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Plants! Plants! Presentation Transcript

  • Plants! By Rachel Peaslee
  • Anemone
    • They can be white, purple, blue, green, yellow, pink and red.
    • They are perennial herbs.
    • They can grow up to 60 centimeters tall.
  • Birch Tree
    • Popular choice for home landscaper.
    • Their beautiful leaves make them prized shade trees.
    • They have beautiful white bark.
  • Coreopsis
    • They yellow with a toothed tip.
    • They have showy flowers heads.
    • Many of its 35 species are cultivated.
  • Daffodils
    • Are popular in gardens and containers.
    • Common harbinger of spring.
    • Another name for it is Narcissus.
  • Eucalyptus
    • It is a tall evergreen tree.
    • Is native to Australia and Tasmania.
    • The leaves and oil of the tree are used for medical purposes.
  • Forget-me-not
    • Its common name is calqued.
    • There are 50 species.
    • The seeds are found in small tulip-shaped pods.
  • Ginger
    • The plant is consumed with delicacy, medicine and spice.
    • Cultivation began in Asia.
    • It is sometimes called Root ginger.
  • Hyacinth
    • Are native to the eastern Mediterranean.
    • It’s a light purple color.
    • The flower is a lot of petals clumped together.
  • Iris
    • They are violet-blue or just violet.
    • Its height is from 6-10 inches.
    • Iris’s bloom 2 times in spring, summer or early fall.
  • Jonquil
    • They are about 16 inches tall.
    • They have bright yellow petals about a quarter size.
    • Their leaves are black, greasy green and round in shape.
  • King Palm
    • They grow up to 50 feet tall.
    • Their trunk is solitary and thick.
    • Their leaves are a green and silver green in color.
  • Lotus
    • Is native to the U.S.
    • Is a yellow flower.
    • They are 3 feet tall.
  • Magnolia
    • They grow about 8 inches tall.
    • Has a powerful lemon scent.
    • They blossom at the end of tree branches.
  • Navajo Yucca
    • They are 3 inches wide.
    • They need full sunlight.
    • They are in southwest U.S.A.
  • Oleander
    • They are very large.
    • They grow fast.
    • They are native to Asia.
  • Pentunia
    • They are common in gardens.
    • Their color is white and purple.
    • Their petals are large.
  • Queen Ann’s Lace
    • It is a beautiful flower.
    • Its color is purple-red.
    • Is found in Europe and southwest Asia.
  • Rhododendron
    • They grow up to 10-100 cm tall.
    • They may be either evergreen or deciduous.
    • They have small petals and leaves.
  • Snapdragons
    • They bloom in a cool season.
    • Their color is pink.
    • Their Latin name is Anfirrhinam Majus.
  • Tiger Lily
    • They are a large orange flowers.
    • Their petals can grow up to 3 inches across.
    • It has a sweet scent.
  • Umbrella Tree
    • They are also called octopus tree.
    • It’s in rainforests in Australia.
    • They can grow up to 15 meters tall.
  • Venus Fly-trap
    • They are capable of rapid movement.
    • They grow up to 3-10 centimeters tall.
    • They eat flies.
  • Wormwood
    • It is a wild plant of the daisy family.
    • Is native to Europe.
    • They grow between 30-90 cm tall.
  • Xylosma
    • They are a easy plant to grow.
    • They are a garden plant.
    • Their a tall plant.
  • Yucca
    • They are in New Zealand.
    • They are pollinated by the yucca moth.
    • They like hot and dry weather.
  • Zebra Plant
    • They are a beautiful house plant.
    • Their steam is a dark purple.
    • Their leaves are oval with a pointed tip.