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My idea of how to do a simple auto service

My idea of how to do a simple auto service

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  • 1. You can Change your oil
    • This should be done every 5,000 miles
    • Save yourself money and do it yourself!
    • Check your maintenance manual for how many quarts you will need and the type of oil
  • 2.
    • First, go to the auto supply place and get the correct oil and pickup a box of latex glove! There is no reason you need to get your hands dirty!
    • Next, place a large pan under the engine of the car… big enough to hold at least 10 quarts
    • There is a good chance you will find it easier to get under the car if you can jack up the front
  • 3.  
  • 4.
    • Make certain the engine is not hot or running
    • Lie under the car, placing the large pan under the oil drain pan
    • Remove oil drain plug, it looks like a little bolt
  • 5.
    • Once you have drained the oil, tighten the drain plug and confirm it is TIGHT!
    • Lift the hood of the car and look for the oil cap.
    • Place the proper amount of oil with a funnel where you removed the oil cap. Replace cap and tighten, then start the car
    • Shut off Engine and return to front of car
  • 6. While you are looking under the hood
    • Look for the oil dip stick, remove and check for little x’s for marks where oil level is recommended
    • Put dipstick back where you found it!
    • Look for the cap that says “transmission fluid”
    • Twist and pull, check the level of the fluid similar to that of checking oil levels
    • Check the fluid in your window shield washer tank, if you don’t have washer fluid to fill, use Water!
    • You have the power to save your engine and some money!
  • 7. Once you have checked the oil, clean everything up, dispose of the used oil at a proper recycling location
  • 8. Drive like the wind!
  • 9. What you could do with the money you save!
    • Shop!