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An interesting opportunity to gain brand association with World Championship F-1 at a very economical cost.

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Sponsorship Presentation [3]

  1. Worldwide Television Brand Exposure & Formula 1 VIP Hospitality Opportunity § Presented by Grand Prix Tours 1
  2. Presentation Agenda § Formula 1 Overview § Introduction § Sponsorship Opportunity § Media Exposure § Budget Menu § Valuation § Benefits § Steps to Sponsorship § Contact Information 2
  3. Formula 1 Overview § The premiere global motor racing series since 1950. § The biggest annual sporting event on television. § One of the most popular sports in the World. § A unique global sponsorship platform § 580 million unique viewers per year, 49% of Formula 1 viewers are aged 35-55, and 31% age 25-34 § Average 204 million unique viewers per race Attracting Upscale Consumer Market & Biz oriented Audiences 3
  4. Formula 1 is Global and Local n Australia n Malaysia n Bahrain n Spain n Monte Carlo n Turkey n England n France n Germany n Turkey n Europe (Valencia) n Belgium n Italy n Singapore n Japan n China n Brazil n Abu Dhabi 4
  5. Introduction - Grand Prix Tours n Producing elite motor sport racing tours and programs since 1983. n Unique pre-race driver interviews held in elegant locations with live audiences of exclusive dinner guests. Past drivers include: § Jenson Button Fernando Alonso § Mark Webber Sebastian Vettel § Adrian Sutil Sebastian Bourdais § Jarno Trulli Giancarlo Fisichella § Nelson Piquet Jr. n Internationally recognized and award winning race commentator: §Peter Windsor, Motor Sport Journalist and SPEED TV Commentator n Exclusive insider racing content of interest to Formula 1 racing enthusiasts 5
  6. Introduction – Inside Grand Prix n “Inside Grand Prix” is a Formula 1 focused television show, globally broadcasted in 27 countries n Each show has seven segments from insider, technical information to personal driver interviews n Broadcasts are 30 minutes, televised immediately before each Grand Prix n The show is distributed worldwide, reaching 44 million viewers per show n Multi-language is available (English, German, Mandarin, others upon request) n “Inside Grand Prix” is created and produced by RTV since 2002 Grand Prix Tours has partnered with RTV to film its Driver Talk Shows. Two-minutes of each Driver Talk Show will then air in a new segment in every episode of Inside Grand Prix. 6
  7. Sponsorship Opportunity n International Broadcast & Internet Media n Hospitality/VIP Entertainment Click to Start Video n Activation n Race and Paddock Club Tickets n Hotel accommodations and exclusive transfers n Media measurement 7
  8. Sponsorship Opportunity Prime Components -- Media n 2 minutes of brand exposure on a new segment of Inside Grand Prix aired immediately before each Formula 1 race, for a total season brand-exposure of 36 minutes n Prominent display of company logo or product on the driver talk show backdrop n Each show will broadcast in 27 countries to an audience of 44 million viewers n A new segment will be filmed for each of the 18 episodes of Inside Grand Prix for a total season brand-exposure of 36 minutes n Immediate broadcast quality upload of entire 20-minute Driver Talk Show to Internet Broadcast Distribution website: TV-Paradise n Immediate broadcast on GP-Tours Microsite (entire 20-minutes) n Media metrics provided after each airing 8
  9. Sponsorship Opportunity Prime Components – Promotion n Mention in Press Releases Grand Prix Tours and RTV Press Releases n Logo with website link in sponsor area of Driver Talk Show webpage (entire racing season) n Home page and sub page banners ads/links on gptours.com, and insidegrandprix.com n Data capture – opt-in email registrants n Immediate upload of entire 20 minute Driver Talk Show to company website n Right to use microsite URL in company ads & promotions 9
  10. Sponsorship Opportunity Prime Components – Activation n Product display and/or giveaway available at each event n Opportunity to build stage and feature different flooring in each country 10
  11. Inside Grand Prix - Media Exposure 11
  12. Budget Menu Media & Hospitality Package $1,200,000 n Twenty (20) minutes of company logo and/or product prominently placed on backdrop of Driver Talk Show during live taping n Two (2) minutes of Driver Talk Show featuring branded backdrop will air on Inside Grand Prix n A total of eighteen (18) new episodes of Inside Grand Prix will air immediately before each Formula 1 race for a total of thirty-six (36) internationally televised, branded minutes n 25 VIP tickets will be provided to each live taping n Activation (product display, giveaway) opportunity at each venue n Media metrics will be provided the week after each show airing 12
  13. The Sponsorship Property 13
  14. Budget Menu Optional Components n Race Tickets At Cost n Paddock Tickets At Cost n Hotel Accommodations & Transfers Discount on Grand Prix Tours published rates for guest of: 5-10 (5%) 11-15 (7%) (Private Tour) 16-20 (10%) (Private Tour) 21-50 (12%) n Presenting Sponsor of Inside Grand Prix (US only) 40 Seconds of branding per show, 3 reruns, 18 shows (rate dependant on US exchange rate) $180,000 n 3 x 30 Seconds Television Ad Spots During Inside Grand Prix $175,000 14
  15. Valuation – Inside Grand Prix Driver Talk Show Inside Grand Prix Speed TV Media Value of :30 Sec :30 Sec Spot Inside Grand Prix Brand Exposure CPM $14.75 CPM $3 CPM $7.60 15
  16. Benefits n Reach 44 million viewers within 27 countries 18 times in 2009 n Experience-rich brand exposure (2 minutes per show) n Highly visible company logo or product featured on talk show backdrop n Local and Global television audience appeal n VIP tickets to each live Driver Talk Show taping n Onsite activation opportunity with upscale consumer & Biz-oriented audiences n Company and/or product exposure preceding every Formula 1 race in 2009 n Exceptional Value – 36 minutes of guaranteed Internationally televised brand exposure (more minutes than the majority of brands that sponsor Formula 1 teams) 16
  17. Steps to Sponsorship 1. Select sponsorship components from Budget Menu 2. Contact Brian Turner with questions and/or selections 3. Receive and sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) 4. Incentive: signing LOI by Jan 15th entitles sponsor to a (7 night) bonus meeting on Le Ponant during 2009 Monaco Grand Prix 5. Review and sign contract 6. Execute contract during Formula One season 2009 17
  18. Thank you for your consideration § Contact: Brian Turner Stefanucci & Turner +1 714-969-2540 stefturn@verizon.net 18