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Arbit Abc


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. A is for Antelope
    • An antelope has a body length of 3.3 meters
    • An antelope can run fast from predators
    • An antelope Is very protective of its babies
  • 2. B is for bear
    • Bears use shelters such as caves as there den.
    • They like to sleep for long periods of time.
    • Bears are found in north America south America Europe and Asia
  • 3. C is for cow
    • Cow have to have at least one calf before it produces milk.
    • There are over 1.3 million cattle around the world to day
  • 4. D is for dear
    • D a dears baby is called a fawn
    • Male dear grow and shed there antlers every year
  • 5. E is for elephant
    • Elephants are the largest land critters on land
    • An elephants height is about 14 feet
  • 6. G is for Galapagos dove
    • The Galapagos dove in in the Columbia family
    • Found in tropical forests and shrub land
  • 7. F is for frog
    • There are over 5,000 different kinds of frogs all over the world
    • Frogs lay there eggs in puddles, ponds ,and lakes
  • 8. H is for horned puffin
    • The horned puffin is found in Siberia Alaska Brittan
    • It is a seabird that dives for fish most of the time
  • 9. J is for jaguar
    • Jaguars are great climbers
    • Jaguars teeth are really sharp so It can rip through meat
  • 10. K is for kookaburra
    • A kookaburra is a very small birds
    • A kookaburra is a great flyer
  • 11. L is for lizard
    • Lizards are really fast
    • Lizards can grow there tail if It gets chopped of
  • 12. M is for monkey
    • Monkeys are great climbers
    • Some monkeys have sharp teeth
    • Monkeys are really smart
  • 13. N is for native hawk
    • A native hawk can fly up to high speed
    • Hawks can fly really high
    • Hawks have really sharp claws
  • 14. O is for orangutan
    • Orangutans are not monkeys
    • Orangutans are a orange collar
    • Most orangutans are really big
  • 15. P is for platypus
    • A platypus can grow poisons sharp tings that grow on there tail
    • Platypuses are a greenish collar
  • 16. Q is for quail
    • A quail is a very fast runner
    • Even though they fly they still like to run
    • Quails have little things on there heads
  • 17. R is for rabbit
    • A rabbit likes to how
    • Rabbits like carrots
    • Rabbits can grow really big and some are really small
  • 18. S is for snake
    • Snakes can grow really big
    • Most snakes are poisonous but most water snake aren't poisonous
  • 19. T is for turtle
    • A turtle can grow really big
    • Snapping turtles are really dangerous
    • Turtles are very slow
  • 20. U is for urial
    • Urials have very big horns
    • Some urials fight to get a mate
  • 21. V is for verreauxs
    • Verreauxs are great climbers
    • Verreauxs are really protective of there babies
  • 22. W is for wagtails
    • A wagtail is a really good flyer
    • Wagtails are a type of bird
  • 23. X is for xenops
    • A xenops are really small birds
    • Xenops are the only birds that star with x and the only animals so far that start with x
  • 24. Y is for yak
    • Yaks are really strong animals
    • Yaks have really big horns
    • Yaks are really big
  • 25. Z is for zebra
    • Zebras have black and white stripes
    • Zebras are like rally small horses
    • A zebra and a horse hade a zorse