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Virtual Tour - Smoky Mountains
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Virtual Tour - Smoky Mountains


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Unique curriculum PowerPoint supplement.

Unique curriculum PowerPoint supplement.

Published in: Education, Travel, Technology

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  • 1. Virtual Tour - Great Smoky Mountains San Diego 2,237 miles 2.5 days How would you get there? 4 hours
  • 2. Virtual Tour - Great Smoky Mountains Map of the Great Smoky Mountains Smoky Mountain National Park Clingmans Dome Blue Ridge Parkway Cades Cove Smoky Mountain Information
  • 3. Smoky Mountains Information
    • What are the Great Smoky Mountains?
    • They are a mountain range along the Tennessee-North Carolina Border.
    • What is the mountain range part of?
    • They are part of the Appalachian Mountain range.
    • How was it named?
    • There is a natural fog on the mountains.
  • 4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • 5. Smoky Mountains National Park Page 1
    • How big is the Smoky Mountains National Park?
    • It is 814 square miles.
    • It is one of the largest National Parks in the eastern U.S.
    • When did it become a National Park?
    • In 1934.
    • It is the most visited National Park in the United States.
  • 6. Smoky Mountains National Park Page 2
    • How large are the mountains in the National Park?
    • The mountains are 876 feet to 6,500 feet.
    • Is there wildlife in the National Park?
    • There are more than 200 species of birds, 66 species of mammals, 50 species of fish, 39 species of reptiles and 43 species of amphibians.
  • 7. Smoky Mountains National Park Page 3
    • How many people visit the National Park?
    • Over 9 million tourists see the park each year.
    • What can you do in the park?
    • Hike - 850 miles of trails.
    • Fish - Lots of trout to catch.
    • Horseback riding
    • Bicycling
    • Water Tubing
  • 8. Smoky Mountains National Park Page 4 The park has over 100 species of trees. The park has over 200 species of birds. The park has 1,800 black bears.
  • 9. Smoky Mountains National Park Page 5 Hiking in the Smoky Mountains! Fishing in the Smoky Mountains! Water tubing in the Smoky Mountains!
  • 10. Smoky Mountains National Park Page 6 The Smoky Mountains National Park is a beautiful place to visit! http://www. youtube .com/watch? v=aZ2zgPrex4g
  • 11. Smoky Mountains National Park 1. What is the story about? 2. Is the Smoky Mountains National Park the largest park in the Eastern United States? 3. When did Smoky Mountains National Park open? Rocky Mountains Smoky Mountains No Yes 1800 1934
  • 12. Smoky Mountains National Park 4. Can you go horseback riding in the park? 5. How many black bears live in the park? 6. Do over 9 million visitors see the Smoky Mountains National park each year? No Yes No Yes 200 1,800
  • 13. Try Again
  • 14. Great Job!
  • 15. Cades Cove
  • 16. Cades Cove Information Page 1
    • What is Cades Cove?
    • It is a valley located in the East Tennessee area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
    • At one time, people lived in the town.
    • Can you still go to Cades Cove?
    • Over 2 million people visit each year. It is the most popular place to see in the Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • 17. Cades Cove Page 2
    • What makes Cades Cove unusual?
    • It is a valley known as a “limestone window.” This creates very rich soil. This attracted early farmers.
    • Cades Cove has caves!
    • Gregory’s Cave - This cave is 10 feet wide and 4 feet high.
    • People were allowed to visit the cave starting in 1925. It is closed now and only used by scientists.
  • 18. Cades Cove Page 3
    • What can visitors see?
    • Visitors love to look at the the houses and churches that were built in the 1800’s.
    • Why isn’t it a town anymore?
    • In 1927, people who lived in Cades Cove had their property bought by the government. All the home owners had to move. They were very sad.
    • Cades Cove became part of the national park.
  • 19. Cades Cove Page 4 John Oliver Cabin Constructed in 1822 John Cable Grist Mill Constructed in 1868 Becky Cable House Constructed in 1879
  • 20. Cades Cove Page 5 Indian Gap Trail Cherokee trail through Cades Cove Abrams Creek Creek running through Cades Cove Gregory Bald Mountain Mountain overlooking Cades Cove
  • 21. Cades Cove Page 6 Cades Cove is filled with wildlife! http://www. youtube .com/watch? v=5561GBf98CM
  • 22. Cades Cove 1. What is the story about? 2. Is Cades Cove part of the Smoky Mountains National Park? 3. How many people visit Cades Cove each year? Rocky Mountains Cades Cove No Yes 2 million 1 million
  • 23. Cades Cove 4. Are there wild animals in Cades Cove? 5. Does Cades Cove have old houses? 6. Are there caves in Cades Cove? No Yes Yes No No Yes
  • 24. Blue Ridge Parkway Great Smoky Mountains
  • 25. Blue Ridge Parkway Page 1
    • How long is the Blue Ridge Parkway?
    • It is 469 miles.
    • It runs from North Carolina to Virginia.
    • Parkway drive information:
    • Cars travel on the parkway for free. Speed limit is 45 miles an hour.
    • Roads are not maintained in the winter.
  • 26. Blue Ridge Parkway Page 2
    • What can you see on the drive?
    • Wildflowers.
    • Trees, forests and mountains.
    • Beautiful scenery!
    • Parkway highlights:
    • Otter Creek
    • Humpback Rocks
    • Roanoke Mountain
  • 27. Blue Ridge Parkway Page 3
    • What mountain range does the Blue Ridge Parkway follow?
    • The Appalachian Mountain chain.
    • What does the Blue Ridge Parkway link?
    • It is a link between the Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is not a road to travel if you are in a hurry.
  • 28. Blue Ridge Parkway Page 4 Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia Some parts of the parkway are closed in the winter. Parkway Wildflowers
  • 29. Blue Ridge Parkway Page 5 Otter Creek Humpback Rock Roanoke Mountain
  • 30. Blue Ridge Parkway Page 6 http://www. youtube .com/watch? v=UdsXMIuGu0Q Take a motorcycle ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway! Great way to see the Smoky Mountains
  • 31. Blue Ridge Parkway 1. What road is the story about? 2. Does the Blue Ridge Parkway run from North Carolina to Virginia? 3. How long is the Blue Ridge Parkway? Route 66 Blue Ridge Parkway 469 miles 100 miles No Yes
  • 32. Blue Ridge Parkway 4. Can you see wildflowers on the Blue Ridge Parkway? 5. Are some parts of the parkway closed in the winter? 6. What is the speed limit on the Blue Ridge Parkway? No Yes Yes No 20 miles 45 miles
  • 33. Clingmans Dome
  • 34. Clingmans Dome Page 1
    • What is Clingmans Dome?
    • A mountain in the Great Smoky Mountains.
    • How big is the mountain?
    • It is 6,500 feet tall.
    • It is the highest mountain in the Great Smoky Mountains.
    • It is the highest point in the state of Tennessee.
  • 35. Clingmans Dome Page 2
    • Does Clingmans Dome have a observation tower?
    • Yes. A concrete observation tower was built on the mountain in 1959.
    • What is the mountain made of?
    • It is made of sandstone rock.
  • 36. Clingmans Dome Page 3
    • Clingmans Dome access information
    • Clingmans Dome is the most accessible mountain top in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
    • A .5 mile trail leads from the parking lot to the observation tower.
    • The Appalachian Trail crosses Clingmans Dome.
  • 37. Clingmans Dome Page 4 Spruce Fir Forest Forest on Clingmans Dome Appalachian Trail crossing Clingmans Dome Obervation Tower on Clingmans Dome
  • 38. Clingmans Dome Page 5 Sky view of the observation tower. People on the observation tower Hiking is the best way to see the dome!
  • 39. Clingmans Dome Page 6 Clingmans Dome has beautiful views! http://www. youtube .com/watch? v=U-oDSECmPxk
  • 40. Clingmans Dome 1. What mountain is the story about? 2. What national park is the mountain in? 3. Is there an observation tower on the mountain? Mt. McKinley Clingmans Dome Yellowstone Smoky Mountain Yes No
  • 41. Clingmans Dome 4. Is it the highest point in the state of Tennessee? 5. How tall is Clingmans Dome? 6. Can you hike to the top of Clingmans Dome? No Yes Yes No 6,500 Feet 1,000 Feet