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Mind Map1


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Mind Map By: Jessica Pena
  • 2. Introduction
    • Mind Map is a an interactive program that allows you to develop ideas and collaborate with others
  • 3. Benefits
    • Allows groups in different locations to interact with each other and collaborate on ideas
    • Great way for students of all ages to learn how to write a paper and develop an idea
    • Great way to keep someone on task and able to connect ideas and know the direction they are going
    • Others
  • 4.  
  • 5.  
  • 6. Classroom Use
    • Older ages
    • Organization
    • Group work
    • Technical skills
  • 7. Account Options
    • Four Editions
    • Basic- Free
    • Premium
    • Business
    • Academic
  • 8. In Your Account
  • 9. Tool bar
    • Add - add an idea to the brain storm. This is accomplished by clicking on the main idea that you want to expand and then click ADD. This will add a new branch.
    • Delete - remove idea or image
    • Connect - connect ideas on the map
    • Cut, Copy, and Paste - move an idea
    • Arrow forward, Arrow back - move forward and backwards in your work
    • Export - export your map
    • Print
    • Help - there is always a technical support
  • 10. Side Tools
    • Navigator- You are give a large area to work with. Ideas can be rather large, the navigator shows your whole work space and helps you move quickly around it.
    • Text Formatting- Size and Style
    • Icons- These can add an extra organizing option
    • Extra- Sticky note area, allows you to add URL, Attach documents, and a list of tasks and their priority.
  • 11. Bottom
    • History- This not only tracks the work done but also who did it
    • Background- The background is set with grids but you can remove them if they are distracting
    • Share Map- This will allow you to share your work with others so you guys can work together
  • 12. Other Options
    • MindMeister Offline Mode- Premium subscribers can work offline- requires Firefox 2.0or higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Safari 3.1.1 or higher
    • Geistesblits- Quickly enter ideas without being logged on- uses Windows, Mac, IPhone, Yahoo, and iGoogle
    • Other IPhone Options
  • 13. That’s a rap, now go use Mindmap
  • 14. Reference Page
    • Image 1- /
    • Image 2-
    • Image 3-
    • Image 4-