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  2. 2. WARNING! The following contains graphic language, nudity, violent content, and views which some may find objectionable and offensive. Discretion is advised. Publisher/ Writer/ Editor Mike Gruttola Contributor(s) Danny Clifford Issue No. 1 November 2007 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED *All materials have been used by permission of the individual artists. The Top Ten Reasons of The Decline of Western Civilization …........p. 3 Interview with FENCES …………………………………………….......p. 5 The Rise of The Modern Day Pin-up Girl ………………………………p. 7 Interview with Georgia ………………………………………………….p. 8 Blessings from The Pentagon: Convert or Die ………………….........p. 13 CD Reviews ……………………………………………………………..p. 14 A Snuff Re-enactment Too Real: Snuff 102 ………………………......p. 16 Film Reviews ……………………………………………………………p. 17 World, meet Black Nasty ……………………………………………….p. 20 Interview with Black Nasty ...............................................................p. 21 Sell Out ………………………………………………………………….p. 24 Upcoming shows ……………………………………………………….p. 25
  3. 3. The Top Ten Reasons of The Decline of Western Civilization by Mike Gruttola 10. Texas - Did you ever hear the saying: “one rotten apple spoils a bunch”? This couldn’t ring truer in comparison with the rest of the United States. Granted, a lot of the mid-west states are a bunch of ass-backward hicks, but Texas takes the cake. The ignorance that is bred there is astonishing. It should fall into the Gulf of Mexico and sink. Who hates NY anyway?? 9. Paris Hilton- What a waste of life. Only in this country you can gain fame from giving a blowjob. Congratulations slutbag, why are you still alive and why is everyone so infatuated with your life? Stop making her a role model for teenage girls. She’s a piece of shit who could’ve rotted in jail for all I care. And this goes for anyone else who is constantly in the media for nonsensical reasons. 8. Mini-vans- I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve almost been run off the road by one these fucking things. If you can’t fit your kids in a car, stop having kids! You don’t need 46 of them. Mini-vans only enable mid-life divorcee, Prozac popping assholes to have more kids and endanger the lives of other normal drivers. Get the fuck off the interstate! 7. The Lottery- Ok, so you can’t have a casino. But here, stand in front of this convenience store and scratch your life away. The government is fixing up your new addiction as we speak, with their stupid conceptual gambling games. They are the real drug dealers. 6. Pharmaceuticals- Stop thinking a pill will fix all of your problems. Yes, some people actually need medication for serious problems. Fine. But every time your left toe hurts and the TV asks you “does your left toe constantly hurt?”, you don’t need a pill for it. These government approved drugs have come up with every symptom possible to make you believe your sick. Your health insurance won’t cover it anyway. (CONT. NEXT PAGE) 3
  4. 4. 5. Reality TV- Yes, The Real World sucks, it sucked 10 years ago and it still sucks. So why has it spawned so much garbage? Every has been asshole now has a show, in which we get to delve into their superficial, ultimately boring lives. How retarded. 4. Fast food- Yes it’s fast, but is it food? No. It’s manufactured, processed garbage that apparently we need dispersed throughout the world and forced down our throats. More kids know who Ronald McDonald is than George Washington, scary. Funny fact: I ordered a fruit basket once, and it came with chocolate. And we wonder why we are the most obese nation??? 3. Consumerism/capitalism - Our skylines have been imprinted with logos and our land taken over for greed. We need to stop buying useless shit on a daily basis just because it’s on sale. This allows corporations like Wal-mart to thrive and take out the little man. Not to just single out Wal-mart, but think about how many small businesses are affected by them. You can almost do everything you need to do on a daily basis at Wal-mart. Get your oil changed, buy your groceries, buy clothing, buy a gun, buy censored Christian music and so on and so on. Get my point? Is it convenient? Yes. Independently and economically smart? No. 2. Fundamental Christianity- A growing problem that is about self righteousness and the apocalypse- spoon fed bullshit that people actually believe. These insane, thoughtless views are being spread throughout the media and have violently spewed their way into mainstream music. There is no such thing as science to these people, only God. God is an idea and we have absolutely no proof that it exists. You’ll find that most of these people believe in the war in Iraq and support Bush’s idiotic stone-age ethics. Aborting children is wrong, but murdering children in Iraq due to “friendly fire”, is ok. 1. Iraq war/current administration- Is this really still going on? What happened to “mission accomplished”? How did Bush get re-elected? Oh yeah, by lying and cheating. Nothing has changed. This war has gotten so out of hand, that right-wing conservatives don’t even approve of it anymore. We went into the wrong country on a lie and now it almost seems beyond repair. The invasion was for personal, monetary, and religious reasons. Nothing else. The wrong strategy could make Iraq the new Vietnam. If the terrorists hate freedom so much, as the president claims, socialist countries wouldn’t even exist. So, why is the US there? Because we have show our balls by policing and bullying the globe. This will inevitably fail. “It is nowhere written that the American empire goes on forever.”- Dwight D. Eisenhower
  5. 5. <ul><li>MG: Where did you grow up and what did you listen to growing up? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: I grew up mainly in Florida, Boston, Arizona, Washington and Montana. The first tapes I ever got and really listened to...Um, Ninja Turtles or some shit like where they rapped and Splinter sang a ballad. Also Ice T &quot;Freedom of speech you better watch what you say&quot;. Then a lotttttt of jazz and whiney shit and anything really really fast. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Why the move to Seattle? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: I have a habit of thinking moving solves problems. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Do you currently work in Seattle? Doing what? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: I work at &quot;Glo's&quot;, it's a small breakfast place and I do a lot of stirring of eggs and batters. I love it. I hope I never leave. The only drag is that all my clothes smell like bacon and have stains on them. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: How frequently do you have live performances and are you currently recording anything in a studio? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: Im recording right now with Sonny Votolato and the thing should be done within a month. As far as playing live...I do it whenever asked. I never go out of my way to book a show for myself. There is no need to. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Who are your main influences musically and what life experiences play a role in your music? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: My friend John Hostetter...he kinda showed me how to write songs through example. Obviously Elliott Smith, but he's more like my dad or something. Just dead. Almost everything in my life goes into my lyrics. Even the most boring things can beautiful. </li></ul><ul><li>(CONT. NEXT PAGE) </li></ul>INTERVIEW WITH FENCES <ul><li>Fences a.k.a. Chris Mansfield is a Seattle solo act with a keen sense of compassionate and intimate songwriting. Perfectly constructed chords and vocals make this folk singer on par with Elliot Smith. Unfortunately, to hear Fences, you can’t go to a local record store and pick it up. But you can visit his Myspace page @ for songs, venues and photos. After you hear it, I can guarantee you will want more. Besides being an amazing artist, his unique persona makes him an intriguing character and I was lucky enough to interview him. </li></ul>F E N C E S by Mike Gruttola- Photo Credit: Kyle Johnson 5
  6. 6. <ul><li>MG: Do you masturbate frequently? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: Once or twice a day, not cause I'm a scuzzbucket, but because it helps anxiety. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Any meaning behind the name Fences? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: I think my ex-girlfriend thought of it, but I'm not too sure. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Do drugs and alcohol, if any, play a huge part in your life and music? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: I drink man, but I don’t mess with anything else. I could say drinking everyday doesn't affect my music or life...but then I'd be a liar probably. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Are you looking for commercial success? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: Yes. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: When will we be seeing a full-length release? Also, any plans of touring? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: Full length as soon as someone signs me or pays for it. soon as someone asks me. I'd love to get the fuck out of here for a while. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: In one word, what would you say is your main message you are trying to convey through your music? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: One word? Shit dude I have no idea. Sorry mate. If someone can sit down and drink a beer and feel any emotional rise while listening to my music, that's all I want. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Final question: is there anything at all besides the above, you want us all to know about you? </li></ul><ul><li>CM: I put hot sauce on everything and I have a crush on Sarah Silverman. </li></ul><ul><li>Oh yeah, all you kids who listen to Fences...I LOVE YOU. -Chris </li></ul>MG: How do you find your relationships with people currently? CM: High fives at the bar but cold shoulders on the street. I have a couple solid mates though, and obviously a girl to keep me from sleeping in the bathtub. MG: How was your childhood? CM: I didn’t like it much. MG: Due to the fact you're a &quot;folk&quot; singer, your body decor gives you an unusual and intriguing image for the genre. If you would, explain the meaning behind them individually. CM: It's like...a sheep in wolves clothing , kinda like a &quot;leave me the fuck alone&quot; type of thing. Plus...I just like the way it looks. No huge meaning. MG: I believe singing and songwriting has lost all of its honesty, truthfulness and heart in most music today. How do feel about modern commercial music? CM: I don’t really know much of what’s going on with it. I listen to my friends playing music in my kitchen with me. None of us give it any attention. MG: I noticed a while back you went into a sort of &quot;hibernation mode&quot; and allegedly insulted a headlining act, if I have my facts straight. What triggered that? CM: Seattle's small and my personality is fucking huge. MG: Do you live by yourself in Seattle? Are you broke? CM: I’m broke yes, but that's my own fault. I buy a lot of clothes and booze and smokes. I live with a girl.
  7. 7. The Rise of the Modern Day Pin-up Girl by Mike Gruttola <ul><li>Pin-up girls have been on the rise ever since the Suicide Girls have adorned us with their presence some odd years ago. “Thank God someone has benefited from the internet. It’s not eBAy and Amazon. Somebody has made a name that’s not just monetary but a cultural icon.” Says Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club. This site and others like it have re-spun the nostalgic Bettie Page era into an entirely new world. In a male dominated pornography industry, women are taking over with this innovative and artful movement. Nudity can be tasteful and capture its beauty, without being too raunchy. Maybe, if this kind of erotica was the medium, we wouldn’t be a nation of puritans who view violence as ok, and sex as wrong. Let’s face it, most pornography is degrading to women and nearly impossible to get a hard-on from. I really don’t need to see the inside of an asshole or an old ballsack slapping against a middle aged crack whores’ ass. But that’s just me, some people are into it. I’m not saying all pornography sucks, but it’s few and far between. All in all, it’s getting old (literally), and the pin-up girls sites are a breath of fresh air. Vivid has made a hipster/punk division of their company called Vivid-Alt. Mainstream pornographers are recognizing this uprising and cashing in on it as well apparently. As well they should. </li></ul>The style of the pin-up girl has changed much over the past couple of decades. These models are heavily decorated with tattoos, piercings and hair dye. Although, this isn’t the case for Georgia from GodsGirls, of which I had the pleasure of interviewing (next page). Georgia from GodsGirls (left), Bettie Page (above) 7
  8. 8. INTERVIEW WITH GEORGIA MG: How old are you now and where do you reside? GEORGIA: 20 yrs old and I live in hot ass arizona MG: How long ago did you start modeling for GodsGirls? GEORGIA: About a year ago this month. MG: About how long does a photo shoot take and what does it entail? GEORGIA: They usually last all day, that's because you do several shoots throughout the course of the day & night. You meet with your photographer, discussing set ideas. Then hair, make up, & wardrobe. Then the fun starts, and you get sexy on em’. MG: Are you single, in a relationship, married? If taken, how does your other half feel about it? GEORGIA: Taken by an awesome guy, who was opposed to the idea at first, but we talked about it, and everything’s cool. He’s into the fact that his GF is a GodsGirl, and is always asking to see my pics...when I'm not around ;) MG: What made you want to become a GodsGirl? GEORGIA: The chance to take beautiful, and glamorous photos. I knew what the sets were like. Provocative, not slutty. Classy, not trashy. So I was all for it. It's kind of an ego thing too. Having others look at your sexy pics and tell you how hot you are. Huge ego boost! (CONT. NEXT PAGE) 8
  9. 9. MG: For the most part, do all the girls get along with each other? GEORGIA: I can say that majority of the Gods Girls I have met have been great, sweet girls. But then again, women are competitive naturally... so I'm sure there is some behind the scenes shit talking going on... there's gotta be. I don't get involved in it... so I don't have any juicy cat fight gossip for you. MG: Do you feel sites like Suicide Girls, GodsGirls, and Burning Angel express sexuality in more of a positive light, due to the fact these sites are run by women in a male dominated industry? GEORGIA: Absolutely…I think on other adult sites, women are exploited. I've seen some where I'm just thinking like &quot;why would you do that?&quot; It can look sleazy if not done properly. I feel that all the sites you mentioned are portraying sex in a different way... it's more artistic & tasteful. I mean, yeah it’s still naked girls...but there's a big difference. We're bringing seductive back. MG: How is everyone treated at Gods Girls? GEORGIA: I haven't been treated unfairly...If I say I don't wanna do something...then it's not gonna happen. I've noticed it can be cliquey at times, and some may take that as inequitable. MG: Is this something you think you'll be doing for a long time? GEORGIA: Truthfully, No. I'm sure I'll grow out of it one day, but I am having fun now, and just enjoying the whole experience. MG: Do your friends and family know you're a GodsGirl, if so how do they feel about it? GEORGIA: Shhh…my parents do NOT know. I plan on keeping it that way. My friends do...they think it's pretty awesome. They're always asking for my password to get on and check out the girls. (CONT. NEXT PAGE)
  10. 10. MG: How do you feel if and when you see your own photo shoots? GEORGIA: I get excited! We don't get to see the sets, till they go live on the when they go up...I just hope I'm not making a stupid face. MG: Due to the fact this is a growing phenomenon, do you feel there is any chance for a sole individual to become a cultural icon such as Bettie Page? GEORGIA: Oh definitely...I think some girls, more so then others, have that &quot;star“ quality. People are just drawn to them...they wanna see more & more, an infatuation begins, thus creating a craze. MG: Have you had offers or applied to any other similar sites? GEORGIA: I've been offered, but never accepted any of them. I wanted to just do GodsGirls, but I have friends that do several sites besides GG, such as Perverse Fixation. If you do enough sets, you can make some skrilla. MG: Is it possible to make a career out of this? GEORGIA: Hmmm...I don't see how...maybe if you branched out and made your own personal site and made bank on it, then yeah. Which I have thought about doing...but it takes money, to make money. Melodie from GodsGirls
  11. 11. November Pin-up Georgia
  12. 12. 967-6 MAIN ST. HOLBROOK, NY (631)471-TIKI Print this out or tell them you saw it in 516 MAGAZINE! Receive a $20 gift certificate with any tattoo over $100 (good on your next visit). $40 for any single piercing above the belt!
  13. 13. Blessings from the Pentagon: Convert or Die by Mike Gruttola I now introduce to you the worst idea since giving Larry the Cable Guy a movie contract. The Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game. A game where you command a Christian fundamentalist army to wage war on the streets of New York City against the non-believers. Not only is this a terrible idea, but it gets worse. The US Pentagon thought it would be a wonderful idea to send this game to US troops in Iraq. I’ll repeat, The United States Pentagon has endorsed sending a Christian supremacy game to a predominantly Muslim nation, for our troops. Huh? In the game you get to convert Jews, Muslims, Atheists or other non-believers, to fundamentalist Christianity. If they resist, you kill them. In our nation and in the nation of Iraq, the separation that religion causes is obviously a major problem. So, why would we send this game to our troops in the most delicate of times? I mean this idea isn’t far off from Hitler’s! I’ll tell you why: our governing bodies WANT to wage a religious war. We see it everyday with the lunatics that currently run the country. The separation of church and state no longer exists. And what better way to get this message out, than through a video game? Hmmm…well, lets see. Who predominantly plays video games? The impressionable youth? ABSOLUTELY. And now so do our troops. Will this game cause a holy war? I doubt it, but why are we pushing the boundaries of insanity? (actual game play) Here’s what the CEO of the production company behind the game thinks: &quot;....this tremendous game that has it all; great graphics, strategy, depth and meaningful messages worthwhile of fascinating coffee table discussions.&quot; - Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games 13
  14. 14. Against Me!- New Wave 4.5/5 CD Reviews The new album from Florida’s punk rockers is nothing of short of pure honesty. The problem most long time fans are having is their sound has been a bit more organized, due to the fact they have went from Fat Wreck Chords to major label Sire. The band has progressed and matured, hence the move is justified. Although, I will agree the sound has changed a bit, the honesty is still there. As a matter of fact, if you listen to the lyrics, Tom expresses his views on modern rock music and all of its politics. He also includes his perspective on himself and the progression of the band. New Wave is just that; new. Asking: Are you ready to brave new directions? Truthful and meaningful, an excellent addition to your collection if you can leave behind all the “sell-out” nonsense.- Mike G. Anti-Flag- A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime (EP) 4/5 An important and underrated band that is constantly making a social statement; this new EP portrays their attention to important, overlooked issues. The bassist Chris, has undergone a terrible tragedy when his sister fell victim to violent crime, leaving behind a young daughter and son. This EP is to benefit others who have gone through similar situations, and all proceeds will go to The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime. Also, proceeds will go to education bonds. The EP contains 5 new studio tracks and 5 live tracks. Great band, great sound, great cause. Buy it now, CDs are a limited pressing.- Mike G. 1-Pure garbage 2-Don’t bother 3-Worth a shot 4-It’s great! 5-Sheer perfection Dropkick Murphys-The Meanest of Times 4/5 Queens of the Stone Age- Era Vulgaris 3.5/5 Boston’s own celtic punk band is back, and better than ever! The band has evolved so much over time in their long-spanning career; with their new found success into the mainstream with “I’m Shipping up to Boston”(from 2005’s The Warrior’s Code ); featured in Scorcese’s The Departed. The great 7 have proved they are here to stay with their new album. The songs will make you wanna drink, party, fight and cry. The perfect combination for a great Friday night. On top of all that, they actually have something to say, and it’s heard clearly through the raspy vocals and energetic noise-filled tunes.- Mike G. Being a long time fan of Q.O.T.S.A., this album doesn’t compare to their others. Although, it’s definitely not a bad album and has certainly grown on me, it didn’t have that “instant classic” element for me. All their other albums, especially 2002’s Songs for the Deaf, became an instant classic the moment it hailed from my speakers. The same is not found here, and it sounds slightly recycled. Although, the band is constantly reinventing itself with new band members and guest appearances, there is a certain consistency that is expected. It’s just not there for me, but in no way is this a bad album. I just wouldn’t suggest starting here if you’re a new found fan. I would suggest starting with Songs For The Deaf or Rated R .- Mike G. 14
  15. 15. Coheed and Cambria- No World For Tommorow 4.5/5 Necro- Death Rap 4/5 Sum 41- Underclass Hero 1/5 Ween- La Cucaracha 5/5 The progressive rock band that gets progressively better on each record. Rush’s predecessors return to continue their epic story on their best, most intricate album yet. This album is perfect for new fans and continues the story for the rest of us. In no way does this fit in the “emo” genre, so please ignore that. It’s progressive alt-rock with complex guitar riffs and high pitched melodic vocals. The album is just about perfect.- Mike G . Necro has proved himself to be a damn good m.c. (even with a lisp), and with his new found commercial success, Death Rap showcases his skills. His low has gotten faster and his lyrics are darker than ever. If you know of Necro, you know his lyrics are hard to stomach. Even more so now because the dark humor that is usually found is hardly there now. He has found a way to mix the hip-hop community with the metal community while still running his own label. You’re probably thinking to yourself rap/rock is dead. I couldn’t agree more, but Necro has his own unique style that separates it from the norm. It’s not rock/rap, it’s death rap and it’s damn good! My only complaint is it has some tracks that fall a bit short making the album short. - Mike G. I’ve always liked this band, but on this album, they lost everything that you can possibly like about them. It’s boring, cliched, and degrading to themselves and their fans. They started off as pop-punk and gradually became more and more intricate as they matured. Their previous album Chuck really displayed their abilities and style. Now, not only have they gone backwards with the move back to a major label, they’ve gone beyond pop-punk. It’s now just pop, and it is as boring as can be. I have a feeling Avril Lavigne had something to do with this. Boo.- Mike G. Ween never seems to be anything short of amazing. This album is absolutely perfect from the disturbing “My Own Bare Hands” to “Your Party”; a picturesque, soulful melo-drama. The thing about Ween is their consistency through inconsistency, that makes that unique sound we expect from them. The real gem on this album is “Woman and Man”, a ten minute and them some epic. This album is nothing short of perfect. Light up and enjoy!- Mike G.
  16. 16. A snuff re-enactment too real: Snuff 102 by Mike Gruttola But is it a re-enactment? Is it real? In Mariano Peralta’s Snuff 102 we get a plot-less low budget re-enactment of a snuff film. Some people, including myself do not believe this is a re-enactment. How could you with a tagline like “why be moral...If we can be anonymous”? Now we all know the snuff film is an urban myth and anyone familiar with the genre knows of August Underground and the Guinea Pig series, which have been proven fakes. The validity of Snuff 102 is still under the microscope. Well, I did a little research myself and found one bit of information extremely disturbing. All of the “actors” listed in the credits, have either done only this film or Snuff 102 is the last one they have done. This Argentinian underground hardcore gore film has caused a huge uproar, actually causing real life consequences for the director. When it premiered at the Mar Del Plata International Film Festival in 2007, a member of the audience stormed out of the theater before the end of the film and attacked the director. The extreme nature of the film's website and teasers caused shock among some people who asked for the removal of it, with an avalanche of hate-mail being sent to the production team responsible for the site. The website keeps moving around and changing, so good luck finding it if you’re interested. So, could this all be a ploy or a grand publicity stunt? Well, like everyone else you have to judge for yourself. I haven’t seen the film in it’s entirety, but through extensive research I have seen it all in clips. It’s not pretty and extremely hard to watch, and hard to believe it’s fake. I’ve tried to get in touch with the director and have gotten zero responses. The director claims it is a “mixture of real and imaginary, documental and fiction...reality can be much more disturbing than any special effect.” The responses, the violent lashings at film festivals, and banned websites have also had the film banned for the time being. &quot;ABSOLUTELY DISTURBING AND CRUEL...&quot; - CINENCUENTRO.COM &quot;ARGENTINE GORE CINEMA HAS REACHED A PEAK NEVER TOUCHED BEFORE WITH THIS FILM&quot; - ZONAFREAK.COM.AR &quot;A COMBINATION OF EXTREME VIOLENCE AND LOW BUDGET, UNSUITED FOR PEOPLE WITH A HEARTCONDITION&quot;- MAR DEL PLATA FILM FESTIVAL 16
  17. 17. Film Reviews (On DVD) 1-Pure garbage 2-Don’t bother 3-Worth a shot 4-It’s great! 5-Sheer perfection Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Movie Film for Theaters for DVD 4/5 David Lynch’s Inland Empire 5/5 Black Sheep 4/5 Fido 4.5/5 From the stoners in Jersey, comes this epic animated movie about world domination involving an exercise machine. The only ones that can save the planet are an order of fries, a shake, and a meatwad. Hysterical, explicit, and a stoners best friend!- Mike G. Laura Dern finds her reality becoming increasingly distorted (as do the viewers), in this 3 ½ hour masterpiece by David Lynch. Haunting, unforgettable, and perfect. Put everything aside you think you know about movies, and open your mind.- Mike G. Sheep zombies! This horror-comedy is loaded with splatter-gore and hilarity, while offering originality. Although, it’s has a Peter Jackson feel to it. Not Lord of the Rings , more like Bad Taste and Dead Alive . Highly recommended.- Mike G. Domesticated zombies who are controlled by a conglomerate corporation. Hmm…sound familiar? Absolutely hysterical with an undeniable social commentary. Perfect cast, high production value, and an instant classic. Billy Connoly plays Fido.- Mike G. 17
  18. 18. Grindhouse 4/5 Wrong Turn 2: Dead End 2/5 Severance 4.5/5 The Tripper 4/5 Tarantino and Rodriguez teamed up to make this double- feature as an homage to 70’s drive-ins. The movie is a perfect 5 when it was in theaters, but the marketing ploy has lost its value to DVD. They split them up in to two different DVD’s and added the missing footage. The double-feature in its entirety was much more exciting. But, still great movies and a goddamn great time!- Mike G . Another bloody office outing. War-crazed criminals unleash their fury on the sales division of a weapons company. In the mountains of Eastern Europe during a team-building weekend, they find themselves fighting for survival. It’s an effective blend of horror and comedy loaded with unforgettable imagery. A well-written, perfectly casted, hysterical gorefest!- Mike G. Oh man, another back-woods of America horror movie. The first one was ok, this just plain sucks. A group of idiotic reality show contestants themselves food for a family of deformed cannibals. The only thing that saved this movie is Henry Rollins as the reality show producer. The movie covers every cliché in the book and offers nothing new to the genre. It’s loaded with blood & guts, but that’s about it.- Mike G. A Reagan impersonator on a blood-crazed hippie killing spree. Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman) organizes a music festival giving the killer his new stomping ground. Hilarious cast, intentionally cheesy, drug-filled and a lot of fun! Also, great subliminal social commentary. Directed by David Arquette- Mike G.
  19. 19. Film Reviews (In theaters) The Darjeeling Limited 4.5/5 Death Sentence 4/5 Eastern Promises 5/5 Rob Zombie’s Halloween 3.5/5 Three American brothers who have not spoken to each other in a year set off on a train voyage across India with a plan to find themselves and bond with each other. Another masterpiece from Wes Anderson as he returns with his greatest and most poignant film to date. It is a spiritual voyage for not only the cast but for the audience, especially if you’re spaced out on Indian pharmaceuticals. It’s unique, original, funny, heart warming, and extremely intelligent. Oh, and If anyone is a Natalie Portman fan, what are you doing reading this? Go see it, you’ll be happy you did.- Mike G. From the director of Saw , comes this brutal and upsetting revenge drama. There seems to be a bit of logic lost in the plot and a bit of realism taken out of the story. I believe this was done on purpose and became very effective in the film, due to the fact that the story itself is unimaginable. A regular working man played by Kevin Bacon is forced into a nightmare situation by a gang leader played by Garrett Hedlund. The film forces the audience to choose between what is right and what is wrong. Is there no length too great when protecting our family? Death Sentence is breathtaking, intense, and a true horror story.- Mike G. Masterful director David Cronenberg never ceases to amaze me. In Eastern Promises , Viggo Mortenson plays a damaged man who has ties with London’s most powerful organized crime family. Now that evidence has unintentionally been uncovered, he must find retribution through deceit and murder. A knife fight scene and a flawless performance by Mortensen that you will never forget. Never.- Mike G. Reinventing Michael Myers would be a more suitable name for the Halloween “remake”. Rob Zombie tried to give a movie monster a soul through his new rendition. We get to see Michael as a child for the first half of the film, which was the better half to me. It’s a shame it fell apart a bit at the end due to editing and an alternate ending, which was more MPAA friendly. It was a good effort and idea, and we see that Zombie can direct. Although, he proved that on Devil’s Rejects, which is arguably his best work. I agree.- Mike G.
  20. 20. World, meet Black Nasty by Mike Gruttola Reigning from the hard streets of Wichita, Kansas comes this brutal psycho-rapper. Now residing in Austin, Texas; Black Nasty a.k.a. Ted Beck wants to make you vomit with his highly offensive lyrics. Not meant to be taken too seriously, there is not one topic too taboo for Mr. Nasty. On his first album AIDS Can’t Stop Me , he touches upon topics such as: AIDS, literal animal loving, rape, his graphic encounter of receiving STD’s and gay sex. On the track Bitch Named Frank, he raps about an improbable encounter with Anne Frank and what he would like to do with her. He has a sexual account with his own mother on Muthafucka, and crawls up her vagina to hide from his father. This song was spawned from his mother pleading him not to release Six Year Old Bitch , about a little girl from a pedophiles perspective, which is still unreleased. The new maxi-single Feed From Me!, is his most brutal so far, but I have a feeling his new album Shark Tank will top it. To top it all off Black Nasty produces his sister Pink Nastys’ folk albums?? That’s right, you heard me correct. To me, he is an innovator and underneath the crudeness lies genius. His content will have a hard time making it to the mainstream without being stripped. But Black has made a pretty big impact underground, giving him a cult following. I like to think of him as the Lenny Bruce of white bread suburban hip-hop, who looks like that guy who works at the McDonalds and unleashes his bodily fluids into your food. I got to ask him some questions on the next page, and be sure to visit his pages to buy his albums! 20
  21. 21. MG: Where'd you grow up and how old are you now? BN: Wichita, Kansas. 29. MG: The question everyone wants an answer to, do you really have AIDS? BN: And then some, but the bitches go crazy for it. MG: Besides being a hardcore rapper, you also produced your sisters' folk albums and you were also in the folk-pop band The Kevins with your brother and sister. Will we see anymore projects like that in the future? BN: No. MG: You're currently working on a new full-length album Shark Tank. What will this album be all about? BN: It’s not quite done yet but it’s gonna be a monster. I wanted it to sound like the event rap albums of the early 2000’s. It’s very slick and poppy with lots of skits, guests and too many songs, filled up to the 80 minute brim. It’s got a couple autobiographical joints on there about girls and guys I know and a jam with Will Oldham about Eazy-E and a jam where I attack 30 year old women and then I feed lots of girls to my Shark Tank. Also, I sing a lot about poop, dead girls, dead black girls, crack-cocaine, the internet, and feet. It’s gonna be the last cd I do. MG: You have an underground cult following. Are you ever looking for commercial success? BN: Very casually. (CONT. NEXT PAGE) 21
  22. 22. <ul><li>MG: Will you ever release the controversial song 12 Year Old Bitch ? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: It’s actually “Six Year Old Bitch”. Fucking a 12 year old is illegal too?? I rewrote “SYOB” for “Shark Tank”, but I actually offended myself so I put it away. – Haha, my mistake. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: What do you're parents think about your music, especially the songs Muthafucka and Teddy ? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: I did the song “Muthafucka” after my mother forced me to take “Six Year Old Bitch” off of &quot;AIDS Can’t Stop Me&quot;. I played “Muthafucka” for her on the boombox in the kitchen and she said “That’s fine, you can fuck me but not a 6 year old.” </li></ul><ul><li>MG: You've made it pretty clear that you hate women, how true is this? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: As true as the fact that God is the sun. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Have you really engaged in sexual activities with your sister? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: That’s in our family book of secrets. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Have you experimented with gay sex as you have stated? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: Yes, it’s all the same to me. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: How would you describe your drug and alcohol use? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: Copious and unnerving. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: What are your main influences for your music? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: Prince when he was the symbol. </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Where'd the name Black Nasty come from? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: A homeless black old man named me that. He prophesized I would “die horny”. This was on a street corner in Chicago in the dead of winter. I was staying at the Drake hotel right on Lake Michigan, a beautiful place. I was walking by and he said “you're Black Nasty”, he said this thru the whistling wind, And I said, “huh” cuz I was intrigued, and he said “you Black Nasty. That’s you, and you're gonna die horny.” I was very alarmed. His words struck a chord with me. I invited him back to my hotel room which he obliged and we ordered up a pot of hot coffee and turtle soup and some rolls with melted asiago cheese on them. We drank from the mini bar and sang Wilson Pickett songs and watched “Pitch Black” on pay-per-view. We had some laughs but then I made him take his shoes and socks off and I stared at his gnarled, cracked, ashy feet while I masturbated. I made him watch me. I whispered “yeah, yeah, yeah” a lot under my breath. He looked so sad and proud and also like he wanted to kill me. I came, then I kicked him out. True story (I am laughing really hard right now just thinking about it again).- This is the funniest and most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! </li></ul><ul><li>MG: Do you ever plan on going on a U.S. tour? </li></ul><ul><li>BN: A slurring, detached 29 year old white male doing this kind of material live in a bar at 1am on a tuesday nite thru a blown out P.A. to a bunch of jerk offs would be depressing. But maybe I could get a little pussy out of I wrestle with the </li></ul><ul><li>notion. </li></ul>(CONT. NEXT PAGE)
  23. 23. MG: Giving the fact you're white and have an almost emo-like appearance, yet rap about AIDS, rape and violence, do you feel people look at you as just a gimmick? BN: I don’t care. All modern music is a gimmick, man. – Good Point. MG: How was your childhood and what music did you grow up listening to? BN: It was terrific. I grew up listening to NWA and Weird Al Yankovic. Hmmm. MG: On AIDS Can't Stop Me, you drop a lot of girls names, are they made up? BN: No, that cd is pretty autobiographical. I was sued by a bitch but that is over now. I’m innocent. MG: So, are you really an &quot;Animal Lover&quot;? BN: Dirt Nasty has taken over that title.- Yea, that guy did rip you off! Black Nasty- Feed From Me! 4/5 Black Nasty- AIDS Can’t Stop Me 5/5 The title track Feed From Me! , says it all. A song about tying up his neighbor, starving her for days and making her drink his semen to survive. Disgusting yes, yet enough humor and clever antics to hunger for more. “Just because the belly starves, doesn’t mean the pussy starves”, is chanted over an African rhythm on Tribal Tribute ; proving Black to be the nastiest of all.- Mike G. The debut from Black Nasty, which has become an instant underground classic. Take the raps of Willie D. from the Geto Boys and mix it with folk-rock band Spoon; add a dab of Weird Al, and there you have AIDS Can’t Stop Me. Mentally disordered yet unique and hysterical. Unbelievably offensive yet oddly substantial. An instant classic.- Mike G.
  24. 24. Sell Out by Danny Clifford Sell out, you fucking suit, boy scout, Uncle Tom, hall monitor piece of shit. The revolution is over and I’m trying to get mine. Got to get rich or die trying. I sold out, cashed in, entered the mainstream, got old, lost the edge. Joined the club. The people, the masses, my generation. Rebellion is a dead fad, exploited by earlier generations co-opted by the popular culture and now null and void in the face of my generation. When I was young I remember the horror and anxiety of having to divulge my personal information for the draft. My social security Number, my tag, my designation like I’m some robot in a postmodern sci-fi novel. The state is here and it is real. I now give my number out on a daily basis: credit reports, promotions, verifying business accounts. The sell-outs wait on line for I-phones as our brothers dodge shrapnel from extremist militants with AK-47’s. The largest protest march during the other war was 500,000 people. In Washington on September 23, 2007, 25,000 people marched, the largest protest for this war to date. I would have gone but the Entourage finale was playing on TV. Plus the price for gas was way too high to drive down there. I would have been supporting the war by spending that much money on gas. I would have paid for a whole fucking platoon or something. The biggest driving force for me to go to an anti-war protest at this point would be to meet some women, those rebellious hippie chicks with red bandanas and father issues. The protest isn’t what they used to be, nobody gives a shit. The media doesn’t cover it, There’s usually a little tag in the times or a blip on the news but nobody gives a shit, so why the fuck should I? I sold out; I’m too busy saving up for new a car or trying to get laid. The creditors are my new Gestapo, I’m chained by letters and bills and credit reports. Like Bobby D. from Brazil, I’m surrounded by the unseen forces of economic oppression, suffocated by paper work. Protest? Fuck that shit man, I got bills to pay. WHO IS DEREK BLONDE? 24
  25. 25. Upcoming shows Gogol Bordello Sat. 11/03/07 8pm Terminal 5 NYC Glassjaw Sun. 11/04/07 2:30pm Convention Hall Jersey Saosin Mon. 11/05/07 6:30pm Crazy Donkey Farmingdale The Academy Is Tue.11/06/07 6:30pm Crazy Donkey Farmingdale The Reverend Horton Heat/ Hank III/ Nashville Pussy Tue. 11/13/07 + Fri. 11/16/07 8pm Highline Ballroom NYC Against Me! Sat. 11/17/07 6:30pm Terminal 5 NYC Coheed and Cambria Thu. 11/29/07 6:45pm Roseland Ballroom NYC Ween Fri. 11/30/07 + Sat. 12/01/07 7pm Terminal 5 NYC Wu-Tang Clan Sat. 01/12/08 7:30pm Hammerstein Ballroom NYC Hip Hop Karaoke NYC Championship Fri. 01/25/08 10pm Highline Ballroom NYC 25 25
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