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This is for Ms. Powell's class. Shame on you if you rip it.

This is for Ms. Powell's class. Shame on you if you rip it.

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  • 1. Environment By: Hannah Duncan Zach Johnson Nathan Mitchener Jing Sun Coral Williams
  • 2. Definitions
    • Entrepreneurial politics: benefits everyone and limits few
    • Client Politics
      • Farmers and pesticides
    • Interest group politics
      • Acid Rain
    • Majoritarian politics: benefits many but limits money
      • Cars
  • 3. Definitions
    • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
      • Statement of possible impact of something on environment used to stop/change projects
    • Control-and-Command
      • Improve air and water quality by setting detailed rules enforced by courts
  • 4. Environmental Policy
    • US much different from Europe
      • More adversarial and more interactive(more arguments in US and states have a voice)
      • Government and business leaders wrote policies for England
  • 5. Entrepreneurial Politics
    • 1969: Oil spill on Santa Barbara, California
      • Creation of EPA
      • Tougher Clean Air Act
      • Water Quality improvement Act
      • Endangered Species Act
  • 6. Global Warming
    • Need for more research
      • Back-and-forth between skeptics and activists
    • Scientific uncertainty
  • 7. Majoritarian Politics
    • Public supports tough laws when someone else pays
      • NEPA
    • Often needs material incentives
      • Bridges, streets, etc
  • 8. Automobiles
    • Public demanded improvements
      • States became the enforcers
    • Industry and consumers objected to new standards
  • 9. Interest Groups: Acid Rain
    • Acidic caused by sulfur and nitrogen emissions
    • Scientific uncertainties fuels argument
      • Steel Mills/Electric Power Plants claim damage to environment not completely their fault
      • Environmentalists claim damage primarily from steel mills/electric power
  • 10. Attempts to Regulate
    • 1977: Passed bill that requires “scrubbers” to be placed in all new factories
    • 1990: Clean Air Act--businesses can buy emission credits
    • 2004+: More proposed but not passed
  • 11. Agricultural Pesticides Farmers v. Regulation
    • Farmers well-organized and well-represented in government
    • EPA: research pesticides--few pesticides taken off market
      • Generally only taken off when well publicized
    • Farmers got subsidies
  • 12. Uncertainties
    • Unclear goals (command-and-control strategies) and problems
      • Unrealistic expectations of costs and results
    • Focus easily changed
    • Rules replaced by incentives
    • Complaints