De Jager Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell Lis5362 Site Specification Proposal 2007 09 29
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De Jager Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell Lis5362 Site Specification Proposal 2007 09 29







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De Jager Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell Lis5362 Site Specification Proposal 2007 09 29 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. De Jager-Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell – LIS53621 – Assignment 1 1 Assignment 1: Site Specification Proposal. Mia Liza A. Lustria Danielle De Jager-Loftus Michael Dodson Keith Fagg Elizabeth Farrell LIS 5362 Florida State University 9/29/07
  • 2. De Jager-Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell – LIS53621 – Assignment 1 2 Topic The topic of this site is Dr. Mia Liza A. Lustria’s academic and professional career. Purpose To publicize the career of Dr. Lustria is the purpose of this site; which will highlight education and various work experiences including teaching, research, interests, activities, and publications. Goals The primary goals of the website are to establish an online presence, to present and archive professional experience and accomplishments, and facilitate networking and collaboration with students, as well as current and potential colleagues. Overview of research, teaching, service An overview of areas of research will be presented. A call to action on the homepage will address overall purpose and interest, and from there this website will link to areas of expertise, summary of qualifications, teaching information, and service activities. Highlight research projects and publications Another goal of this website is to highlight ongoing funded research projects and publications. As research activities grow and requests for collaboration build, it is important to be able to refer people to a website that demonstrates with clarity and with concrete examples, areas of expertise. Archive of work and accomplishments An extensible, searchable archive of current and completed grants and research collaboration as well as publications and presentations is an additional goal. A search mechanism will facilitate searching for publications by type, year, and focus or area.
  • 3. De Jager-Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell – LIS53621 – Assignment 1 3 Tool for marketing This website will advertise many areas of expertise; such as consumer health informatics, information architecture, and technical editing and publishing. Links to an online résumé on all networking tools; including paper and electronic curriculum vitae (CV), paper and electronic business cards, letterhead, and signature block will be pursued. Design The website’s design will be achieved primarily with a consistent, extensible, global, hypertext-based navigation scheme found on each page directing the viewer to the appropriate information. Projected Audience The primary audience of this website will be colleagues in academia, current and potential students, and potential funding agencies. The audience will obtain an overview of research areas, grants and current research project, other career aspects, locate a searchable list of publications, view and download a copy of the CV, and locate contact information. Ultimately, the wish for visitors to understand the depth and breadth of areas of expertise will be accomplished. Needs and Preferences The site will present the vision of an energetic, experienced, well-published teaching and research professor. The site will present this vision by being rich in content that thoroughly describes a considerable body of experience, publications, grants, research interests, and current activities. Through the use of warm colors the site will present a welcoming tone. It will use considerable white space and clear sans serif typography to evoke a clean modern feel and the site will provide navigation features to make a text rich site readily accessible and somewhat
  • 4. De Jager-Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell – LIS53621 – Assignment 1 4 interactive. The CV, for instance, will be available for downloading in several common file formats. The team anticipates, depending on the available technical capability, including a text search function and perhaps a feedback or comment form. Because the types of expertise involved includes information architecture and website usability, the site will use the latest cascading style sheet content management techniques to provide a standards compliant example of current design structure. The site will pay special attention to the needs of users requiring accessibility assistance that is consistent with good design parameters. The site will have a modular design so it can later be readily extended and will be easy to maintain. Potential Models Table 1 shows five examples of web sites and comments identifying which aspects of the sites are favorable, and which are undesirable.
  • 5. De Jager-Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell – LIS53621 – Assignment 1 5 Table 1. Site and URL Emulate Avoid Comments Gina K. Phipps, 1. Nice and clean design – much white space. 1. No resume Instructional Technologist 2. Good descriptive inviting summary on first page. download. 3. The online version of the paper resume is nicely /index.html presented with good navigation (anchors). 4. Notes date of page updates. 5. Effective use of color to organize text that also works for the color blind. Dave Marshall, College 1. Considering that this is inside a college website, clean 1. Would not use a 1. The site colors are Professor design. photo similar to a bit somber. 2. Listed here mainly because of the fine introduction on Professor demics/math/cs/faculty/d his home page. Marshall’s. marshal/ 3. Has really great information for his students. 2. The menu on the right side is poorly placed and site navigation is not the best- too many menus for too many purposes. Andrew Glassner, 1. This is an excellent example of a site that fits the 1. Too informal. 1. Think about the Computer Graphics character of its subject. It is very visual, slightly off-beat. 2. Poor navigation. slightly textured Consultant and Author 2. Good use of images. background or being 3. Rich in the depth of his credentials and activities. just a shade off bright andrew/index.htm white. ProAce Technology 1. Harmonious colors. Services, Inc. 2. Clean design with good typography for a text rich site. 3. A variety of different but not confusing ways to dex.aspx navigate the site. 4. Site map.
  • 6. De Jager-Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell – LIS53621 – Assignment 1 6 Table 1. Site and URL Emulate Avoid Comments JoAnn Gonzalez-Major, 1. Clean dramatic design – right side menu seems to work 1. Type size too 1. While dramatic, Professor in Instructional here. small and not the center graphic on Design 2. Rich in content – both text and graphics. enough contrast to her homepage was 3. Good “chunking” on the “course design” page. background. distracting. ajor/portfolio/index.php 2. Confusing 2. Uses “call outs” navigation. (or pulled-quotes) in 3. The flash some of her dense homepage center text – something to graphic. consider. 3. No “call to arms” information on the home page – some of the content of her “philosophy” page might have been better on her home page.
  • 7. De Jager-Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell – LIS53621 – Assignment 1 7 Content Inventory The basis for most of the website’s content is upon the CV, albeit in a much more expanded form. The CV itself will be available for download, but the site will feature a more detailed look at professional interests and activities. The content that will be included within the website is as follows: • Professional Biography (including education, experience, awards, et al.) • CV • Research a. Grants i. Ongoing 1. STEER Project 2. RCP Project 3. eHealth Project 4. STARS Alliance ii. Completed 1. Interactivity 2. Mass Media Project b. Ongoing Unfunded Research Collaborations i. HINTS analysis ii. Medical Podcasting Research iii. Diabetes PHD iv. Diabetes Care Technology Review c. Publications i. Peer-reviewed journals ii. Book chapters d. Presentations i. Peer-Reviewed ii. Other • Teaching a. Teaching Philosophy b. Courses c. DIS/Collaborations d. Advising • Other Work Experience a. University of the Philippines Los Banos i. Teaching 1. College of Development Communication 2. UP Open University ii. Extension 1. Publications Production 2. Technical Writing/Editing
  • 8. De Jager-Loftus, Dodson, Fagg, Farrell – LIS53621 – Assignment 1 8 3. Training b. Johns Hopkins University c. Health Media, Inc. Site Organization This website will have a hybrid hierarchical-hypertext organizational structure. It will have a visible hierarchy using four primary categories: “About”, “Teaching”, “Research” and “Service”. Each of these categories will have sub-categories of content. Since some of the content does overlap across the primary categories, these materials will be accessible under all applicable categories. The diagram below illustrates the potential organization of the site: Table 2. Categories About Teaching Research Service Sub- - Profile - Philosophy - Grants - FSU Categories - Summary of - Courses - Collaborations - Academic qualifications - Advising - Publications community - Research interests - Earlier teaching - Presentations - Local - Prior work experience community experience - Awards & recognitions - PDF of CV - Contact info