN MWANGI AND THE WEDDING PLANNER. Mwangi and the wedding planner began to talk about the flowers and the cocktail; and Mwangi found in her a counselor. WEDDING PLANNER Hello fiance!, are you happy with my work? MWANGI Yes, I think that are everything beautiful. But, in my opinion, I like more natural, more flowers, like wild roses, orchids, and tropical flowers. WEDDING PLANNER You should have told me it sooner, but I’ll do everything to attend your request. What about the colors of the decor? MWANGI I trust in Sochienne. She knows a lot of things about the color study, maybe you you should talk with her. WEDDING PLANNER Are you nervous? You have just a week. MWANGI No...Yes...I don’t know...hm..maybe. I’m sure that I want marry, but it’s too much pressure to me. I don’t like that (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. MWANGI (cont’d) all the people ... always question me about insignificant details. At the wedding there are feelings that have more importance. WEDDING PLANNER I think that is usual the pressure. MWANGI For me the marriage is not a proof of love or something to be accepted by our families as a couple. I think it’s just a religious connection. Do you understand? This celebration is superfluous. It’s just a way to spend money unnecessarily where the people wear scandalous dresses for a ceremony to which they don’t give a damn to it! WEDDING PLANNER Well, Mwangi... Absolutely! However what would be this religious connection without both families presence? That’s which strengthens and elevates the happening. I have sure that this ceremony will be for ever in our mind. MWANGI But it could be in our minds by the simplicity of the celebration. WEDDING PLANNER So we were not needed. People like you don’t bring profits to the business. MWANGI That’s the problem! Everything is taken by business and not by its essence. WEDDING PLANNER Everything is business and everything is necessary.
  10. 10. 9. LAST PREPARATIONS Mrs. Njoku and the Wedding Planner are in the wedding place. NARRATOR On the wedding day , Mrs. Njoku, very stressful, was doing calls, shouting at people, and inspecting all the preparations. WEDDING PLANNER Mrs.Njoku, in my opinion the buffet tables are not as we request. MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE I’m waiting for you at the Enugu airport. How miss I had this country. MRS NJOKU Look to your tone voice? Are you laughing? Are you kidding me? MRS FERNANDEZ-COLE It’s just appearance. I’m really at the airport completely tiresome. Hairdresser arrived. MRS NJOKU What are the options to her for dreadlocks really? SOCHIENNE Mum, my hair are quite well! And, at least they grew in my head, look at yours... It seems like sewn-om plastic! While raining SOCHIENNE It’s will be best to hire a rainholder. MRS NJOKU A man preventing rainfall? For God sake! SOCHIENNE Are you trying to say that is supersticion? What about Catholic rosaries? Faith it’s like a tin of Quality Street. (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. CONTINUED: 10. MRS NJOKU Quality street is our life. SOCHIENNE Mother, you remember when father climbing up the frangipani tree to conquer my fear of climbing? When father nearly burned down the house while making a fire to roast cashew nuts? MRS NJOKU For the first time you have the expression of wonder that you had often has a child. NARRATOR The wedding planner came in to say that it was time. Sochienne raised her bouquet. She had combined the expensive silk flowers the wedding planner had ordered from somewhere in Europe with the frangipani flowers whose petals now drooped in the moist heat. She asked if her mother liked the bouquet and Mrs.Njoku said no, following her daughter downstairs. I the end, it did not rain. It did drizzle, a fresh igth shower, the clouds parting just before the reception started. The wedding begin, and Mrs.Fernandez-Cole, the wedding planner and her mother Mrs Njoku are the main guests. The bride marched by the small field of land until the groom. After the matrimony, the bride throw the bouquet, and Mrs.Njoku picked it up. THE END