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Asset Tracking using ZigBee

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K Two Asset Tracking Solutions Impre 090225

  1. 1. Kshema Track- ZigBee Based Asset Tracking Solution Track Assets Accurately, Anywhere
  2. 2. TYPICAL REQUIREMENTS XXXX requires ZigBee Based Laptop Tracking & Access Control System.  It currently has XXX wireless device/Laptops which is required to be tracked.  The access card of each employee needs to be paired with laptop issued to them  To begin with XXX plans to deploy the solution for its single office location in XXX & subsequently spread it across to other offices.
  3. 3. TYPICAL REQUIREMENTS Xxxx believes the best approach for ZigBee based Wireless Device/ Laptop tracking & Access Control System can be deployed in two phases Phase 1 : Installation & Commissioning of ZigBee Readers, Antennas & Accessories at XXX, location (Onsite). Project Scope during Phase 1 To provide ZigBee based hardware relating to:  Automatic Laptop Check In & Check Out (Identification)  Wireless Device/Laptop Registration  Wireless Device/ Laptop Entry & Exit Monitoring  Security Alert System for unauthorized exit of Wireless Device/laptops
  4. 4. TYPICAL REQUIREMENTS To bring in the process improvements, enhance user experience & improve security & administration staff productivity Phase 1 : Activities User requirement specification development  Comprehensive Site Study & Site Engineering  ZigBee Tag Design & Development  ZigBee System (ZigBee Hardware, Accessories & Services) installation, commissioning & testing Phase 2 : Activities  Software application related work  Integration to the customer’s existing software  Any testing with the customer’s existing software
  5. 5. STAKEHOLDERS Financial Controllers Administrators Users Gate Security IT/HR Heads Lab Managers
  6. 6. PRODUCT FEATURES KATS KATS Consol Consol e e Detector near Entry/Exit Detector in Facility Administration Terminal Exit/Entry Points Laptop Tag Employee Tag
  7. 7. WORK FLOW Labs Employee tag is paired with the issued laptop Admin can remotely monitor if the laptop is with the employee Incase of misuse the gate security will be alerted. Security/Admin can Administration then remotely disable the laptop HR Entry/Exit IT/Asset Manager can accurately points keep tag of issued laptops & prevent misuse IT/Asset Support Manager Functions
  8. 8. PRODUCT FEATURES with Device Authentication Labs Location Intelligence Application Run Control Memory Clean Encryption Administration Device Firewall HR Entry/Exit Over the air control points Easy to Deploy IT/Asset Support SMS alert & integrity management Manager Functions Device Quarantine Real Time logging
  9. 9. WHY IMPRE ? As devices converge & service providers test new technologies such as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) & Long Term Evolution (LTE) Cost of devices are bound to tumble & with the open source penetrating mobile devices, adoption of Mobility solutions by enterprises will increase multifold. This raises key issues on security of enterprise assets. Security requirements is directly proportional to the transaction’s value, sensitivity & volume.
  10. 10. PRODUCT FEATURES impre provides mobile security for wireless devices, it may be smart phone or a mobile device for your business needs impre protects our device from web based attacks, & ensure that a lost or stolen device & data residing on the device, is not compromised. The objective is to sit at the critical junction between wireless communications, secure networking, & enterprise impre aims at protecting data at multiple levels
  11. 11. CONTROL CENTRE impre Control Center provides organizations with a Control Center complete set of tools to centrally deploy, manage, & support a mobile field force over wired or wireless networks. impre Control Center allows administrators to automatically discover & configure new devices Remotely deploy software/data to mobile devices, manage & control devices remotely, monitor the status of deployment operations
  12. 12. DEVICE INFORMATION Device information module helps to fetch Device Device specific information Information Information like such as Device Location, Device information (Device –id, OEM –Id, Processor Architecture) & Activity log information It also provides the functionality for configuring the Device Wipe Threshold for a particular device.
  13. 13. USER INFORMATION User information module provides the User functionality of controlling the device features and Information the applications running on the device. It also helps us to enforce policy to a particular user.
  14. 14. ADVANCED FEATURES Remotely configure & disable the laptop/wireless device Provide accurate information on status & location of the laptop/employee Can be configured for any type of Assets Easy to install, manage & support Can control misuse & improve productivity
  15. 15. Kshema Track- ZigBee Based Asset Tracking Solution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssp4cJyfOEU Track Assets Accurately, Anywhere