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Sem Cabarete Travel

Sem Cabarete Travel






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    Sem Cabarete Travel Sem Cabarete Travel Presentation Transcript

    • "Search Engine Marketing for Small Business" - The latest and most effective way to market Travel Presented By Hamlet Batista & Yerfri Martinez The Nemedia name, logo, the phrase "From Clicks to Profits" , and the large N and E are registered trademarks of Nemedia S.A.. ©2008 Nemedia S.A. .
    • Objective
      • 1. Introduce you to Internet Marketing, how it works, and the technology behind it.
      • 2. Provide you with specific market data for travel in the Dominican Republic and the opportunity that exists.
      • 3. Inform you of our affordable solution for your business to begin Internet Marketing.
      The objective of our presentation today is threefold: Whether or not you decide to begin Internet Marketing for your business, you will develop a beginners knowledge of Internet Marketing through this presentation.
    • Allow us to introduce ourselves...
      • Hamlet Batista
      • Position: President
      • 2002-2008 NEMedia, President & CEO
      • 2000-2002 LeoData Corporation, Director of Technical Services
      • 1997-2000 CODETEL, Internet Engineer
      Yerfri Martinez Position: Internet Marketing Manager 2004-2008 Marketing Manager 2000-2003 Sales Representative IMCA
    • The bottom line....
      • What good is your website, if no one is finding it?
      • The #1 problem with small businesses is that they don't recognize the value of their websites because they don't have any traffic.
      • What good is a storefront with an empty parking lot?
    • Internet Marketing 101
      • Internet Marketing - "Also referred to as online marketing, is marketing that uses the Internet. The Internet has brought many unique benefits to marketing that include very low costs in distributing information and media to a global audience. However, the interactive nature of the media, both in terms of instant response, and in eliciting response at all, are both desirable qualities of internet marketing.
      • Internet marketing ties together both the creative and technical aspects of the internet." 1
      • Internet Marketing is made up of four different channels: E-Mail Marketing, Banner Advertising, Pop-Up Advertising, and Search Engine Marketing.
      • Source: 1 Wikipedia.org
      First, we'd like to give you a short overview of the terms we'll be using, just in case you haven't begun Internet Marketing. This will help you better understand the presentation.
    • Internet Marketing 101 (continued)‏
      • Source: 1 Wikipedia.org
      e-Mail Marketing - "A form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund raising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing." 1 While one of the least expensive ways to market using the Internet, email marketing to current customers can often be effective, however mailing to potential target customers (spam) is typically only effective in very large quantities and very specific cases, and not considered among the best options.
    • Internet Marketing 101 (continued)‏
      • Source: 1 Marketingterms.com
      Banner Advertising - "A graphical web advertising unit, typically measuring 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall (i.e. 468x60). Love them or hate them, banner ads are one of the dominant forms of advertising online. Due to the widespread acceptance of the standard 468x60 banner ad size, buyers can easily secure placements at most sites, and publishers can accept ads from most advertisers. Banner ads were initially judged primarily on the basis of click-through rate (CTR). In the early days of the Web, click-through rates were generally much higher than they are now, perhaps due to the novelty factor. Other causes for the decline in CTR may include technical limitations, the awkward horizontal shape, poor banner design, an excessive percentage of run-of-network buys, and accumulated bad experiences of Web surfers." 1 Except for very specific and well planned cases, Banner Advertising is not considered an effective means of Internet Marketing.
    • Internet Marketing 101 (continued)‏
      • Source: 1 Webopedia.com
      Pop Up Advertising - "A type of window that appears on top of (over) the browser window of a Web site that a user has visited. In contrast to a pop-under ad, which appears behind (in back of) the browser window, a pop-up is more obtrusive as it covers other windows, particularly the window that the user is trying to read. Pop-ups ads are used extensively in advertising on the Web, though advertising is not the only application for pop-up windows. A pop-up ad is also referred to as a pop-up." 1 As with Banner Advertising, this type of Internet Marketing is also not considered an effective means of Internet Marketing except in a few special cases and are also blocked by most browser software.
    • Internet Marketing 101 (continued)‏
      • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - The main topic of our presentation, "Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet Marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in the Search Engine results pages (SERPs) and has a proven ROI (Return on Investment). According to the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, SEM methods include: Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), paid placement, and paid inclusion. Other sources, including the New York Times define SEM as the practice of buying paid search listings, different from SEO which seeks to obtain better free search listings." 1
      • SEM is the most effective means of Internet Marketing because it can provide instant results and typically provides a very high ROI.
      • Source: 1 Wikipedia.org
    • Internet Marketing 101 (continued)‏
      • Keyword (Keyword Search Term) - "A keyword in an Internet search is one of the words used to find matching web pages. It was popularized during the early days of search engine development, as it was not possible to ask natural language questions and find the desired sites. Searches gave the best results if only a few keywords were chosen and searched for. These "keywords" captured the essence of the topic in question and were likely to be present on all sites listed by the search engine." 4
      • Source: 1 Techweb.com
    • Internet Marketing 101 (continued)‏
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - "The process of choosing targeted keyword phrases related to a site, and ensuring that the site places well when those keyword phrases are part of a Web search." 1
      • When done right, SEO provides the highest ROI from Internet Marketing, but is a longer term strategy because of the time it can take to position a website well in the search engines.
      • Paid Inclusion (Pay Per Click/PPC) - "The process of paying to be included in a search engine or directory." 2
      • Paid inclusion provides the fastest return on investment from Internet Marketing, normally instant or within a few hours.
      • Source: 1 Marketingterms.com 2 Homegardenexchange.com
    • Internet Marketing 101 (continued)‏
      • Sponsored Result (Sponsored Link) - "A paid advertisement in the form of a hypertext link that shows up on search results pages. The ads are typically for products and services that are generally or very specifically related to the keywords in the search query." 1
      • These results are generation through paid inclusion or Pay Per Click (PPC).
      • Organic Search Result (Index Listing Result) – "Also called natural results, they are usually found on the left side of the search engine pages or below the highlighted sponsored links. These results allow web users to search through unpaid relevant results." 2
      • These results are generated through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
      • Source: 1 Thefreedictionary.com 2 Digitalsurgeons.com
    • Internet Marketing 101 (continued)‏
      • Search Volume – The search volume is the number of searches by individuals for a particular keyword for a specific search engine.
      • Click Through Rate (CTR) - “CTR is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign. A CTR is obtained by dividing the number of users who clicked on an ad on a web page by the number of times the ad was delivered (impressions). For example, if your text ad was delivered 100 times (impressions delivered) and 1 person clicked on it (clicks recorded), then the resulting CTR would be 1%.” 1
      • Conversion Rate - “In Internet Marketing the conversion rate is the percentage of unique visitors who take a desired action upon visiting the website. The desired action may be submitting a sales lead, making a purchase, viewing a key page of the site, downloading a whitepaper, or some other measurable action” 1
      • Source: 1 Wikipedia.org
    • Internet Marketing 101
      • Now your up to date on the latest terminology.
      • Lets get to the good stuff!
    • The #1 Internet Myth
      • Although your website is important, it is not the most important part of your Internet Marketing.
      • The facts: Your internet site is useless unless prospective customers find it. As long as your site is professional, most visitors will contact you if you sell a quality product or service. The focus of your business should not be on having the best website. If customers find your site before your competitor's, chances are they will buy from you.
      • The 3 key factors to a successful Internet Marketing campaign are:
      • 1. Your ad must compliment the keyword. You landing page must match the ad and the keyword.
      • 2. Your website must provide quality information or products or service directly related to what the user is searching for and be presented professionally.
      • 3. You must have a properly configured marketing campaign.
    • About Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
      • " In 2006, North American advertisers spent US$9.4 billion on search engine marketing, a 62% increase over the prior year and a 750% increase over the 2002 year.
      • The largest SEM vendors are Google AdWords, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. As of 2006, SEM was growing much faster than traditional advertising." 1
      • Share of Searches
      • By Search Engine
      Source: 1 Wikipedia.org
    • About Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • SEM & Travel
      • With a 750% increase in SEM usage since 2002 and US$9.4 Billion spent last year by businesses like yours, you might ask yourself: “What have I been missing?”
              • ...well we're going to show you.
      Source: roadandtravel.com
        • Accommodation has been purchased by around 57 percent of online travel bookers.
        • The study also reveals that over 30 percent of online travel bookers spent $2,500 (US) or more in the past year on Internet travel purchases.  
        • Those with Travel websites have a clear advantage by working with these Internet consumers.
        • The Travel Industry Association of America says - Approximately 64 million Americans now research their travel options online.
      • There's more...
      SEM & Travel Source: khalsaweb.com
    • SEM & Travel
      • There's more...
    • Real World Testimonials
        • “ David Hopkins, of Mutiny Web Design , kindly referred my Google penalty issue to Hamlet Batista, a seasoned search engine marketer . Hamlet wrote a great blog post about my predicament, and offered some stellar advice through our conversation in his blog post comments.” David Dairey, Graphic Designer, Edinburgh, Scotland – 10/5/07
        • "Hamlet is an AUTHORITY on SEO that presents his ideas in an unassuming manner and who challenges people to look outside the box and think". Sean Maguire, President, 360Sell Inc. Austin, Texas - 11/28/07
        • "Hamlet is a seriously smart guy who knows what he is talking about when it comes to the search engines' algorithms. His new software tool, Ranksense, automates a lot of the boring bits of SEO and also provides great insights that can be hard to get. I particularly like the analysis of upcoming keywords - it extracts ranking information and keywords from your log files enabling it to suggest places to target your effort next.“. Will Crichlow, Director, Distilled Limited. London, UK – 4/1/08
      Source: Hamletbatista.com
    • SEM – Cabarete Travel Market (continued)‏
      • Keyword Ideas
      Source: Google Adwords Keyword Tool External
    • SEM – Cabarete Travel Market (continued)‏
      • You should note that this data is extracted from the Search Engines.
      Source:Google Adwords Traffic Estimator
    • What does this mean for your business?
      • Let's do the math:
      97 Clicks Per Day x 30 Days -------- 2,910 New Site Visitors x 10% Sale Conversion Rate -------- 291 Deals a Month X $2,500.00 -------- $727,500.00 $727,500.00 Monthly Gross Sales
    • Look who's there now...
    • What is Nemedia?
      • We created the most sophisticated Search Engine Optimization Software on the planet, RankSense.
      • Nemedia brings cutting edge advertising technology to small markets where it has never been available before. No longer is this just available to big markets.
      • Nemedia is the first company who specializes in Internet Marketing for small to medium sized markets with untapped search demand.
      • Our goal is to build face to face relationships with businesses in these markets
      • We only take applications from clients in areas where we have researched the space and determined that the interest level is high, and people are searching for the product or service through actual search numbers
      • We are dedicated to understanding the market first, then the needs of our client, and develop successful Internet Marketing Campaigns which deliver an instant ROI
      • Our consultant works closely with you to carefully monitor your campaign and increase your results each month
    • The Nemedia Guarantee.
      • We guarantee you that...
      • 1.Your website will see a dramatic increase in traffic within 48 hours of activating your campaign or we will refund your money in full
      • 2.You will see a positive return on investment (ROI) within 30 days or you will not pay our fees for that month
      • 3.We will never offer our services to another client that competes directly with you and your specific campaign in your market area
      • Our business, is making you money from your website through a measured ROI. If you do not see that ROI monthly, the relationship is not working, and we will not bill you.
      • Our strategy is Win = Win ONLY.
    • Our Packages
      • Our pricing is divided by the competitive nature of the space in the client's market . We know how competitive your space is based on our Market Area Analysis. Campaigns which target only the local market are charged half the setup and monthly fees.
    • Here's what you'll get...
      • Basic Plan
      • Business Analysis – A complete analysis of your business and your goals together with recommendations regarding the effectiveness and any changes needed to your website, copy writing, and lead capture, contact, or conversion methods.
      • SEM Plan - As part of the business analysis, we will create a search marketing plan for your site.
      • Target Market Analysis - Identifying who are the target consumers looking for your product
      • Competitive Analysis - A list of your competitors and analysis of their online strategies.
      • Keyword Research - We identify the thousands of keywords people are searching for to find your product or service.
      • Ad Grouping - We determine how we will group your ads for different target markets, products, services, or lines of based on keywords.
      • Ad Creation - We create all of your text ads (1 per ad group) using a professional copywriter.
      • Proposed Ad Budget - A proposed starting budget for your campaign (to be paid directly to the search engines monthly.
    • Here's what you'll get... (continued)‏
      • Basic Plan (continued)‏
      • Google PPC Campaign Setup – Based on the SEM Plan we configure your Google Adwords accounts.
      • Competitor Infiltration – Probably the most exciting step, we setup keywords including your competitor's business names and other keywords being used to find your competitors so that your business will appear before theirs.
      • Limited Targeting – We setup you campaign where the ads will only be displayed to persons who are physically located in the areas we are trying to reach. This saves you money to eliminate bogus clicks.
      • Basic On Page SEO – We modify your website (you won't visibly see the changes, we only modify the code in the background) to make it compatible with the major search engines guidelines and increase your organic ranking in the search engines.
      • .
    • Here's what you'll get... (continued)‏
      • Basic Plan - Monthly Services
      • Monthly Maintenance – We maintain your campaign monthly to keep it growing
      • Keyword Research – We constantly search for new keywords people are using to find your product or service and add them to your campaign.
      • Bid Adjustment – We adjust the bids of your keywords according to performance.
      • Ad CTR Monitoring – We look at your click through rate for your ads to determine if they can be improved.
      • Landing Page CTR – We look at your landing page follow through rates to determine if they can be improved.
      • Bounce Back Rate – We look at the bounce back rate for your pages to make adjustments.
      • New Competition – We identify any new competitors and their strategies to add them to your campaign, as well as changes in the strategies of your current competitors to make necessary adjustments.
      • Click Fraud Monitoring – We monitor for click fraud.
    • Here's what you'll get... (continued)‏
      • Advanced gives you all the features of basic with:
      • Addition of Yahoo/MSN – We create your entire campaign including all of the features of the basic plan for Yahoo and MSN as well. Without advanced, your ads will only appear in Google. (organic listings will still appear in all search engines)‏
      • Analytics Tracking – We add code to all of the pages in your site, which allows us and you, to see how many users visited your site, how long they stayed, at which pages they looked, from where they are, which keywords the used, from which ad they came, and through which search engine they were referred, and many other critical details that we will use to improve your campaign and identify trends. This information is included in your billing and reporting.
      • Demographic Analysis – As part of your Business Analysis and SEM Plan, we will identify if there are other possible international or domestic groups that would be new potential buyers of your product or service, such as a high volume of persons searching from another country which require targeting, or a high volume of persons searching in another language.
    • Here's what you'll get... (continued)‏
      • Advanced (continued)‏
      • Page Split Testing – We create multiple versions of your landing pages, and have them randomly display when someone clicks your ad. Then we monitor the bounce back rate and follow through rates to determine which ones performed best and improve them.
      • Informational Architecture – We create a flow chart for your website which demonstrates the different paths a user should have from viewing your ad impression to purchasing. This includes:
      • Your keywords by ad groups by search type (informational, action, branding)‏
      • Your text ads by personality type
      • Your landing pages and how they connect to the ad groups and ad types
      • The options on each landing page to identify the correct personality type to route the visitor
      • A complete site map with paths integrated
      • The conversion paths and process
    • Here's what you'll get... (continued)‏
      • Advanced (continued)‏
      • Weekly Reporting – Instead of receiving the monthly reports on your site performance with your bill, you will receive them weekly including all of your analytics. Improvements and adjustments will be made weekly as well based on the trends.
      • Advanced SEO (On-Page/Off-Page 5 Links) – In addition to the on-page included with the basic plan, we will create 5 links for your site through link building. These are links from other authoritative websites to yours, that will increase your organic ranking.
      • Fast Track Submissions – We will subscribe you to the Yahoo automatic submission system and priority ranking (some small additional charges from Yahoo may apply).
      • Ad Split Testing – A professional copywriter will create four different text ads for each of your different ad groups. These ads are run randomly. We then review the ad performance to see which ads had the highest CTR. This allows us to continually create new ads and improve them as they perform better.
    • In short
      • When you partner with us, you'll get:
      • 1. A complete Internet Marketing Plan
      • 2. A fully functional Internet ad campaign with a guaranteed ROI
      • 3. Guaranteed positioning in the top of the search engines you selected
      • 4. Guaranteed positioning above your competitors even when the search is for your competitors business name.
      • 5. A knowledgeable consultant to help you constantly improve your campaign along with free guidance and support whenever you like.
      • 6. And finally, you get the customers that are already consistently looking for your product or service in your area to whom no one is marketing.
      • 7. Access to our client Extranet portal where you will be able to see your account and history any time you like from your home or office.
    • Next Steps...
      • To get started in 5 steps...
      • After the initial scoping we send you a detailed proposal
      • If you like it, fill out your new account application, preliminary questionnaire, and authorization to administer PPC accounts, and submit them with a 50% deposit of your setup fee.
      • Your business analysis and marketing plan will be delivered in 10 days. Review it, make any suggestions or changes, and give your final approval.
      • Pay the remaining 50% of your setup fee and your campaigns goes live.
      • Call us when you receive your first lead and make your first sales (typically in the first 24 hours).
      • You will receive your detailed reports and billing by email a month from your start date (or a week if you chose advanced). We will continuously improve your ad campaigns to improve results each month.
    • Thank You
      • We want to thank you for taking your time from your busy schedule to view our presentation. We hope you have learned a great deal. Please give us any ideas on how we can simplify or improve it.
      • Hamlet Batista and The Nemedia Team