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Sigma Maximum Roi

  1. 1. GO from marketing spend to maximum ROI. Faster.
  2. 2. Why am I losing customers? CONFUSED What channels should I use? in the world of database marketing? What have I learned to positively influence prospects—and clients? ell? ss-s efforts? ost likely to buy Where are my best opportunit ies to c ro w asted W h o is m and w at i ng hy? Can we reduce spend by elimin nd on acquisition? How much should I spe How often and when should I communicate to retain my base? You’re not alone. Can I grow using mobile marketing? Too many companies spend on marketing programs that don’t show measurable results. At SIGMA Marketing Group, we make it our mission to maximize ROI for every client. Working together, we create more profitable customer relationships through analytics, strategic one-to-one communications and marketing optimization techniques. Our proven retention and acquisition solutions not only drive corporate revenue—they also increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. We do this by combining many sources of relevant data to create a true picture of your customer base. Then we segment your customers and develop strategic marketing programs to meet their—and your—actual needs, so that you get more of the targeted customers (and sales) that you really want. Some call this magic. Others call it genius. We prefer to call it Smart-to-Market™ solutions. And it’s the shortest route you can take to maximum ROI.
  3. 3. STRATEGY is the DNA of our end-to-end solutions. Every step we take, from planning to message delivery, drives profitability for your business. SIGMA delivers proven, end-to-end solutions for continuous ROI. Knowledge Marketing Sales Management Strategy Optimization Using marketing research and Strategic programs built Using the right sales statistical methodologies to off customer knowledge channels to deliver tested pinpoint the right messages for and business intelligence, and proven messages in a the right audiences to deliver delivered in a 1:1 fashion triggered or automated optimum levels of revenues to customers and prospects solution. At SIGMA, our approach is extremely practical: we leverage knowledge about your customers and turn it into concrete strategies to increase revenue for your business. We pull actionable insights from all the knowledge available about your customers and prospects that are SIGMA STRENGTHS specific to your business objectives. These analyses Knowledge-based—We fully leverage customer data that can drive corporate revenue and help become the platform for marketing programs that meet you retain and acquire your best customers. your needs. Now, and down the road. Multi-channel skill sets—SIGMA offers expertise across marketing channels, including the Internet Every campaign we develop and execute is carefully and mobile markets. crafted to deliver measurable results, using metrics Media-neutral—Unlike many of our competitors, we recommend media channels that work in your that are relevant and mission-critical to your business. best interests, for optimal results from your With every wave, we produce post-campaign reporting marketing campaigns. that informs the next wave. This allows for continuous Brand-focused—We ensure that every marketing interaction integrates with improvement, in our work and in your return on your brand, to help build your brand investment. while you reach out to targeted customers.
  4. 4. DATA management is the foundation of our relationships. We turn customer data into an express lane to successful campaigns. Starting with your data, we can overlay additional information from SIGMAProspects™, our licensed prospect database of more than 210 million highly targeted consumers, to understand your best customers. And with SIGMAEnhance™, we can deliver hundreds of lifestyle, life stage and product purchase characteristics to your existing databases. All of this provides the most comprehensive profiles of your current customers—and helps us identify those you want to acquire, retain or shed. We accomplish this by using proven, industry-standard technologies. Over the years, we’ve learned that success in database marketing requires a synthesis of superior technology, analytical skills and marketing expertise. So we’ve made an ongoing commitment to technological infrastructure by investing in technologies as soon as they become practical for our clients’ needs. Our experience working with thousands of data sources in varying formats and structures has taught us the value of quality control procedures and tools that maintain and enhance the quality and accuracy of your data. We do all this to make sure your data is up to speed when you want to turn your marketing in new directions.
  5. 5. ANALYTICS drive the right messaging to your customers. The process continuously evolves to build marketing intelligence for your business. Strategic Marketing Analytics: n? happe uld MAXIMUM R.O.I. o Optimization at c in g th st th th e be Predictive t is Wha Modeling Increasing Revenue and Profit ? ppen will ha Descriptive What Modeling/ it happen? Customized Profiling W hy did Reports ? pened Standard and Analysis Wh at hap Reports Enhanced Data Raw Data Data Information Knowledge Intelligence Getting Smarter No matter where your company wants to go with its marketing, or what stage your programs are in, SIGMA can fast-track the process through our expert analytics. We’ll help you increase profits with advanced profiling, multi-segment marketing and predictive modeling. SIGMA’S MarketMiner™ TECHNOLOGY UNCOVERS: Our proprietary MarketMiner™ technology allows us WHO is in the market—demographics/firmographics to provide these services more quickly and cost- WHAT is being purchased—usage dimensions effectively than our competitors. WHEN purchases will occur—purchase triggers WHY segments are buying—attitudinal aspects Ultimately, SIGMA’s approach emphasizes attaining the most complete picture of your customers to understand HOW to communicate—the best ways to reach targets MarketMinerTM information informs us about the their current and potential value to your company. This current and potential value of both your customers provides the greatest opportunity for marketing ROI. and non-customers.
  6. 6. CREATIVE combines analytic smarts with highly targeted approaches. Complete, end-to-end solutions help you connect with your customers. “The team I work with at SIGMA is a good mix of all elements of the marketing process needed to deliver key projects for Xerox. We use their people on the creative side to help us deliver messages, but we also use their analytic team to help us drive the right message to the right customer at the right time.” –Peter O’Brian: Xerox Corporation After all, what good are customer insights and targeted marketing strategies without a way to engage customers on a personal and emotional level? At SIGMA, we’ve always offered our clients the advantages of a complete creative and production team to turn analytics into action. Our talented designers and copywriters are on-site and have all the information they need to deliver your messages in a 1:1 style to your customers and prospects—across direct mail, telemarketing, email, Web and mobile touch points. SIGMA CREATES: And creative isn’t an add-on service. It’s part of our integrated, • Acquisition programs customized marketing strategy to help you build your brand, • Retention programs optimize the channel and deepen your relationship with your • New product launches customers. To see the outstanding results we’ve produced for • Loyalty programs some of the world’s most successful companies and brands, • Evangelist programs visit We think you’ll be impressed. • 1:1 messaging • Message testing
  7. 7. SIGMA guides every client to marketing success. Our Smart-to-Market™ solutions can solve your biggest business challenges. One of the fastest ways to increase revenues is to find out which of your customers are likely to leave, and stop them before it happens. And, of course, you’d like more of the customers who present the most profit potential. With SIGMA’s proven Smart-to-Market™ programs, you’ll discover where you stand with your customers, and where to go next. Retention: Plug the leaks! Identify possible targets before they leave: • Too many service calls • Reduction in assets or purchase volumes • Slowdowns in frequency Acquisition: They love us, where can I find more like them? Find the target most likely to be a great customer: • Will the audience turn into profitable customers? • Once they buy, are they likely to stick around? Cross-sell/Up-sell: If they like this, I bet they’ll love that. Create the best customer purchase lifecycle: • What’s the next most likely product they’ll buy? • Upgrade to more profitable products, purchased more frequently Brand Evangelists: Find your cheerleaders. Excite the customers who will tell their friends about your company: • Which customers are advocates for your brand? • How big is their social network? • How can you best thank them for their loyalty? SIGMA not only specializes in developing B2C relationships for the long term, we’re also experts in helping businesses talk to each other, with B2B solutions that range from demand generation to sales force optimization and time-saving marketing automation. Tell us where your business needs to go. We’ll get you there.
  8. 8. HEAD STRAIGHT for maximum ROI today. For more information, please contact Cindy Modzel at 1.585.242.7138, or We look forward to an opportunity to help you Vertical Experience: make the most of your customer knowledge. • Automotive • Brokerage Investment Services • Business-to-Business • Consumer Packaged Goods ABOUT SIGMA • Electronics Founded in 1985 • Financial Services Independently owned • Health Care Headquartered in Rochester, New York • Higher Education Employs 80+ full-time employees • Home Improvement Rated in the top 50 integrated marketing agencies by Advertising Age for the past • Insurance 10 years • Non-Profit Recipient of more than 25 industry awards over the last 3 years for analytic, creative • Retail and print production expertise • Teen Marketing • Telecommunications Maximize your marketing ROI.