Michael Jackson HIStory

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Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

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  • 1. Michael Jackson HIStory
  • 2. A Creation Of gabrielptg1960
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    • Michael Jackson the king of pop was born in August 29 of the year 1958 he starts his music career, with only 6 years he joins the music group “The Jackson 5” with his brothers, then in 1979 was released the album “Off The Wall” with the singles: “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and “Rock With You”
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    • In 1982 was released the album “Thriller” with the singles “Billie Jean” “Beat It” and “Thriller. Thriller is the most commercial successfully CD in the history of music. Then years later Michael released his next album named “Bad” with the singles “The Way You Make Me Feel” “Bad” “Man In The Mirror” and “Smooth Criminal”.
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    • In 1991 released the album “Dangerous” with the singles “Black Or White” “Remember The Time” and “Heal The World” In 1992 Jackson founded the “Heal The World Foundation”. In 1993 he sings in the Super Bowl XXVII.
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    • In 1995 released his new CD “HIStory Past Present And Future Book I” it haves the best singles of Michael and new singles like “Scream” “They Don’t Care About Us” and “HIStory”. The video “Scream” with his sister Janet Jackson is currently the most expensive music video ever made
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    • In 1997 Michael released “Blood In The Dance Floor” that have remixes of his songs with three new songs “Ghosts” “It Is Scary” and “Blood In The Dance Floor”
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    • In 2001 Michael released “Invincible” but he don’t know that “Invincible” gonna be his final album the singles was “Unbreakable” “You Rock My World” “Butterflies” and “Cry”. And then happened something terrible.
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    • For me and I think that for much people this year was the worst year (2009) because Michael Jackson, King Of Pop, who joins us this whole time with his music and was close to our hearts died in this 25th of June of the 2009 I think that it’s sad for a lot of people but everybody knows that he make a better place for you and me.
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    • But there’s something that makes me happy I know that he still alive maybe not in this world as a person but he still in our hearts some videos says that he stills alive because some people watched him in Mexico and Europe and for me is good and I hope that this is the truth.
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    • With love to Michael