Enhancing Reading Using Digital Technology

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  • 1. The new technology that is allowing more children to read and love it. Next
  • 2. Introduction : Digital Book Talk Examples Digital Booktalk: Pairing books with potential readers ASR technology for children with dyslexia Using Audio Books to Improve Reading and Academic Performance Citations (The End)
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    • Digital Book Talk examples on Youtube.com. Click on the pictures below to be redirected to the videos.
    Digital Book Talk 1 Digital Book Talk 2 Main Menu
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    • Robert Kenny
    • Glenda Gunter
    • University of Central Florida
    • Digital Book Talk is a site that provides students with a way to increases their interest and knowledge about certain books they may choose to read.
    • Provides a tool to help students match their interest to book titles.
    • Book trailers to help pick and engage a childs interest, desinged exactly like movie trailers.
    • Activities to provide background on the book and characters to famarlize the child to the book.
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    • This article approaches technology assistance for children with dyslexia
    • Though wrote for the country of Malaysia many of the programs are used in the USA.
    • Children with disabilities need immediate intervention to correct problems in reading and pronunciation.
    • Immediate intervention software is used to facilitate individual instruction.
    • Program would listen and correct reading mistakes immediately.
    • If a student pauses or asks a question the program would provide assistance.
    • Two programs available are Colorado Literacy Tutor and Listen’s Reading Tutor.
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  • 8.
    • Go phonics CD-ROM
    • Language tune-up kit CD-ROM
    • TextHelp TTS Word processing support
    • Kurzweil 3000 TTS Users can scan books/reading material and it will read out to them
    • Clicker 4 TTS Word processing support, read aloud
    • Readplease TTS “Read” aloud text from web pages/emails
    • Helpread TTS Read-along software while user are reading
    • WordQ TTS Writing tool (typing), suggest words, provide speech feedback
    • Dragon naturally speaking ASR Dictation software
    • Via voice ASR Dictation software
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  • 9.
    • This article addresses the need for improving the reading level of students lacking the skill
    • Students who read at below grade level usually get left behind and frustrated causing academic and behavioral problems
    • Audio books are a tool that can be used to increase enthusiasm and reading level
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  • 10.
    • Audio books are recorded at a slower pace allowing slower readers to follow along better
    • English learners can learn sound differences between words and letters
    • Allows parents to participate in the child's reading and learn themselves if needed
    • Audio books are available on cd’s and cassettes
    • Can be find in a variety of places and types for either academic or pleasure reading
    • Repetitive exposure allows students to enhance their vocabulary
    • Teachers can provide audio support for many of the books read in class, to help students who have slower reading skills keep up
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  • 11.
    • Kenny, R., & Gunter, G. (2004). Digital booktalk: pairing books with potential readers. Association for Educational Communications and Technology , 330-338.
    • Husni, H. & Jamaludin, Z. (2009). Asr technology for children with dyslexia: enabling immediate intervention to support reading in bahasa melayu. US-China Education Review , 6(6)
    • Montgomery, J.R. (2009). Using Audio books to improve reading and academic performance. Independent on ERIC , Retrieved from http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICDocs/data/ericdocs2sql/content_storage_01/0000019b/80/44/cc/38.pdf