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  • 1. Evaluation
    ‘Riot’ Magazine
  • 2. The task was to create a Music Magazine. When creating the music magazine I had to think carefully about what genre of music mine was going to include. After extensive research into my target audience I decided that mine would focus on music festivals and new bands. I had to take this into consideration when I chose the colour scheme and did a photo shoot for the pictures to include. From my research and questionnaire I decided that my target audience would be males and females between the ages of 16 and 25. I took my target audience into consideration when I was producing my music magazine. As a part of my research I looked at existing music magazines and magazines that my target audience read. This helped me with colour schemes and also knowing what things would appeal to my target audience and also catch their attention. My target audience played a vital role in the making of my music magazine as I had to aim every aspect of the magazine at them.
  • 3. After extensive consideration and consulting my focus group I decided to name the magazine 'Riot'. I chose this name as I wanted one that fitted in with the music industry and also one that promoted the atmosphere of a music festival. I think the word 'Riot' portrays this meaning clearly. The name of the magazine also conveys the genre of music that my magazine includes.
    After having studied and analysing existing music magazines I came to learn some of the conventions of music magazines and magazines in general. This meant that on my magazine I was sure to include a header. My header was the name of the magazine 'Riot. I made sure that this was positioned in the top left corner of the page this is because this is where the readers eye reads first as we read top to bottom, left to right. Therefore this element of the page had to be bold and memorable amongst the target audience. Therefore I named the contents page 'Riot content' and the double page spread was a 'riot exclusive', this is so the font would become memorable amongst my target audience.
  • 4. I also created a 'Riot award' on Photoshop so the 'R' would become symbolic of the magazine and also recognisable'. I also made sure that my magazine featured a barcode and also that the issue number, date and price were clearly stated on the front cover thus following the codes and conventions of print that I established in my research. I also included a website address. This is because most music magazines that exist at the moment have moved to other platforms not just print. They have stretched to radio, internet, television, etc. I got the idea for the 'Riot Award' from the music magazines 'Q' and 'NME' as they have existing award ceremonies. I priced my magazine at £2.90 as after researching other music magazines and doing a questionnaire this was shown to be the price that most people were willing to pay.
    On my front cover I used a strong image to capture the attention of the reader. I made sure that the photos I took has the model looking directly at the camera as I wanted the reader to connect with the person on the cover and therefore they would engage more with the magazine.
  • 5. I also made sure that the colours used in the Photoshoot, including props and costumes, fitted in with the colour scheme of the magazine. My front cover, contents page and double page spread all follow a strong colour scheme of red, black and yellow. I thought that these colours were most representive of the music industry and rock/pop music as a whole. These colours also fit in with the main article on the double page spread as they go with the personality of the new artist Krissie Dawn.
    I wanted the image on the front cover to be the main and centralised feature on the page. Therefore I have not over-crowded the front cover with images and text as I think the image is capturing enough without the front cover having to be very busy to attract attention. I put a red diagonal box across the centre of the page. I faded the box and decreased the opacity so you can still see the image behind it. Over this red box I have written 'Warning' in capital, yellow letters with a black glow.
  • 6. I have added several effects to this text to make it stand out and make it look 3D on the page. underneath this text reads, 'May contain:'. This text is written in black font with a yellow outer glow. This is the opposite to the text above, which makes it look more effective and different. Krissie Dawn is written at the same angle underneath.
    The font used for this is the same font that has been used on the double page spread and also on the album cover. I did this as bands/artists tend to have a font that is used throughout all of their promotional merchandise and albums etc. For example Oasis have the same font for everything and so does Lily Allen. This text is written in red with a black back drop to make it stand out. I didn't place any text or images over the 'Hazardous Substances' label on the yellow box that Krissie is sitting on as I thought it fitted in with the artists personality and also the colour scheme of the magazine.
  • 7. Down the right hand side of the page above the red diagonal panel, I have created a list of other artists that are included in this issue of the magazine. I made these people well known and also ones that fit in with the genre of the magazine such as Katy Perry and Snow Patrol. The bands and artists that I featured down the side of the magazine are also known for playing at music festivals which is a main part of 'Riot' magazine. Opposite this on the left hand side I have done a sub-heading of 'Your Festival Guide' and a brief explanation of what the article includes underneath this. I have done this in the same font as the list of bands and artists as I didn't want the design of the front cover to be completely separate. I used a different font for the writing about Krissie Dawn as I wanted this to be separate as it is the main focus of the page. The list of bands and artists is written in grey and the festival guide section is written in red. Along the bottom of the page there is a faint yellow box which has text over it which reads 'Grab yor tickets to this years Riot awards'. I have then placed an image of a hand holding the award on the left hand side of this box. I wanted a picture of somebody holding it as it links in with the text and the word 'grab'
  • 8. The text over the box is in white. My front cover follows a strong colour scheme of black, red and yellow.
    My contents page again follows the same colour scheme of black, red, and yellow. The main focus of the page is once again an image of Krissie Dawn. I wanted to use an image of her on my contents page as well as from my research it became clear the main feature on the front cover of a magazine Is usually the main focus of the contents page as well as they are usually the central theme of the magazine and the reason that people are buying it so therefore they would be feature on the front cover and contents page and also have a double page spread throughout the magazine. I took the image of Krissie leaning on a table. This meant that when I came to edit the image there was a strong reflection of her in the surface of the table which gave an unusual but eye-catching effect. I cut Krissie out of the background and placed the image onto a plain black background. I then edited the brightness and contrast of the image before adding a red outer glow to make the picture stand out and remain clear that it is the main focus of the page.
  • 9. The writing and page number to the left of the image of Krissie Dawn has also got a red outer glow to make it clear that the text is associated with the image of Krissie Dawn. All of the other images and text on the page have a yellow outer glow, this highlights the fact that the article about Krissie Dawn is the main element of this issue of Riot. In the top left hand corner of the page the text says 'Riot' with the word content underneath. This layout would be kept the same through every issue of Riot as it will become more accesible to the reader and they will know how to move around the page and where to find the main content etc. The overall design of the contents page is simplistic yet effective. It is different to some other music magazines as they usually have their contents pages in columns, boxes and lists. Whereas Riots' is all over the place and more busy, this challenges conventions. The image used on the contents page also has full eye-conta ct with the reader. This means that the reader can identify and engage with the artist.
  • 10. My double-page spread is again of the artist Krissie Daw. It follows the strong colour scheme of red, black and yellow. The double-page spread includes a strong image of the artist looking up and directly at the camera. She is wearing headphones and has one hand on them. The image stretches across both sides of the page. This means that there is no background colour. I have then put a faint black panel over the left hand side of the page with three columns in it for the text. The top left hand corner reads 'Riot' with the word 'Exclusive' underneath it. This highlights the fact that this is an exclusive interview with the artist and that Riot have done the interview. The same font that was used on the front cover for the text 'Krissie Dawn' has been used again on the double-page spread and also on the album cover which is featured on the double-page spread in the bottom left hand corner. The main content of the double-page spread has been written in white text. The parts where the interviewer is talking have been written in bold. Page numbers have been included in the bottom corners of the page. '>>' are in bold red writing to make it clear that the interview goes on to another page.
  • 11. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of my magazine. I am happy that all of the pages link together through the colour schemes and the relevance of Krissie Dawn.