EBSI Websites Business Development / Sales Overview


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EBSI Websites Business Development / Sales Overview

  1. 1. Eb i W b ite s es s Bus s De lo m nt P n ine s ve p e la
  2. 2. Build aP e ing ip line • Define our target market • Create a prospect/lead database – Categorize the list • Include source • Vertical market – Prioritize • Leads vs. Opportunities – Leads are converted to opportunities and entered into the pipeline once a specific opportunity has been identified and qualified – Typically a qualified opportunity has a requirement defined with timeframe and budget allocated
  3. 3. Le d ta a eDe lo m nt Ac a /Da b s ve p e tivities • Networking with existing friends, colleagues, and acquaintances • Lists brokers or homegrown – Online directories – Associations • Website/Blog • Affiliate Program • Attending industry/trade meetings and walking the floor • Securing speaking engagements at local and regional associations or interest groups • Hosting breakfast meetings for like titles • Cold and warm telephone prospecting • Direct mail/e-mail/fax prospecting followed up with direct telephone calls
  4. 4. Sa sP c s le ro e s • Generate a lead • Engage/qualify customer • Write a proposal • Present the proposal • Refine Proposal • Close, rinse, repeat
  5. 5. P s e ting10 ro p c 1 • Create prospecting letters/emails • Pick up the telephone and call • Set aside at least 20% of time for prospecting • Track response rates and successes • Refine message as needed • Manage the rejection that comes with selling
  6. 6. P e C s ific tio ip line la s a n • 90% confident you'll get the sale • 50% confident you'll get the sale • 10 % confident you'll get the sale • Discussion stage
  7. 7. Sa p P e Re o m le ip line p rt
  8. 8. Ne Ste s xt p • Create prospecting database – Every employee reach out to friends and family for leads/referrals • Social Networking – create canned announcements/introductions to be posted on Facebook/MySpace/Twitter/LinkedIn/other • Promote referral fees ($xxx for every converted lead) – Existing Lists – Target verticals • Prioritize specific vertical markets and geographies so that we can test messaging (eg. Dentistry)
  9. 9. Ne Ste s xt p • Promote referral program – Need to send details to everyone in the company • Flip all leads to Sales Team for follow up and qualifying – Introductory email (we will provide sample copy) FEED THE P ELINE ! ! ! IP