Garden Design 2009 Presentation


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Garden Design 2009 Presentation

  1. 1. presented by Garden Design Magazine Laurie Sanders Account Representative 407-571-4541
  2. 2. DEPARTMENTS FRESH The latest news in exterior design. PLANT PALATE Focuses in on a plant species as a design element. STYLE Editors highlight fashionable garden elements. SWATCH WATCH A revealing look at the latest in luxury fabrics. GARDEN GOURMET What’s new and popular in outdoor kitchens. GROUNDBREAKER Intimate portraits of the icons of exterior design. LANDSCAPE Public spaces shaping the way we experience life outdoors. LIVING GREEN Earth-friendly trends, ideas & products for the garden. ON DESIGN Q & A with top landscape architects & exterior designers. The Magazine of Exterior Design
  3. 3. CIRCULATION 2009 Guaranteed circ (per issue): 250,000 Seven issues per year Single copy cover price: $5.99 One of the highest cover prices in the shelter category Annual subscription price: $23.95 Subscriptions: 91.9% The Magazine of Exterior Design
  4. 4. DEMOGRAPHIC OVERVIEW 2009 GARDEN DESIGN readers are affluent, educated and successful. They view their homes – both indoor and out – as a creative expression of self. Rate Base 250,000 Female 73.8% Married/Living with Partner 85.8% Median Age 54.5 Attended College 93.3% Median Household Income $189,000 Median Total Asset Value $1,298,000 Median Value of Primary Residence $551,000 Owns Home 98.5% Own 2+ Homes 36.4% Source: Garden Design 2007 MMR Affluent Subscriber Study. The Magazine of Exterior Design
  5. 5. EDITORIAL CALENDAR 2009 HOT TROPICS January/February Explore the world’s most lush and beautiful spa gardens; live the Bali dream in a Made Wijaya garden; come with us as we delve into Sao Paulo, Brazil’s exotic landscape design scene. SPRING STYLE March Modern outdoor rooms in Vancouver, Santa Fe and Sonoma; the ultimate guide to chic new planters – and grasses of every color and texture to pair with them; outdoor entertaining in Malibu; a beachside garden party; and in-depth coverage of how climate change is impacting American gardens. EXTERIOR DÉCOR April The ultimate outdoor cocktail party in a Bay Area garden; poolside in Rio – high style in the garden; live the Bali dream in a made Wijaya garden; and snake plants—the new varieties—indoors and out. CLASSIC BEAUTY May Garden graduation party in a sophisticated new Jersey garden; a French agapanthus garden with hot new varieties; a modern sculpture collection on a Pennsylvania estate; luscious roses, elegant water features and amazing stone work in a classic Italian garden. OUTDOOR DINING & ENTERTAINING July/August A chic rooftop garden in Miami outfitted with outdoor spa, dining room, kitchen and living room; the new Southern hospitality…an Atlanta dinner party in a contemporary garden; and the Rudd Winery opens its garden gates for a celebration in the vineyards. AWARD WINNERS September/October The first annual Green Awards – our editors’ picks of the top eco-friendly projects! GARDEN HOLIDAY November/December Tabletop floral arrangements from our favorite modern florists; gardens in the snow; top ten gifts for garden lovers; and a holiday celebration in a tropical Hawaiian garden. The Magazine of Exterior Design
  6. 6. GREEN MARKET BUYER’S GUIDE 2009 Garden Design’s Green Market reaches more of the customers you want than any other publication. Its highly affluent readers use their large discretionary incomes on their passion – outdoor living. By advertising in the Green Market, you are marketing your company to 917,000 potential customers and surrounding your company in a trusted and loved environment. Green Market is the response mechanism for Garden Design. This section highlights a variety of companies, turning the magazine into a useful and trusted resource for the professional as well as the consumer. Green Market is more than just a printed section in the number one magazine of its kind, it is the buyer’s guide. Green Market is a campaign, by combining your in-book ad with the online reader’s service, generating leads. With a Green Market presence, you can truly impact some of the most sought-after customers in the U.S. – Garden Design readers! The Magazine of Exterior Design
  7. 7. NEW! Greenmarket’s Formatted Section Capture the attention of our affluent readership through this high-style formatted section displaying your product in an easy-to-read, eye-catching design.
  8. 8. ISSUE DATES 2009 ISSUE CLOSING DATE MATERIALS DEADLINE ON SALE January/February November 24 December 1 January 20 March January 2 January 6 February 24 April February 6 February 10 March 31 May March 6 March 10 April 28 July/August April 23 April 27 June 16 September/October July 10 July 14 September 1 November/December September 3 September 8 October 27 The Magazine of Exterior Design
  9. 9. PROGRAMS & PARTNERSHIPS 2009 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) New York Botanical Gardens Chicago Botanic Gardens The Garden Conservancy Royal Oaks The LA Arboretum San Francisco Flower & Garden Show/Northeast Flower & Garden Show The Chicago Merchandise Mart Green Awards (Garden Design sponsored program) Project Evergreen Oasis Awards (Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet sponsored program) The Magazine of Exterior Design
  10. 10. The highest read consumer publication by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), in which 18,000+ landscape architects are members. The Magazine of Exterior Design
  11. 11. The only exterior design magazine focused entirely on the creation of outdoor spaces. The Magazine of Exterior Design
  12. 12. TREND REPORT 2009 Exterior design is THE HOTTEST consumer shelter trend. Economic, geographic and psychographic conditions have all aligned to create the perfect environment for investing in outdoor spaces. Virtual Technologies Make More Leisure and Productive Time Outdoors Wireless technologies and the cell phone have turned the outdoors into a virtual office and communication zone. As it is no longer necessary to be tethered to the indoors by a wire, the option to spend more time in the outdoors is an attractive one. If there are more options to spend more time outside, investing more in exterior design is a more practical solution than ever before. Population Shifts to Favor the Outdoor Living Lifestyle Geographic migration driven by baby boomer retirement to primarily sunshine and west coast states, results in massive increases in outdoor time, and outdoor entertaining. The U.S. Census says this migratory trend will continue until 2016. Consumers Want Green and Eco-friendly Living Solutions Consumer spending on “green” will double in one year and reach $500 billion in 2008, according to the 2007 ImagePower Green Brands Survey. A well-appointed garden space is the ultimate in green living. Rising Energy Costs Make Outdoor Rooms Efficient The Wall Street Journal went on to recognize that rising energy costs are helping to fuel the outdoor living boom. Due to rising energy costs, consumers are actively redesigning outdoor spaces and, in doing so, adding valuable square footage to a home’s living area. A Well-Designed Outdoor Room Increases Home Value According to the National Association of Realtors “2007 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report,” the creation of a well-planned outdoor room is listed as one of the top four home improvement projects that significantly add value at the time of resell. Architects See Dramatic Increase in Popularity of Outdoor Living Spaces According to the AIA 2006 Home Designs Trends Survey, almost two-thirds of architects reported an increase in demand for outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, patios, and decks, a dramatic increase from just one year ago. Landscape Architecture Continues to Grow in Career Opportunities According the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of landscape architects is expected to grow faster than average compared to all occupations through the year 2016. The development and design of green spaces for both lifestyle and ecological reasons has necessitated this growth. The Magazine of Exterior Design
  13. 13. Accountability: Magazines Get Results Magazines Lead in Driving Web Visits and Searches Independent research shows that magazines rank first in influencing consumers’ behavior on the web Media That Influence Marketers’ Rating of Media Consumers to Start a Search Effectiveness at Driving for Merchandise Online Web Traffic* 47% Magazines Magazines Broadcast TV 43% 26% Newspapers 42% Broadcast TV 18% Cable TV 35% Face-to-Face 33% Cable TV 16% Radio 29% Newspapers 14% E-mail Ads 28% Radio 11% Online Ads 25% Outdoor 8% Outdoor 11% Online 8% Other 7% Blogs 7% Base: 160 marketing executives Base: U.S. Adults 18+ *Advertiser websites, online promotions/offers Source: BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Survey (SIMM 9) or other web-based marketing sites for Retail Advertising and Marketing Association (RAMA), 2007 Source: American Advertising Federation (AAF), 2006
  14. 14. PURCHASING HABITS More than 70% of GARDEN DESIGN subscribers purchase their garden supplies and materials from large retail chains. Home improvement materials 86.2% Average amount spent $2,906 Major home remodeling 43.4% Average amount spent $5,333 Remodeled, purchased, specified products and materials for outdoor spaces in the past 12 months 69.7% Average amount spent $9,701 Source: 2007 MMR Affluent Subscriber Study The Magazine of Exterior Design
  15. 15. INFORMATION & INVOLVEMENT More than 87% of subscribers say they get their information about the garden and outdoor- related subjects from GARDEN DESIGN. Involved in all aspects of garden space 70.2% Recommend or influence others on a purchase of garden/outdoor related products 86.5% Entertain in outdoor room or garden 78.8% Source: 2007 MMR Affluent Subscriber Study The Magazine of Exterior Design
  16. 16. INFLUENCING DESIGN GARDEN DESIGN is the leading publication focused on exterior design through all related elements including landscape, hardscape, furniture and décor. GARDEN DESIGN provides inspiration for home-owners seeking to connect their interior design style with their outdoor living areas in a seamless expression of themselves. GARDEN DESIGN promotes an understanding of the creation, maintenance and use of living spaces for entertainment, relaxation and personal expression. GARDEN DESIGN has become the “must-read” for top designers, industry leaders and sophisticated consumers The Magazine of Exterior Design
  17. 17. Garden Design invites you to partner with us. Wrap your brand within the pages of the leading magazine covering the hottest trends in home and garden, and reach the affluent consumers and design professionals who are driving the marketplace. We are excited about our new re-design and our continued dedication to the reader and to our partners in providing forward thinking ideas in an ever evolving industry. As your representative, It is my desire to strengthen our relationship, and help you increase your market within Garden Design magazine. Sincerely, Laurie Sanders Account Representative The Magazine of Exterior Design