Mobile Broadband Challenge


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  • Data growth rate continue to be strong. More users and more usage.Broadband application revenue doubled from 2004 to 2007 (Pyramid July 2008) and will double again to $200B by 20122.1B wireless broadband subscribers by 2015! (Analysis Mason 2008)
  • Data growth driven by a number of factorsAggressive drops in Pricing for plans across the globalSignificant increases of connected laptops. Cheap USB modems. Talk about the Mcdonalds example.ATT is the States currently promoting with very expensive prime-time TV adverts.This will continue to grow. ArchChart predicts 370M non phone devices, including laptops, MIDS, ultra-mobile PCS, by 2013, (Archchat 2008)
  • The other phenomen driving usage is the Social Networking Generation – who are using data and changing the profiel of usage to include much more Uplinik TrafficMobile users are becoming producers as well as consumersOnline experience and presence is the social classGeneration is constantly connectedTalk about the video blogger exampleEuropean Operator: “Video is number 1 application that is killing our networkNerimon: Number 1 Most Popular Britain’s Youtubers has 30,000 subscribers tune into him everyday
  • But congestion is occuringData dliema: Data growth needed for corporate growthBut CAPEX and OPEX must scale to meet customer experiencesAnd continued and growing need to manage CAPEX, OPEX for profitability
  • Talk about the wireless last mile problems
  • Talk about the need for network intelligence. Understanding on a per user, per application, per service basis.
  • The other problem is that Usage not evenUK Operator: 2% of users drive 90% of data usageUK Operator: doubling the data capacity of the network each month for the last 9 months. German Operator: 25% of users drive 90% of data usageS. African Operator: 5% of users drive 95% of data usageLaptop traffic, video, P2P exceedingly dominant consumersUplink traffic from laptop and smartphones a growing challenge
  • So networks need to be evolved. And not just from a bandwidth and speed perspective. Optimization is key and important in current economic climate but it networks need more intelligence and management.
  • Talk about the traffic management issues.
  • Mobile Broadband Challenge

    1. 1. Lets talk about the Challenge of Delivering Mobile Broadband
    2. 2. Mobile Broadband is Taking Off!
    3. 3. nnected Laptops Push Data Usage Higher
    4. 4. The Social Networking Generation is here
    5. 5. More Smartphones and Smart Services
    6. 6. But Networks are becoming congested
    7. 7. And Upload Load Traffic is Growing Fast
    8. 8. The “Wireless” Last Mile is the Challenge
    9. 9. And Not All Subscribers are the Same
    10. 10. A Lot of Unbalanced Usage
    11. 11. Optimization is Only the 1st Step
    12. 12. Operators need Network Intelligence
    13. 13. And Traffic Management
    14. 14.